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Mark on Contacting ETs


[The question for Mark was.  “What is the best way to have some contact with ETs? Astral projection, which I have not mastered, or another way?”]


If you are ready and have no fear, you will have many opportunities coming up to send/receive some greetings. You are already on their Contactee list.

Just close your eyes, day or night, and internally ground and center yourself.

Then see a heart-beam going from your heart-3rd eye feeling and sending pulses of Welcome, Welcome, Welcome surrounded by Pink & Violet with gold. Wait and repeat for 5 Seconds until you feel or see some colors touching your heart. Then open your eyes and see where that is coming from. Send thanks and ask for more contact when appropriate. Just feel your own joy, love and reciprocity build and then be released.

The rest will happen with ease. They already know the nature of your soul frequency and home and will connect you with those most resonant with your vibration. It will be increasingly encouraged over the coming days and with Announcement we will see many, many decloaking fully.

Mark Huber

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