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Mark Conference Call – June 9, 2009


Mark’s Conference Call
June 9, 2009

Transcribed by Your Transcription Team
Shirley, Annie, Katie, Jan, Patricia, and Jules
Edited by Andrew McManus

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MARK – Hello to everybody.  We’re glad to be here and so very glad that you are here otherwise we would not have a purpose in being here.

This has been quite a week – this past week – in case no one noticed.  From the end of April through May – the last day of May – from waiting for Obama or some other nation to reveal galactic presence, one day later, when that expired without any announcement from anybody, the next thing we saw was the Air France flight disappearance.

As we have reported, up until now for all of you that are now thoroughly confused – by the disinformation put out on the major media – this craft went through a portal and aboard a Wingmaker ship – it’s still there, totally intact.  It has no tail missing; it has no body parts floating in the ocean and it has no missing recorder.  Everyone will return.

I wanted to get that out there because I know some peoples’ questions, probably, have to do with that.  A day or so later, we had another purposeful contact – that the Dutch reported – with a French person who was on a bicycle.  They had never had an experience before which is why they were selected.  A Pleiadian Beam Ship came down and hovered over a field that they were cycling by.  The response was very positive; curiosity followed by excitement – positive excitement.  Everything is moving along nicely in that area.

There are more things going on and we will be getting into some of the various other areas.  I think that Cynthia has probably told you that in this past week we inaugurated our grt-intel website. Which Tony, Beth and Debby Du Bois have been working round the clock to get done while trying to have a regular life, too.  It’s just about impossible for any of the team these days.

So that went off and at the end of the week, I think that we had over a 1,085 new contacts coming to check out the site.  I think you will all find that it’s a step up.  It’s a very professionally designed site that I have nothing but the highest regard for the triad team as we call them – the threesome that have worked so well together – and have produced another beautiful product.

Since Beth Trutwin joined our team a very short time ago – she is a part of that grt-intel ground team – all of us have been changed.  I mean that favorably.  We all have been stepped up; we have all been amplified and we have all been made very busy.  Not the least of which is herself.  We’ll say more about that later.

Right now I would like to bring Rama on to tell us a little update on our external news first.  Ok, Rama, it is yours.

RAMA – Ok.  Today has been a bit of a wild day with everything going on in terms of what all of us are doing to get NESARA announced, get peace declared and get the galactic presence announced.  We are actually forming We the People of this planet because We are All One humanity.  We are creating the foundation right now as the timelines get healed and erased into The Federation of Worlds.  Earth is becoming the 33rd member and it creates The United Federation of Planets and Star Systems, which Gene Roddenberry envisioned in the understanding of “Star Trek”.

Today I got kind of an interesting little dance because I got on Stephanie Miller’s show this morning.  They were talking about the [inaudible] right wing scheme machine and the issues about the “born again” drama that’s going out.  Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin – they had some kind of interview or convention of sorts yesterday.  They were blaming – Sarah didn’t talk; Newt Gingrich spoke though – he was blaming the failing economy and the world situation on the gays and the pagans and Obama’s socialistic attitudes which is so far from the truth.

TARA – And he said Barack Obama’s plan has already failed.  Therefore, we have to do something.

RAMA – I got on Stephanie Miller and talked about the Mother Goddess and Gaia and her twin flame Vywamus rather than calling – well, I called her the Great Mother Goddess because I didn’t get into the Great Horned God’s story (that’s a little “out there” for main stream radio – it’s starting to get changed though).  There are many gay folks and many military people who are Wiccan; they are not afraid to admit it.   They come on Rachel Maddow; the come on Stephanie Miller; they come on Randi Rhodes.  Randi Rhodes talked about this.  She was in a barracks with 41 women; there was 1 shower.

They got over their issues about anything.  It is at a level where it is all breaking down the lies.  Today Maxine Waters also got on Stephanie Miller and let it rip about single payer health care.  We need universal health care free for every single man, woman and child on the turf of Turtle Island – North and South America.  She said I am working to that end along with Burnie Sanders and John Conyers.  It is getting handled.

Then, oh my, Thom Hartmann had a humdinger.  The only way I can describe it is I’ve got to play it for you to hear it.  He had Lamar Waldron on.  He and Thom Hartmann wrote a book called The Legacy of Secrecy:  The Long Shadow of the JFK Assassination (and Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy); this was a plot by the Mafia, the Vatican.  The dark side would take out JFK because he was going to announce the galactic presence, coin 450 billion dollars and give it back to the people and free all the Native American lands – give it back to them.

To that end, the Mafia along with the other elements of the criminal activity, called our Congress, the Senate and the government, set up a coup to make it look like Fidel Castro and Raul Castro were planning to take out JFK; blame it on him and create World War III.  Let’s just say Ashtar stopped it.  But I should probably play this for you.

[NOTE #1:  The transcriber inserted the full name of the book written by Lamar Waldron with Thom Hartmann, which is underlined.]

While Thom Hartmann and Lamar Waldron were talking about this, they told the story how this stuff was so classified in secret that Lamar Waldron got two bullet holes in his car and Thom Hartmann got two bullet holes in his car [Tara – at the same time].  In the course of investigating this, they were told to shut up or die.  At the same time, it is coming forward.  They had a former Secret Service agent on who was African American and he, actually, ended up in jail.

He was with JFK, Sr. 30 days before he [JFK] was killed – or they killed the clone.  He didn’t talk about that; none of these guys talk about what we talk about.  I called up Thom Hartmann and I got to talk to him off the air with Lamar Waldron.  I said “Did you know that at the time when the JFK – this whole Bay of Pigs story happened – that the Russians did a remote launch from Cuba.  They used a remote device to launch the missile from Cuba; blame it on Cuba that JFK, you know, the assassination.

They launched the missile that was headed for Los Angeles and Ashtar stopped it.  It was gone.”  I asked Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann about that and they said “We won’t go there.  You’re going to have to go there; it’s your place to talk about that.”  That’s where it stops; just like Amy Goodman “I can’t talk about the galactics; you guys have to share that piece.”

