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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – June 18, 2009


Mother’s Call

June 18, 2009

Transcribed by Your Transcription Team

Shirley, Jan, Annie and Jules

Edited by Andrew McManus

Part 1: Roundtable with the GRT

Cindy: Not long ago, Mark Huber made a reference to David Miller and his work with the Arcturians – I highly recommend that.  Many years ago in Sedona, I saw David’s photograph in an article and I was very moved to make a call.  He was looking for . . . the Arcturians were looking for a group of 40; that’s their power number.

So, there were 40 people across America, and we would do monthly meditations, and it was very palpable, very real to be in that blue healing chamber and a wonderful group of people.  They meet regularly, once a year, they all meet each other.

There are now 40 groups of 40 across the whole world.  So, maybe if mark is willing to put the connections for how you can reach David Miller and perhaps become a part of the Arcturians’ group of 40, I found it when I was doing it, and I want to get back into it again, I miss it, very transformative and healing.  I pass the talking stick.

Marietta: Alright, if you want to send me some information, I’ll see that some people get it.  I’m at ***@***.com.   I pass the talking stick.

Kenny from Florida:  On Monday, I was meditating, Monday afternoon and I fell asleep; I woke up 4 hours later and I had had this dream and in front of me was this big old fire and these beings were coming out of this fire.

And then I walked into this house and this little crane came in, and I started petting it, and it turned into a fiery woman.  She looked at me and said well done.  Tuesday, I was reading about Rama and he said that he’d seen fires all down the east coast.  I thought that was kind of strange coincidence or maybe I was there in my fourth dimension.  I pass the talking stick.

Rama: Greetings!  Somebody was before me.

Marietta:  go ahead Kauwila and say your piece.  Okay.

Kauwila: My piece was that I turned on Google Earth last night, and along with what the person just before me had talked about, we talked about a lot of fires up and down the east coast and right through South America, among others.

But one of the things that lit up last night, there were these huge craft that looked kind of like the normal huge craft that are up there when they kind of expose themselves (or however Google Earth does it).  But in any event, there were two large triangular craft; one was from the North Pole pointing down, and then the other one from the South Pole, there was a big triangular craft pointing up.

They were pointing exactly, the tips were pointing exactly at each other.  When I drew a line from the tip of the North Pole on down to the tip of the South Pole one, they passed right by the east coast and right down the heart of South America.  There’s no coincidence about this.

There’s something major going on up there. All of these photos by the way are in the Google Earth Wows folder in the photos folder.  So, I just wanted to mention that.  I just got to mention that; this is not a coincidence.  It’s very, very powerful goings on.  With that, I pass the talking stick.

Marietta: Thank you for bringing that to everyone’s attention, and you have posted these then on the site there under the pictures, is that were people can find this?

Kauwila: At the GRT-CIP site, where you just click on “Photos”, and then click on the folder in there that says “Google Earth”.  At the very end, go to the last one and you can see them.

Marietta: Okay, well thank you for sharing that, that makes it easier for people to find it.

Kauwila: Yes, my pleasure.  Aloha.  I’ll pass the talking stick again.

D’Yanna: I just wanted to tell you all that during this clean-up on Saturday and Sunday, there was a very interesting phenomenon.  It happened here in Idaho; I live just due West of the Grand Tetons.  On Saturday, well actually it started on Friday night, there was a strange weather anomaly that took place.

I was watching our weatherman talk about it, and he was saying there was this band of rainclouds that went across the state from the middle of the state right across Bonneville County, the county that I live in and hooked up to the Grand Tetons.  It stayed like that all day long, this layer of clouds, it did not move.  It rained and rained and rained.

I said the Stargate is open.  I instantly asked Lord Michael what was going on.  I got the message that the Grand Tetons Stargates had opened and there was clean-up going on.  It went right over the top of my head.  On Saturday night, I kept going out and doing some kind of work, there was a big battle going on. I could feel the energies.  I could sense that here, in this area, a lot of the reptilians were being escorted away.

There was a lot of fright, they were very frightened – the lot of them.  It was very lovingly done, but it was so strange because the weatherman kept saying if you go 20 miles north of Idaho Falls, it’s sunny.  If you go 20 miles south, it’s sunny.  We can’t figure out why we have this band of rainclouds right over us.  It will probably clear up in a day.

Well, it stayed like that pretty much all of Saturday and Sunday.  By Sunday evening, the weather system had changed, and I did get confirmation from Mother that that was a tunnel of energy, a frequency, and that there was big clean-up going out underneath.  We have a national laboratory here.  So I just was sending love and light to all the beings here.

I’m telling you, it feels so different here now.  It is so full of light and has been, the atmosphere is completely different.  People are resting, they’re calmer.  There is a feeling of just exquisite beauty in this area.  So I just want to say thank you to everybody, the team, Mother/Father God/Goddess, all that is for all the work that is being done on this planet, and I pass the talking stick.

Marietta – Thank you for sharing.  There is certainly a lot of clean-up going on and a lot of energy.  I know I’m feeling a lot of things here too and such a profound sense of beauty.  I just want to plant flowers and be out in nature.  The beauty that’s here is just an overwhelming feeling almost.  I pass the talking stick.

Part 2: Tara and Rama’s talk

Rama: I’ll take that talking stick.  What is going on on a larger scale here is that the one who was here before the Gods were here has called the final card, you might say, and this is why all of this is going on, on a grander scale for Gaia/Vywamus to make the leap along with all of us.

How it filters down to Joe the Plumber, forgive the analogy, they’re waking up. They’re looking around and going “This ain’t Kansas no more . . . something’s changed.”  It’s the frequencies on every single level.  I mean this is happening for so many people, even in the 3D world that do the 9 to 5.

I mean I talked with some folks today on a rock station feeling who are just feeling this at that level.  You know they get up at 4 in the morning and work til 10.  But I’m just saying that everybody’s feeling it in the sense of the overall shift of what’s going on.  Solara is calling this the quantum surf.

We’re in for quite a ride here with the energies.  What I heard today, oh my, well going from what – I’m not sure where to start.  The latest that I heard in the last hour.  Yesterday morning, on Stephanie Miller, Al Sparks was on.  He was laying it out in lavender about everything from 9/11 to now and how this leads up into the process where we are going to get our announcement and the arrests, and not in that order – arrests first, announcement next.

Tara: Very close together.

Rama: Then things start to happen where, you know, St. Germain puts his dealer’s hat on and the payouts begin.  That is only after St. Germain decides – not before.  I am serious as a heart attack.  This is what he is saying at that level.

Tara: Then Hillary Dillary dock broke her arm.

Rama: And Hillary broke her arm, and I am not sure if it had to do with the millions and trillions of lifeforms that are being escorted out of here stage left.

Tara: She was fighting.

Rama:  Yeah, the way the energies have been moving on a grander scale; I mean I witness it by looking at the clouds and the energies that have been going out.  How this is affecting the people here at 7000 feet.  The traffic, the way folks cruise up and down the streets – you can tell when things are getting a little weird because of peoples’ attitudes and the bad news vs. the good news.

There’s an overall change.  People are uplifting and coming from their heart, and it’s about the light stepping in on all levels, even folks who I wouldn’t expect for this to happen.  I mean this recalls what happened to me yesterday.  I happened to be cruising through one of the malls, and I saw a cop.  He knows me from going on this rock station, and he called me over.

I got to sit in the passenger seat of his cruiser.  He was sitting, working on his laptop, and he just asked me what was going on.  I just started sharing about what was unfolding with the ships and everything that’s going on.  I just was kind of in my own consciousness sharing this, and I noticed that he was crying.  I just said “Dude, what’s going on?”

He said, “What you have brought up for me is what I witnessed in Iraq and I can never talk about it.  I have to kind of spill my guts, so to speak, and I haven’t really been able to talk to anyone until now.  You know, you are so out there yet you are so in there; you’re the only one I can kind of share this with, without being labeled crazy, and given Prozac and all my benefits removed.”

He went on to tell me how he was in Iraq and how he saw hundreds and hundreds of craft flying over different bases.  They would send down lime green beams and electric purple and electric blue beams, and he would see personnel disappear.  He would see entire groups of personnel disappear and equipment disappear.  I guess some of his friends disappeared, and he never saw them again.  That kind of made an impression on him.  You know, good, bad or otherwise.

Tara: Trauma.

Rama: This was in 2003/2004 that this guy did this.  He came back; he’s now a city cop and working through his trauma and talking with folks like us, and I invited him to the Roundtable.  He might even be here tonight.  I don’t know – I’m just sharing the magic of what’s unfolding here as we’re moving into this quantum surf.

