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Mark on the Disclosure Project Announcement


[The question for Mark was.  Can you expand on this announcement and/or date?”]

Steven M. Greer MD, founder and director of The Disclosure Project ( will be speaking in Denver in the Turnhalle Room at the Tivoli Student Union building on the Auraria Campus on Thursday, June 18, 2009 from 7:00 to 10:00 pm.

Dr. Greer launched the world-wide Disclosure movement to end UFO secrecy and is currently advising members of Congress, foreign heads of state, and figures very close to the Obama Administration on how to best control currently illegal classified projects related to UFOs. These projects, which are embedded within a number of military, intelligence and corporate operations, have been managed without the oversight of Congress or the President of the United States since at least the late 1950s.



I haven’t heard anything to add. There are many whistleblowers and ones like Stephen Bassett/Edgar Mitchell, etc
who are conducting public and private efforts to ‘force’ Obama to disclose more.

Mother Sekhmet has spoken of several related efforts, including Obama’s address tomorrow in Cario, Egypt to the whole Muslim world, while warning Israel to back off any aggressive moves in the Mideast. Israel replied that if we cut off their funds they would attack Iran. Obama replied that, in that case Israel would be attacked. All for public consumption, as poker players betting and bluffing during a high stakes card game.

You well know that Ashtar has said NO NUKES!  Wars are ALL ending now.

A related event, as we discussed at the beginning of Ashtar on the Road, last night, was the Air France airbus with 228 passengers aboard that ‘flew into a portal’ and were taken aboard a starship and are all safe and will be returned at the appropriate time…for maximum benefit in this disclosure project. It was an escalation of the disclosure process. If Obama doesn’t do more soon others will. France, China and Russia have all signaled that they are ‘interested’ in revealing something more publicly.

A work in process. A media bomb with the fuse already lit and burning.

Mark H

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  1. mdudley says:

    What does “no nukes” mean? Does it include testing, or just during war? North Korea reportedly has set off a nuclear explosion recently. Is that not included in the “no nukes” umbrella or was that really just a lot of C4 and other conventional explosives as some have reported?


  2. admin says:

    Nothing nuclear whatsoever. Take a read at Rama’s comments in Mark’s last telecall:

  3. mdudley says:

    Rama said:

    “Yet the only way I know how to not being included [in] the story is to have bad form. They have been using TNT and other types of explosives, massive amounts of C4 and other technologies to create detonations that equal megatons. I don’t know what this [inaudible], I could be totally wrong; I have no idea about explosives and what they used.”

    That is hardly definitive. Although the second sentence states this is the case, it ends by saying that she could be wrong, and saying there she has no idea about explosives or what they used.

    As I have not heard this from any other source, and this source itself discounts her own message, it is hardly convincing that conventional explosives were indeed used although I admit that it is quite likely the case.


  4. admin says:

    Just an FYI – Rama is male. And I do understand where you are coming from and it is a good question. Here is what Mark said in regards to your exact concern:

    [Several questions have come in, all of which ask how can North Korea explode a
    nuclear bomb when the Galactics say that no nuclear explosions will be allowed.
    Mark answers:]

    Memorial Day or not, events continue to move us forward in many amazing ways.

    The story today of Kim Jong Il–President of No Korea– again trying to gain
    international attention through various clever and primitive means. The former
    flap was when he took an old short range scud missile and tried to make a 2
    stage rocket out of it and then tried to infer that it was satellite or nuclear
    warhead capable.

    It was a very primitive $100,000 answer to a complex problem and fell into the
    sea of Japan.

    It was not really a scientific action; it was an emotional reaction to NOT be
    included in the G20 meetings of heads of state. The current ‘underground
    explosion’ which he alleges was a ‘nuclear’ test was another smoke and mirrors
    public relations move to again call for attention.

    Rama talked to the King of Swords today whos said that several seemingly
    unrelated actions and events are involved.

    First, on the subject of the ‘test’. It was indeed underground. It was indeed
    picked up seismically by Russia and others. KOS assures us that it was NOT
    nuclear. It was a clever high explosive simulation which seemed to be of a
    certain magnitude as it sent vibrations out through the earth.

    Once again we have evidence of the need to talk to/include all parties in the
    negotiations and political process or there are unintended consequences. It is
    not a military threat; it is a psychological/emotional response to being
    excluded from six-party talks on their future while South Korea, Japan, etc.,
    were invited.

    Also today, Barack Obama is meeting with recently returned Atlantis astronauts.
    As we have reported, that mission was to install a ‘new eyes’ package in the
    Hubble telescope.

    HOWEVER, that mission crew was intercepted by the Altamarian scientists and
    ‘briefed’ on an expansion in their mission to include up-loading nanites to the
    Hubble telescope so that it will be able to upgrade itself as all the other
    civilian and military satellites will when the signal is given by the Ashtar

    So, here’s Obama meeting with these ‘contactees’ and we suspect that he will
    find some clever way to use this to inform the public of galactic presence and
    contact with galactic beings.

    KOS would only hint at some things that could be involved in the talks with the

    We do not know what steps Obama has already taken to begin to release contact
    information. We are the last major world power to admit contact. Dr Stephen
    Bassett asked Obama–in his April 20, 2009 publicly released letter–to release
    something before 5/30/09, or Russia, China or France might beat him to that

    This appears to be his first response to that request. The energies are moving
    in many mysterious ways to ‘assist us’ in expanding our perception beyond local


  5. quackle says:

    I am a new member who has been reading the info on this website for a while. I am attracted to sites like these due to my belief that their has to be more to life than what meets the eye.
    I have read a number of chanelled books. My point is : How would Mark explain his claims that Air France flight 447 “flew into a portal”; the passengers where taken aboad a spacecraft, in light of the fact that dead bodies have now been found from the flight?
    For someone with access to info that is 38 levels above the president, how could he have got that so wrong. Mistakes like this do nothing for the credibility of channelled material. This really concerns me as it gets me to question if any of this stuff is really true at all, which blows my faith.
    If this info about “flying into a portal” came from Ashtar, it is deeply disapointing; confirms to the skeptics that channelled material is bogus.
    I hope Mark can reply to this question as I feel this is a major point that needs to be clarified.
    Thank you

  6. admin says:

    Welcome to the site, quackle.

    I have read a lot of Mark’s material and it all resonates positively to me. So things that he comments on, I take inside and see whether I feel positive about about them or not.

    You will find that some things will resonate well with you, others not. And that’s fine. We are all unique and are approaching ascension through different paths.

    As for the bodies, note that black ops has many nasty options to make a scene look like they want it to. Has anyone seen the bodies? How do we know that they’re the exact people? Really, any body could be thrown into the ocean, pulled out, and told that they’re the people from the flight.

    Also notice that this happened AFTER it was all over the news that the “debris” that they found was actually wooden pallets. Why didn’t they find the bodies at the same time?

    Black ops also has access to technology that we have NO idea about. Maybe they had some sort of DNA on these specific people, cloned them, and threw their clones in the ocean. Possible? You have to really look at things and as more light is being flooded into the planet here, our observation skills are going to get more and more acute.

    Ashtar did mention that they went through a portal and personally I resonate very, very well with Susan’s Ashtar channel.

    I hope this helps. WelcomeTheLight is set up around Mark’s information as I feel that it is very valuable for us – especially at this time.

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