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Mark on Gravity…


The question for Mark was.  “This topic has been coming up a lot lately between me and my friends (and my brother who has a degree in physics) about exactly what is gravity?  No ones seems to be able to define what it is and how it works.

I was hoping someone could steer me in the right direction to figure this out or enlighten me.  I figure that this type of question is going to start opening many questions as to what we have typically been taught as “science”.”



You’re correct.

Most of what is written in standard texts is like describing an elephant by a blind man.

Universal physics involves understanding of holographic principles, hyperdimensional physics and quantum entanglements to name just a few. Nanites are rarely even mentioned and intelligence as described is woefully inadequate.

Now combine several or more of these and you cross dimensional boundaries we will soon be equipped to consider as we regain our multi-dimensional awareness.

Non-ordinary reality is what we’re moving towards.

Our secret government scientists are involved in 5th generation  anti-gravity and quantum entanglement uses and devices.

A big gulf exists at this moment.

Before this year is ended we will be using some of these ‘higher dimensional physics principles’ in our everyday lives, and think nothing of it.


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