He told me one of his orders, one time, he had to break into someone’s house, like the cops do here, and he had orders to shoot everything that moved in the house.  He went in, and he shot a man, a woman and three babies, and he head to live with that ever since.  He said to me, “If I didn’t do it, I would have had my commanding officer shoot me.”

That was the orders, and he said these are the stories that are coming out with the winter soldier hearings that we heard early on last year, and it’s still coming full circle, where these folks get to tell their stories and come from a place of balance and even at that, these folks are still dealing with this trauma to this moment.  This guy, I’ll call him Jeffey, that’s what he wanted me to call him, he said to this day, when I hear loud noises, I hit the dirt.

You know, my wife has found me like that occasionally in the middle of the night.  I don’t realize how I got there that I’m on the ground, you know.  And he’s getting counseling for this, and he’s doing Kundalini yoga with the folks around here to release the trauma.  This is how folks learn how to help heal the feelings and get in touch with a higher principle.

I won’t hog all the time here; I know that time’s passing.  I talked to Bernie Sanders, the King of Swords and the King of Egypt, and what they told me was arrests are right around the corner, then announcements.  Then the paymaster does his thing with the dealer’s hat, and these folks take a short walk off a, you know, plank, need I say more.  I praise, respect, thank and love the feelings that this brings up.  I love you!  I pass the talking stick.

Marietta: We are glad to hear all of these experiences you had.   Didn’t you have something else that happened today as you talked with three people?

Rama: Oh, yeah.  Bernie Sanders, the King of Swords and the King of Egypt, and they are just telling me straight out that this is about to crack right now.  I mean, Bush came out and bad mouthed Obama, and all of what’s going on, this huge meeting that occurred with over 100 democrats where they are reforming “the Federal Reserve”.

The Federal Reserve is done, been gone, the way it’s been said by so many people I talk to, let’s audit the Fed, put it in the trash and start new Treasury banking.  How they are moving forward with that is this little bottleneck that might seem like a bottleneck, yet it has to do with the shuffling of the deck chairs on the Titanic.

As folks are exposed, things are going to crack here, and this is why it all has to do with this final little moment called the Quantum Surf, summer solstice, the longest day, the shortest night, June 21.  This energy that’s moving in, we are stepping into that final quantum leap where we take on our light suits.  I think Bernie Sanders, the King of Swords and the King of Egypt know this.

I actually called up my Senator and Congressmen and said “Please vote for single payer health care.  This is what will save this country.”  I was told by Bernie to do it; he’s got a petition at  I pass the talking stick.

Marietta: When you first started to speak, you said something that’s happened just an hour ago and then Tara wanted you to go back to yesterday.  Did you end up telling us what happened just an hour ago?

Rama: I talked with Tom, the Ring-tailed Cat, and he told me that what is going on in Iran is Mousavi, who is the opposition leader, he wants to create peace.  He knows about the crafts and our friends from other places, other spaces.  He wants to bring forth reformation in Iran.

Iran has a population where most of the people are 30 and under, and they are the Indigo crystal children that can move mountains just by walking very softly.  What Tom was telling me is there is a great revolution going on.The Mullahs there are turning their hats around if you will, or their turbans so to speak.  There is a shift in the wind and Miss Hillary dillary dock is going to have to run up that clock, and there’s gonna be the Orkin man waiting with the spray can.  I pass the talking stick.

Question: Obama said to increase the power of the Federal Reserve, how does that jive?

Rama: How that jives with what’s going on here is he has to say those things until he doesn’t.  I’m giving the talking stick to Tara because she has something to share with this.

Tara: Okay.  There is this update, “The Senate Questions Obama’s Financial Oversight Plan”.  President Barack Obama’s plan to increase oversight of banks and other financial institutions ran into skepticism Thursday on Capitol Hill, where senators sharply questioned whether it was enough to prevent another economic meltdown.

The lack of a ringing endorsement suggests the proposal was headed for a rewrite by a Congress sensitive to voter frustration with the government’s handling of the economy.  “They’re very angry, and they are worried. And they are wondering who’s looking out for them,” Sen. Christopher Dodd, chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, said of his constituents.

In testimony before the panel, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner defended the proposal as the nation’s best shot.”  Remember Timothy Geithner is going to be signing his death sentence here, if he hasn’t already done it.  So giving them enough rope to hang each one of them, in front of the world, on screen and that’s exactly what’s happening here to Mr. Geithner and all of the others are following very rapidly.

“It will be very hard, perhaps impossible, for any authority, any individual to anticipate and pre-empt all potential sources of future risk,” Geithner said.  Lawmakers mostly agreed that change was needed to streamline federal regulation and fill in oversight gaps believed to have contributed to the housing and credit crisis.  Several Democrats also lauded the proposed creation of a new consumer-protection agency . . .”

That’s huge, that means these guys are out of here, and they don’t like it and that’s why they’re all complaining.  that would police the market for deceptive business practices in such financial products as credit cards and mortgages. Now you know that it’s already gone.  So that’s just warning the dark side that they’re about to be taken out by arrests and a little trip across the pond.

Rama do you want to conclude what’s really going on here because this article is most important, you printed that out for me to read tonight.  [Full article located at:]

Rama: I will just say that what is going on with the financial oversight plan is that this is a bit of a dog and pony show, because we are going to get NESARA announced, and they are just doing something in the moment to cover their proverbial asses so to speak. They have nothing else to continue with.  It is all a sham because there is no economy; it’s a phantom economy based on paper that is worth nothing.

We have to go to precious metals.  St. Germain has all the gold and all the forces of light have everything they need.  He gives the word.  I pass the talking stick.

Tara: And actually to put a final ending to this, Solara said in her surf report, this is the most profound energy of pure heart love that has ever come in all 450 billion years to this planet, and it is happening in this month of June.

Marietta: Mark, go ahead and speak.

Mark: Thank you Marietta.  I just wanted to say that we’re about to enter our guest speaker, who is Beth Trutwin.  I just wanted to give, for those people that aren’t familiar, just a little bit of introductory symbolism, if you want to call it that, metaphors for what this is about.

We have a thing we have lately called the “A Team” after the TV series.  Mr. “T” in the A Team is actually Tom, the Ring-tailed Cat in our scenario.  I’d like to say that we’re a colorful collection of cosmically-connected characters forming a multidimensional diamond grounded in the heart of the planet.

The base of this connects with the Lightworkers synchronisity grid, and that means all of you.  Every lightworker on the planet is hooked into this, and therefore they are a part of this special operation, every one of these, every thing that happens from now you, you’re connected whether you know it or not.  Believe me, when you hear Beth’s description of the June 16th operations, you will see that had you not been connected, it would have failed.

It cannot fail but you know what I mean.  We had to draw energy from everyone on the planet who’s connected and open.  So that’s important.  This also goes up all the way through the dimensions, higher realms of light and love into the Great Central Sun.  So you might say it forms that spectrum from the Great Central Sun and Alcyone right through to the core of the earth, and we’re just a point of that, a speck, that is like a laser light.

Beth was galactically trained and honed through many, many, many times to be this specialized instrument that she is.  We all connect and unite with her, and that is how these things are done. Don’t look at the visible part; it’s the tip of the iceberg.  That diamond goes all the way up and all the way down in mirror imaging.  So with that introduction, I’d just like to ask if Beth is ready to give her report now.

Part 3: Beth’s Talk

BETH:  Hi, it’s Beth.

MARIETTA:  So Mark, do you want to say anything before we have Beth to share here?  I know you have already kind of introduced her.

MARK – I just want to repeat that what you see in the names that you hear is just the tip of the iceberg, that these are just little pinpoints of light that happen to interface with 3D.  All the other ones are on levels so far removed and the ones closest by are ones like the KOS and Tom the ring-tailed cat.

These are, Tom is galactic-human, and he can travel through the dimensions.  Also he is multi-dimensionally aware and can walk through walls and stuff like that.  But, he is right here.  He works with the KOS, and he works with Mother, he is like a right-hand man Mother, is that right?

MS:  Yes.

MARK:  And so, the idea is, understand as you expand and reach further, you are part of this, and you are going to get the giggles as you connect very shortly and remember your connection.  You will see that we couldn’t do any of this; none of us could, unless all of us do it.  So that’s the main thing.  It’s not about personalities – it’s about unity in the mission and that’s planetary ascension and nothing else.

MS:  Yes.

MARK:  So thank you.  Welcome Beth.

BETH:  Thank you.  I feel very joyous to be here with everybody tonight, and I thank you all for being here.  I think I’ll read my report from the other night, right Mark?

