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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – June 11, 2009


Mother Sekhmet’s Call
June 11, 2009

Transcribed by Your Transcription Team
Shirley, Jan, Annie, Katie, Patricia and Jules
Edited by Andrew McManus

Part 1: Roundtable with Mark, Rama, and Tara

AGGIE – Is it true that the Federal Reserve was ordered to close down by Obama?

RAMA – Greetings!

MARK – I’ll take this because I’m the one who probably read it all the way through. This is Sorcha Faal(audio was hard to understand) a retired KBG agent who is probably covert CIA also, from all that we have [received] from our sources, which are very high up, indeed. The first 90% of that article is basically historical fact; then comes the spin at the end.

TARA – Shirley do you have the end of that article?

MARK – It’s the last 2 paragraphs.

TARA – In the first part, what did it say, Mark?

MARK – It just talked about the history and that’s all fact of record.

TARA – What history?  The Federal Reserve?

MARK – Yes.  It’s got the history that’s the problem.  Then they go into the editorializing where the spin comes.

TARA – Shirley when you get to those last 2 paragraphs . . .

SHIRLEY – “According to Russian legal experts [etc.} it does appear on the surface [inaudible] President Obama.  President Kennedy’s Executive Order #11110 has never been repealed by any American president making a showdown inevitable between Obama and the Federal Reserve before the U. S. Supreme Court in which Obama has recently nominated U. S. Federal Judge Sonia Sotomayor to America’s highest court where she will become the 6th Roman Catholic justice near control of U. S. monetary policy.  In this epic battle between the Vatican-backed Obama and the Rothschild-backed Federal Reserve, we can plainly see that the 1849 secret agreement between these two monstrous powers and inflate the west nearing its catastrophic end with no clear winner to be seen but an entire world being destroyed in its titanic aftermath.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu considered a threat.  The U. S. stated this week that, ‘We’re going to change the world.  Please don’t interfere.’  The American people have not even been told. This cannot be [inaudible] Putin however who immediately upon learning of Obama’s battle to the death with the Federal Reserve, joined with China and Brazil and ordered Russia’s central bank to begin divesting itself of U. S. Federal holdings and replace them with International Monetary Fund bonds as the United States is about to be crushed with what London’s Fleet Street News is calling the triple crown of financial disaster which can very well see the complete destruction of America.  Most sadly of all, the American people themselves continue to remain the only people in the world not knowing about what is soon to happen to them.

One indeed wonders what it will take for them to ever wake up from their long sleep.”

Is that the part you were talking about Mark?  That the Vatican and the Rothchilds are not fighting each other or . . .

MARK – No they are.  First of all, the first spin comes when he makes a statement of fact that Sotomayor is beholden to the Vatican. The second mistake is when he starts editorializing.  It’s a “he”.  He starts editorializing and saying the destruction of the U.S.

You see it is how you say something and the words you use.  If he had said the destruction of the Federal Reserve if he has said the destruction of the corporate government, he would be right.  This is all good – all the rest of it is good.  Do you see how they try to spin it at the end for you to be very fearful, something bad is happening?

This is far from it – the opposite.  This is wonderful.  It has to happen because these guys need to be thrown out and the only way they’ll be thrown out is if they are broke and their whole plan has collapsed. That’s what’s happening.  People have different points of views and agendas depending on what their interests are.  As long as you keep that in mind, you can read these things and sort the wheat from the chaff.

TARA – Obama supposedly is a Manchurian candidate and Brzezinski is his handler.  Handler means KGB a double agent undercover covert CIA KGB handler named Brzezinski and he is also, with a fervor, hates Putin.  He would go against anything that Putin would try.

CYNTHIA SUSAN – Thank you for clearing up that rumor if you want to  call it that, or misinformation.

RAMA – I heard that today, I think it was on maybe Stephanie Miller or somewhere else, that Obama was getting ready, along with another group of senate committees, that were going to audit the fed and put it in the trash.

TARA – That’s already after the fact that on the 31st of March at midnight, the Federal Reserve and the IRS were completely insolvent.  It was done by a Declaration of Insolvency which is a document that took from 1999 until March 31st at midnight to actually inact.  That means that everything is downhill from that point in terms of the Federal Reserve and the IRS.  So everything that’s been . . .

PAT in Houston – Ron Paul’s audit of the federal bill pending in the House of Representatives,  As of this afternoon, it had over 50% sponsors. It’s due to be voted on, I believe, next week.  That was in a letter from somebody in Ron Paul’s immediate circle – an email that I got just before we went on.  I happen to know Ron Paul – not well, an acquaintance.  In that article, they said Kennedy’s Executive Order was never rescinded.  My information was that was the very first Executive Order that Lyndon Johnson undid on the plane before he even landed in Washington, which was to undo Kennedy’s order dissolving the Fed.

