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Mini-Sortie to South America June 20-21, 2009


Happy Father’s Day & Summer Solstice Celebration

Here’s a brief summary of an OOB Beth & Mark with our South American guide and friend, XXXXX, who invited us to join her in visiting the Valley of the Blue Moon/Sanctuary of the 7 Rays and the massive Sun Disk–10 stories tall. This is beyond simple understanding and existed in Mu & in Atlantis. The King of Swords is in charge of all the star-gates activation’s and sequential connections. We’ll have more to share on that in our next posts.

KOS along with a few others took us to Peru/Bolivian border in a higher dimensional Land Speeder. We met our friend there and were taken through a portal under Lake Titicaca.

Before I go further, I will have to tell everyone that we had another experience today on the Solstice and..the next story will be even bigger and more expansive than this and it involves all of us and especially the new children–Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, etc, and their parents and so much more…and what the Children will begin to do starting, now, TONIGHT.

Everything we’ve been saying about the importance of this day has been verified to us today. Open up to the magic, healing is happening to this planet and all upon it. There has never been a day like today. That is both a personal and a collective truth. MarkH

Thank you for inviting us to REMember and re experience this in this NOW time with all of you, our family of One.
We are One, and we Love You.


I see xxxxx in her Higher Form.

I see her face smiling at me, her head bobs side to side and smiles, there is great happiness for this reunion.

What I see  is a Goddess, she stands 20 feet tall. Her gown is a tapestry. It is white with delicate blocks of fabric sewn into intricate patterns of all colors. It falls on the ground and flows out the color pattern as a river by her feet.

We, the Group here tonight, enter into a Land Speeder to go inter-dimensionally to the place where the Solar Disc is.

We zoom past stars dotting the sky. We go some distance. This is a vortex warp. We are accessing through a portal. Lady xxxxxx brought us in via the Lake.

We see energy streams fly by us as we travel. We see geometric patterns fly by like birds in the sky. There is an impression of an other worldly sense.

As we fly by, looking up, there are interlinking polygons, they are in a chain and extend far out into the vastness, stretching out. They are a kind of lock and key system. If you try the lock with the wrong key, you are shut out, or shunted off to who knows where or when. This is in an energetic sense, not literal. Only certain soul key codes work here. You must be invited.

When we land, the rest of the way is by foot. We are underground, but not literally. We are in a structure with columns and low ceilings. It gives you the sense of a cavern, but it has architectural elements, as a vast hall. We walk on and on, turning around corners and on again. We travel easily and quickly, excited about what we will see. As we walk through the same energy streams float through the air.

The energy here is all pervasive.

We see the Solar Disc in the distance. I have to open my eyes to focus on it and I see it on front of me in the room, focus on it, then enter back into the scene with my eyes closed, and I can see it clearly. It is rotating all angles, turning around. It is gold with rainbow colors shimmering. It comes closer to us and turns round while sending a download to us. Flares of energy pour over us, coming from the Sun Disc.

I see below this is a Giza. I see this other Great Pyramid, identical. I see the capstone is active and a lightning beam of energy cracks and zags straight up from the peak of the capstone. This is the Generator for the Solar Disc.

The energy here is very High and unable to hold it in receiving mode, OOB I no longer see the experience. I do not remember more. We were gone 2 hours.

Much joy and love,


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