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Mark Huber Telecall – June 23, 2009


Mark’s Conference Call
June 23, 2009
Transcribed by Your Transcription Team
Shirley, Annie, Jan and Jules
Edited by Andrew McManus

Part 1: A-Team Discussion

MARK: One of the subjects we have been hearing a lot about. Cindy you brought this to our attention as well as Steve and others, that is what I talked about originally.  Many people don’t know who everyone is.  That’s ok, but we want to try to help you understand that just a little bit better.

We have a few new members of what we are calling the “A Team”.  That’s not our term; the King of Swords gave us that term because that was an actual TV series.  They had a colorful character on there who was called Mr. “T”. He wore a lot of gold and everything.

He was soft-spoken and intensely active when he chose to be. A gentleman who could accomplish an awful lot.  Well, we have a Mr. “T”.  We call him Tom, the Ring Tailed Cat.  So the King of Swords, without telling us that, was telling us to change the name and give Mr. Tom credit for being on our team, because we cannot do anything without Mr. Tom.

He is Mother Sekhmet’s right hand man and he is the King of Swords’ right hand man.  He is a very highly placed gentleman with extraordinary abilities.  He can smile, twinkle his eyes and twirl his tail at the same time because he is a galactic Paschat.  He is, also, a galactic human, which means he has a regular human body that he has in his “day job”.  He can shape shift and do everything else.  He is one of the most important team members that we have.

Every one of these team members: we are not selecting them.  “They” are advising us that they need to be selected.  They come to our attention in various ways.  We all get to giggling and realize that we’ve been set up; the King of Swords is behind all this.  He is hooking us all up.  So that brings us to another character.

We had a computer engineer, out in San Francisco whose name is Terrence Stanton.  He is a member of GRT but he is, also, a member of the “A Team” in terms of the active, non-Ops group.  He’s very good.  He’s in touch with the Arcturian brothers, a collective.  He has very good information, he’s got a beautiful heart.

He is definitely a beloved member of the team.  This last week he was a little silent although we can always feel him anyway.  Because he’s been in Japan on business and talking to Benjamin Fulford. We’ll ask him when he feels it’s appropriate to share. He actually gave him [Fulford] a message from the King of Swords and the King of Egypt.  We’ll get his report later and share that with you.

I will say briefly that Kauwila is in the big island of Hawaii.  Kauwila, why don’t you tell how you got involved with this.

KAUWILA: First of all, Aloha, everyone.  The spirit of Pele sends her deepest love for all of you.  Her fire is the fire of light, the fire of transformation and that’s what has been happening the last week.  I, basically, got involved with GRT last November or October.  I was kind of watching and would communicate once in awhile.

Then as soon as Beth came in I sensed some kind of a change.  Lo and behold about a week and half ago. I got an email from Beth and Mark that said I would be useful on the team, the active team, for these Ops.  That is kind of where I am at.

A lot of my work has to do with a deep connection to Pele.  It was a very transformative. Often represented as a woman but she, also, has a very strong masculine twin aspect. Almost like being in the center of the Pacific has some significance here.

MARK: Tell them what your latitude is.

KAUWILA: My latitude is very close to 19.5.  I was telling the team the other day that whenever I go to visit Pele’s home which is in Kilauea in Volcanoes National Park. I cross 19.5 going down there.  When I come back, I cross it again.  19.5, there have been two shops.

When I first moved here in ’99, there was one called the Rainbow Path, a metaphysical store.  It was where I got the name Kauwila.  The other significant thing is the store has gone through a couple of transformations.  Now it is owned by a family that goes by the company. The store is called Kanak’s, like Kanaka, which means the common person.  That is the store now and it is exactly, exactly, 19.5   So we have a very strong connection with that over here.

MARK: I may have shared it with you.  When I went to Volcanoes National Park, where you just were and where you go often. In 1963 or ’62 I believe it was, I was with my wife, new bride, and another couple.  They were called off to a gift shop some place. Suddenly I found myself alone in a parking lot there, once again 19.5 degrees.  There was an old bag woman sitting on a log at the back of the parking lot.

She wagged her finger at me telling me to come over and see her.  I did.  First, I said, “What is this old bag lady doing here and why do I have this strange, strange feeling I know her?”  As I got closer and closer, I could then see her eyes and then I said, “That’s no bag lady.  That’s a powerful being of some kind.”

That’ s the place where I met her in this lifetime the first time.  So we have that in common: we both met her there.  Since then, I have had, and I know you have also, several adventures with her.

KAUWILA : Yes.  Everyone has their home of attraction.  As soon as I stepped on the big island for the first time. I used to live on Oahu, Honolulu area. I knew that I was supposed to move here.  The connection is very, very strong and it is almost like, I only go when I am called.

Now I am being called up.  I was called over on the May 10th Wesak full moon/Buddha moon festival/Mother’s Day.  And lo and behold, here we have June 21. Actually the Solstice happened here on June 20th  at 7:45 pm Hawaii time: I was called.  I left about 4:30 to go down to be with Pele.  The Solstice, the following day, the 21st, was Father’s Day.  It’s like the connections here between twin flames, masculine/feminine, male/female balance thing.

It is just amazing.  I was awakened: it wasn’t that I just got up: I was awakened.  I sleep in my car, my wonderful CRV.  I sleep at the Thomas Jaeger Volcano Observatory.  It is a wonderful place to view Hale Maumau, where there’s fumes coming out of the big 300 foot hole in the bottom of that crater.  I always sleep there; I am always attracted there.

At 3:44 am, a bright light was shinning in my eyes.  I woke up at three four four: it’s four four again : that’s 11.  I saw this: it was as bright as a full moon, it was a small spot.  I looked up about 60 degrees farther and there was another one that was not quite as bright.  In my vision, when I was looking at these, both of them were giving off these: in a triangular pattern: “spikes of light”.

They weren’t long spikes; they were short spikes.  They would change in length a little bit; sometimes they would disappear.  I sent up a “hello” to them and it was like they flashed again.  They would go off and then they would come back on.  I did take a video, you don’t see this in the video that I took.

It was very clear.  The jubilation that came through me!  I said, “They’re here!”  Of course, I know they’re here.  But it’s like THEY’RE HERE!  When you watch that first video, the longer one, it’s like you could tell they were here; their presence is here.

This first contact, which is really not first contact, is coming to pass so we all can realize we are not alone. We never have been and we never will be.  So that is my enthusiastic. It was just an amazing, amazing, amazing night.  Just an amazing night.

MARK: If you don’t mind, Kauwila. I’ll tell people something you didn’t share.  The King of Swords in a very unprecedented manner wrote a long email to Kauwila telling him his importance to the “A Team”.  So do you want to tell them about that?

KAUWILA: Well, I think I’ve got it here.  Basically, I have I can’t really say that I do or normally do a channeling but this just started flowing through me and it was message from the King of Swords.  It was something about my place in the group and that this was something that was like surprise. Well don’t be anymore.

This was okayed by Admiral Sananda and I won’t read the whole thing but I think the most important thing in there besides saying stop drinking your coffee for a minute, thank you.  We’re all a part of this wonderful group because we couldn’t do anything without all of you.