TARA– That’s 100% true we know for a fact and it’s in the true colors report on the assassination of JFK, Sr.  The reason that Hillary had John John assassinated, along with her cohorts Bush, Sr. and Jr.  She did have him killed.  The night before he was killed, Al Franken was in the office of the magazine “George” and in that publication, which was going to come out on the day they killed him, was going to be the entire true colors report of who killed his dad.

RAMA – Janet Reno and he were supposed to meet. That’s why they took John John out.  Bush Sr., Bush, Jr. and Hillary have their names all over that plane.

TARA – I think it was Pat Robertson or Rush Limbaugh, one of those folks, saying a terrible, terrible off color joke that the late show, David Letterman said about Sarah Palin’s daughter which the Palins implied he was talking about the 14 year old daughter getting knocked up.   He clarified all that and then Keith Olbermann went further.  Pat Robertson or Rush Limbaugh, no sure who, yet what was said was coming from a very evil place.  They said that Chelsea, basically, was a demon in terms of the words put to – it was just horrible.

Both Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann have people on their shows tonight which are getting deeper into this hate crime thing, which means the rights of women to their own bodies and self-determination – their choice with counseling from a doctor who would also only do something under the circumstances needed.  As it was described many times already, many children are being raped by their parents; girls being raped by their fathers and their brothers.  They’re 10, 11, 12, 13 and they’re having babies.  Those are the ones.

RAMA – In terms of the news today, what I have heard in terms of the big story, all of this is leading up to the sort of unspoken race.  Dr Stephen Bassett has it on his web site.   It is 143 days since the inauguration; there has been no full disclosure of the galactic presence.  As Friday approaches, we’ll see what happens. There are hinting at it at certain levels out there on radio land.  I’m saying that it is not without its merit.

People are talking about Galactic presence.  Is France going to announce it before Obama announces it or is it China or is it Putin?  You go to and click on the English version.  They have a place called ‘technology’ and almost every day they have a new article about UFOs.  This is a major Russian newspaper – the state newspaper.  France is getting ready with the European Union to put more information out.  Brazil is about to announce their UFO information, along with Argentina and Ecuador.

TARA – And on the Journal News this morning, the European markets are not improving; they are going bye bye.  It’s not working at all.  It appears that way, just for a moment.  The Euro is worth something like a $1.49.  The dollar is back where we were when the market was going down, down, down.  The value of the euro is far enhanced again and yet the dollar is about to crash.  Oil is soaring so that means the death of the United States economy, which means the death of the world economy. It’s just out there on a cliff, on a precipice.  Just go ping and it’s gone.

RAMA – What I heard today with all of this coming in at this time is most important because it has to do with first contact.  How we, as humanity – one race, one heart, one mind; the one-hearted people.  How do we greet our galactic brothers and sisters?  Do we greet them with scary pointy objects or do we greet them in love?  It is an incredible understanding and concept.

This is what Gene Rodenberry put together with all the Star Trek series.  This is what it was about.  William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, the lady who plays Uhura [Nichelle Nichols] – the original folks – they all know about this and know about what is about to happen.  They can’t talk until after the facts.  I believe they are getting us ready for what is called the Galactic Federation of Worlds.  I pass the Talking Stick.

SHIRLEY – Right now on CNN it’s saying that Chastity Bono is going to convert to male and that all her life she has been male.  It’s publicized right now.  She probably couldn’t have a better mother to be in the situation that she’s in.  I just wondered if Rama has any comments on that?

RAMA – Are you speaking about Sonny and Cher’s children?   I don’t know what to say on that.

TARA – She’s getting new parts.

RAMA – All the souls have free will choice within the laws of the one to follow what their hearts are telling them now.

TARA – It represents a wound that is so deep in the person that came in with certain parts and doesn’t want to be in that body.  Often times it’s a person who needs to experience, for instance, being a man in a woman’s body and then getting treated by society in the way that women get treated.

It gives the experience of a man in a woman’s body at the soul level learning to have compassion for women, which in his previous lifetime may not have been happening. That is an experience that a lot of people who find their twin flames of the same sex are having these days.  A woman and a woman getting feeling like they are getting married because they feel they are twin flames, one is a man’s soul in a woman’s body and the other one is the twin flame.  That’s why they get married.

RAMA – that’s not a bad thing at all.

TARA – As a matter of fact, in the past, according to spiritual understandings, it was ok to express love between two women.  It’s also ok to express love between two men yet it’s not ok to use your parts and go in the “back door”.  That goes for women’s bodies and men’s bodies.  The act is sacred.  The purpose of semen is to bring new life into the world.  The release of semen can be controlled by a male and a female who are actually making love.

