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Mark on Fulford June 25, 2009 Post


[The question for Mark was.  “I just received this today.

I was wondering if you would ask Mark what he makes of this, as he has said that the GF sees Obama in for the duration.

Is this some kind of subterfuge by the dark side, or is there actually something going on behind the scenes we aren’t aware of, which is not uncommon in these dramas taking place today.”

There will be some crucial meetings over the coming days to decide Obama’s fate
Since the United States Corporation is bankrupt, there will be some serious meetings over the coming days to determine the fate of Obama and the entire gang of crooks in Washington D.C. Obama is suffering from severe megalomania and may have to be removed from the scene before he becomes dangerous. If the crooks try to cling to power any longer the United States will disintegrate into anarchy and they will eventually find themselves at the mercy of a lynch mob. The Skull and Bones consists of only 600 people and their names have become public knowledge. We offer an amnesty and protection to all Skull and Bones members who wish to defect before it is too late.]


All within the illuminati are being leaned on to tow the party line.

This is another example of just that.

He knows better.

Disinformation and forced, not Ben’s true thoughts.

Mark Huber

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