The key for me was seeing as a brother/sister to Pele, she recognized you every second of the day, this applies to everyone.  “She has requested your assistance many times and you have always come through.  The energy she and you carry and channel if you will, the many who have never seen or stepped into Hawaii, it’s precious.  The group you are currently with must have your point of light work at the exact locational point of your residence . . .

MARK: That was 19 and half degrees.  That was what the King was referring to.

KAUWILA: Yes.  I happen to live: my residence is just a little bit north of 19.5: but the residence where I live is about 100 yards from the ocean.  I can walk out and walk on the wonderful black lava rocks.  What attracted me to this apartment, this house.

Is the first thing that they said was, “Well, we’re close to Hawaiian protected land and there is a Heiau right next door.  A Heiau is a Hawaiian sacred land, sacred spot.  Usually they erected a temple of some kind with rocks and different things.  I knew immediately there was a vortex there and that was a vortex that I was to work with.  I didn’t really know what it was.

This was almost exactly one year ago when I moved here.  It was very clear when these operations started that the vortex was very important and it had been channeling a lot of the dark entities into this vortex.  I don’t know where Pele would take them.

They would be either transformed or they would be given a choice:  “You want the light?”  If they wanted the light they would go into the waves and would be transformed, for example, into fish.   So this vortex is very important here.  So that’s why I’m here.

MARK: Thank you Kauwila.  I think you can see these are real people we are talking about.  They’re all in different parts.  We are not sitting around here at a common table except that we’re all members of the Galactic Round Table.  That’s what we have in common.

We come from many different places in the universe.  Yet, we are all one family.  When we come together, we know this.  We don’t think it.  We know it.  That makes working in very delicate circumstances on multiple levels.  The only way it works.  You cannot do that with people you are in resonance with.  If they are on another frequency band, you just can’t make the connection.  So every one of these people has been prodded into volunteering.

I want to mention another one now you don’t know about.   Some of the team members do.  She has been a silent part of our operation for a minimum of 3 Ops.  She is not only located by birth in South America although she works all over the world.  She is a Lady Master of a very, very high degree.

Let’s just say that.  To protect her, we will now call her an official member of the “A Team” and we will call her Madame X.  So when you hear us talking about Madame X, when she joins us, she joins us. As a 20 foot tall goddess.  Looks a lot like Isis.  Beth may mention something about her.

From now on, this is a new member that’s been with us for a while and I have actually known of her: Rama, Tara, Mark have known her and she has been one of our friends.  We have worked with her when she has come to Santa Fe.  So this is a friend but we are now into the active phase.  She has special knowledge and abilities to access the Solar Disk.

For those of you who don’t know what this is, I’ll start it by just saying this is a 10 story tall Star Gate among other things.  It is many things. It is high, high technology of galactic nature.  It can control all the other Star Gates.  It connects in with the whole planet and more, Ashtar Command.  We got a demonstration of this on the last Op that Beth, when we get her unmated and get her on, she is going to tell a little bit about that Op for those of you who have not heard about it.

There were some beautiful parts that everyone needs to know.  I think that it would be helpful for everyone here to know so you can begin to feel a part.  You don’t have to believe it.  Just suspend your disbelief.  Ask yourself, “If I am really a part of this, just as Madame X has been, I might not know what I am doing but that doesn’t stop it from being effective.  Anyway, that is Madame X.  She is going to be with us tomorrow night.

We are again going to work with a sun disk: I’m just giving you a little preview here.  We are going to be working with that Solar Disk again in the Amazon.  That’s all I am going to say about tomorrow night.  Every one of these operations is progressing.  More and more is being cleared.

More and more wonderful things are being seen as this stuff is cleared.  Kauwila has talked a little bit about some of the stuff that went on the last time there.  Maybe Beth will mention a couple more things. Everyone is contributing independently as well as in a consolidated collective manner.  I will, also, say, this is another preview, we haven’t mentioned this, the names were put in the last Ops report.

There are two beings.  Their names are, these are not their real names, they’re code names: Ariana and Ezra.  They are twins.  They are in higher dimensions, inter-dimensional and multi-dimensional.  They are the first new starseeds who will bring in  and manifest as Platinum Ray beings.  They will connect with all the others: Indigo, Crystals, Rainbows, Children of the Sun, etc.

We met them a couple of Ops ago.  Since then, they’ve insisted on being with us on every Op.  So now we are including them in as non-physical, higher dimensional beings of great clarity.  I can tell you there is a lot of humor here involved in that.  So much clarity that to have them speaking in your ear is like talking to a young child of 4 who has the wisdom of Melchizedek and the heart of Mother.

They are a boy and a girl but they speak as one.  They can speak separately but they, we are fully telepathic with each other.  That is increasing on a daily basis.  Here you have the last two right now as far as we know: Ariana and Ezra.  You will see their names included now in our report because we are getting insight and we are getting advice from them.  They are with us every single step of the way.

They will be coming in in about a year or year and a half and just manifest a physical body, a fully mature physical body but it will only be 4 years old and wise as the ages.  They have abilities we can’t even imagine at this stage. At that time, we will be able to imagine them.

They will anchor this here and help all the special kids who are now going to night school: every single night: on the Inner Earth.  That was a gift that happened when we went to the Aegean Sea and did that operation.

Part 2: Q&A with Mark, Tara and Rama

CINDY – This is from TrueSpirit.  If so many people are transported to The Hague, then where do they leave them?  Locally there are already problems with the prisons.

MARK – Don’t worry about it.  The galactics have ways; they have special containment facilities that they have thousands of people in.  Don’t worry about it; it is handled by Ashtar.  You wouldn’t understand the technology.

CINDY – What do you guys think about the recent accident – from Light Wolf – in D.C. about the metro trains?

MARK – I’ll have Rama answer that.

RAMA – That was a diversionary tactic that has to do with changing the news cycle with certain things that are getting out of control.  Iran is one of them where Mousavi is the proper elected leader, not Ahmadinejad.  The world does not really – the only way this is getting out is through “Twitter”.  What happened with the train in D.C. was a diversionary tactic by the dark side and there will be repercussions.

MARK – So a little bird “tweeted” that in your ear?

RAMA – Yes.

CINDY – This is from Guest 29.  Do you know how long it will be until the weather will be a constant 70 degrees?

MARK – Right now, Ashtar has just completed running the dials up to 100%.  Now the new firmament is beginning to be detected by scientists.  This will continue to, you might say, thicken.  Once that is fully operational and running, a lot of things will change.  Basically, in our current position, we are not yet in the right position to change our axial tilt.

The axial tilt is what determines, that is how the planet leans, the wobble it.  When it goes back basically to zero, everywhere on the planet will be about 70 degrees.  This isn’t right now.  We’ve got a little more work to do, folks.  These are big things and they have to happen in a certain sequential flow as you constantly hear Ashtar talk about it.

What that means is that you cannot celebrate the 4th of July on the 5th of July nor can you celebrate it earlier because it is not in phase with the higher reality.  Same is true with our ascension.  Everything, you might say, on some levels appears to be frozen.  Believe me, on the inner levels, it is going at warp speed.  We are way beyond where anybody thinks we are and everybody is going to start feeling this.