They have studied the words of tantric yoga and they know exactly how to redirect the semen and not ejaculate it out into the physical womb space but to bring it up the spinal cord of the shishuna and activate all 7 chakras, including the pineal gland and create a new being in the etheric world.  It can be an angel; it can be a deva; it can be an elf.   You’re actually birthing a child in another realm.  That is how sacred making love on an intimate basis is.  When a child comes into being in any realm except the human realm, they mate for life.

That means the twin flame in the human realm that’s bringing through a being in another realm by making love to his consort is, also, by higher law – bound to mate for life.   Be responsible until the child, in the physical – that they birth in the physical – is at least 12 years of age.  At that point, they go into a chaperoning process where they choose what they want . . .

QUESTION – For the last two nights at one o’clock in the morning, I noticed EBS, the Emergency Broadcasting System, was on – two nights in a row solidly.  What does that mean?

RAMA – They are tweaking their systems because tomorrow they are supposedly going from analog TV to digital TV.  I heard it was June 12th.  At the same time, who is to say what the White Knights are doing other than what needs to get ready for the total switch over in terms of being in statutory law where corporate USA has been the modus operandi and all of this talk about the Federal Reserve going down.  It’s inevitable that we’re going to constitutional law republic. I pass the talking stick.

HOUSTON – I would just add that I noticed over the last month there have been rolling blackouts of stations lasting from anywhere from 15 seconds to a minute and no explanation. I think it’s more of the same.

MARIETTA ROBERT –  I have noticed that here in Indiana as well.  These are the regular stations; I don’t have cable. It’s the local stations here.  There were blackouts for 30 seconds up to a minute or two minutes.  There’s never any explanation.  I don’t know if that’s across the country.  Thank you for mentioning that.

MARY JANE – If you listen to Ed Schultz, Ed’s going to have something about the stock market and what they’re doing tomorrow the way I understand it.

TARA – You mean on MSNBC?

MARY JANE – No.  Oh, yeah; that’s what I mean – MSNBC.

TARA – Ok, thank you.  I haven’t watched it yet.  Whatever he does on MSNBC will come on Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow if necessary.

MARY JANE – I understand that it has to do with what they’re going to do with the stock market.
That’s all I can tell you.

TARA – That’s very good news everybody.

MARIETTA ROBERT – One more comment and then we will go to our guest.

BILL in Minnesota – I’m confused. I’m trying to dig out where is Brzezinski at?  Is he more for the dark or does he have some desire for the light?  I am confused the way you described him.

RAMA – Brzezinski represents the elder dragons and, supposedly, he is Obama’s handler.  Yet, I believe

TARA – and he’s a former head of the International Monetary Fund which means he’s completely controlled by the Vatican, the British, the CIA and likely a double covert Russian KGB.

RAMA – Mr. Brzezinski.  What he represents as the old order, it is getting its just due.  It has to do with the fact that at the same time all of this is going on, there is just an understanding that Brzezinski with the elder dragons; they have to go on their way.  I pass the Talking Stick.

MARIETTA ROBERT – We thank all of you for making your comments this evening.

Part 2: Mother Sekhmet’s Briefing

MS:  Greetings!  Greetings in the light of the most radiant one in the Office of the Christ and only in the Office of the Christ.  We invoke the loving energies of St. Germain and the Violet Flame.

Tara:  We ask at this time, Mother, for a lot of light to be shed on the higher purpose and mission of all of us together as community, as Lady Master Suzy has been saying and that we all know who we truly are and are able to use that knowledge with wisdom to create these centers wherever we are.  Thank you Mother for coming and bringing the message that you are coming to bring tonight.  Greetings!

MS:  Greetings wondrous beings of light, love, peace and joy.  Indeed you are on the edge of the reality of the fact that you are about to make First Contact with us.  In that sense, it is the understanding here that, there are many other countries that want to beat your country to the punch.  And we are just saying we give no dates – no nukes.

We are saying what is unfolding here all in good timing.  Yet what is happening here is like what has been said about this character, the Sirian Commander, he said push me. So we are pushing humanity.  Like it has been said, push me to get it out there, and Dr. Stephen Bassett, Dr. Michael Salia, many others throughout the planet are peacefully getting “the man” here; Mr. Sarkozy, even though he is tied in with the European Illuminati’s.  All of it is, in the sense, it is coming to pass where First Contact is inevitable.

We will say we give no dates, yet it is at the same time, what is occurring is the fact, a random act of kindness may be what is in order on something completely out of left field.  Just like the movie “Pay it Forward” and comes from that place, simply out of left field.  We are not saying, we are just saying, accept that reality of what unfolds here is your reality because all of it is merging with this moment.  It is in constant flux.

What we can say is like it has been written. We do not see any disastrous foreseeable events leading up to 2012.  What we see is that your,  that which is termed cabal, would like to create that.  Yet their wings are getting clipped shorter and shorter every day.  It is at the point now where as we show up and it is brought into the understanding, “we come in peace.”  And, that has been one of the biggest issues that has to do with your reality.  For all the times in the sense of your so-called elected officials, and we mean ‘so-called’ elected officials.

