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Mark on Arcturian Responses to our Questions…


XXX and I were discussing the importance of the Arcturian Corridor alignments which I have been drawn to connect with.

I sent him a channeled message of David K Miller, from March and another follow-up in May 2009. He’s the author of NEW Spiritual Technology for the 5D.

That led to the following exchanges and information he received from his Arcturian contacts.


XXX’s question to the Arcturians:

Can you provide me some more information on the subject of stargate alignments that Mark Huber spoke of today?

Yes. We would be happy too. The stargate alignments are a necessary part of the Ascension process. Without aligning the stargates we will be unable to assist Earth in the needed dimensional shifts that are to take place. We would say that you would be stuck in lower densities.

As to our specific stargates we are the primary group in charge of cleaning Earth to prepare her for the dimensional shifts themselves. This is a critical step as Earth cannot hold the higher dimensional energies without Her first being cleaned and repaired. Some of the damages done by the dark forces completely inhibit the shifting of Earth into higher dimensions.

For us to correct this is not a problem, but it does require us to be publicly known across all of your planet. The results of our activities would be most obvious indeed. It would seem as if things changed over night even in 3d which is highly against the directives that are in place. Once the announcement of our presence is made we can freely bring in the energies and our ships will channel the energies into the needed places so that we can correct the damages.

The ships themselves have special crystal matrices for receiving the energies, focusing and directing them as needed. These ships are prepared and ready to go at this time but, they must be visible in 3d to perform their function. Again them being seen would violate the current directives.

We the Arcturians have healed countless other planets and are highly adept at doing so. All the energy system and grid lines of Earth will be completely restored and brought back to full capacity. Not only will this greatly benefit Earth, it will greatly benefit you as well. The changes will very much assist you in your own Ascension process.

We also have a similar crystalline device on a smaller scale that can be used specifically for humans and animals on Earth to completely restore them back to the original blueprints that were in place before incarnating.

We are most happy to be of service to Earth and all life in her care. We look forward to meeting you.

Blessings to All with God’s Grace.

XXX, in response to Mark’s question, wrote:

The opening and alignments you are referring are specifically to bring in a special energy which the Arcturians are considered masters in this Galaxy. They have the ability to morph all forms back into their original Divine template as
was intended by the Creator. It does not matter what the dark forces have done.

All of Earth will be brought back into complete alignment with Love and harmony through these energies. In essence this is extremely good news for everyone.

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