Right now the scientists are already measuring many of these changes and pretty soon they’re going to start talking about it.  Not only that, the press is going to start printing it or celebrating it.

That is something I want you to think about because it is already happening.  We’re not coming to be here, we are here.  He [Ashtar] has anchored us in a portion of the 5th dimension, for everybody’s information.  This isn’t official.  You won’t see it out there.

We are telling you unofficially, he has anchored us.  Now, 5th dimension has 10 steps in it.  When you get to the middle, or Step 5, that is the place where we are all physically immortal for all practical purposes.  Physical immortals.  We are already soul immortals.

But at that point, we, also, become, as long as we choose to keep a form, virtually immortal.  Not only that, we can keep it as we re-integrate up through the dimensions, as we ascend up through the dimensions.  That has not been true in the past.  You dropped the physical, you projected a new one at each increment until you didn’t need it.  We were just plasma balls, which can manifest anything they want anyway.  I hope that that answers that question satisfactorily.

CINDY – The next question is from Guest 70.  I am assuming this person is relatively new to this.   Is KOS also Sananda?

MARK – Correct.   He is the physical template for that on the planet.  The Admiral is up on the ship.

CINDY – From W. Robinson:  It is said that the swine flu was released in the air over some cities yesterday.  Do you know if this is true or not?

MARK – I would say that sounds like disinformation.  What we have been told is that anything that is released the galactics are modifying the particles.

CINDY – Ok Gayle Chamberlain:  Since nothing that is not in love can be in 5D or above, have the battles such as the Orion war and the Maldeck taken place in 3D and/or 4D timeline?

TARA – The question I think is the Orion war and the Maldeckian destruction and of the planet of Maldeck.  Those were two different time space continuums.  They didn’t happen at the same time.

RAMA – Two separate incidents.

CINDY – So they were in 3D and 4D timelines?

TARA – No, they were in 5D timelines.  This was  post Lemuria and it is simultaneous with what is going on in Atlantis at a certain time.  At a high middle period of Atlantis. It started going downward because they were planning.  You know, just like they planned 9/11 since 1946.

CINDY – This is from Guest 80.  Why are there not lots of intuitives, psychics, Lightworkers, etc. like me feeling any major shift like what Mark talks about?

MARK – Understand that everybody has a certain soul signature.  When you get into operations that exceed, you might say, Faction 1, Faction 2.  There is a certain level where there is spiritual [inaudible] it goes above the level.

CINDY – Ok.  I’ll ask for Guest 81:  Can Ashtar and Archangel Michael do a clearing on all of us after that dark person called in and sounded so ikcy?

MARK – You will have to ask them.  We don’t speak for them

EMMA from Louisiana: After the announcement, will we get to have some help and advice from the galactics in making your forms from the government at state and local levels since there is a lot to be done on those levels?

MARK: Absolutely.  It is already cranked into the plan and all of these advisers will be coming forward.  In fact, a lot of them are already in place and working quietly behind the scenes.  So the answer is, there is no way you can avoid it.  They will come in, they won’t do the work, but they will advise.  They are very good advisors.  So yes.  The answer to your question is yes, absolutely.

Caller from California – Recently, I read an article in the paper about these new clouds that have shown up and the scientists or the weather people haven’t quite figured it out.  Can you comment on that?  Is this a cover for some of the landings that are going to happen and so on and so forth?

RAMA: Those Noctilucent clouds have to do with certain atmospheric changes that the ships do when they do different: you might say, it is phasing in and out from phasing 5th dimension into 3rd.   There are certain maneuvers that we have to do with the magnetic waves of the ships’ engines and that is as much as I am allowed to say.

CAMILLE: How do I find out what is my role in the Galatic Round Table?

MARK: We talked about that a little bit earlier.  Everyone is coded, everyone has already been imprinted, if you want to call it that. Imbedded with their codes, their mission codes.  All of these, at a certain level of activation, will automatically open up.

Now if it does not happen before the ships de-cloak, which can be at any time, as soon as arrests occur.  We are not going to give any dates, but it can occur at any time after that. Even between this because everyone is coded differently.  There isn’t any exact answer.

You will know if you are coded because you will be feeling that anticipation and desire to get on with it and be a bit frustrated.  I bet half the people on this call feel that way, at least.  Maybe 90% are feeling coded and unable to access their mission plan.

Don’t worry about it.  Your mission plan is already fully going to be functional and when you get the okay to go ahead, it is the signal.  For all practical purposes, we can say when a certain frequency hit’s the earth it will activate you.  If it isn’t before the ships de-cloak, it will almost certainly, for the ones that are coded for that, a lot will awaken up at that time.

I mean just become aware of their mission and much more than that, not just their mission.  They will become aware of much more and they will have active guidance at that point.  So that you don’t have to strain yourself in trying to figure out what you are doing wrong.  It is not something you are doing wrong.

You are right on to be asking that question because it shows you are already aware you have a mission.  You just haven’t accessed it yet.  Join the crowd.  Almost everyone has been there, frustrated and everything, waiting, waiting and then now all of a sudden things start to happen.  Then you say oh, okay.  I saw when that started to happen.  Then it gradually comes in and then you go on and on and on.  So this is a question that applies to everyone on the call.

KENNY: I would like to ask Mark, “If Hillary broke her elbow, how did she break her elbow when she is a hologram?  I’ll pass the Talking Stick.

MARK: Okay, Tara you want to answer that?

TARA: Yes.  First of all, she is not a hologram.  I know it is very, very confusing.  Yet, they have been using clone operations.  They have a vast library of patents that Nikola Tesla patented every single one of his formulas.  They didn’t.

They had access to them and continued to use them, basically have them in their possession as if they were theirs from the very beginning.  So this was our test, let’s just put it that way.  We asked for it to the max and they served us well to the max in opposition to our plan of divinity.

Of course, the Divine Plan is in alignment with the laws of nature and nature is god.   Therefore, the Laws of Nature has something called justice.  It is a natural course of events for the globe, of humanity and all life has said ENOUGH!  It is time for accountability.

This is so important, what just happened today.  Valerie Plame.  The King of Swords told us this.  What had happened was Valerie was outted and 100 plus of her people were immediately executed because they knew that she was then coded.

The way they leaked is they gave the name of the corporation called Brewster Jennings.  This is what the KOS said: this is the smoking gun. The outting of Valerie Plame to THE smoking gun which is 9/11.  The next step here is going to Lady Master Nada and that means the King of Swords steps in.

TEXAS: This question is to either Rama or Mark.  My question is this governor Mark Sanford was missing for 6 days.  He was even missing for Father’s Day.  Was there another reason why he was missing?

RAMA: I will answer that.  With what Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann have been reporting on MSNBC News that he went on an Appalachian trail naked hike.  I am not kidding.

MARK: For 5 days.

RAMA: For 5 days!  On another level and a deeper level, I will be speaking to the King of Swords about this because I smell a cat.  I pass the Talking Stick.