It is quite a dance to watch this in the sense of out of the chaos comes that order and the balance where the prophets and the heroes of the Indigo Crystal show up.  That is what all of you are; the Baby Boomer generation that unfolding here.  Even some of the ones that were before the bomb was dropped volunteered to step in and say – we will do this with peace.  It is getting done now, and that is what the Sirian Commander moving about the planet – making it so.  What we could say about the realities of what you understand in terms of how peace declared, NESARA announced, it is already in the process of unfoldment.

Next step, you might just see these war criminals brought up out of the blue and dealt with toot sweet.  We are saying, it is already being discussed as an factual event.  On free speech, beginning to discuss war crimes, how war crime tribunals go about and what they present as evidence and in the particular case of what has been laid before the people, we the people of planet Earth.  What has been laid before us, gang of inter-galactic war criminals; maybe no better, no less than let’s move here with the idea of owning planet earth and maybe a few other planets in the solar system – not too crazy.  Yet, the understanding is colonization and relocation as Rachel Maddow put it today on her show, not about at the other end of a gun or a bomb.

It is about love and how we do it with how we come together here now.  This is already going out in circle cycles of ripples across all the cons of all the universes; it’s in the cells of how we create community, already been done.  And yes we would say, as you think it, therefore it is.  The replicators will be on line.

This will also come in with the nanites that are already uploaded into your satellites circling your planet.  When Ashtar gives the word, magic happens.  We are just saying, Ashtar Command have a better show of what is going to happen than your Area 51 group of magicians.  Cause it has to do with the fact this is coming from a place of balance and love – not coercion and control.  And that you will be processed and shipped off to mine Borite for another race?  Not the case.

You will begin, you are already sovereign individuals, kings and queens, equal with creator gods.  That is what you are.  And, now as this occurs, in a sense, of we re-reminding you of who you are with your hearts, and we all wake up together collectively to do this.  This is why these communities, living light, living love are going to come together like the Venus project.

Already this week was brought up on Thom Hartmann, (inaudible) crystal and the Venus Project, how we can communicate together in circles.  How we build cities with giant circles.  This is what Atlantis was based upon, series of concentric circles along with shields and domes and spherical structures, all the mathematical principles of the quantum physics that Dr. Quantum will take you on his ride down the rabbit hole.

It has to do with us.  We wake up to every single within each cell, that’s trillions and trillions of universes being laid in front of us to help us on the way.  We are waking up to our 24 strands of DNA where miracles are occurring.  Already all the stories that have gone around your planet of these special children that can instantly heal themselves or anyone else they come in contact with.

Randy Rhodes told an interesting story this week – how she was going through an interesting experience, went in and had heart palpitations and thought she was having a bit of a heart attack – was not so.  Doctors could find nothing, and they sent her home and told her maybe what is happening is that you are experiencing ascensionitis.  It is happening to everyone and she, Randy Rhodes, is saying there’s something here folks – hello?  It has to do with 2012 – the Mayans were not fooling around.  And as friend, Dr. Lungold, spoke about, as it speeds up, every 20 days, you are going to go through a year of stuff.  Are you ready for that?  I pass the talking stick.

TARA:  Well, wait a second, Mother, can you talk a little bit more?  We got to get Beth on the line here.

MS:  Oh, okay.

TARA:  I want you to comment on what, Mark can we comment a little bit on what Beth’s story was here, or do we want to get Beth to do that?

MARK:  Well, let’s see.  Maybe Mother you could give us a little overview.

MS:  Oh, you could say that we were rounding up many of the dark hats in the last 24 hours and cleaning up the areas in which this planet has had a lot of shadows.  And, in that sense, with Ashtar’s and Sananda’s help – it is getting done.  Where these elder dragons, the inter-galactic war criminals, they will stand trial on your planet.

Then they file on Dracos.  And, we will just say God is more merciful, that she is just.  King Draco and Princess Sardalla, we would only wish that their justice system is as fair as your justice system is.  It is in the sense that this has been going on so long – it has come to this final moment where the round-up is already going on and . . .

TARA:  Yeah, this article, Mother, it actually says here, April 8, Wednesday, just heard Bill Black on the radio.  He’s talking about criminal convictions for the top bank executives and the death of banking collapse ensuing.  There is a link to last week’s Bill Moyer’s television journal.  The truth.  Get this – Bernie Sanders was a piker – not even in the front lines.  Is that Bernie Sanders when it says Bernie?  Wasn’t Bernie Sanders on there?

MARK:  Madoff.

TARA:  Oh Bernie Madoff was a piker.  Oh okay.  Not even in the front lines.  And it says, PPS the connection is a bit slow, yet the financial industry brought the economy to its knees and now how did they get away with it?  Go ahead Mother.