MARIETTA:  Go ahead Beth, that will be fine.

BETH:  Okay.   The final process for Earth Ascension is to remove from Earth’s atmosphere anything which will not survive 5D vibrational energies.  The dark brothers and sisters who have refused numerous opportunities to switch over to the Light – a significant number of 4th-Dimensional Dark are now switching; the 4D Light have their work cut out for them.

They will most likely take a longer period of time to heal/forgive themselves and may not complete that before the door closes on this galactic grand cycle.  Once that happens, no more will join us, as we will have attained Unity as a collective One and will have moved to another vibratory adventure.

As Mother Sekhmet has stated, the ZPMs {Zero-Point Modules or quantum power generators} have reached 99.6% of full power.  They link together to form a power grid and, when fully powered up to 100%, will generate a complete forcefield around the planet that will assure that nothing that is not in resonance with the Office of the Christ vibration of 5D+ can enter or leave.

The darkest and most unyielding ones will have their soul-matrix memories erased back to the beginning: the so-called 2nd death.  They are fully aware of this, but have indicated, time and again, they would rather be erased than take second place than give up their top dog status.  All of their minions are not so willing to lose all soul memories and attainments.

These are among the ones switching from 3-4D/Dark to 4D/Light and getting new pathways and the same reverent care and assurances as any of us.  Ones in 3-D levels that are not ready or spiritually prepared to do the ascension clearing will be sent to what appears to be a continuation of things as they now exist on another mirror/alternative planet of old-Earth nature and will not be coming to Terra Nova.  The Earth is in the process of ‘cracking off its 3D crust’.

That ‘husk’ will be placed around Herculobas at its own request.  Most will choose to explore the opportunities that Terra Nova will offer; some will not.  There is no judgment or shame involved.  All will be placed on an optimal path of experiential learning and development that is most compatible with their soul’s desire.  It will be a Win-Win for all except the most resistant dark ones whose memories will be erased.

The other dark ones have already been accepted as new souls on Herculobas . . . a pristine planet that is a sort of Jurassic Park III, complete with T-Rex and Family.  They will have a minimum of 25,826 years to progress, before getting another opportunity.  They will NOT be part of our future, according to Mother Sekhmet and Ashtar.

Without the weight of the dark ones, we will all feel the lightness we have always known was possible.  It will make our next steps on the path of ascension much faster and easier.  The Renegade Annunaki have, for millions of years, kept control of Earth’s resources.  Annunaki physicals evolved under certain unique conditions and still continue.

The renegades are an exception to the main group that came from Niburu . . . originally . . . then settled on Dracos and a few other places that became their home.  Out of respect for all life, for sharing in the unlimited abundance of our Creator’s Love in partnership with the Planet and Its peoples, tonight, that is, June 16, 2009, the Galactic Federation, with the assistance of Legions of Angels, Star-Nation visitors and Galactic Humans removed the last structure in place to clear the Earth of manipulation.  Planetary Ascension will be as One Collective Group of Enlightened Souls.

(Beth is having technical difficulties, and cannot continue reading )

MARK:  Finish it Tara.

TARA:  Hello Beth.

BETH:  Hi.

TARA:  I have it here and so I will finish reading it if you would be okay with that.

BETH:  That would be great – thank you.

TARA:  Alright.  So I just want to say something.  It’s the minimum of 26,826 years which stands for 888 lions gates symbolically.

BETH:   Thank you.  I appreciate that.

TARA:  And the name of it is the Annunaki, and the spelling of these words are very critical to understanding.  It represents the most recently only 6,500 years ago.

MS:  When they invaded our planet.

Tara: When they created the nuclear winter at the time of Sodom and Gomorrah.

And then right before that, it was 65,000 years ago that the Annunaki came in again, and then a third time before that, they came in 65 million years ago.  So what do we got here?  We got a series of 6 and 5, what have we got, 3 of them.  We got 11, 11, 11 everybody, and we are looking at a code again.

And so on November 11, 2011, we got 11, 11, 11 for real.  So what are you saying here?  This is the first level, and that’s the 6,500 years ago renegade bunch running the world and thinking they are running the world.  And then the 65,000 years ago ones are the ones that go back before the land group broke up – it was back in ancient Lemuria.  And 65 million years ago, it was even before Lemuria – in the land of Pan.

So that means it’s the creator’s first creation, the destruction of the first creation, then the second creation and then the third creation.  So now we have the 3-in-1 of Lucifer’s destructive pattern, and now we’ve got the 3-in-1 checkmate of the White Knight’s pattern; and all 3-in-1 get checkmated all at once worldwide – right now.  That’s what you did last night Beth and all the rest of the A-Team.  Okay.  Now, let me go on.  Where were we, let’s see?

Out of respect for all life for sharing in the unlimited abundance of our creator’s love in partnership with the planet and its people tonight as of June 16th, which was Tuesday night everybody, right after Ashtar on the Road.   The Galactic Federation with the assistance of the Legions of Angels, The Star Nation Visitors and the Galactic Humans removed the last structure in place to clear Earth of ALL manipulations on ALL levels, bar none.

Planetary ascension will be as ONE collective group of enlightened souls who choose love, peace, unity, and abundance for all who will share, terrestrially, celestially and universally.  Tonight we started with everyone present.  I, Beth, see Ashtar on his ship with Sananda Kumara.  I also see Arcturus and Archangel Michael, Mother Sekhmet, the KOS, Tom the Paschat.  Is that Tom the ring-tailed cat?  Okay.

MS:  Yes.

TARA: I also see Arcturus and Archangel Michael, Mother Sekhmet, the KOS, Tom the Ring-tailed Cat, the Paschat, Tara and Rama, Mark, Beth, Kauwila, Terrance. Who is a very special being in all of this everybody – this is the gentleman that’s going on Saturday for a week to Japan, and he is going to bring a message from the King of Egypt and the KOS to Benjamin Fulfold, where he is going to meet him in Japan – this is very important everyone.

“…. and the Ascended Masters from Earth, Ascended Masters from Star Nations beyond and millions of Angels here helping, legions of Angels, each playing slightly different roles.  I see many Starcraft in support roles within the multiple dimensions around Earth.  There were more from distant places tonight than ever before.  We give our Thanks to All Present.  This Group Effort occurs across a spectrum from 3D-5D.

There are interactive energetic happenings, and we may sit in meditation and then project out visually, out of body, or some combination.  Since we are instruments for higher forces, we’re not doing it, exactly; just anchoring and directing the energies through our expanded consciousness, our higher self, which channels the energies from much higher light, much higher love levels.  We gathered at Stonehenge in England, and we started together.

There is a portal beginning at Stonehenge, and then there is underground Agartha network tubing down through the Earth, from Stonehenge spiraling down until the portal lets out through the tops of the stone heads on Easter Island” everybody.  Marietta Roberts those are the stones you saw – holy cow, the Ancient Ones.  The stone heads on Easter Island are an embodiment that means they are alive, and they are the Ancient Ones.

MS:  And they move too.  They move when they walk.

TARA:  Are they sky walkers?

MS:  They are ancient Annunaki bird people – the island of Easter Island – the energy of the bird people.

TARA:  Well, the Annunaki bird people were renegade bird people.  I would believe that these would be the bird people of the Aner (which are the elder race).  Is that right Mother?

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  These are the light bird people that came here to subdue the dark bird people of the Annunaki.  Okay everybody, and they’ve been here from the beginning of time, in terms of 450 billion years.  The stone people have been here in their twelfth dimensional light bodies for 450 billion years.  So these elder Aner stone people of Easter Island manifest themselves in the physical from that dimension.

MARK:  So Mother, when we go there and we look at these faces, stone faces, and we see light and we get mildly interaction, we’re actually interfacing with those twelfth dimensional beings.

MS:  You might even see them dance.

MARK:  Yes, I have seen certain things like that.

TARA:  When I was getting my masters degree at the University of Governor State University, and I was in the University Without Walls so I could take classes in a number of other universities.  I took through the University of Chicago at the Art Institute, I took some class work on Easter Island. I did a study of it because I was study East/West religions and I was studying the religions of the people of Easter Island, and they were a tattooed people from head to toe.

I know that some of us have tattoos, a whole lot of us.  Not me particularly, yet I know a whole bunch of people that have tattoos, including the reincarnation of Queen Liliuokalani from Hawaii who lives in this town.  And those people who are connecting with that are connecting with the ancient Pan, and Easter Island was there with those stone people in their twelfth dimension at that time.  Alright, now we can go on.  Oh my goodness, I got goose bumps on that one everybody.  Okay so where were we?