MARK: Right.  The thing is, if you didn’t know, he resurfaced today.  He is on all the news including Keith and Rachel.  They are showing his picture and just a few seconds ago, they flashed it again.  So he is here and you know, his story doesn’t hold water.


MARK: Because nobody knew where he was.  His wife didn’t know where he was or anything.  I think most of you, it stretches credulity to think of a naked man ……  [interference]

ALEXANDRA – The question I wanted to ask you was regarding the chemtrails.  We noticed that over this weekend, we’ve had for the first time in quite awhile, 3 days with no chemtrails in the sky.

Many of us, especially light workers, have been absolutely exhausted when we get up in the morning.  We were wondering if there has been an increase in astral traveling through our sleep or what have you.  Just curious about that.  Pass the Talking Stick.

RAMA: Sometimes the ships come in, in certain areas during the night. They suck up all the chemtrails into the equivalent of the exhaust pipes of the ships, if you want to call it that.  They re-constitute that into prana: living energy.

TARA: There is also a place where there is something else going on too that we can grasp.   I know I can’t move sometimes, like last night.  So a real example of that: that is for another reason.  They are shifting dimensions and you are going consciously from one dimension to the next.  I remember it.

MARK: And most of us are experiencing this.

TARA: It’s at a cellular, molecular level.  They are doing this and helping all of us.  It is just surrender.  Rama just got back from getting a QXCI machine evaluation . He was showing tired in certain ways.  It has to do with the amount of what we are actually being piggy backed on, you might say and they are using us.

Those of use who know how to do it and are not going to be flipped out of their minds.  These things are very critical because there has been a chance now, for some time, in terms of inspiring people to do something.  I mean imagine, a quarter of the people on this planet are starving to death, right now! Grom thirst and hunger.  It’s what has moved all of the world of heaven to hear the world court to come into the news today.

RAMA: And I will just say one sentence concerning this.  I tried to call Lady Master Nada today to get an update concerning the hard news about Iran and the world situation.  The message on her machine was,  “I will be in Ramallah, feeding homeless children.”  I pass the Talking Stick.

MARK: Well, you understand, for Lady Master Nada, who has supreme legal authority on this planet now because we are under the ICJ [International Court of Justice]. That is her for all practical purposes.  For her to be saying, I am doing this, what she means is even she has to wait for the plan to complete itself.  Even though she could arrest a lot of people, she could just put her hand out and they could be arrested and announced.

But we have a sequence of things that have to happen so everything can happen together.  We are very close to these key pins falling.  The bowling ball has, in this analogy, already been released by the bowler.  Nothing could save those pins: they are going down!

CINDY – This is from Commander 108.  Can you give an estimate about amnesty after NESARA?  There are so many non-violent, no-harm, no-foul prisoners being warehoused.

MARK – Okay.   We have already talked about his before.  I am happy to say that Barack Obama has already stated that he has already stated he is preparing a blanket amnesty for all but the inner most: case-by-case these things have been reviewed.  He ordered that.

He planned to sign a blanket amnesty for all but a certain small number, of those incarcerated now because they were incarcerated under unconstitutional procedures and that will be voided.  They will even get reparations where that is appropriate.

So yes, this is coming in and what it is, it will be a blanket amnesty that will be granted.  It will happen fast folks because it has already been researched.  These people have already been identified and no new prosecution will be allowed.  You know, based on false procedures.

We are going to constitutional common law.  All attorneys and judges that are left in office or functioning will have to take a 30-day seminar.  And only then.  In the meantime, every prosecution will be held up. Unless they meet those new criteria of constitutional common law, they will not go forward.

They’ll have to either be resubmitted or appropriately dealt with in some other venue.  But this is going to happen; you are going to be amazed.  It’s going to save us ALL tremendous, tremendous hardships, and tremendous burdens.  Not just financially, but socially what this has done. Is to criminalize the population of the Earth.

It is done in every country so it’s not just here and yes, this is a major, major key thing and Barack Obama has it in hand, he already does.  So that’s going to happen.  He knows exactly when he will tell us because he has talked to the King of Swords and Lady Master Nada.  They know exactly where in the sequence this has to happen.  But, I will tell you, it will be almost simultaneous with the announcements.  We all know that.  So anyway, that is all coming up.  Next question.

CINDY – Guest 48.  As a group, is there a special decree or prayer that will raise the light in us?

MARK:  Love.  L-O-V-E.  Love yourself.  Feel love.  Be love.

TARA: To thine own self be true.

MARK: Forget the techniques that you’ve been taught in the past.  It isn’t that they weren’t valid then. It is that we are going to a place where you open your heart knowing, knowing, not thinking, not believing, but knowing you are that.  That is what you are.  So you don’t have to do these procedures, just touch that, feel it, and express it in the simplest, quietest manner. Sny way it feels right and you will see the magic happen.

TARA: And remember, 4/5 of love is gratitude and the highest form of love is praise.

MARK: Yes, gratitude, praise, appreciation and looking to each person and seeing not their mistakes, not the places where they don’t appear to meet your pictures.  Understand, you’re not looking at them; you are looking at yourself.  That is self-criticism.  So when we drop that and say, that was then, that was yesterday, that is so yesterday, I’m not doing that today anymore.

You will watch this happen and you are going to find out its not going to be hard at all.  In fact, your most natural urge will be to share love and we are not talking about sex: we are talking about love.  That is reverence for life.  Next question.

CINDY:  Okay.  One person in the beginning when I couldn’t get on the computer and he was making the noise and then he came back on later.  Do you think this is someone just being silly or do you feel it was somebody like a dark hat?  When they do something like this, is this like a giveaway where Ashtar can come and get them?

MARK: Well, I mean there are certain things involved in here.  Certain protocols.  Partly, it is all of our jobs to understand that we are in very difficult moments.  We are in a moment when everybody is compressed: you can’t just use a single word and say that is dark this is light.  No.  It isn’t that simple.  Really good people have been pressed to their limits and beyond.

RAMA: They are flipping out.

MARK: Right.  So understand and have a little compassion, too.  Yes, we take actions where we can take them.  But in certain cases, the King of Swords is also limited by protocols.

RAMA: Right.

MARK: We are here to do this with love.  We are not doing this with hammers.



MARK: And we are not demanding everybody fit one cookie cutter because we are moving to consensus reality.  That means we have to help each other. Get past our hatred, get past our rage, get past our ain’t it awful, and your fault and taking no responsibility.

I mean all this is over and the sooner we start acting like its over, we’ll see it manifest as such.  It’s going to happen anyway, but we can do it gently, kindly, seamlessly, with lots of compassion for ourselves and everyone else who is doing a lot of things who, if we were in their place, we might do them also.  So let’s leave it there right now, okay?

Part 3: Beth’s Talk

BETH: Hello everybody.  I’ve been here the whole time.

MARK: Okay Beth.  I think you can see where we’ve been because you’ve been there all along.  You’ve been able to hear right?

BETH: I have, yes.

MARK:  So you heard all the introductions of the others and the teams and new members of the team, Madame X, Ezra and the twins Airana?

BETH:  Yes, I did.