MS:  We just want to say what is happening is your 13 families and their absolute mad control over wanting to own a physical entity.  In a sense, a higher entity, that has their own destiny with her own twin flame.  And we mean Gaia and Vywamus, and nobody owns her or him!  They call the shots, and when your air is gone, it’s gone, and it is that simple.  In that sense, we are not making idle threats.  We are saying the 13 families are just as vulnerable as all of us, and they know they cannot push the river.

Yet, we are here to intervene.  In fact, it has been at that point, like Captain Picard said, the crimes are out there, already been violated.  So here we are – get over it.  Let’s get on with it NOW!  The fact of the matter IS that your so-called elected officials of your planet’s countries have to announce our presence so that we can come in peace and not be shot out of the sky.  And we will not, in the sense, put ourselves in that position.

So we know it is in that sense, and as we have said many times before, “We can disarm you and we have.”  And at this point, it might be the wiser of the choice of how we defang/declaw this dog.  And, in that sense, it is that reality that what you are speaking about what is occurring in the night work.  The defanging/declawing already going on and will continue until your planet is clean.

Part 3: Beth’s Briefing

BETH: Thank you. Hello everybody. About 24 hours ago, Mark and I with Terrace Stanton who helped and we joined all of our helpers. Last night Sananda Kumara came to me and said, “We are going to start rounding up some of the dark hats.” It dawned on me. I said, “Well is Ashtar going to start with arrests now? Will he be making arrests?”

Then I realized we were only going to be working with extraterrestrials. It was shown to me what I didn’t understand before. It is that there are extraterrestrials who have mother ships and shuttle ships going from Earth into Earth’s atmosphere into their mother ships – back and forth.  They are working together with the dark hats that we have been talking about.

These are the ones who came here decades ago and they have been working in every industry since. I didn’t understand that until last night. What Mother said is true. I don’t mean to confirm her that way; I don’t mean it that way. But, it’s just so unbelievable. I am saying I experienced it last night and I am still astounded that it is true. The extraterrestrials are being arrested. They are going to prepare for trial. And, with that introduction, I would like to read what I wrote when I finished last night.

Not everything was gotten tonight. Thousands upon thousands were taken. There is a technology like a magnet; it beams a signal frequency that matches the negative ETs. It works by “like attracts like”. When any negative ET is near the technology, they are ripped away from wherever they are, whatever they are doing and sucked into a kind of a wall.

Their bodies slam against the wall after being ripped away from what they were doing. They aren’t hurt. They almost always go “uhh.“ It feels like having the wind knocked out of you. They are surprised. After this, they walked up a tube walkway. This looks like a subway station hallway – a long walk. Heathrow Airport comes to mind. They walk a long time.

They are ascending as they walk.  They are going up into a ship and it is completely enclosed. In the end, they are incarcerated. They are helped into the tube by loving angels and everything after the “uhh hitting the wall” goes smoothly.

The purpose of this Op is to take any negative ET allowed to stay here since Truman. They have been wearing human disguises and have infiltrated all areas of business and industry. They do not age as fast as us and these are the same bad ETs as 70 years ago.

They had been invited to leave long ago, but the dark hats hid them.  They worked together. With these gone, the 75,000 to 100,00 arrests will be easier because the arrests of the ETs will out the others.   Their network is greatly weakened.

[Beth adding a comment:  Mark commented today that they act in partnership with each other and that’s absolutely right.  So now that their ET partner who they are doing business with in all these different industries is gone and arrested last night, they’ll be so weak they won’t be able to do anything.]

We started at north central New Mexico underground. This is a lab where negative ETs worked to make some technologies used in the farm industry creating the fake pandemic viruses. This includes AIDS and many others. The swine flu is just “patty cake” compared to the others they have made. This is the underground connection to the Maryland mine.

We went to Maryland next. We would clear only the negative ETs out of the buildings. Business, government groups where we were. They would hit the wall and up the tube thousands of times. In other words, I would go to the site. I would see the building cleared and I would wait until every ET was arrested.  Then we would go on to the next site.

Next, we cleared the Pentagon. I saw every arrest and waited until that place was cleared. We cleared the United Nations in New York. There was a moment when the arrests stopped. I looked up and a swarm of black bird-looking things flew towards me. Archangel Michael stopped them.

There is no signal. I had not broken my connection. No energy was in my body. No arrests were happening. I called as loud as I could, “Sananda, King of Swords, Mark, Mother Sekhmet, Tom, help me. Someone help me. Sananda.” I was not afraid, but I was being stopped. I was not happy about being stopped.

I saw Archangel Michael reach up and rip the energy block apart with his bear hands like ripping plastic off a package. My energy was slowing restored and the arrests continued. I said, “Ah, hah.  They saw where we are going next. Where are we going next?”