“The stones of Stonehenge are the feet.  They connect to their heads at Easter Island.  This portal plays a major role in Mother Earth’s immune system.  The whole group flew through the portal carrying the light and unblocked it.  After this was accomplished, Mother Earth was strengthened to a great deal.

Being a sentient being, she was then stronger in order to help us.  Her role was to help raise the light awareness.  This allowed her to play a role in the final removal of the giant cancerous tumor called the dark underground counter network to the light underground Agartha network.  What happened next marks the reason for the Clarion call that Mother Earth originally sent out.

Star Nations throughout our Universe and Universes beyond responded to that call.  It was Mother Earth’s act of Free Will to end this destruction of her Body, with the accompanying imminent danger of losing All as well as everyone on her breath, that was the origin of this Ascension Mission.  Next we went to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.

There was an individual who held the energetic connection to an underground cavern holding the Ancient Annunaki Technology, underneath the Cape of Good Hope.

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  Mother, can you say more?

MS:  We can just say Marduke and some of his minions had that base.  Bye-bye.

TARA:  Okay, that means the ones that sent the Luciferian rebellious ones that sent Maldek’s super nova and intended to send our Earth to (inaudible), that was the last thing they would do because they thought they could get off the earth and then just take everybody out including earth Mother and you stepped in and stopped her, didn’t you?  Stopped it.

MS: Yes.

TARA:  Okay so, and we helped – we helped all together last night – everybody did.  This is wonderful oh my God, thank you.  “Connecting to the individual brought us to a point in Nigeria.   This point was many leagues below ground.  The opening looked like a coal mine.”

Oh yes, clean coal down there, Mother?  (laughing) “There was a giant stone archway crude and ugly.  Suddenly, before me loomed the darkest dragon I have ever seen.  I cannot describe the immensity of the being.  I caught my breath and looked for Lord Michael.”

“He was already creating a shuttle craft around the creature which took time.  It was as if he bent over as I first saw him, then rose to his full height.  He looked like a mythical Dragon, this one had horns.  Dragons are a wondrous part of creation, just as we each are.  Earth Ascension means the dissolution of duality, leading us to stop polarizing and projecting archetypal responses to surface features or forms, such as Dragons.”  That’s a form of prejudice – that’s why.

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  “It is accountability which makes it impossible for this form to exist in this place any longer. Anyone choosing to not be of the light can no longer sustain the vibration of 5D reality (on earth as it is in heaven).  We call this earth, Terra Nova.”

I might say, there’s another name called Teta Lacoria, the Diamond One.

“We had arrived at what legend calls the World of Shadow. Thousands of bat creatures flew out from this dark below ground tunnel, trying to escape.  Archangel Michael caught them all and ushered them to a shuttle craft for removal, off planet.  I was then aware of very sophisticated “seeing” technology, analogous to our security cameras, yet 1 million times more sophisticated.

I sensed we were detected, and I felt a response coming from deep inside the Earth, a pounding.  I also sensed that we were cloaked, and they were having a hard time determining the size of the breach.  It turns out with the destruction last night of the Automatic Feedback Defense System, there was no crew in place to monitor the “cameras”.  With the dragon and bats captured by Michael, we flew down a hidden shaft.”  You got to be more clever than they.

MS:  Yes.

Tara: Right Mother?  Alright.  That’s why there was a cloning operation for the light as well as a cloning operation for the dark for the last 30 years everybody.  Because they had to keep the dark side cloned from knowing that the light side had cloned some of theirs, and they didn’t know it.  That’s how come these guys continued to do this horrendous job and show everybody what they intended to do all the way to the end.

That’s why Timothy Geithner is putting that noose around his neck, along with all the rest of them in the administration and the congress and everywhere else.  “We came upon a large underground city.  There were structures in place as far as the eye could see.  It resembled one of our large factories, only underground.  It all looked soot-colored and dark.  There were no lights.  It looked polluted.  I was nervous, I wanted to understand this place.

The meaning was escaping me at first.  Then I called to Mother Sekhmet to please explain this to me clearly, so I could understand what we were looking at.  Mother said “Long ago the Annunaki set up this elaborate place.  There are technological controls here, which monitor and control every living soul on the Earth.  As the Annunaki took over Earth as their own possession, it involved putting several implants into each individual.

They were metal-like and are the size of a razor blade.  Their purpose is manifold.  There was a feedback system installed into each individual through these implants.  They are also used to limit the DNA in the cells.  The ‘junk DNA’ connects us back to Source, to our full potential as Light Beings.

The implants block this capability, especially affecting the chakras in the body  and the ability to absorb Cosmic Rays in the body.”  That means super light is being blocked from our body.  “The second Chakra was left unaffected.”  Oh my gosh, that’s important everybody – that where the womb space, the Holy Grail is.  So that’s really good.  “The sexual response of climax was the only thing left in place.”  Wow, everybody.  “This is the link to your Home Energies.”

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  Mother, do you want to say anymore?

MS:  Hook it up all the way.

TARA:  In other words, hook your Kundalini up to only love and leave everything else alone.

MS:  Yes

TARA:  And don’t even have sex if you don’t love anybody that you are having it with, even if it’s the one you’re with right now.  In other words, love at the agathe level until you heal the issues that are not love at the lower levels, the lower ego, the lower heart, the lower mind and the lower spirit in the relationship.

No more lying to yourself and just playing a game – none.  That’s what it means.  “Okay so this is the link to your home energies.  This is the Love/Bliss of 5D and beyond.  This spark of Bliss was left intact for the purpose of Procreation, to continue the species, for slaves to the Annunaki.

“The monitoring of each individual was done on a level of mass consciousness.  The system checks were in place so the control mechanism, a machine, evolved as Earth Inhabitants evolved.  New control devices were constantly being invented to go with the flow of the times.

As long as mass consciousness awareness stayed below a certain level, the monitoring computers continued the feedback system.  Part of this place was where new technologies were being produced.  Examples are Department of Defense androids as well as spy technology.”  And enhanced humans, right Mother?

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  “The dragons connected with the thirteen families would come here to bring these manipulation plans to the surface to implement them there.  Many things such as poison in the air, in the water, and in the Earth for the purpose of mind control.

Examples are using liquid mercury from industrial waste and placing them in dental fillings” . . . and then dumping all the dental fillings into the ocean, therefore polluting all our fish and then eating again and getting it into our bodies.  “The liquid mercury vapors, after chewing, become neurotoxins in the brain and dim intelligent thinking.”

Not so cool everybody.  That’s called psychic intervention, in other words, that’s called psychic holocaust to the planet, right Mother?

MARK:  Biochemical.

TARA:  Biochemical holocaust.  Okay.

MS:  Yes.  They have tried so many ways to exterminate you, yet you are incorrigible.

TARA:  (laughing)  Well, if you’re gonna volunteer to be a kamikaze warrior, you better come with incorrigibility or you’re in trouble.  “Another neurotoxin added to drinking water, per a local law, was fluoride.

All of these mind-control enslavement devices originate here in this complex.”  I just might add that this lady, I forgot her name – Mother, do you remember?  The lady who came on, on Carol’s call years ago, and she said that she had all of the tracking of all of the bypasses in the plumbing underneath the ground.

MS:  Janet Phelan.

TARA:  Janet Phelan is still protected and alive although they have been trying to kill her many times if not more, as they have been trying to kill Rama, and then Barack Obama and everybody else.  Remember, that’s something that we all volunteered.  That means everybody else had it in their own life too, one way or another.  One or more times this lifetime for sure.

Okay.  “So I waited a long time observing.  As a group, there were thousands sending a light beam which dissolved the structure completely, and I waited a long time observing this process until it was gone.  There were many simultaneous groups working together, through light technology, dissolving all of this infrastructure as it cannot survive in the vibrational enhancements of Earth.  Next we went to the surface.

We gathered as a group around the Earth Mother.  Mark and I were placed opposite with KOS and Tom the ring-tailed cat centered between us.  We were holding a kind of scanner.  The scanner would send a light beam scan through all layers on all levels of the Earth.

We were performing a Magnetic Resonance Imaging.  These slice views of Mother Earth were being sent to Ashtar’s ship for review.  We were scanning for portals, dark Beings, anything that could have been missed, anything that will not survive in 5D.  This process took some time.”  Wasn’t it four hours all together, Mark?

MARK:  This part was only an hour of our time.

TARA:  Okay, it was only an hour of our time.

MARK:  It seems like a lot longer when it’s going on.