TARA – OK.  You are talking about right before they killed the clone of JFK, Sr.?

RAMA – Yes.

TARA – They did launch from Cuba – I think it was the year before actually.  It was right in the middle of the Cuban missile crisis, which was in ’62.  They launched it on LA in ’62.  They were unsuccessful so said well next get rid of Kennedy.  Of course, they knew that because what you are going to hear this guy say about what happened in Chicago first and what happened after there was the second one, too.  This was the third attempt, which was actualized only they thought they had killed the real  JKF.

RAMA – This man, who was the first African American Secret Service agent,

TARA – Appointed in 1961 by President Kennedy, Sr.

RAMA – He went on to talk about how he tried to warn Jack Kennedy and set up the whole situation to let folks know.

TARA – Even before Dallas.  He was appointed to the federal cops; was that what it was, Mark?

MARK – Yes.

TARA – He was able to get a clue when JFK, Sr. was coming to Chicago.  It was planned for him to be assassinated.  He saved his life along with Mayor Daley – all the folks that were walking to the bathroom with him.  Then he was able to be on the detail for his [JFK] trip to Dallas as well.  Literally, you know our White Knights made a clone.  He actually alerted to the fact that we need to make a clone.  Do you want to see what kind of an incredible thing this is; he’s a black man – the first one.

MARK – We should go forward; maybe you can talk about it some more on the Friday Hard News Call. He is an important hero.  He’s a whistleblower.  You all know that all the whistleblowers are lining up to come forward.  They have first hand evidence, first hand testimony.  This all gets to be very important.

I have to tell you the next story, after I ask Rama to briefly get his piece out, is going to stretch your credulity.  We have been involved in things here on GRT in different portions but, usually, not at the same time even though we all support each other.  Still, today, we had a, I think that Steve wanted to call it “Operation Clean Sweep”.   About a week ago, – time seems hard to keep track of these days – we had a correspondent contact that outlined a series of seemingly interlocking connections and networks that were decimating or, at least in the minimum, were harassing Lightworkers on a level that was an invasion of their energy.  It was taking away their abilities and things of this sort.

We decided to investigate this.  Our Number One Field Operative – she hasn’t heard me say that until now – Beth Trutwin did investigate that with the King of Swords, Mother Sekhmet, Tom The Ring-Tailed Cat and a couple of the rest of us tagged along to support that.  After that happened, this contact called us again, rather emailed us again and said “There is more to this; would you look at all these other locations to see what’s going there?”

She didn’t have all of her information correct; the places were correct.  That’s OK.  As this story unfolds, you’ll see how these things happen.  Folks, I want to tell you this is reality.  This is not fiction and it’s not “woo woo”.  This is reality.  You are living in a multi-dimensional and an inter-dimensional environment.  Far more complex, far more rich than anyone has any idea.  Today, that second phase, after processing the information connected with it – you have to sit with this stuff in order to get a good feel.  We shared together what we were getting and Beth, finally, decided it was time to do the operation.

I asked Rama, and he volunteered, today, to go out and contact the ships for backup.  This was going to be a very large scale, the largest scale that has been attempted thus far, operation.  We didn’t know if it was really, totally doable at the outset.

But, after last night’s contact with the King of Swords, we both came back this morning convinced it was “go”.  Indeed.  Rama went out to contact the ships.  While he was contacting the ships, whirling his wand which naturally gets any body’s attention, he was contacted by a couple of civilian looking people.  I will let him tell you the rest of it.  As soon as he tells you his side of it, we will tell you what the rest of it is all about.  It gets more and more interesting as we go further.  Go ahead Rama.

RAMA – Was out at this spot in this town where I have been calling the ships in for almost 20 years or more.  I was just sitting on the ground near a walkway but not too far away from the walkway.  These folks came up; they were kind of straight looking and reminded me of tourists.  They asked me what I was doing.  I explained to them what I was doing.  I had my little recording device out.  I had my radio and I was listening to Thom Hartmann and spinning the crystals calling the ships in.

They said they were on vacation.  They had a Suburban loaded with a kayak and everything.  As we were listening to Thom Hartmann and Lamar Waldron talk, the conversation turned around towards NESARA and 9/11.  At this point, I asked these folks what did they know about 9/11.  I’ll call this guy “Bruce”, “Bruce and Gladys”.  (That’s not their real names.)  At that point, Bruce pointed to his forearm and rolled up his sleeve.  There was this scar on his arm.  Then he wrote on a piece of paper “I can’t say anymore because I have an implant in my arm”.  I said “Ok”.  This lady Gladys said she had the same thing.

These guys were between 40 and 50.  They reminded me of folks that come through the southwest and other areas on vacation at this time.  They admitted they were part of the F-blank-I.  They found out what was going on, in the course of events, about 9/11 and what was about to happen.  You might say they rebelled against their program and they have been on the run.

At this point, while this was going on, Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat shows up – a holographic type of image that’s fading in and out.  He is sitting next to me.  These people, Bruce and Gladys, look at this; they look at me and are going “Ok, this is getting a little intense here.  What are we going to do?”

They got serious with me and said “Who the hell are you?  What the hell’s going on?”  I said “Tom, introduce yourself.”  He introduced himself as Tom, the Ring-Tailed Cat as part of the Ashtar Command and that he works with Ashtar and Sananda.  They asked me “Who do you work for?  The Man?”   I said “Yah.  I work for the man with the plan, Admiral Sananda Kumara along with Captain Ashtar.”

At that point, they started to get a little pale.  They were a little freaked about this whole story.  When they saw Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat, visually – holographically fading in and out – and actually talking with him, hearing it and seeing it, they got the understanding how big this story is.  Tom, the Ring-Tailed Cat said to them “You come back to this place tonight at midnight; we’ll take care of your implants.”  This is a private conversation and we love to lie.  I have to say that Tom, the Ring-Tailed Cat had offered that to them.  This is such a fantastic tale I am not sure where to go with it except to say the whistleblowers are coming out of the woodwork and asking for help in whatever ways they can.