Monsanto, then Beatrice, then Archer Daniels Company; went to the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta.  We went to UNICEF. Then we went to Nestle and we went to Bristol Meyers. They were very specific targets.

After that, we swept all the factories in China and all the factories on the shores in Japan. I looked up now and I saw a mother ship. This is a dark ship; it is very, very big. It is obvious there are shuttle craft going between Earth and this mother ship. When I looked again, there was an explosion. The ship was completely destroyed. It was reminiscent of the scene from “Independence Day” with Will Smith. I am getting completely choked up because it was so real.

Mark asked Mother Sekhmet today and she said it was one of the ancient Annunaki ships and it was destroyed. They will not be able to shuttle to that ship anymore. It’s gone. I saw Sananda on the bridge of the New Jerusalem. He said, “That is enough for tonight.” I did feel peace then. Signals had been sent to my body during the operation.

As we moved from place to place, as arrests were being made. Now the loveless energy was removed from my body and we were done. I looked at a ship where the ETs had shifted offtheir human suits and mulled around – thousands of them, comforting each other. They had known this day would come. They were quiet and not really surprised.

I said to everyone “Wait”. I said, “I have a special request for you.” I asked everyone whom I have touched, 6 degrees out from me, be cleared. Anyone who has heard my voice or read my words or known me, have cords cut and darkness removed from their being. This is done. A platinum light went out in every direction from me.

We thank all the help tonight with deep reverence and love,

That was the experience last night and everything has been peaceful to me today. It feels great. Thank you for letting me share.

MARIETTA:  Thank you for sharing.  How can we top this?  I mean, this is such wonderful news and we are so grateful for your service, for your volunteering, and for sharing all of this with us.  This does give us a lot of hope and help.  Do you have anything else that you wish to share now that you have read that or anything that you wish to speak about?

BETH:  Just briefly, I will add that I am certain that the arrests we are waiting for started 24 hours ago and I know that it is opening a path for the other arrests.  This was just a beginning of something else – there will be more coming.  There will be many, many more arrests behind the scenes before we start seeing them on TV, but they are started now.  Ashtar started the arrests last night.

Part 4: Q&A with Mother Sekhmet

MARIETTA:  Okay, I have changed this back to presentation mode.  We seem to have some interference there.  So Mother, Mark, since you were along on this project, do you have any comments or additions to say about it?

MS:  We would just say as things are unfolding, the arrests on all levels happening. It is in a sense, the arresting of the dark energy that has held this planet at bay for how long now?  In the sense, that your seemingly isolation, zenophobic attitude towards self and the rest of the galaxy?

Yet your most brilliant scientists, astrophysicists as they come forward and say.  Yes, there is other life out there and they are consequently killed.  And, this is why we have said ENOUGH  it is time NOW!  This is why we are here and it will not stop until this planet is clean and peace is declared.  Now is the time for peace.  I pass the talking stick.

TARA: Mother, does that mean no more killing that the dark side can continue to get away with?

MS:  We will just tell you, at a certain point, when the signal is given the soldiers will lie down their guns.  They will look at each other.  Everybody will look at each other and it will pass the gun. And we cannot say the hour of His arrival.

TARA:  Are you trying to say that all wars will end and all soldiers planetary will put their guns down?

MS:  That is what “the man” told us.

TARA: Okay.

MARK:  I would like to make a comment there.  There are no dates of course and no nukes, but…

TARA:  Ands, not buts.

MARK:  Master Kuthumi put out a notice today.  Be very, very aware you have a unique window here in the next 3 days to contact your I AM presence like never before.  So he advised, suggested, recommended that everyone take a moment and set aside your disbelief that you can’t do that for some reason or another.  You’re too old, too young, too beautiful, too pampered, too wealthy, too poor, whatever.  Too disabled.  And, sit down in your favorite place and just go inside and breath easily and see what happens.  That is what he suggested to you.  That is not me saying it, that is Master Kuthumi.  And wouldn’t you agree that’s not a bad idea Mother?

MS:  We concur.  That what he brings on the waves of love and wisdom, is the understanding of that mono atomic gold dust that heals all levels on all of the 144 strands of DNA.  That’s what you are all waking up to as creator gods.  That when we began this story, we were all S-U-N-S returning to that and it is unfolding as it should.  Yet there is a few dust particles in the way.

TARA:  Yes Mother.

MARK:  Mother, would you comment on associated question or subject and that is from going from 22 to 24 strands activation.

MS:  We are saying that is happening on a level in which it’s automatic.  It is going on cause of the fact that you are already maybe at the moments where you have gone through the photon belt and maybe getting to the end of the photon belt now.  And on the other side, what happens? We are figuring out how to go from those fossil fuels to what you have always known about is the free energy that is within.