MARK:  Okay, and Kauwila and that Terrance were both introduced.  Terrance wasn’t here tonight so we will get him on another time so he can give a report on what he found out in Japan.  Why don’t you give just a brief summary, if you can do it that way, of well, let’s see.  Cindy is there a question you want to ask Beth directly?

CINDY: What we discussed earlier today, your background and how you got to be able to do the Ops work?

BETH: Sure.  I was reading GRT.  I was getting emails sent to me every morning through a friend.  I didn’t join.  I was lurking and reading for 6 or 9 months and about two weeks after I joined, Steve Beckow posted that note saying that they need help with somebody to help out to volunteer to help make a website for

I read it and I said, “Oh, that’s me.  So I wrote a note of introduction, which got passed on to Mark.  Many of you read it.  If you missed it, I’ll tell you. I’ll remind you a little bit about myself.

I was a walk-in in  2003.  I walked into a situation where the person who was in the vehicle before the soul left. It was a mutual agreement and it was a soul contract.  I came in to a situation where there was a marriage with a lot of violence with 3 small children.

Within 3 weeks of coming here, I had contact with Archangel Metatron. He told me who I was.  I had all my memory wiped when I got here.  I recognized my position, but I didn’t know much.  Within 3 weeks of getting here, I filed divorce papers because. I was in a very unsafe situation.  I came in during a trauma. I had a head injury.  I was unconscious for 3 days and the soul exchange happened during that time.

Almost immediately, I had knowledge that I was a walk-in.  Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael and Archangel Chamuel literally stayed by me and telepathically spoke to me all the time, every day.

The next 6 years I spent going to work, taking care of the children.  It wasn’t long until I was a single parent and the ex moved out.  What I want everyone to know is that I knew that I needed to awaken.  I needed to find out who I was.  I needed to develop my gifts and I was inspired to set my alarm.

I would get up 2 hours before work.  I have gotten up at 3am and started to get ready for work at 5.  Come home in the night, run to the grocery store on the way home, go to the bank, come home, make dinner, have dinner with the kids, watch a little bit of TV, then I would go back into meditation until bed time.

Several hours a day was spent in meditation. This went on for 6 years.  I didn’t know then that I was being guided to prepare for now. So I read a post after my introduction.  I started getting busy working on the website and helping out with that.  During that time, I still didn’t understand any connection with Mark.  He sent a post about the King of Swords explaining what a galactic human was.  I read it and I thought that all fits me so I guess that’s what I am.  So I telepathically tried to connect with King of Swords and I was successful.

When that happened, that perked up Mark’s ears and he thought well, nobody’s ever done that before.  He was very low key with me.  Anyways, things went so quickly after that.  I want to convey to everyone that I have had feelings of frustration.  I have been feeling ready, ready, ready and I don’t know what is going on.

But, I woke up every day asking those questions, continuing to ask those questions and making a pledge on the inner planes for my service.  I read and read and read.  I would read 5 hours a day.  I spent the whole summer reading, 5-8 hours a day, spiritual material so I would have this knowledge base to draw on that would teach me how to go deeper and I worked on it a long time.

I think the more we realize who our guides are, we talk to our guides and go into the inner planes and whatever that means for you, the easier it is going to be through the transition.  I know if you are at GRT, that you are already awakened.  So when this first contact happens and when the announcements are made, people will start turning to you.

Whatever it is that your gifts are, will be in high demand.  So go with this feeling of frustration, know that it’s your calling.  Continue to go inside, search and look and you will find the answers.  Be patient with yourself.  I had to learn how to love myself.  That was very hard and it took years and I worked on it a long time.  That’s the key right there.  I wanted to let everyone know that.

CINDY: Mark, is there anything you want to talk about on any of the Ops that you and Beth and Terrance and Kauwila have been going on?  So you are going on an Ops tomorrow night correct?  Possibly?

MARK – Yes.  Not possibly, it is already set.

CINDY: Do you have any clue what it is about?

MARK:  I already gave that out, a little snippet of that when I mentioned Madame X.

RAMA: That’s right.

MARK: Madame X has a lot of connections with the portals around the planet and the grids.  She is not an ordinary Lightworker.  Not that it’s a bad thing; I don’t mean that at all.  I mean she has specialized talents that have enabled her to work alone, most of her life.

She also has a property that has a portal on it and she knows how to access the underneath star bases inside, underneath, Lake Titicaca.  That is just one thing.

She also knows how to get into the Sanctuary of 7 Rays in the Valley of the Blue Moon.  This is where we had to go.  We kept feeling and I knew it was time to do that because she was sending us a request.  We all felt we were getting it ourselves.  Nope.  That is how powerful she is.

She was hitting all of us with this invitation to come and help her out because that was her operation.  She has the codes; she has all of the codes to get us into all of these.  I have never seen a more elaborate defense system protecting that inner-dimensionally, multi-dimensionally, from land, from sea, from air.

And anytime the black ops folks fly overhead, all they see is a black, dark spot on their sensors, which are very, very sensitive indeed.  They finally just gave up and went back home.  She was able to get us inside there and that mountain actually goes up quite high: many thousands of feet: let’s just say that.  Because the rest of it is not that important and its in the op anyway so we won’t repeat what we have already published.

But that Solar Disk, when we went to the Aegean Sea, was we, Horus and Isis.  Yes, this is a multi-dimensional thing we are talking about.  These are God/Goddesses that have extraordinary powers.  They called the solar disk – it’s 10 stories high: they called it in to the banquet table and manifested it in this huge hall.

We had already been recoded by it when we saw it the first time and we knew we would be.  So it updated this code and they brought us there and said, hey take a walk inside.  So we approached it; we stepped inside and we went 800 million, no 800 trillion years into the past, if you want to call it that.  There was no life.  We were on Arcturus and there were only mountains: no trees: no fabrication: nothing else.  Just purple mountains.

TARA: You didn’t go trillions.


BETH: It was 800 trillion.

TARA : There were still trees?

BETH: No, there were no trees.  There were mountains and clouds: no color, no people and no structures.  It was like a rock.

MARK: So Beth, why don’t you tell them what they told us about why we went back there?

BETH: I was told that we traveled back to 800 trillion years ago.  We were on Arcturus and looking around and it was gray.  It was black and white, no color and all I saw was mountain ranges covering Arcturus and cloud and nothing else.  No vegetation and no life.

Then they said that we were creator gods and probably not from this universe.  They said we had looked into the future and seen the way that Earth turned out.  We had vowed back then to come back at a later time in the future and put Earth back into grace with love and that love would be the only way to do it.

MARK: So now she is echoing what Mother Sekhmet has been saying all along.  Yes we all participated; we all got caught up in all the exuberance of being creators.

TARA: I got it!  You know where you guys went?  You went to the point of light within the mind of God.

MARK: Well thanks Horus and Isis.

BETH: Thank you Tara.

TARA: You’re welcome.

MARK: If you are listening to this, you have been a part of this from the beginning.  Now how does that make you feel?  We’ve all forgotten, we’ve all forgotten!  We’ve said on this conference call and on the star gate conference calls on Thursday nights, we’ve said this many times that Mother has said it.  We were ALL once suns.

TARA: We were ALL there that is why we are ALL here.

MARK: Don’t think this whole story: this myth about new souls and old souls is a myth.