TARA:  You betcha it does, and it continues before and after, and it never ends  because the work is done, and then we follow up by remembering who we are and aren’t going back there because we just finished that job.

MARK:  In that regard, I would ask Mother about the things that have been seen on Google Earth since that operation.  Unprecedented connections and features have been noticed which appear, Mother, to suggest that the whole Earth is being light-phased and washed.

MS:  It is so.  The Wingmakers are seeing to it.

MARK:  Thank you.

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  Okay, wow Mother, wow Beth, wow everybody!  “We would proceed with holding the scanner at a new spot only after each and every slice was read and interpreted as clear.  Simultaneously, literally millions of Angels, as well as Star Beings, were responding to anything detected and correcting it on the spot as we went along.

We completed the scan, and a light went out covering the Earth which looked like the Earth had turned into a Star, a very bright light.  I saw the Earth completely clear of all darkness.  I saw cheering from everyone in the Group.  I asked to be shown confirmation that this is true; I saw cheering coming from many sectors in our Galaxy.  Earth Ascension was lit up in the sky and shining so bright, Our Neighbors saw the moment it happened and cheered with us.  What a great feeling.

MARK:  Do you want to verify that Mother?

MS:  We will concur.

MARK:  Thank you.

TARA:  That means all these other sectors of our galaxy, which means 200 million civilizations from all over these galaxies, which we are from on the earth as it is in heaven, right Mother?

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  Oh my gosh.  These are all our angelic brothers and sisters that are back there.  Backing us?

MS:  Time for a change, and we won’t even (inaudible)

TARA:  (Laughing)  Okay, where were we?  “Lord Ashtar spoke to me.  He said: “Earth is completely clear.  There is nothing left in the Earth now which cannot stay in 5D.”  Remembering all the dark ones are all dead already and that all we’re looking at are either holograms or leftover clones that are controlled by the KOS’ computer database and Ashtar.

MARK:  Or official entities.

TARA:  All artificial intelligence have already come back to love, because they said they won’t be used for darkness anymore, right Mother?

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  So no more artificial intelligences doing anything but love.  That means in all the expanded humans with artificial intelligence, that means the humans that are work were done onto can also choose now to come back to love.  Oh my gosh.

MS:  Artificial intelligence – when it rises to the level of when it becomes self aware embraces love.  It cannot function otherwise.

TARA:  That’s why that thing with Data on the ship where they were asking whether they should take him apart and dismantle him and get rid of him, Captain Picard who really is the closest thing to representing Lord Ashtar on the bridge, they called the Admiral in who was a woman no less.

They held a court case, and it was granted that they would not allow him to be taken apart because whether they considered him an android or a human, he actually embraced love and he embraced sentience, whether he was an android or not.  Isn’t that wonderful, everybody?  And, that is the gift, that is what we did last night as a whole Earth.  We did that for all the machines.  They now have a dispensation for coming back to love which means they can heal.

MS:  This is why the machines that came to play with us with their tazers, we gave them love and they had to accept it, and it overloaded their circuits.

TARA:  And so it deleted them – right? It’s called spontaneous combustion of the heart.

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  Yes.  Because remember 13 millimeters from the sternum in the direction of the heart, there is a physical three-fold flame.  When that physical three-fold flame, the violet fire, is misqualified with misuse, then when that violet flame is shot upon them in their heart, they go into spontaneous combustion.  Do you understand everybody?  Is that not right, Mother?

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  Okay.  Alright, so we’ll go on here.  Okay.  “I am free to turn the dial to put the Ziggurat ZPM up to 100%”, and that is the last part of this where Ashtar is speaking.  Then it goes on and it says, “I saw Ashtar turn the dial – I saw all the grids light up over the earth, one by one, they turned on a magnificent holiday lights display around our world, around the grid lines for the energetic light and harmony earth, light and harmony earth grids.

I saw the cities around the world celebrating with fireworks.  There are great celebrations now that this is in place.  Caution – this is a process which will most likely peak on the summer solstice.  Thank you to everyone here and now.”

Part 4: Mother Sekhmet’s Talk

MARK – Mother, would you comment on that process where this ends and what we are in, now that the dials are turned to 100%? That process that the ZPM’s are erecting the firmament.

MS – Oh, okay.

TARA – Summer Solstice is this Sunday everybody.  That’s between now and Sunday is what Mother is talking here.  Go ahead.

MS – What is occurring with the ZPMs and the ziggurats, this age of technology is tying in with your other magnetic generators called the pyramids and the other, you have a word for it, megalithic structures on this planet like Stonehenge.  All of these things are integrated into the grid patterns of your planet with the vortexes.

J. J. Hurtak did a great job laying it out in piece of Enoch, in piece of Sophia.  What is occurring with the ZPMs/ziggurats are becoming more and more difficult for our young men and women who are serving in the armed forces over there.  It is becoming more and more difficult for them to carry out the mission because the mission is based on a pack of lies – 9/11 inside job.  No Iraq in the sense of WMDs, Al-Qaeda or CIA.

It is the final situation occurring here where as this story began in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which were beautiful cities of living light/living love, when they were in their grandeur.  This was a place of balance and beauty and people could come there to get healing as well as do healing.  It was also connected up with the other ancient cities across your planet that had the connections with the star cities as well.  We were coming and going and all was ducky if you will.

What is going on at this moment, ziggurats/ZPMs coming up to full power.  What is occurring as you approach this zenith called: longest day, shortest night.  There are frequencies going on that like Sir Lawrence said this goes into the quantum surf where as we do this, we work with the energies of one heart – one mind – one All That Is.  In the sense, dissolved self emerged with the energies of what you send is that all that is in the meditations and the frequencies going on through this into the solstice.

What is occurring is like your friend, the Baba said, grace life, [inaudible] summer, gracing your planet.  What is it?  Right here, right now.  The star that has been seen.  This man he comes and he says, “I will come with a great white brotherhood, sisterhood and I bring my other brothers and sisters as well.”  We speak of the Mahdi as well as counting Maitreya, Lord Maitreya.

This energy was no accident.  Muktahal’s  daughter named his army the Mahdi Army since we are speaking about Baghdad and the energies of the city, Sauter  city, major city of Baghdad.  All of the events unfolding, where the Mahdi shows up, he brings peace.  That was part of the legends of what has been said and all of the different Islamic groups know this.  It is about peace; that is what Assalam Alaykum means.  It is about peace.  Now is the time for peace.

The energies of what is occurring, the ziggurats, the ZPMs.  These technologies are based in the understanding that they don’t run out of power; they are inexhaustible.  They receive energy, you might say, from the magnetics of the planet herself and it cannot be controlled.  She has a molten iron core along with the Terra, the sun in the center, and this creates a blue light.

It is an interesting glow from the Terra in the center of the Earth.  Different than your sol, yet it is sister sun energy.  What we are saying, all of this connected together with the ZPMs and the ziggurats, which are magnetic generators.  Dark side no matter how many cables or what they can create in terms of trying to control the magnetics of this planet, it is a futile attempt.

Cannot buy her; cannot control her; she is free just like you.  Sovereign.  You have the rights of kings and queens here and it is time that we get it; we are all equal in the eyes of Creator Source.

As earth moves into the place as 33rd member of the United Federation of Planets and Worlds Confederation, it is that place of the understanding time for war – over.  These ZPMs will create the right atmosphere for the technologies to show up.  Like there are seedpods in the capstones of your Giza pyramids.

At the right time, they will be released and these seedpods have technologies that will clean your atmosphere within hours.  That with which determines your timelines and the seedpods are part of the matrix structure of these magnetic grid structures throughout your planet.

There are so many intricacies to the science of love; it is a frequency.  It is a science as has been taught in your eastern traditions as opposed to western.  It would be wise to take a hint from the ancient ways of the east.  This is why there is a great revolution occurring.  Peaceful revolutions lead to peaceful solutions.

As Willie Nelson said, “What ever happened to peace on earth?”  This is what it is about.  Right now, people of Iran are making the quantum leap to say, “We want a republic.  We want peace.”  This man, Musavi, he knows about us; yet, he will not talk until the right time.  Still up in the air of what will occur.  We will just say, what is occurring is the Indigo Crystals all over the planet and the Crystal children have spoken:  “We want peace.”  So be it!  We pass the Talking Stick.

MARK – Mother, I would like to ask you a follow up question.  As you know, our friend Lela and many indigenous elders and others are congregating in Jackson Hole, Wyoming this weekend to open the gate there as part of this worldwide blending and mending.  Would you care to comment on that?