How I began this story I forgot to say I had a sense somebody was watching me as I was spinning the crystals.  I couldn’t tell who it was.  There was nobody around; it was deserted up there at that spot.  Then all of a sudden this couple walks out of nowhere.  Then Tom shows up.  This kind of a cosmic setup and I pass the Talking Stick.

MARK – I think this was a very good introduction to a complex story.  I can tell you folks from my own experience if you had a story that you are going to be hearing tonight – I wanted Rama to talk to you first so you could see there is solid verification from government agents who are on sight when this happened.

It wasn’t just Rama.  We had actual people who are professionals and who are insiders who are there, who witnessed it and interacted with Tom, the Ring-Tailed Cat.  It was not a fictional character by any means whatsoever.  His offer of help to them is another wonderful indication of quality of people in Faction 3.

RAMA – I just want to say, to clear the air, the King of Swords gave me a text message about Flight 447.  What they are doing is a massive cover-up operation because they cannot explain; they do not understand the operation of portals and vortexes  – how inter-dimensional portals work.  Even if they do understand it, this might have to come from Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. Steven Bassett and maybe Richard Hoagland, maybe David Wilcox as this story unfolds.  At the same time, they are creating such a fantastic cover story of a crashed plane and 24 bodies.

Today, they talked about – on the regular news – looking for the black boxes at 30,000 feet depth.  They have 3 weeks to find the black boxes before the batteries go out.  Does this sound like a fake story or what?

MARK – I want to add, since Rama just gave you the final word on that subject which is the text message from the King tonight just before this call, they are so panicked and freaked out that they will go to any expense, right now, to try to prevent the public from knowing about star gates even – star gates anywhere – much less portals.  That is why they are going to so much trouble throwing all of these naval forces salting the area – one salts, one recovers.  It is a joke.  It’s big; it really is.  I hope you conclude from this that the story we have been putting out is, in fact, the truth and that it will be verified as we go forward.

I want to introduce our special guest because I know we are running short on time now.  Our special guest is Beth Trutwin tonight because I thought you deserved – this is an exclusive; no one else but GRT knows this.  It has not even been posted on GRT – hearing it for the first time in the world – call it a worldwide premier.  I’d like Beth to come on now and to tell us what happened.  First of all, maybe just a little background on the operation that took place a week ago and then this phase of it that is the most massive – I am just going to use this term – operation of its type that has thus far been done.

BETH – Hi everybody

MARK – Hi Beth.  Would you tell us about your day off today?

BETH – I want to start off by thanking Cynthia Susan because without her we couldn’t do this.  So thank you very much.  I want to back track to the first time we went in and took a look at this stuff.

There was posting on GRT some days ago.  We were alerted by a correspondent who very graciously gave us a lot of information about this.  [inaudible] bad energy, bad guys [inaudible] doing a lot of wrong things that needed clearing.  I went in and found a part of it but it was just the tip of the iceberg.  We got a note back which was a saving grace because it gave a lot of detail about what was missed.

The first time I read the letter it was so dark that I, literally, got sick.  I sent it back to Steve and said, “I don’t want anything to do with this.”  Mark helped me.  We went in the first time and we did a little bit.  I had to talk to the King of Swords several times because I had to figure out a way I could do it because I was having a lot of resistance and I knew I needed a lot of help.

I think there was a lot of discussion on the inner plains or wherever this discussion happens.  They figured out a plan to help me make it happen.  So when I opened my eyes this morning, waking up, I could hear the King of Swords saying, “It’s ok.  We’re going to do this.”   He told me in my mind telling how we’re going to do it.  I said, “Ok”.  I wrote Mark an email this morning and said we are going to do this today.

I went into meditation and if it is alright, I would like to read what I wrote afterwards.

I sat a long time preparing.  Everyone gathered and we linked energy before the op.  I didn’t start until everyone was ready.  Special forces were recruited to help.  I could tell there were a lot of extras there; I could tell the number was very large.  I joined with the King of Swords, Mother Sekhmet, Mark , Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat Paschat, Lord Arcturus, Lord Ashtar and Archangel Michael with me.

I don’t often mention this but I never begin until Archangel Michael has placed over me a special protective golden dome.  I work from within the protection.  I wouldn’t think of moving forward on anything without it.  All of you guys out there when you meditate, I think it should be done every time you close your eyes.  Just wanted to pass that on.

I asked to be shown what the “stumps with the crystal ball” are. I remembered Gandalf has this. He used it for the King of Rohan to remove Saruman’s spell.  When the spell was removed by wielding the “stump with a crystal ball on it”, Wormtongue, the forked-tongue lizard, was banished from Rohan. These magical things exist. We just don’t fully understand them.

I asked to have it explained. I was shown a large swirl of energy coming from the crystal ball mounted on the wooden stick. This is energy.  This energy will move or act on that which it is asked to. It cares not if it is evil energy or good energy.  It falls under laws of science. It turns, changes or alters things in the way it is asked to.  Only initiated ones know how to use it.

When it was stolen by the manipulated humans, it was taken back to those who are initiated to use it.  They couldn’t fetch it, but, in their possession, they used it.

This is why it was important to recruit many humans through the internet web. They carried out the things those not embodied could not on their own. These sticks and balls are sentient Beings. They were programmed by the initiated ones to open and close star gates to Earth.

We begin with the correspondent.  We took correspondent to the craft. There was a gray cloud of swirling energy around her. It was very dark, as if standing in a storm just around her head and body.  I see she is corded into the dark energies from the parallel dimension they originate from. Archangel Michael took up Excalibur and cut the vining cords away from her body. When they were all gone, the swirling black energy flew off back to the other dimension.
Then there was a large Dragon removed from the correspondent.  It looked like a very, very, very long Monitor Lizard, what Steve Irwin calls a “monster”.