TARA: Well, there are in the sense of young souls in terms of this dimensional experience.  We were all there in the beginning, yet our participation in this timeline was defined by each point of light of the whole.

MARK: Right.

TARA: You can’t miss one point of light.  That means every single one of us is going to be having that full story depicted complete.  It was complete before we began and then we said we’ll remember. This is where the free-will choice end of it manifested a perfect outcome.  And that one, I hope you can get this now, down to the innocent ones.

I’m just saying visualize yourself as the Nazi guy at the gate, and visualize yourself as the child, 6 year old child, holding your Daddy’s hand entering the gate and looking at yourself in each of your selves.  That I know is true as there is a being I know on the planet right now that was in that position in her last lifetime in two bodies and that healed War World II.  That healed World War II.

MARK: Beth, you might want to tell them a little about the last Op because most of them have heard about that one.  So why don’t you do a little summary of that if it feels good to you.

BETH: I was told by King of Swords and Mother Sekhmet through Kauwila. Kauwila passed the information and emailed it to me. That this was going to be a green Op.  I thought that meant we were going to heal Mother Earth.  When I go into meditation, then I go out of body and that’s when I see things.

So when I go out, I can see the Ascended Masters, the Galactics and the angels that are working with us.  They are showing me, etherically, what is happening at the time so I can bring that movie back, write it down and let everyone know what happened.  So what I was shown then was first we received the healing.  Mother Earth’s body is very similar to our own.

It is a grid matrix system, just like ours are, down to the cellular level, down to the atomic level.  Mother Earth also has an etheric body, and so we had Dr. Lorphan from Sirius, Lord Arcturus and Lord Metatron were doing different modalities, if you will, on the cellular level, on the etheric body of Mother Earth.  They were doing major healings and clearings.

The atmosphere was cleared, the oceans were cleared.  The other thing that was interesting, in order to rebalance Mother Earth, when the timelines are healed, we will go back to pristine perfection on the Earth, and one of the things that has happened during this operation was that we went down to the seed bed floors and back in time.

Some parts of the Earth sunk, and those were raised etherically.  Some parts that had been raised before were sunken, and everything was restored to where it is supposed to be now.  I felt Pele working with us during that, because it affected the volcanoes on the ocean floor as well as the tectonic plates and the fault lines.  Everything was being corrected.

After that, I saw that they were working with… Mother Earth… her body is so similar to ours.  There’s a heart, there’s an etheric body, there’s lungs, there’s an immune system.  The tunnels that go down through the mountains into inner earth and the portals that lead from the lakes and the oceans going into inner earth and the other openings that I don’t even understand at this point.

These portals and tunnels were all filled with love and light, opened up and reconnected to the North Pole and South Pole, which are the entry points, covered with ice going through the shaft, through the center of earth, which is the pathway into inner earth, and inside inner earth is another sun.  This sun emits a blue light.  One of the healings that was done was opening up all these respiratory channels from inner earth, connecting inner earth with outer earth.

So now, I was told, then that this will be reflected as when the light from the sun in the center of the earth is now shining so bright, and these portals are open, this light, the sunlight from there, will shoot out these portals into the sky.  We can see them, and they are shown to us as Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights.  Ashtar said during this auguration, looked at me and said anyone who looks in the sky will see this, this will be visible.

He said it will be so obvious that the scientists will start to report that they’re noticing massive changes that they don’t understand.  So I’m expecting to see the Northern Lights light up the sky all around the world.

Rama said early that that’s on YouTube already.  So that was the gist of it. There was healings to Mother Earth in this operation that went on several deep levels throughout the world.

Mark:  One thing you might want to mention that you left out about the things that were raised and the things that were lowered, if you had to characterize them as Atlantis and Lemuria, would you do that?

Beth:  I would.  Yes.  Right.

Mark:  Understand what she’s saying folks?  We have been told a long time that before this ends, Lemuria and Atlantis would be restored, would be raised from the depth.  What Beth is talking about here, and that’s why I asked her to emphasize that, this is happening.  This was part of this operation.

That’s why this scale, when you work on the whole planet, everyone on it is worked on because we’re not separate… that’s an illusion! When you work on the Mother’s body, everyone of us is getting an acupuncture treatment.  When she has more flow, when she can breathe more clearly, so can we.

So everyone, this is going to be diffused through her body to everyone of us inside the earth and outside.  You want to tie that in, Beth, with the Aegean sea operation in that respect?

Beth:  In the Aegean sea are portals which take you to inner earth.  This is an area where the inner earth being, Mikos, is known to govern over the library there.  So when these healings happened on the earth last night. Then what it does is open up the pathways that we need to get to inner earth.

Sheldon Niddle has written about this; he said after the announcements, please will go to inner earth for training.  He said everyone, but that’s not my perception.  My perception is certain ones will go there.  So what happened on the Aegean sea portion of it, all of what’s happening now is it’s being cleared out, and it’s being made accessible to us because this is going to start happening on the physical.

The point of the announcements, the reason why these sound like fanciful fairy tales, well this is starting out in the etheric. Starting out in the non-physical parts, and it’s being done on those levels.  It will filter into the physical.  This is preparing us for the announcements.  This has to be done first.

When Lady Nada is doing something else, because she can’t start now. It’s because these things are being put into place, one layer at a time, tomorrow night we’ll be doing something more.  All of us has to be in sync and in place, and that’s what’s happening.  We’re seeing these happen.

Mark:  Do you want to tell them, just remind them what happened down there in the Aegean sea, during that ceremony with regard to the new children?

Beth:  Yes.  When Sanat Kumara came, left Venus, and came back to earth, hundreds of thousands of years ago, he brought with him a pink diamond from Venus.  It’s the size of a boulder.  It’s a multi-faceted pink diamond.  It has purple on the edges, and the inner core is pink and it radiates rainbow colors.

It comes from Venus, and he asked us to place it in the Aegean sea in a special place called the Pangea Islands in Crete.  We did that – that was done.  There was also a smaller diamond place in the inner earth to complete the circuit between the two.  What this put in place was an invitation to these new children that are coming in, that are seeding into the planet now.  We know them as the crystals, the rainbows, indigos, children of the sun.

Most of these kids are little babies now; they’re babies, toddlers, they’re just small.  This is something that they will etherically pick up on.  There is a race of people who live in inner earth called the Mer people, these are Mermaids and Mermen, they live under the sea there.  There are two angelic guardians for the Mer people, named Karelia and Kerlon. They will help these children.  This is an agreement with all involved.

So the children will go into their dream time, sleeping at night, go out through their silver cords.  Where they will be going now is to inner earth, and they’ll be working with the beings there.  What I saw was they were shown holograms of the history for all time.  In other words, they’re being given accelerated training in the inner planes, at night while they sleep.

Where they’re going to do this training is inner earth, working with these beings.  This diamond that Sanat Kumara had brought years ago was left with the Council of Elders at inner earth.  The other day, this was released and set into place so that waves of children now will come into being trained.  That’s how it’s going to happen, and then when they wake up in the morning, they’ve been visiting inner earth all night, when they’ve been sleeping.

