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Mark on Ascension Clearing and Hillary


[The question for Mark was.  “You said: “Ones in 3-D levels that are not ready or spiritually prepared to do theascension clearing will be sent to what appears to be a continuation of things as they now exist on another mirror/alternative planet of old-Earth nature and will not be coming to Terra Nova”.

My question is: As much as I would like to feel ready/spitually prepared for the ascension clearing, I just don’t feel that I am. Like Mary who asked for proof of all this, I too have trouble believing everything I read on GRT in contrast to everyday “reality”. I read GRT in the hope that it is all true. Does this mean that those who are not ready will be “continuing” on a mirror planet of old Earth as if none of the dark forces/hats/ dragons etc were never removed? If that is the case, what hope do these ones have of EVER having the chance to ascend if continually being influenced and surrounded by a world full of evil? Personally I am tired of living this 3D life, and I’m sure I’m not the only one to feel this way.

Just on a quick tangent, after reading about the activation of the “grid firmament” and the mentioned of ALL dark forces having been eradicated from this planet, just a half hour ago, there was a great big chemtrail over my house. I’m in Australia. What do I make of this?”]



First let me say that everyone who desires to ascend will be helped to do just that. Your own inner guides and mentors will becoming more consciously available to each of us as this solstice wave lifts us to higher reconnections that were brought in on 5/9-11 and gradually being activated with a peak push on the 6/21 wave crest.

The removal of the Annunaki Dragon controllers and much of their secret labs and such on 6/16, which allowed Ashtar to dial up the ZPMs to full power, will markedly begin to accelerate our changes during this current period and result in a 5D firmament manifesting around the planet. This will appear to be a sky with scintillating and coruscating, iridescent colors all will be able to see.

This will gradually affect the vibration of everyone on the planet and a more peaceful feeling will quickly permeate all life which will first, reduce, and then make hostile actions impossible.

Weapons will cease to function. Arrest of the criminals already indicted will take place and as they are removed to the Hague, for War Crimes Trials, other Announcements will occur.

All who choose to ascend, that are at least 51% positive will receive whatever additional help they need and will ascend with the planet. As you see this does not require perfection, only positive attitudes demonstrated through behavior to self and others.

Abundance for all citizens will be announced. Amnesty for almost all incarcerated ones–not all–will be granted and help will be given to any who ask.

Only those who have over the recent times demonstrated a persistent greed and criminal intention with disregard for the rights of others will NOT participate in the distributions to all other citizens.

We are on track to fulfill Barack Obama’s promise to complete his agenda for the 2nd 100 days of his plans, by 7/10th. That means that much will happen quickly now.

Even though the Dark Controllers of this planet have now been removed or arrested, their minions are still present in many positions throughout the intelligence agencies and military. They will be helped to either accept the love-light or be removed. In the absence of their mentors/controlling dragons, many will suddenly begin to ask for another option. Only those who refuse to put on a white hat and help resolve the issues will be removed.

As a result the last vestiges of some of these programs will continue for a very short time. However, their sources of bio-chemical weapons or ingredients has been severely cutoff and will soon be completely gone.

As soon as the projected arrests occur, that will end, we are told.


[The question for Mark was.  “So we are being told this morning that Hillary fell and broke her right elbow as she was on the way to the White House wed. morning.

All appointments for her have been cancelled and she will require surgery in the next few weeks.

My question is…given what we have been told about her, and the recent clearings and arrest that have happened in the past few days, is this a cover for removing her solid hologram permanently?

Timing is interesting.”]


There will be many changes that will begin to be seen in the coming days.

These ones are, as you might say, on their ‘elbows’ with frustration, rage and desperation over the losses.

Another series of shock waves from a master hologram healing today, is already rattling their cages.

Mark Huber

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