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Mark on being 51% positive…


You mentioned in a recent update: “All who choose to ascend, that are at least 51% positive will receive whatever additional help they need and will ascend with the planet. As you see this does not require perfection, only positive attitudes demonstrated through behavior to self and others. ”

How do you tell what 51% is?  Are there any questions you can ask yourself or behaviors to observe to understand whether you are at least 51% positive?

Sometimes I can be very kind and helpful and other times I can react angrily to others.


Your I AM Presence isn’t through with you yet!

Don’t try to be perfect;  just self-honest–as you did below–and drop all guilt.

Touch your desire to return to the truth of who you always have been and will always be.  An expression of Source Love,  all else is an illusion!

Every moment now is a chance to celebrate renewal and restoration to THAT I AM TRUTH.  I AM That; You are That; All That is, is That!


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