Mark:  Thanks Beth, that’s what I was hoping that you’d say because these parents that are out there right now, many of them on this call. You may have some of those children or you may know of some in your neighborhood or in your family.

Beth:  Maybe your grandchildren?

Mark:  Yeah!  Be aware that these kids are not just waking up but they’re surpassing anything that’s in our science or history books, and they’re getting what other people get PhDs to get, and they’re getting a new lesson every night… every single night.

Beth:  This has been going on before with certain individuals but what happened the other day is that this invitation has been opened up to waves and waves of children.  They’re incarnating every single day, and now this is available to all of them.  There will even be more kinds of new children coming.  This is just the beginning.

Mark:  Okay, and I just want to clarify something here because this comes from higher, from upstairs, let’s put it that way.  That is one of the things, there’s not going to be any spaces, and there’s not going to be any permanent residence in the inner earth.

As a matter of fact, they’re going to be, when they finish this phase and we have our announcements and everything, they’re going to be coming to the surface to help us here.  What they told us, and Beth you might want to mention that, is that the portal now. The separation between inner earth and the surface earth is over.  Correct?

Beth:  That’s right, absolutely right.  These things can be accessed now.  This is happening now.  This has happened already today.

Mark:  Alright and that’s what I wanted to get at.  People are saying oh, well, when is something going to happen?  This is massive.  We have waited through all the dark times from the descent from fifth dimension right down through here to this moment.

We’re here, it’s here now! The kids are already fully occupied in it for the last couple of days.  So this is . . . I mean you can’t even imagine what to have every new child on the planet suddenly surpassing PhD instructors at the universities with their knowledge.

Listen, they won’t think they know! They will know because this is being taught to them holographically.  So every bit of them is recording, taking this in, what we would call a download.  Then it unfolds whenever, you might say, when they touch their database. They can access any of it, and it won’t be all garbled.  It won’t be judgmental, it’ll be just the truth.

Beth:  When I saw this happening, I saw them show these babies, in holographic form, the history of all time. It just took a few minutes.  It was a movie that loaded over their eyes, and they watched it.  As soon as this was done, they got it, and they understood.  It’s inside of them, and it was just a foundation of what they need to know for what they’ll be learning next.  This can happen in the amount of times it takes them to take a nap.

Mark:  Another thing I wanted to put as a corollary to this because everyone listening on this call needs to hear this too.  As soon after we’ve had our announcements, after the ships land. These accelerated techniques are going to become available to us.

Certain people were already being selected, the ones that are prepared for this are already being selected for advanced training in certain locations inside the planet.  That is something that we know as a fact.  It is something that is going to happen, and you won’t believe how fast it’s going to happen.  So get ready, when we have our announcements, people are going to start finding that they’ve already enrolled.  I don’t mean etherically.

Beth:  no, physically.

Mark:  Yes, you’re going to be going there physically.

Beth:  We’ve done it etherically, that’s what we’ve done.  It’s done.  That part is completed.  Next comes into the physical.

Rama:  And Spock may be one of your teachers.

Mark:  (laughing) Mr. Spock and Mr. Einstein and Mr. Tesla and anyone else you want to name because most of them are going to be back here to tell their story.  Some of them have been in the inner earth ever since they fake their deaths with clones and have been working in research in Petiki and other places in underground facilities.

They have shuttle craft.  They’re immortals already because Tesla did determine that.  When you see the list of scientists that are with him, it will boggle your mind.  But this is how the truth gets told.  These are first party statements that can be documented, and they have all the records.

So everything that has been hidden is going to be revealed.  Not only that, without the spin.  It’s going to be just the pure truth, holographically recorded as it happened, no excuses, no deviations. Just shock and awe and wonder.  Because it is indeed wonderous to be able to see any event in history as if you were right there and seeing it happen.

You can even change your angle, your perspective and shift around.  We’ve got wonderous things ahead.  You can all tell from this that, I mean, from my own self, I just have to say every hospital, every school, every university is going to be turned on its head.  That’s a good thing because these ones that are going to be prepared, adults and children, are going to come and bring in accelerated learning.

They’re going to bring in non-spun truth, and it’s going to be multidimensional.  Guess what?  The people hearing it are going to be knowing they’re multidimensional and accessing their galactic DNA.  It’s all going to happen together.  This has been perfectly orchestrated, perfectly timed so that just as we wake up and become aware internally, it’s gonna happen externally.

There is nothing now except wonder ahead of us, and it will happen suddenly.  SO that’s why I was trying to get Beth to bring this out a little more because this has implication for every single one of us listening.  We’ll have more to say, and the two children we talked about; the Platinum twins, Ezra and Ariana. They are going to be impressing us because they’re already impressing me, and I think they’re impressing Beth already.
We’ve got some things to talk to the kids about.  They will be experts on how to talk to the kids because they know exactly who everyone of them is.  So we have some very wonderous things.  Beth, do you have anything more you want to say on any of this?

Beth:  No.  I think that covers it.

Mark:  Okay, well thank you so much for hanging in there and being patient with the technology stuff.  We’ll find another venue or we’ll work this out.

Beth:  I’m just happy that we all get to join this way, however that happens.

Mark:  Absolutely.  That’s where all the fun is going to be.

Steve Beckow:  Can Mark or Beth clarify this.  Lemuria and Atlantis; have they risen physically or etherically?

Mark:  Go ahead Beth.

Beth:  This has happened on the etheric level in the last couple of days.  We have seen films on YouTube of new islands springing out of the ocean and forming right in front of our eyes.  That’s exactly what’s happening so this is being done on the etheric level the other night.  But it’s a process, and Mother Sekhmet already said this is happening, and this is happening on the physical.

Rama:  I can concur with that from monitoring the ships’ screens from the navigation station.

Beth:  I agree.

Mark:  Okay, that’s what we wanted to say is that yes, it would start like just as Beth explained that earlier.  A lot of these things happen on higher levels but when this happens on the higher levels, it must by universal physics laws, it must manifest on the physical.  There is no if, ands or buts about it.

Beth:  I want to add that I feel that my role right now is almost like I’m watching these things, and I write them down.  All it is is another view of what we’ve already seen happening.  We’ve all watched the video of the island being formed in the middle of the ocean.  So these transcriptions of these ops is explaining it in greater detail, and we know, we’ve seen it, it’s happening.

Caller from Connecticut:  I was wondering whether or not the manifestation of a rainbow has any significance because on Sunday afternoon, I was looking out my picture window, and it’s been raining in Connecticut for just about every single day for the last month, once in a while a sunny day.

But on Sunday, it was raining and then it was sunny; it was raining and then it was sunny.  I was talking to someone on the phone, and I was looking out the window, and all of a sudden, it got so incredibly, beautifully sunny.

But then it started to rain, and I was looking out the window.  All of a sudden, in my backyard, there was this beautiful, beautiful rainbow that started at the ground and went way, way up over the trees.  I was wondering if there is any significance to that?  Thank you.

Rama:  I will let you know Admiral Sananda was giving you a sign.

Mark:  It’s a fulfillment of a promise.

Rama:  That’s right.

Tara:  He actually said “I come as a rainbow”.  Yup.