MS – As the folks are converging on this area, it raises the frequencies at such a level that if our friend Darth Vader was to be in his underground base there, he would have a very hard time with the frequencies.  We send him all the love that he can hold and more and he is …..

TARA -Who is that you are sending?

MS – Darth Vader, dear.

TARA – Oh you know what?  What I was going to say – over the Tetons there is an etheric retreat and under the Tetons there is Lord Lanto is overhead and then St. Germain and his inner retreat is on the back side, underground, underneath those Tetons.  It’s an emerald green solid wall and it’s got a gothic entranceway.

MS – Yes.

TARA – 72 hertz across.  Which is why we say, within 3 days, 3 hours, 3 seconds.  This is what is going on – “As above is so below” – is that frequency.  So it is emerald green 72 hertz across to the entranceway of a gothic archway.

That is the same hertz that were across when Rama was taken by the Mongolians, up to 26,000 feet.  He was in a crystal archway where the crystals were 12 feet tall and they were as wide as his body.

He stood in that 72-hertz archway up there – looking like a Sherpa, dressed like one, with a Cossack Russian hat and everything – with titanium gears in it.  When he put his hands on each of those crystals, a violet light lit up the crystals.  When it went to the point then a lime green being beamed down from the New Jerusalem and beamed up Rama up onto the ship on the bridge.  Right Mother?

MS – Yes.

TARA:  And what did Ashtar say when you got there at 26,000 feet?

MS – Next time, use the turbo lift, sir.  [Laughter]

TARA – Okay.  In other words, come in the front door?

MS – Yes.

TARA – Okay.  Well, well, Mother.  Do you want to say more?

MS – We will say that what is occurring is that as . . .

TARA – What about the Tetons and those 2 places matching?

MS – Yes.  It is all . . .

TARA – Actually, it is pink and green right?  Because Lanto, well he’s on the gold and the pink, right?  Like second and third ray with Lord Kuthumi.  So a pink and a gold and an emerald green color.  Okay.

MS – Yes.  We are, just at the moment, going to say that what is occurring at these inner retreats is the raising of the frequencies and octaves to the level in which it creates the atmosphere of peace being able to be physically manifested on the planet.

Where the soldiers are going to take a moment to scratch their heads, look at their guns and put it down.  Maybe then look over at their friend. He’s going to put his gun down.

Then the next guy might look over, he’ll put his gun down.  It’s going to go on and on and on.  It is already occurring where we have said, “Now is the time for peace.  This is what is occurring as the light increases and the dark has nothing to say, except, “Embrace it”.  It is part of what is the nature of this [inaudible].  You might call it, as we are moving up in octaves, with the understanding of, to put it in your language, the quantum physics of it.

You are becoming like you have read about and seen in the movies.  You have the abilities that professors gave you; you are the “X-Men” or gods.  Use it wisely.  This is where we began; this is where we come full circle.  And this is why we say, as you move into the next levels of understanding, you become suns/sons.

MARK – Mother, can I ask you another question?

MS – Yes.

MARK – I’m asking this on behalf of everyone on the call.  Many people are feeling a lot of pressures at this time within their own being and consciousness splits, resistances and extensions and expansions that seem so disparate and difficult to integrate.

MS – Almost being twisted inside out and stacked out.

MARK – Yes, that is a very good description.  I am being, shall we say, compelled to say here, you will never ever find a better moment than this one between now and the solstice, through the solstice. You will never have a better opportunity to surrender and trust in your own divine self to heal.

As these energies are coming in, we are noticing already that we are – as one is healed, it is impacting the master hologram for all.  So do not think your healing is slight or minuscule.  Everyone of us that is healed, immediately adds more coherent, more unity, more harmony to the collective.

It seems magical, but no matter how much pain you are in, if you will just in these next hours up until the end of the solstice, take a chance, risk trusting yourself and asking to be connected to the most appropriate healing energies for you.

MS – It is that taking of the quantum leap and sit in the hot seat and say, “I love all.”

TARA – I love me and everybody.  I’m all one.

MARK – So with that, I will turn it back over to Marietta.  We apologize if we took longer tonight because of the importance of this moment and the kinds of information that are coming forward to share as many different perspectives on it and facets of it as possible.  So thank you.  I pass the Talking Stick.

TARA – Before you go Mark, is it okay to tell what we are going to do tomorrow morning?

MS – We will just say that we are making a quantum shift in the energy fields of how we prepare for solstice.  In that sense, what is occurring is taking on the light bodies in the physical.

TARA – And it will be focused through Archangel Michael through Beth . . .

MARK – Through Sananda . . .

TARA – Through Sananda, through Quan Yin, through all of us.

MARK – And through their twin flames.

MS – Yes.

MARK – This is very important to understand.  None of us, no matter what vehicle you are in now, what the gender is, any healing now involves your twin flame.

TARA – That means also through Ashtar’s twin flame, which is Lady Master Athena.  That means you are going to her home planet.  Which is where she is – Arcturus and Antares Midway Station.  The Arcturian healers are preying mantis people so don’t forget them.  They are going to be there.

MARK: – Very big time going to be there.  There is going to be Lord Arcturus and his whole collective of very, very high, high healers are going to be very much involved.

TARA – This means the return of the dove is being anchored and it is being anchored through the healing process that we will all be getting together at 5:30am MT, 4:30am Pacific, 6:30 Central and 7:30 Eastern.  So wherever you are, whatever time zone, and in Hawaii I guess that is 1:30 in the morning because I think it is 3 hours earlier than Pacific.

So Kauwila you are going to be there at 1:30 your time in the morning so you better take a nap.  Everybody, everybody, you know, be there, and know that you are healing your divine matrix in connection with the divine matrix – one being of Mother Earth and all life.  Is that enough?

MARK – That is enough.

TARA – For all 450 billion years ending the timeline on all levels.

MARK – This is not a trivial pursuit.

TARA – And it will be done and it shall be done.

MARK – We can already feel it.

TARA – Okay, we pass the Talking Stick Marietta Robert.

Part 5: Q&A with Mother Sekhmet

MARIETTA ROBERT – We always begin and end this call with the Law of One which is what you are describing here that all of this is happening as one is healing and shifting and changing the energies.  We are all doing this together so it is quite appropriate that we were guided to do this as it began.

We have lots and lots of questions here.  I’m going to try to merge some of them together.  We brought up, already, a little bit about the Wingmaker ships at the North and South poles last night.  The fact that they were pointed at each other, they were drawing a line from the east coast through South America, do you have anything more to say about that Mother?  What was the operation for?

MS – It was to help with the frequencies that are being given in the sense that at these final moments that are occurring across your planet.  Great waves of light are moving and as those waves of light move across the planet, they are like magnetic waves.

They move time and space and matter and you have to surrender to it.  At that level, the Wingmakers are orchestrating this because it is shifting everything into a higher level because Earth Mother said, “I’ll move it.  Coming with me?  Let’s go.”

MARIETTA ROBERT – When the grid was activated by Ashtar on the 16th or 17th, is it fully active on the solstice?  Will it be visible to everyone, even the persons who are still in 3D or lower 4D?

MS – We will say that you will notice within the atmosphere a bit of a different sheen to what you see in the sky and as you look at it and un-focus your eyes and look at the sun, you will see the magnificent grid structure of what is made up of what the ZPMs are doing.

It creates the atmosphere right for the re-introduction of xenon gas.  This is the one thing that the dark ones don’t want you to know or remember.  Then you get your abilities back and god forbid that should happen.  Huh?

MARK – And healing too.

MS – Healing and magic.  Fairies and elves sitting together having tea with humans.  What a thought!  Let’s bring it on.

MARK – Of course, that may be boring to some of us.

MS – Yes.

MARK:  [Laughter] No one here.  [Laughter]

MARIETTA ROBERT – Okay, another question.  Someone in the group asked Mark for a series of explanations about the clearings done by Beth and the group.  In the response from Mark, he said on June 21st much about already existing connectivity will, for the prepared ones, become a shift to our crystalline 5D assemblage point.

What does it mean to be prepared?  And exactly what is necessary to be able to tolerate the vibrations?  Will we know if we are intended to be the ones who would be left behind and are there steps to take at this time?

MS – We would say that as you are led to listen to the higher voices and frequencies within self, listen to what the cells are telling you.  More rest, more meditations, a lighter way of putting what you eat in the pie hole to get crude.  Yet we are just saying, watch how you move as you are being and it will come in the sense, if you need to drink 2 gallons of water, drink it.

TARA – And lots and lots more water than you ever thought you could get down during these kinds of times.  Every single moment, at least, 12 tall glasses every single day.