How as you think it – therefore it is.  And you talk to your crystal friends here and you let them know that they need to be activated.  We have inexhaustible sources of how your planet can run on technologies that are clean, quiet, that run for trillions of years.  And it is going on right now on many of the various worlds where we have generators.

That idea of terawatts is small minority (inaudible).  How many collections of terawatts we can create?  Or even the sense of what the… hmm…  no measurement – there is infinite power with love for all creation and we created with the very fact of who we are at each moment.  It is unfolding and it can’t go any other way.  It is part of the nature of this story and the dark hats are coming along for the ride, like it or not.

MARIETTA:  Mother, you mentioned about the next 3 days.  We were told quite some time ago that June the 11th was a tremendous energy opening vortex so that would fit with that prior information.  Did I hear D’Yanna say hello?

MS: Yes.


D’YANNA: Yes.  It’s okay.  I just wanted to ask Mother a question when you are done Marietta.

MARIETTA:  Go ahead.

DEANNA:  Hello Mother, I love you.

MS:  Hi there.

D’YANNA:  I keep getting a message from Archangel Michael that everything is happening with this digital changeover with the communication devices on our planet is very important because it will allow the satellites to come on line perfectly with all of the ships’ technology.  Can you confirm that?

MS:  Yes, we can.

D’YANNA:  Alright.  But tomorrow morning at 9:00 we go digital.

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  That’s really good.

MARK:  Interesting timing.

TARA:  That also means our bandwidths will be able to get more bits of information – 4 times more.  That means it will be going 4 times faster than we have on our high speed internet now.

D’YANNA:  The timing for this going digital is between 9 and 11 tomorrow.

MARK:  9/11

TARA:  9/11

D’YANNA:  Yeah tomorrow the timing when they are setting the clocks.  They are all going digital between 9am and 11am.

TARA:  That is a very good 9/11 coding again.  Yes.

D’YANNA:  I know.

MS:  And, we would just say as everything unfolding it is of the utmost understanding we send peace and the frequencies of salutations and love to all beings on all levels.  Yes, Katie Couric on the Daily Show with John Stewart.  Hmm, interesting stories being told.

TARA:  And what’s the station she’s on?

MS:  The Today Show – NBC.

TARA:  That’s the sister to MSNBC?

MS:  Yes.  All of the different realities are coming full circle where we can finally say Hitler is dead and we can come together in peace.  It is unfolding no matter what.  Even those – they would love to pull off more crazy ideas of racial hatred and war crimes against this and that.  And of course you know the next step, they would want to declare an alien invasion and play with Project Bluebeam.

And trying to say we are the enemy in many ways.  Trying to do that now while doing a remake of the movie “The Visitors.” And yes, it is a fallacy.  Some of our brothers and sisters are of the reptilian lineage.  This is not to say they are of a negative nature.  It is the small negative rebel band and decided not to follow the laws of the inter-galactic confederation of Worlds.  They just wanted to do colonization relocation without the permission of the galactic counsels or universal counsels.  Therefore, IT ENDS HERE – IT ENDS NOW.

Now is the time for peace.  Make peace with your god, as you see fit.  We pass the talking stick.

MARIETTA:  OK, I have a lot of questions here. I am going to try to combine some of them.  The first one is not one I can put with something else so I am going ahead and ask it.  It says Benjamin Fulford is going to meet with the Italian Illuminati family. Is it safe for him to do that?

MS:  We would just say that Hitler is sending an olive branch and yet at the same time, this guy , he knows that behind the olive branch is an oozie.  We ask him to dance lightly, like Indiana Jones, he knows how to do it.

TARA: Okay, well Mother, aren’t these Italian Mafioso guys – aren’t they all holograms now?

MS:  We cannot say, we can just say until the fat lady sings, it ain’t over.

TARA:  Yes except that Mother, your cohort Ashtar said through Susan Leland, a week ago Tuesday.  She said it was all done.  Everybody that needs to be dead is dead.  Everybody that is a hologram is a hologram and everybody that needs to be a clone is a clone and it is all done.

MS:  We will just say, that all of what is unfolding in terms of the personages are being handled in the sense…..

TARA:  In other words, if they are being handled, that means the Ashtar Command has complete authority over their destiny and their lives.

MS:  We are saying that free will choice within the laws of the one….

TARA:  Only…

MS:  Is what is going on.

TARA:  That means, that anybody that wants to violate that, is not going on?

MS:  We are just saying that it is in the sense of the understanding – these life forms are making their choices as they see fit and we will not interfere in the process except in the way in which they chose to remove themselves or not remove themselves.

TARA:  In other words, they are removing themselves on their own?

MARK:  They are raising their hands.

MS:  They are raising their frequency – they are raising their hands.  It is up to them how they do this.  We are simply showing them the door.  Like Morpheus said, “You open the door – you walk through it.”  That is the reality.