Beth:  The reply I want to say was these things happen to each one of us, and when that moment is happening to you becomes still in your heart and ask, is there a message for me here?  Because this is exactly how you get these inspirations, and this is how you’ll hear your next step, the next plan for you in these moments.  Go inside and find out what the message is.  These are the signs.  That’s great.

Mark:  I can confirm that that many times over the last 22 years, I have had that same exact situation and when I asked, is everybody else seeing that?  They said “does it matter?”  I said well, you know, is this just a phenomena?  Why do I feel this so personally?

They said if you’re seeing it and if you’re feeling it, it is personal.  (laughing)  That’s the same way when we see a ship.  It feels very personal, and you can use your logical all you want but it won’t help.  It’s still personal, and if you didn’t hear Kauwila talking about his excitement, his exuberance; he knew.  This isn’t thinking.  It touches your heart.

When I contact the ship, I’m speaking of my own experience or I’m contacted, they light my heart up.  When the sun behind the sun comes out, that corona touches directly in my heart and tears come to my eyes.  I can’t stop it because that part of us that knows recognizes the truth.  When you send back your gratitude, you feel another surge hit you and then you may, and I think this is in my experience all the time, when that happens if I celebrate with joy, with gratitude and appreciation, not because I’m thinking it but because I’m feeling it.

You can’t help it.  Anyway when you do that, then you will see that bloom all around the sky around you.  Because once you stop resisting it, the joy is natural; it’s the most natural thing in the world.  I walked for a half hour one day watching these phenomena after it had happened and to the scene it reflected in all the ships and clouds in the sky, hundreds of them.

Some just decloaked momentarily and sent those same echoes to me.  I was in tears the whole time, and the half hour went by like it was two minutes as I walked home out in the open.

Cindy:  Someone was asking about Kauwila’s YouTube video.  So could you give everybody the web link to get to your YouTube video that you recorded?  Mr. Hawaii?

Mark:  We’ll ask that that be posted; I think it’s already been posted on CIP.  With hot links, there’s a one-time magnification and the second one is ten times magnification.  I just want to say if you look across the internet, his is beautiful because it was an exact time on an exact day that we were all celebrating.  It was on the solstice, so that what made his experience special there because he’s at a very special place.  No wonder he’d be the first one to experience it.

Kauwila:  Just a quick note.  I’m posting this on the GRT-CIP also but if you go to YouTube (, then put a slash and my screen name is kauwilakona.  It’s the first, the two newest videos but I’m putting direct links on the GRT-CIP message board in about 15 or 20 seconds, pretty quick.

Cindy:  So for YouTube, his name again is “kauwilakona”.

Kauwila:  I’ll post it up there; everybody can check it up there.

Cindy:  Well not everybody is a member of the GRTs.

Kauwila:  Oh that’s right.  Well just go to YouTube and search for Kauwila also.  Kauwilakona, do the slash and then write that in after YouTube and so their both up there.  I mean it’s more the jubilation in the first one and then the second, shorter one I zoomed in.  It’s clearly not, it doesn’t appear to be a star; it’s actually kind of a sphere so I have no idea exactly what they were, but they were there.

You can just sense the whole . . . this is a multidimensional experience.  Everyone has talked about often.  It’s not just a single, in other words, oh I see this out there, but I don’t see those little spiky things that you saw, and that’s not the experience.  Even from the YouTube videos, you don’t get that.  I mean there’s so many YouTube videos of objects and UFOs flying out there but when I saw these, especially those two, when you see them and you’re there in their presence, it’s like oh my God, that’s what it is and it’s at 3:44 in the morning.

And it’s an eleven – it’s like oh, My God.  I got chicken skin right now so I’ll leave you with that.  I will post this right away, and I’ll post the direct links on the internet, but otherwise go to and check kauwilakona and you’ll find it.

Mark:  Thank you Kauwila.

Cindy: If you’d like to send Mark a question, you send an email to wbragg at yahoo dot com.  Put in the subject line “question for Mark”.  Bill screens all the questions for Mark and if it has not been answered, Mark will answer it.  If it has already been answered, then you can go and join the GRT groups:  GRT-News Yahoo group is a read-only group; you cannot post; GRT-CIP –you can read and post; you must become a member; there’s no requirements to join but they do read through the post to make sure everything is in line.

Another group of Mark’s is Galactic Roundtable but that is going to have very limited membership; soon, we’ll probably be closed; you do have to be approved to be a member.  So for people that are new, if you want to get a notification of when Mark’s next call is, you email  Put in the subject line “add to MH email list”.

You will get notified as soon as your name is added to the list.  The email comes out the Sunday before; the next call is on July 7 so you’ll get an email from TalkShoe.  Please if it gets rejected, a lot of times you’ll get an email sent from white_galactic_wizard (which is myself) and you’ll be asked to please allow the email to come through.  Mark, Rama, Tara, Beth – is there anything else you’d like to say before we close the call?

Beth:  I have something I’d like to add please.  All the Yahoo groups that you just mentioned, if anybody missed the information, Mark Huber has a website that was created by Tony and Debbie Debois.  You can go on this website and everything is there.  All the information is there is you weren’t able to copy it down now.  Mark Huber’s website is

Cindy:  Thanks Beth.  They’re adding to that all the time because this is all of us volunteered to bring all of this information to you.  They’re working on transferring all the information, questions and such from Mark over to the so please bear with them.  Is there anything you’d like to say Mark before I open it for everybody to say good night?

Mark:  Well, of course, as you all know, all the people insiders know, there was a triad that did that.  Beth left herself out, but we don’t leave her out.  (laughing) Yeah, that’s how she came to our attention, and she immediately took over and Debbie, our webmaster.  Debbie Dubois for those of you who know who she is.  She is a master webmaster, and she has done all the web work.

She is a beautiful designed being and a very, very clear spiritual being as well, as well as a mother and a parent.  So she is carrying all of this stuff, and she is doing this all as a spiritual service, in addition to keeping on with her regular life.  So these people, Debbie Debois and Tony, we thank you.

Beth:  Tony has taken the amount of time of almost a full-time job to create the newsletters every week.

Mark:  Yes, thanks Beth.  Another thing that I want to mention about that is that one of the unique features is that these newsletters that are coming out are coded by topic so that when you want to search anything, it goes through the last week, all the posts and it summarizes them by topic.

So now we have  a search function on there and you can just type in whatever topic and all the postings on that topic will come up for you, so easy, so very easy down to access and doing research, no matter when you come into this.  We wanted to do that; it was a prodigious amount of work that that triad did; they had to do compilations of all the other stuff, they had to code that; Debbie had to do that coding.

All of them have worked; now we have a searchable database.  You also have a weekly newsletter so if you missed everything in a prior week, you can go back and review it very quickly and understand what the topics were that were talked about.  Then if you have any questions, you just type it into the search bar as a topic, and it will bring up everything about that that has been compiled and put in the database.

There are other features on there which really commend your attention and discovery of the magnificence of the elegance of that design.  So thank you once again all!

Cindy:  Good night!

More Mark Huber questions and answers on the GRT-Intel website by clicking HERE.


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