I next saw a bare foot inside a sandal.  This represented the Lightworkers, in the group, working to get rid of these bad characters. They had experienced energetic attacks. They, as a group, were also corded back to the lower dimension. When I was shown this bare foot with a little thong, I saw that they grabbed the Achilles heel and pulled the person upside down; they were hanging upside down by their Achilles heel.  They were literally being tortured.  The foot with no protection represented how the Lightworkers worked naked without adequate training or protection on something much bigger than them.

Though a valiant effort, it was far too dangerous and they brought back misinformation mixed in with the truth, which made everything worse. They all have had their cords cut and the dark energy has been sent back to the lower dimension.

It was a female working in this group and her name is Dee Dee.  She was one of the bad guys.  We went through each character involved with it and the next bit of accounting is about each one.

The next one we took was Dee Dee.  Dee Dee has sight.  Dee Dee is a shape-shifter. Dee Dee is not human.  She uses her shell as a disguise.  She is from another dimension.  She shape-shifts into different animals and her covert activities have her getting to places by taking her animal form.  Cat, fox and owl are her favorites.  We would call her a witch.  She is fascinating but she IS NOT dangerous to us anymore.  She spins tales to trick the less discerning into running errands for her.  She is a master manipulator, the best of the best.

When we came on her she tried to dart away.  Arcturus put bars around her immediately. I did not understand why. Then, behind the bars, she shape-shifted into all her animal forms. She was trying to get away. I understand she time travels at will, like blinking her eye, that fast. The bars kept her here for us.  Ashtar took her to his ship. I was told she will not be “sent off” but she is “imprisoned.” I stayed with this energy a long time to be clear I hadn’t missed any details. I was shown those in The Hague prisons. She is not gone today, but she will stand trial.  She will leave in the not too far future but she will go the route of trial first.

Sin Shine is gone. There is alien technology, which will be revealed to us after announcement.  When we hear the full history and see the technology available, we will understand how Sin Shine was made.  It is a machine.  If I were a nurse in the ICU and Sin Shine came in as a patient, I would not be able to discern he is not human. He appears and acts in every way human but is not and never was. The fact it is soulless makes it possible for it to act in such evil ways.  He is not immortal. He does “die” and “come back to life”, like Robin Williams character in the movie where he is a robot man.  He comes back to life after “being in the shop”.  Until we understand organic computer technology, we can neither explain nor absorb the science of which I speak.  He is a machine crafted by those in a lower dimension. Sin Shine is dismantled and is now no more scary than a nut or a bolt.

Kraken is gone.  Kraken is not a being.  Kraken is a forceful group-consciousness energy, which held a lot of power.  Not any more.  The group energy is sent back to its lower dimension and has no access to the planet any more.

Next stop on the Op called “Clean Sweep” was Satordi’s human Farm.  (There were sordid details in this correspondence and why I waited days to do this.  It took a lot of stuff to get ready for this that aren’t included in this.  Just trust me it is worse than you can imagine – really, really awful.  This place is set back away from everything – lots of trees surrounding the place.  The building is always in darkness, looking like gloom.  On the large lawn, greeting us, were women of the night, servants. Their purpose was to entertain those who visit.

Lord Michael made a sweeping motion with Excalibur. Every one standing around laid down.  They were removed to the ships for removal by Ashtar.  We went inside; Satordi knew we were there.  We went room to room looking for his hidey-hole.  When we found him, we learned he too is a soulless machine. He is dismantled.

Next stop, the Haddonfields in New Jersey.   Haddonfields, I guess, are a famous name of [inaudible] group of bad guys.  This is a picturesque place not too far a limo ride from Manhattan, old money which took generations to accumulate.  These have been here manipulating humans for eons.  When we came near the place, the largest, most ominous dragon I have ever seen walked toward me. Michael “thought” a large shuttlecraft around it.  It was sent to Ashtar and I waited to hear he had it.

Michael was on a roll. He walked up to the mansion, took it by its foundation and threw it back.  It looked like a tornado had leveled it.  From inside the mansion, all the dark entities had shape-shifted into bats and were trying to escape by flying away.  Michael captured each one in a craft, which looked like a net catching butterflies.  It was given to Ashtar.

We found 3 Geryons.  This was a word given to me by the correspondent and I don’t doubt the word.  I’ve never heard it before.  If you asked me what they look like, the visual that they made – the main character was Michael – were like the big furry blue character in the movie “Monsters, Inc.”   That’s what they looked like but their fur was white and yellow.  They looked ominous.  They produce fire. Michael placed them all in a craft and took them away.  I looked where they had stood.  I could see there were several Geryons, which had made themselves small.

Even though Michael had taken them away, I could feel they weren’t gone.  They were hiding and had opened a portal back to their lower dimension to try and get away.  I looked up to see Mother Sekhmet made a giant ball of water to throw on them.  The water surrounded all of them and made them powerless.  They were sent to confinement with Ashtar.  At this moment the Special Forces flew out into the portal to drive away and destroy all the dark ones there.  There was a legion/army following these guys, tracking them down and taking them out back to their lower dimension.
When the energy was clear, the peace was palpable.  This is the point where the greatest threat was gone.  We decided to sweep the other locations now altogether as a mass clearing.  Included in this were the stone Masonic pyramid in N.J., the Georgia Guide Stones, Bohemian Grove, Montauk, Monkey Island, any other place such as these on the Earth.
I felt a great peace.  It was hard to believe it was done.  I waited.  It was hard to hold the energy this long.  This in real time was 1 hour and 20 minutes.  My energy was being worked on.  I drifted once or twice and KOS would yell at me, “Don’t break the connection!”  I would become alert again.

I looked at the world and it looked light.  I asked the Gang, “Are we done?”  I felt we were.  I yelled it this time, “Are we done?!”  Then I saw millions of spacecraft, big and small, floating in Earth’s atmosphere, blink their lights at me.  It was a sight to behold!

I opened my eyes and looked out the window and could see the blinking lights in the daytime sky. Jubilant Success and Great Peace!!! Things will open up now, as per Mother Sekhmet’s wishes.

