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Mark on Niburu


[Email to Mark.  ” I’ve been Niburuian6 since I heard about Zecharia Sitchen late in 1990’s.  Over a decade now – :)  The 6 in Niburuian6 is because one of my favorite all time TV programs is “The Prisoner” and Patrick McGoohan was “Number 6.”]



Cool.  Niburu: Mother Sekhmet’s ship and last location in 100D Anti-Matter universe before Jehovah(Enki-Enlil) destroyed the whole 23 Sun System and she had the only capable Mars-sized planet-ship fully ready to go and barely made it.  Most of us/all were demolecularized and had to be reconstituted from the original divine blueprints by Metatron. Then another conference in the Lyra-Vega constellation completed a matter template that we all agreed to wear in this matter universe.

The Draconians and a small percentage of renegades refused to abide by the rules and appeared here in their original formats: negative dragons of both 20′ 40′ and 50′ height, along with some other Sirian, Orion and other renegades, after the Orion war over 5000 years ago.  This is the last battle of that long war that devastated this galaxy out to 175million years in the future where over 1/3rd of the galaxy was taken over.

That’s why Source Intelligence called for volunteers and we’re all here as  the answer to that call and have been working to heal or erase all non-viable timelines since then.  We knew we would have to incarnate into all the 12 Galactic tribes and templates to heal this from within.  As we complete this all 12 will reemerge and the 13th will be fully restored in peace and love with no more wars or conflicts. Then a whole new restructuring of this universe will be effected.

Mark Huber

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