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Mark on Housing After NESARA


[The question for Mark was.  “Mark you have talked about ascencion, you have answered about sports etc. but you have not elaborated on housing.  Some of us are in dire need of better housing. Are we going to be able to get this after NESARA or will they furnish them for us?”]


As to housing. Like almost everything, there are new solutions that are linked to the actions that start on day one of NESARA’s Announcement. Debt forgiveness, and, within 72 hours, abundance blessings.

Then, major programs, here and elsewhere on the planet are geared to the New Cities Settings where living housing will begin to blossom. The technologies involved are galactic ones that will defuse through all prepared channels whose mission is to outpicture the new structures. Clustering in mega cities is toxic. When there is no longer a need to do that for income purposes, relocations to new sites and with new technologies, will explode with activity.

Clean and healthy living conditions are among the most important to our health and spiritual progression. That will be a priority.

I know of many projects whose focus that will be.  They will be distributed in ways that would seem miraculous at this moment.

Just trust that this will proceed immediately.

Toxic cars, buses, buildings and excess densities are not the future. Self-sufficient communities are.

All will be revealed quickly and a plan to remove the dense urban situations will be high, high on the priority list. To clean the environment while allowing the terrible living conditions to continue would be counter-productive.

I do not have the exact information to go further at this time. I have seen some new models and the settings and they are breathtaking. Venus Project is an example of non-toxic community projects ready to unrolled by Jacque Fresco. Just google the bold title and it’ll all come up. That is just one of the possible solutions. There are many more you will be hearing about.

Mark Huber

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  1. adrianIII says:

    Why would this even be a concern? After ascension, we all have the ability to manifest at will. Shouldn’t that alone take care of all our physical needs?

  2. admin says:

    I believe that we’re not going to have the ability right off the bat. It’s going to be a learned process and although that process may go quickly, we will still need to live in housing that is not harmful to the Earth.

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