I thank all the millions present today.

MARK – Well, Beth.  I don’t know about anybody else, but I can tell everyone out there and they will hear more about this story because if you don’t know any of these places that she’s mentioned, you have no appreciation of how well protected they are.  People have disappeared for even getting near these places and, internally, they are in layers, like an inner sanctum.  They are all heavily, heavily, heavily guarded with all kinds of devices of several dimensions, not just 3D.  What I’m trying to get here is – this little lady, our friend and associate, is probably the giant killer’s best friend because she has gone where no one else would dare to go or has gone before.

RAMA – Or have gone before, indeed.

MARK – Right.  I want to say that, another thing that was so very important about this.  Two nights ago, when Beth and I were up at night school, Mother Sekhmet and the King of Swords were there and I was going to Kindergarten and she [Beth] was going to graduate school.  Nonetheless, we were both up there at the same time on the New Jerusalem.  Mother Sekhmet whispered in my ear that she, we were discussing a few things and one of the things was that – this is now time that she was about to make the decision to take the dark hats out.  I was just quoting her.

When Mother says now, she means now, but she doesn’t necessarily mean today.  She means as soon as possible is what she really means.  She doesn’t make that kind of statement unless she has made her mind up.  She makes it sound like she is fixing to do it.  So what Beth was called to do today was basically an emergency cosmic-earth mission.  You don’t do these things without enormous amounts of coordination.

This is intervention on a scale we have not seen in public before.  That means we are very, very close to the end of this segment where the “dark hats” can hide.  As a matter of fact, I’m sure after today’s operation, they are freaking and peeking like crazy because when we can get an aspect like this, in highly, highly protected sites, there is none of them now that can hide.  So I just want to say thank you to Beth and thanks to all involved.  Like I said, we will be hearing more on this because there is more to come.

I would also like Beth to comment, briefly, on an attack right after we opened our new GRT-Intel website.  Beth, do you want to comment on something that you and Tom the Ring Tailed Cat had to take care of?

BETH – Yeah. It was so long ago I forgot – yesterday or something.  Originally, I got introduced to GRT and within a few days, I met my partners developing the site, Tony Lukashuk and Debby DuBois.  We talked back and forth the first 2 days and on the 3rd day, Metatron came to me and gave me a vision that the website was going to be, the server was going to be shut down.  I told them 3 days after I met them, 3 weeks before there was any website, the server’s going to get shutdown.

Got an email from Debbie 2 days ago and she said, the server is shutdown.  And I thought, oh well, Metatron told us this, so I better go, maybe I can grab Tom and maybe we can figure out what is going on. So we went in energetically and we met Debby and Tony by the computer.  We looked at the connection; this was shown to me in visualizations, some of it symbolic and some of it isn‘t.  In the back of the computer were 6 cords and they had been cut and tied so I went in with platinum light and made a mesh around the wires and repaired them.

In the meantime, Tom went into the server electronics and he looked around to see what he could find.  I was fixing the wires; it took a long time.  I saw him in his ring-tailed cat form.  He took his cat claws and reached into the server and pulled out a worm and he ate it.  I wrote Debbie back, “There was a worm in the server.”  She wrote back and said, “You were right!”  I was told during that time that one of the ABC groups, the 3 initial groups, had put something in there and we needed a larger server.

Debby is working on that.  Then, what happened with the platinum light, it was meshed into the cords on the computer from the website.  It went out to every computer that received it, it made this platinum light connection back to the website.  Part of its function is it will find anyone who needs to hear the information.

It will just be out there; the person will be attracted to that platinum light and they’ll connect with the word.  We should expect t have more hits and that is one of the reasons we need a larger server.  And I guess that was it.

MARK – So how do you feel now?

BETH – I don’t know how to answer that.  I feel really happy.  I am also really tired and shocked to being – I can feel the peace on the planet – I can feel that it’s gone.  After the first time, people were saying, well is the darkness gone?  And I would answer, I don’t know, I hope so, but I could feel that it wasn’t gone; I mean there was a lot more.  But, I don’t feel that way anymore.  Today in fact, I feel – right after I realized I feel happy, I start to feel slightly panicked because I feel like we are going to wake up to something – tomorrow or very soon.  So yeah I feel happy and I have every emotion going right now.

MARK – Well, it is wonderful that you can talk to people about that because as you know from being a nurse that we are humans even though we are Galactics in human bodies and we have feelings.  Our emotional bodies don’t necessarily handle things as easily as our mental bodies and in addition to that you are a mother.

BETH – Yeah.  [Laughter]  I still had to cook dinner tonight.  [Laughter]

BETH – I want to say that I have no knowledge of these places that you are talking about.  I have been kept in the dark on a lot of details because if I did know those things, there is no way in the world you would coax me to do what I did today.  I knew I didn’t want to do it the very first time I read it.  It took me several days and I talked to the King of Swords several times and I said, “First of all, I have to have full recall.  I have to have good transmission.  I want to see everything.  I want an interpreter the whole time I’m there because I can’t bring back what I saw without explanation to go with it.”

That is why it took so long because he setup some kind of transmission thing where it was like being teletyped to my mind so I could be able to see an exact transmission of what it all meant.  So just to let everyone know, I don’t know about these things.  I just learn about them as I go and just tell you what I see and that’s probably why it works.

MARK – Well, the reason I didn’t tell you was for that reason, not to set you up, but so that you would be able to just look at it from an objective standpoint because all of the basic stuff, the aversion that you felt to the pain, I felt it also.  I had to go in and do the same kind of thing and assure myself that this needed doing or that maybe we could break it down in 4 or 5 stages.

Then when we went up last night and came back, then this morning it was clear that that wasn’t going to be the plan – that this needed to happen now.  It’s already exposed while we got all the locations and the people are in those locations.  We need to move before they can move to other places and because this was a nasty group. I mean these are not humans walking around as humans.  These are inter-dimensional and collective energies.  They have resources that people of the Earth are not used to hearing about.