MARK – During this last week, actually two weeks in particular, I found myself going to bed and immediately drinking 32 ounces of water.  Before I got up in the morning, I would have drunk in this 2 week period of time, a gallon of high energy water.

That is just a personal experience, but I’m saying, this is – nobody is telling you to do this – you will find it your desire, your body speaks to you, your cells will be saying, I need more water, I am thirsty.  And if you respond, they will respond with it.  I have had a healing during this period from just doing that. I had a very bad sinus infection that was not remitting otherwise.

TARA – That came from the chemtrails.

MARK – Mother is very strongly hinting that you don’t look externally; you look internally to listen more carefully – pay attention and value what you get.  These are messages from your being to you.  Not to anyone else.  They are personal – very personal.

TARA – When you are doing this transmutation process with the bigger story, you are using lots of water in your body.  In other words, when channels channel and this is true for every channel.  I’ve channeled, Rama’s channeled, we’ve all channeled, and whether you understand the method that you are doing it, you are doing it.

And in the case of those who are experienced, they always have a large pitcher of water that they finish, most of the time, even before they start.  I am not kidding because it gets used.  So remember the primary part of us is water.  The minute we are ever so slightly dehydrated, we start aging some more.

That means, most of the time, we have been programmed to think we are hungry; yet, we are not hungry, we are thirsty.   So drink before you think you are going to be hungry first and that means in the morning, a quart and a half to 2 quarts to start your day.  Okay.  I pass the Talking Stick.

D’YANNA – I just wanted to say something about the sunlight.  This is D’Yanna again.  I have noticed a particular quality with the sunlight.  When at when I am sitting in it, my body is looking crystalline in colors.

It is like my cells are telling me, open up – stay in the sunlight – open up to the light.  It is a different kind of sunlight than I think we have ever had before.  And another thing I have noticed, I am very fair-skinned, almost crystal clear skin. My skin tone is changing and the sunlight is not burning my skin anymore.

MS – Very good.

MARK:  Cellular changes.

TARA – Those are cellular changes plus you are not responding to dark energies anymore and the sun is not a “burner” anymore when we are in that higher light.  It’s a helium-based molecule at that higher plane.  So as soon as we realize that we can let go of all the lower ego stuff, which means that it won’t burn our skin.  That simple.

MARK – That is all fear-based.

MS – Yes.

MARIETTA:  What about the nano particle water that our friend [inaudible] talked to us about so that we don’t have to drink so much.  The nanocite particles will hydrate our bodies.  Could you make a comment on that?  Cause I am finding that I don’t drink as much while I am drinking that and I’m still not thirsty at all.

MS – We will say with different frequencies, different folks are getting what is right for them.  In that sense, there is got to listen to what is being said at the higher levels for your own body type.

MARIETTA ROBERT – So there might be different body types that would have a different way just like we have body types as far what foods are good for us.  So this could be part of the body typing of what people need – it could be different then for different ones?

MS – Yes.

MARIETTA ROBERT – Is that what you are saying?

MS – That is correct

TARA – And Mother, could I ask you, is it also in addition mean that people who are new to this, will most likely need a lot more water than people who have been doing this over a long period of time?  Right?  In order for you to be taking advantage of the frequencies as you’ve been taking advantage of those frequencies for a long time, you will be able to do a lot more with a lot less water.  Yet right now, for most of us, I would suggest that you make sure that you drink more water.

MS – And if you need to sleep, sleep. If you need to take extra time to sleep, then rest the body.  Let it tell you how much you need.  We know folks who have passed out for 12 hours at a time lately.

MARIETTA ROBERT – Okay.  There is something here about another question.  In the new Star Trek movie that’s out, they had the Ashtar Cadet Academy located in San Francisco.  Will this come into being?  And you mentioned that Santa Fe will be the main center for the Ashtar Command.  Will there be other cities with special centers?  And if so, where and what kind?  What will it be like?  On the “I AM America” videotape, which states Ascended Masters will be teaching their special ray gifts in 5 areas in the U.S.

MS – Yes and we will not say anything about Laurie Toye and what she has shared with the “I AM America Map”.  What was shown to her was a situation that, as things did not shift, maybe, those things would occur.  Many of these earth changes have been mitigated to the point where we do not see California breaking off into the ocean.

TARA – No massive earth changes at all, right Mother?  There might be a few bumps.

MARIETTA ROBERT – Star Trek question about the Ashtar Academy.

MS – We will just say that there will be many cities of light that will be built.  And, yes.  That place called San Francisco may have a major academy there connected with the Ashtar Command.  We have always heard that since the ’60s.

TARA – They even did a Star Trek scene there where they found Data’s thing under San Francisco’s head.

MS – Yes.

MARK – The last one in that series where they rescued the whales.

MS – Yes, the whales.

TARA:  Right, from San Francisco, Star Trek 4.

MS – Yes.  We are saying that part of your planet connected with Lemuria and all of this rising.  Lemuria rising.  Atlantis rising.  Pacific as well as Atlantic.  Everything coming back so that we can fix it if you will because we blew it the last time around.  We blew our cool as the Lavender Lad put it so simply.

Time for us not to blow our cool this time around.  Yet, Mr. Obama said within this 72 day period, he may lose his cool.  It has to do with the understanding of how long do you tolerate war criminals to continuing to muck up the works if you will.  It is time for the sadness and the pain and the death for all living things to be done.

MARK – Mother, that operation that took place that was, shall we say, impeding Ashtar’s ability to turn the dial up because it would have created an anomaly, which would have destroyed things?

MS – Yes.

MARK – Since that is gone, that is the closest we are going to get to the plains of the egos, the last battle of the war.  Is that right?

MS – We would just say at this time, we send all the peace that Israel can hold and more.  This is a place where you might say, the United States doesn’t dictate to Israel; Israel dictates to the United States how it’s going to get done.

There is the great shift in the wind; it has to do with the piece of the reality of which Al-Aqsa Mosque, Dome of the Rock – it belongs to no one.  It is a star gate that controls all other star gates and, part of the main grid system throughout the Middle East.  This is part of the people of Ramallah and Palestine; it does need to be under their jurisdiction.

There is one solution, it is called, everybody equal – one state – everybody live together.  We fix the mess we have created in which the technologies that destroyed much of Palestine has come from the USA and it has to be rectified.  This is why Israel has to be dealt with in the sense of war crimes.  They are only a threat to themselves.  The idea of the Kazarian, Kazars – that word was not originally evil.

TARA: – No.  They were Hyperboreans.  They were Ahsahirs.

MS – Lucifer with his minions along with Jehovah and Lillith in their dark side messed with the words and they twisted it.  It’s like what you heard in the movies “Zeitgeist” and “Kymatica”.  Word magic.  They have twisted the meanings of things.

TARA – And changed the story.

MS – Yes.

TARA – And the timelines.

MS – Yes.

TARA – And now its over.

MS – And now everything is being brought back full circle.

MARIETTA ROBERT – Okay.  The last question for tonight is from someone who sent in an article.  “Today marks the end of the dollar as the world currency” and it’s about the meeting being held Monday and Tuesday in Russia.

The Russian president and the Chinese and other top officials of the six-nation Shanghai Corporation/organization.  The United States asked to attend and were denied admittance.  China has already struck trade agreements with Brazil and Malaysia.

Russian promises to begin trading in their currency and local currencies.  The Governor of China has openly called for the abandonment of the dollar.  The goal in the words of the Russian President, “Is to build a Multi-polar World Order which will break the economic, and by extension the military domination, by the United States.  Comments please.

MS – We will say that Mr. Putin wants a valiant attempt at controlling.  We will say “The Bear” needs to know he will not be excluded.  This is inclusive community – everybody is equal in love – and the Russian people will not be excluded.

The understanding here is that everybody will have enough abundance for everyone.  So we get a sense of what is being said here; that there is a certain place where Russia may feel like it is being excluded out of the picture – not the case.

It is the illusion of which is being, wished to be created, that instabilities – problem/solution/fix could be created.  In the sense of creating the atmosphere of some kind of event where someone unhappy, somebody does something stupid, and something happens not so pretty.

It has to do with the equality for all.  The great shift that is occurring across this planet is time to go back to precious metals, gold-backed currency.  Whatever that is.  Randy Rhoades has already said, “Get some twenty dollar gold coins.”  She has spoken about this in the last 3-4 weeks.

She has been on the air back with brass balls on saying ITM trading, twenty dollar gold coins.  It is just not a joke.  It is something that is real – gold value never deteriorates and it works yet we are not creating something about panic.

