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Mark on Changing Lives After NESARA


[The question for Mark was.  “After the announcements, and arrests are made, how quickly will our lives change?

Will we begin to be so busy with our missions that the structure of our lives will completely change within thirty days of the NESARA announcement?

Will professional and amateur sports be eliminated if they have any sort of violence involved with them?  I would think that activities such as NASCAR and automobile racing in general will be eliminated, or would replicators be used instead of engines?

I am guessing that we will be in such awe of what has happened we will not have time for those activities anymore.”]


You are on the right track.

Read the transcript from Op Blue in that we said that all the petroleum/oil tankers, cruise ships of current design will cease to be allowed. Oil/gas and such are all toxic.

Replacements with non-polluting power sources will be brought forward.

Everyone will become aware of their personal missions and what to do. Almost all the things you cite do not add to spiritual preparation for a unified society or collective and will cease.

90+% of these are harmful to the environment as are most consumer goods.

With replicators the waste and transport of items will be essentially eliminated and thus trucks, buses, shipping and gas stations will have no utility as the replacements will be local and will be non-toxic.

Mark Huber

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  1. adrianIII says:

    I too find it difficult to imagine what it will be like after ascension. What will we “DO” with our “NON-time?” Or will we just “BE” and have no need to “DO?” Will we still have goals and challenges? Will we still have a desire to learn and grow? If we suddenly have access to all knowledge of all there is and access to all dimensions, what is left for us to do/be? Or is the presently anticipated ascension just a limited move up the evolutionary ladder? Or is the idea of an evolutionary ladder now archaic and no longer applies? Am I confused, or what?

  2. admin says:

    All of the goals and challenges we will be doing will involve getting the Earth up to 5D in the physical. That means that people can’t be starving and living without shelter.

    You’ll come to what you need to be doing when the time is right.

    I’m going to be posting Mark’s conference call that he had on Tuesday. It would be good for you to read through that as all your questions above he (and Tara, Rama, and Beth) answers.

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