But, the whole thing was, that I know and you know that once you get a clear signal to go and you have been trained as you have been, specially trained, to be able to deal with this with the help of all this backup out there.  There were millions of ships out there that were your personal backup on this mission because you were acting on behalf of everybody.  So we know when we get that kind of okay to go that we’re  not going alone.

It is a wonderful opportunity for us to stretch and grow in the process.  I want to warn everybody out there, don’t go home and try this yourself.  We are going to print the information that Beth has just given to you, but we wanted to do it here first.  And also get feedback from the King of Swords and others that it was the right thing to do.  Beth was so diligent and the King of Swords and all the other people were so diligent in ensuring that your last comment, your last question as you were just wanting to drop the mission and go home.  Did we get it done? Is it okay to quit now, right?

BETH: Yeah.

RAMA – Beth, the very fact that I was sitting with Tom, the Ring-Tailed Cat while you all were doing that today.  He split himself to be with me to say what was going on and that he had time to come to hang out with me, with Bruce and Gladys who were turning the page, if you will.  They are on the run from the F blank I and they are about to show back up in Washington along with many other whistleblowers that are filing….

TARA – With the protection of the Ashtar Command completely in place.

RAMA – They are filing against the Bush Administration for false imprisonment, slander, and other misdeeds.

MARK – So you can see how all these stories interconnect and I know we have taken up a lot of . . .

TARA – I have one more thing to say before we go on to questions.  Okay guys.  This is very important cause today Joseph Lieberman and Lindsay Graham threatened to shut down the Senate over the detainee photos.  This just goes to show you how scared these guys are.  They think they have the power to stop this whole Senate process and they do not and they get arrested.  So this is a verification of the reaction of what is progressing so rapidly for everybody to see that get arrested now.

MARK – So once again Beth, thank you again and we will see you in night school.

BETH – Thank you everybody so much.

MARK – Ok Cynthia Susan.  We are ready for questions now.

Part 2: Questions and Answers with Mark, Tara and Rama

Q:  Can you explain why Hillary Clinton was executed?  Why specifically?

Mark:  For 9/11, war crimes and much, much more too numerous to relate.

Q:  Are there any vibrational actions that would facilitate clean up?  By this I mean, in addition to care and cleaning of our own light spark.  Beyond care and cleaning of our own light, are there any tools that would help focus energies for clearing 3D?

Mark:  Well, first of all, where we are going to.  We are going from a polarized society, a polarized planet – a duality, to a planet of unity.  In unity, when there’s only one of you, how can you possibly have anger and rage and this sort of thing.

You don’t, which means you come to the place with your heart open and that’s the key of love.  That’s all there is because that’s all you are.  Everything else is an illusion; when you remove the illusion, that’s all that’s left.  So one of the biggest pollutions isn’t, I mean the energies we put out are in all kinds of frequencies and labellings so the ones that are the densest are the most polluting.

The ones that are most joyful, when you are in joy, that energy goes out to the whole universe.  When you are in love, that goes out to the whole universe as well as to the planet.  So the second we are putting out positive energies (because we’re happy; because we’re in joy, we’re in bliss), and we know who we are, and we know how we are one.  When there’s nobody to fight, there’s no guns; there’s no need for them.

There’s no need for fences, nobody’s violating anybody’s territory.  You don’t mess up your own yard do you?  So all of these things are more important than any device or anything else.  We have to clean ourselves up, and we are in the last stages of the most important part of that clean-up right now.  Now, since May 9-11, we added seven more levels to ourselves, of our true self.  With this full moon we just had, that is beginning to activate.

By June 21, when we have our Equinox, we are at that point going to get a major . . . . I would say this is equal to the importance of May 9-11 one because then we’d just been operating with our own five piece senses, if you want to call them but went 5 to 6D.  With that, we now have access to 12, or in some cases, 13.

So getting to know ourselves is the biggest thing.  When we’re no longer opposed to ourselves and when we begin to realize that we are in fact already on Terra Nova, that most of us are there.  Only a small part of us are on 3D planet earth, and it’s all us.

So, this is the best way to do that.  All the rest of the stuff is from ignorance.  It’s from harassment.  It’s from dualities opposing, everybody opposing everybody thinking if they don’t get what they need right now, there isn’t enough to go around.

So all of that is what is going.  I can guarantee you that not one bit of this can go into 5D.  Only love; everything that is not is not going there.  So this is such an important question that I laboring on it a little bit because it’s far more than it appears to be.  We will be talking more about this later, and we already have been, but we will  continue to do that.

What it absolutely entailed is that we begin to stop fighting ourselves, hating ourselves, because we can’t love others if we’re hating ourselves.  That’s the pollution.

Q:  Does anyone know more about the 144,000 light frequencies for the marijuana plant?  I have been smoking only on the basis of spiritual intake?  That’s the question.

Mark:  The answer is in the question, fully stated.  The answer is yes, that’s correct.

Q:  I was listening to a website just recently, and they’re saying by 2012, that the internet is going to be closed down.  Is there any fact to that?

Mark:  I would say on the level they’re saying it, they may well be right.  But guess what, the new internet is coming in, and it’s not based on the same thing the old internet is.  So you can forget about it; we don’t have to talk about the technicalities involved.  We’re going to amino acid computers.  When we do that, it is sentient, which means you can’t mess with it.

Q:  Mark, I’ve been working with the Federation for a little bit now.  Some new thing has been coming into me, I really don’t want to speak about it now but is orgone bad to put out?  Is that going to hurt the Federation from coming in, or is this okay to be doing? Are we breaking any universal law?

Mark:  Okay, understand that intervention here has been increased.  The protocols for intervention have been amended by divine decree on several occasions.  Now, we’re not going to tell everybody else.  The Federation is not going to say exactly what they can and cannot do, but Ashtar essentially will tell you that if he needs to take the action, he will take the action because he’s charged with protecting this planet and the life on it.