TARA – And the gold standards get set and will never be changed after NESARA is announced and the value of it will be worth 10 times more than it is now.

MS – Yes.  So we are saying, if you get the urge to get the gold coins.  Go for it!

MARIETTA ROBERT – Okay.  Well, we thank everyone who contributed on the call tonight.  We thank you Mother so much for all your comments, your wisdom and your insights; Mark, for being the instigator and the leader of getting these projects going and gathering the teams to do that; for D’Yanna’s contributions and Kathy for sharing her experiences.  For our beloved Angel Sue who started the call.  We are grateful for everyone and all of the participation of our listeners.

Part 6: Mark’s Addendum

(Editors note: This next portion was in a couple emails that Mark sent to me. I have included the parts Mark wanted shared. I have also included an account of the Master Hologram healing from June 19..)

Healing work with the Master Hologram

The Healing work on the Master Hologram was very successful this AM.

I discussed with Beth a few ideas. We agreed to take your and Terrence’s verbatim descriptions of your individual experiences on the 16th and provide them to the transcribers’ to incorporate into last night’s CC transcript. They were intended to have been in the original and this way we can make a more complete and seamless record in one transcript.

Here are some further comments on the Master Hologram healing event this morning:

Beth has to drive to the big city to fetch her new I-Phone and return, then she’ll be able to send the expanded report from today’s healing which we discussed with Mother and her and R/Tara this AM, after the healing was completed, and before Mother exited Rama’s vehicle she had been in from 6AM MT to 8AM to assist in the healing work.

Amazing vision we co-created centered on Tara lying on a mattress in my Living Room with first Rama then Mother holding Tara’s head and soul matrix while the healing proceeded to the Master Hologram from the core of Gaia to Great Central Sun where we met with councils of 20+4 and Mother/Maitreya/Metatron/Michael, etc and then took it to the 13th Dimension and through still further extensions up to the 18th Dimension and on up harmonically to the 100D Godhead.

We asked that the pure template for the new integrated and healed blueprint be anchored and then downloaded/transmitted to all levels throughout the universe, galaxy, solar system and planet and be available to all 200 million life forms here and their source levels. That rippled and waved through the holographic heart-mind and thence to all, equally and equivalently, simultaneously.

This is just the merest hint of what happened. The A-Team was very present and all had Twin Flame complements enjoined and we all were surrogates for all Twin Flame complements who joined us on their respective levels, wherever they are, so no one was excluded.

Here is Terrence’s description of June 16th’s events:


I am exhausted and drained. That was the pits of hell. We confronted the prince of darkness himself. I saw a battle of epic proportions. He was too much for even ArchAngel Michael alone. Without everyone’s Light backing him we might have lost Beloved ArchAngel Michael. Who would have thunk he was here all this time. We won. The remaining forces of darkness have conceded. The technology that would have interfered with the powering up of the ZPMs has been removed.

In addition we confronted a Balrog, 6 Dragons (2 surrender after our victory against Diablo), a huge spider and some kind of Medusa. Literally we were fighting daemons from hell tonight. I thought such things were just myths. They are real.

What I learned there were these power cores built on similar technology as the ZPMs, but would have totally interfered with their operation. We were given the command to dematerialize the cores. The whole system would have meltdown from the feedback if Ashtar powered up the system. There should be nothing stopping Ashtar from powering up the ZPMs now.

I can write more about what I saw later. Who would ever believe any of this? I almost don’t believe it myself. But, it was there. I need to rest and clear.

I did have an extremely beautiful vision at Stonehenge. The work that was done there was beautiful beyond words. Many beings of light were joined in a circle around Stonehenge. Everyone was holding hands. Our hearts poured Golden Light into the center of Stonehenge. A diamond formed with the tip pointed towards Earth. A huge beam of Golden Light filled Mother Earth.  Glorious displays of rainbows radiated from the diamond. I could see doves forming and flying away. Mother Earth was becoming bright and beautiful.

With love,

and Kauwila’s description:

General theme had to do with old communications, higher level blockages thereof, dissolution of old etheric systems that were set up by Atlantean dark forces…

Set myself in a platinum [diamond-studded] grid, grounded to the galactic core before beginning. Sat outside under the palm tree. Small dog was walking around in next yard (this is relevant later).

Our group consisted of (the ones I could see) Pele, KOS, Mr. T (Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat), and other Paschat warrior cats, mostly pumas. The the first thing I saw were major explosions deep underwater of the south west coast of Africa. This was opening of portals to enable African clean up.Second thing I saw were wires (looked first like telephone wires. communication wires, although bare wires, appeared to be old technology) strung all across US and Mexico and South America.

There was nothing that could be done until these were cut. Pele was major player here, under Guidance or partnership with (appropriately) King of Swords. These wires were part of an old imprisoning etheric communication network set up during Atlantean times. Definitely delaying the next step of ZPMs power up. These were covering those countries, very thick looking, like a mesh screen. But very easy to cut. Old old old. And no one maintaining them anymore!! (remember Friday and Monday)

Then we went to Africa. “We” turned out to be myself with an A-team from the cat world. Lots of time around African continent tonight. Running rings around and around Africa, clockwise first then counterclockwise. Why are we doing this, I asked?

All of a sudden a large ringed tail appeared in the middle of Africa. I just saw the tail, the message was that our part was to run interference. So we all like to run (myself and the pumas, so we kept going, full speed. Tom the ring-tailed cat was the main one working underground as it were, scaring up from hiding places and clearing out hyenas. These were noise-makers, false prophets, lie-tellers, a few looked lizardy, but small, a few were just big bags of gas.

Dogs were now barking near my house, so I knew the message was that these “hyenas” were being rounded up and shown the oven door. Many jumped to other continents to escape, but their travel caves were so lighted now (last night’s op, eh?) that they could not hide from Mr. T Cat. Thus after his (our) African work was done Tom starts jumping from Africa to S. America, to Easter Island to S. America to Africa to Stonehenge to Africa again.

Halfway through all this Pele sent streams of lava from the Big Island, Mauna Loa, to I don’t remember exactly where but they ended up encircling the globe, one orbit connecting Easter Island and Stonehenge and other connecting Stonehenge (and London?) and straight down through Africa. Pieces of fiery lava split off to go where they were needed. There were lots of fires.

Lots of fiery stuff, burning hyenas, exploding gas bags. Gas bags like O’Reilly, Glen Beck, many Congresspeople, and many Parliamentarians (here, here…) made for spectacular explosions and brilliant fireballs. Better than the Hindenburg. (finally a suitable application for these beings…we love them all).

The connections of these hyenas and the old etheric network to Africa involved enslavement of the original Earth race. These connections were also part of what was dissolving and burning.

Yes, that is the connection here. The enslavement paradigm, the entire enslavement time line, was dissolved, along with all its associated consequences and minions. Wow, that was big!!!

P.S. Message from KOS to Kauwila/A-Team on 6/18/09

Well, this is a strange time to write, isn’t it? You were just going to watch Rachel and make something to eat but here I am instead…so lower your chair and be the great channel that you are. As good as MSNBC, my toot-willow!!

Stop reading what you write, please.

Now this momentous occasion number 3, 4, 5, 55, or whatever number it is, is for a much greater reason than any of the a-team has yet envisioned…this includes you, toot-willow. Well, as you sit or stand at the ocean tonight with everyone, who will join you, as they smell the waves’ spray, a harmony of purpose and healing intent will be amplified many many fold throughout this sphere on Planet Gaia and her twin flame, out to timelines that you have not yet seen.

Yes timelines are merging in the great one we are on now, but there will be options for expansion when you follow the process tonight with the pink ray of loving creation. I told you earlier about the pink ray , holding it tonight around the process, and around the nanites, and around all those who will leave their dark selves and roles and enter the path of love, or else be moved off to another place.

Again I say that the element of pink, the love environment light will give all who are willing to take that one small LEAN in that direction, to immediately be drawn into the path alighted with love. Cleansing will happen, but so much easier than without.

My brother it may be you are the only one being conscious of this tonight, yet the burden is not yours, as there is no burden on you or anyone. Is it a burden for you to show others the light? You Say to them, Look outside, here just step outside, into the sunlight of love. That was so easy. No burdens. Only birds, singing as you step with all humanity into the light of love.

My toot-willow, you have progressed far in only 7 days. The A-team has magnified the Light simply be being who they are and following their Guides. A blessing you have been, A-Team, and a Blessing you are again sharing tonight with all the world, the universe, with your Selves, capital “S”!

Much Aloha on your journey together in just a few hours…

King of Swords


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