TARA:  Or we will help you, right?

MS:  That energy will help them up – to up themselves.  That is what we will say.

MARIETTA:  Next question is also about Italy, but it says, I just read an article in Four Winds that Mother Theresa may have been a front for the Vatican in making untold millions of dollars for its own questionable purposes.  I am embarrassed to ask, but I am curious. Mother could you please address that.

TARA:  It’s all true, they did feature it that way.

MS:   We have to say yes, it was a bargaining chip.  Yet at the same time she helped so many souls to ascend.

TARA:  Poor leaving their bodies in Bangladesh.  It doesn’t matter, right Mother?

MS:  Yes.

TARA:   In other words, she took the existing structures and she gave them a new use and she did her healing work anyway.

MS:  The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

TARA:  And don’t forget that Lady Di went to visit her and when Rama went to visit her.  She told Rama that her twin flame was Sibaba and that he needed to go see Sibaba after spending 2 weeks washing the floors with her.  In the kitchen, on the floor, while he is helping her wash the floors, she is telling him all this.

MARIETTA:  Okay. The next question is about can you give us a very basic explanation of how the light we are taking in changes our 2 strands of DNA to become 24 strands and how the light chambers accelerates that process?  Also if there is anything that can stop that process.  Do any kinds of medicine block or change the DNA?

MS:  What we can say is how this happens is your understanding of the magic of who you are and what you believe, and how you work within this reality, and how it is taking you to the next level whereas you think it therefore you are, and you can move time and space and matter.  And as you talk to your strands of DNA – it might seem crazy, yet physically talk to your strands of DNA – and let them know, in a sense, we want to have a conversation about how to take it to the next level.

It is like physically bringing yourself to the understanding that you are walking with the Navajo within yourself.  In that sense, as you can visualize each one of yourselves as the living universe that works within each space in between each cell.  What the goal here is to get in these spaces in between each of these cells, and this is like the spaces in between universes upon universes.  It continues in the fractal imaging.

It is that same energy of how you go back to that oneness, where as you are talking to your DNA responding with love.  Like Cynthia says you got to get into a delta state; that is like when you’re in the womb space.  Create that consciousness in your heart, as well as within your head, and bring yourself into that reality.  When you do that and talk to your strands of DNA, miracles occur.  We have read stories as well as heard stories about how folks have gotten up off the OR,  operating table, and healed; walked out of the OR.  All of the doctors kind of just standing there going- $20,000 gone.

MARK:  Awful gut shock wounds.

MS:  Yeah, not going to be able to talk about this one.

MARIETTA:  The very last question because the evening has gone very quickly here.  This is about, after the landings occur, could you describe a few of the representative types of beings that are assisting us as mentors as far as like where they might be from, what they might look like, how we should greet them so that people have a sense of what to expect after the landings.

MS:  We can tell you that as things are unfolding, as you watch the magic happen and the landings occur, what you will sense is incredible sense of peace and joy, not sense of wonder and dread.  That is the one place that the dark side wants you to go.  What we recall in the memory cells of what we heard Ashtar say to this one back in the 60s.

In the physical, he said, when we come, you will feel such ecstatic orgasmic joy in yourselves.  It will happen of its own, and it has to do with the fact that the very nature of when we come in, it raises the frequencies of the very atmosphere itself is expanding and being in ecstatic joy.  There is nothing that your dark side on this planet can stop that occurring.  It is like two lovers meeting, and nothing can stop them at all.  It is that powerful.

MARK:  Mother, on the subject of the specific advisors or mentors that are assigned to each individual – are assigned or attracted.  In fact, aren’t most of these already in touch with these individuals on the inner levels . . .

MS:  They are.

Mark: and that they will actually recognize those frequencies when their hearts open, and it will be like coming home.

MS:  It will.

Mark:  So these are not strangers is what I was getting at.

MS:  No.  As we land and the ship counselors show up, we will be interacting with all of you and of course as the first orders of protocol would occur of how we interact with our cultures and philosophies in that sense.  Most of us that look human will be showing up or humanoid in nature so that, we do not create that place of misunderstanding.  And as things unfold, more of us that look less human will be showing up.  In that sense, we don’t want to freak the grandparents out.

MARK:  I think they will love it.

MS:  Yes.  Of course, like the scene in the Star Wars bar, yet we have no shackles.  We want to trade with Gredo or Jabba the Hutt.  We only want peace, and we want to see you restored to your God-given abilities as co-creators, so that you can experience the orgasmic magic that we already see everyday in your reality, yet they pull the veil over your eyes and they feed you Afghan massacre convoy of bats.  We pass the talking stick.  We love you.

MARIETTA:  Well Mother, we are very, very appreciative for all of your participation and helping us to understand what is happening and what is going on here.


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