So anyone who thinks they are going to use some kind of thing like that to do mischief has got another thing coming, and they have no idea of the assets that Ashtar has at his command.  Trillions of ships are ready to be in your face, in a heartbeat, if they need to be.

When Beth did her situation today, understand that all of these things are done by request and they’re approved at the top level before anything happens.  Nobody just sits down and does something like we.  We have to make sure that we have permission and approval from Mother Sekhmet, KOS, Ashtar.  You don’t call Ashtar’s ships in without his permission or you will be in trouble.

Tara:  And Sananda Kumara is on top of that.

Mark:  Right.  So when we’re talking about the top levels of intervention, this is because, as I hinted earlier, Mother Sekhmet whispered in my ear.  If you don’t think that she is highly up on the top, then you don’t know what the top is.

I’m just saying that don’t worry about that; the Galactic commands are extremely scrupulous about protocols and about your freewill.  However, on the soul levels, you see they have access to you on soul levels, not just on the personality level, and they know what you mission requires, and they know when you’ve already agreed to it.

We’ve all agreed to it before we ever came in, because we knew we could fall asleep and forget.  So we all totally agreed to this because we saw the need for it.  As our missions are now activating, I can tell you for all practical purposes, forget about non-intervention.  It’s a fiction at this stage.  We’re in the final stage of the clean-up of this planet, and things are only going to escalate; they’re not going to de-escalate.

We are going on right on through now.  This year, as Ashtar told you at the beginning of the year and even before, this year you’re going to see all of this stuff handled, and everyone that needs to handle it is here.  So I hope that answers your question.

Q:  I want to know is there any idea at all when Nesara might be coming in?

Mark:  No dates.  No nukes.  That’s what Ashtar said; that’s what Mother says.  That’s what the KOS says so that’s the short answer.  Now if you want a squirrelly answer, SOON!

We have previously identified in writing as well as on half a dozen conference calls, we have identified criteria.  There are 100,000 indictments right now that are up for being disclosed and executed.  When we have arrests, when we have . . . Obama has already given a date when he wanted to do his second 100 days.

He wanted to have it completed by July 10.  Folks, you know what this is, what today is.  That’s telling you to be completed, that doesn’t mean we start then, to be completed.  All those arrests have to have been made.  They have to have gone to the Hague.

Even Beth could tell you that one of the beings today that was taken up, you might say involuntarily confined, has been taken to the Hague in a special container.  This is a shapeshifter who can get out of almost any place.

Rama:  This is like Mystique in the X-Men.

Mark:  So, you know, we cannot give a date.  We can only tell you that the actions that we’ve been talking about tonight on this program.  The formal approval for a landing in daylight in a small town in Webster, South Dakota; the other almost landing in Europe a couple of days ago, where the Pleiadian ship came down purposefully.

This was an approved mission.  These are contact missions.  That means it’s already begun.  We are in the process now; this is not just happening here.  On the Wesak, you notice that tens of thousands of craft violated, if you want to call it that, Chinese air space over there.

Some were coming from Europe and some coming from other places; some coming through the Aden Stargate.  All of these things are telling you, this is no longer about some future event, and we know it’s now.  If that’s a month from now, well then so be it.

But we believe it’s going to be earlier.  I will tell you that the energies between now and June 21 are so powerful.  Can you imagine what happens and what capacities we have when you are constantly connected with your high self.  All the people on this call, you’re not just here to listen; you’re here to be activated, and I think you know that.

Most of you actually probably guessed that already.  The people that have been reading material at GRT are being activated for bigger missions, and those missions are going to come online.  They may come online faster than you think but not faster than you can handle.  There’s instruction involved.  There is a process involved, but once you know, you don’t care anymore because you know you’re on track as it’s all happening.

When that happens, you don’t need somebody else from the outside to announce something.  That will happen; that’s for the people who are not awake.  Internally, you’ll already have it.  You will have it personally internally.

So I’m telling you, this time between now and June 21 is a Whoopie time They got us here.  Thank God, we’re here that it’s here for.  We are also part of what’s causing the conclusion.

Rama:  There’s a shake-up.

Mark:  Yeah, it can’t happen without us.

Tara:  Yeah, the KOS even sent a message to Rama today that said that what Beth and Mark and Tara/Rama or whoever else is present with this, in either one dimension or another, that it’s helping big time.

It is moving this right on the track, and that’s what this is also.  This is something we were confirmed by Nada and the King of Egypt and the KOS and Mr. X and Tom, the ring-tailed cat (and Nada – yes, I said her).  The third phase and the final phase of three phases that have been already.

The first two have been proceeded through since the first of October of 2008.  There were two periods in that first phase before Barack Obama was President and after.  It was punctuated by the ordering of the execution of ten thousand bankers on November 4, along with Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, her original.  It was done by the Knights and confirmed by Ashtar and on the ground by Mohammed Al-Fayed.

Then we came to the second phase.  What the dark side did in the first phase, by the way, in the second part of the first phase, after Barack Obama was already President, was they did mass genocide in Palestine on their watch, collectively with the Mossad in Israel.  That means they’re all guilty, and that has to do with the Mossad and the MI-5 and the MI-6 and the CIA, etc.

Then the third phase, the second full phase is from the 20th until the 29th of May.  That was the first 100 days.  Then the second 100 days is due on the 72nd day, the 10th of July.  Well that middle phase was them exposing themselves and every crime.  Every day we watched Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, and we saw every crime, one after the next.  The third phase is the exposure now of the announcement and the arrests before that.  That is where we’re going right now.

Mark:  One more thing in there.  The last time Mother whispered in the KOS’ ear that she was going to take out the Committee of 300, she wasn’t whistling Dixie (Tara:  nope), it happened.  It happened without anybody realizing it until all of the holograms showed up.

So right now, when she whispered in my ear, we see what happened two days later.  It is no accident; these things are interrelated; they are directly related.  One has to happen before the other one.  So there are certain things that have to happen in order for all of this stuff to be safe.  It is not an announcement, per se; it is safety; it is the security of the system, your security, my security, all of us.

As long as they are entrenched in all of these agencies, it is not safe to give you money.  It is not safe to expose you to more.  Now a lot has already been done.  As a matter of fact, so much has been done, you wouldn’t believe it.  But at the same time, the last stage is the one you’re going to see it.

You’re going to see it in public; it’s going to be announced.  Then they’re going to tell you, oh, by the way, all of those are already gone, because without that, you wouldn’t be able to get it done, and it would be a very messy thing that would traumatize people.  So we’re in, as Tara just said, we’re in the final stage of this operation.

Tara:  Three-pronged operation of announcements.

Mark:  Right.  So, if you can’t get the movement; if you can’t see what has never happened before is happening.  Beth told you her story.  This is something that has only come about in the last couple of months.  She’s been prepared for much longer than that.  But this is a very, very big, universal story that has to be concluded with consideration for every detail, not one detail, all the details.

They are all wired down now, so I just did that on behalf of everyone out there who doesn’t quite understand why it isn’t in your newspapers.  That’s because they’re all corporate owned, and that is breaking up.  That will happen.  They are being given lawyers and told if you do not print the truth, very shortly you’re not going to be here  and you will be replaced by truth tellers who will tell the truth.  So this is all happening folks.

Tara:  All three executive orders are in play right now.  That means, you know we just had someone kill themselves at Guantanamo.  That’s on Barack’s watch, yet it’s not Barack who did that.  It’s the dark ones so that means the next step is these guys get arrested for that.  The second one was equal rights for women and men.

That means equal pay for equal rights and every other way as well, education and everything.  Then the third one is all the ET secrets, and lies about those secrets to cover them up, have to be fully disclosed to the people.  We’re in the third and final stage, and that’s exactly what’s happening, including the presence.

Mark:  This Friday is another ultimatum deadline date where France has said, by Friday of this very week that we’re in now, we’re going to make an announcement.  If they don’t do it, guess what?  There’s three or four others right behind them, chomping at the bit, wanting to do it.

Tara:  Dr. Stephen Bassett, for instance, right over here.

Mark:  But this is a way of having a strategy that you can’t see on the surface, but this is Obama’s strategy, even though he, on the surface, appears to be kind of resisting it.  Behind the scenes, he’s getting rid of signing orders; he’s gotten rid of them.

He is also getting rid of regulations and security classifications for data that doesn’t need to be classified at all, that happened under Bush/Cheney and even under Truman.  So all of these things go back a long, long way.  On the one hand, he’s doing what it takes, and on the other hand, he’s playing strategy games to have the people say well, you’ve got to tell us about this.

That means throw me into the briar patch because he knows all about it.  He knows the whole plan.  He knows exactly what his role is in the new plan, so it is happening now folks.  Even though it may work out over a few more days, weeks, etc., it’s NOW!

Q:  Where is the clone manufacturing plant, and who controls it?

Mark:  Well, there’s a number of places/laboratories underneath – Camp David is one of them, and that’s where the Bush clones all came from.

Rama:  Area 51 is another one.

Mark:  Syberia is another one.

Rama:  Pine Gap is Australia.

Tara:  Iceland.

Mark:  Even right here under Los Alamos.  So it doesn’t matter.  The whole point is all that is ending.  It’s going to happen so fast.

Tara:  simultaneously.

Mark: Right.  So let’s not go into getting caught up and hung up on the way it used to be.  Let’s get to this moment.  At this moment, all of this stuff is being cleaned up.  Beth has taken out, in the last 30 days, almost single-handedly.

Of course, Ashtar has created and AA Michael has created shifts in things around them to take them out of this universe, but nonetheless she’s gotten rid of . . . that was before today’s massive operation.  Nine dragons herself.

Tara:  50 footers.

Mark:  Yeah, these are not your little pet lizard in the backyard.  (Tara laughing).

Q:  Mark, one thing I’d like you to comment on is when the Galactics and celestials move, everything is over in half an hour or an hour – that’s his question.

Mark:  Right, Steve that was a good question.  Thank you.  The thing we have to understand here that we’re talking about folks, and let’s just stay down at this level a little bit.  Let’s talk about the 12th dimension down.  You’re talking about Wingmakers folks.

These people have all their abilities.  They’re fully connected to source.  These are not amateurs.  Tom, the ring-tailed cat, is being able to be involved in a very major operation today and at the same time, able to project a holographic image of himself that was fully interactive with Rama and his two guest agents.

This is the kind of thing that Ashtar, St. Germain, all the Ascended ones, Sananda.  How do you think that the KOS can be holding classes on the New Jerusalem at night with folks like us and at the same time, be in charge of 16 million Galactic humans with all advanced abilities and form the worldwide militia and his regular day job; he has a regular day job with the Secret Service.

You’ve got to get how this stuff is done on the multi-dimensional level; it’s holographic.  That’s why once you get the approval, you’ve got the backing, universal backing.

Tara:  In other words, this is all holographic on the light side.  Everything that needs to be done is done on the terms that the light have dictated for the announcement procedures to begin, starting with (don’t forget) Lady Master Nada is in charge of this Republic, not Barack.  That’s why Barack will not take those actions.  It will only come from . . .

Mark:  the International Court of Justice, with her as the true authority of that.  Anyway, we’re in that stage now, and I think we all see that.

Q:  Rama or Mark, when the announcements are made on TV, Internet, radio but mainly on TV, will we actually get to see, let’s say it’s Ashtar coming through, will we actually get to see Ashtar, what he physically really looks like, or will it be channeled through somebody, or will it look like the pictures, let say on Ashtar-on-the-Road website?

Rama:  I will say that as first, what would happen is, there would be special news and announcements, and you might hear the EBS test, first and foremost.

After that, you might see Bill Clinton first show up and begin the story.  As that would happen, all of the other pieces fall into place with the KOS showing up.  As that all would occur, Ashtar would show up at the right time, he would be introduced.

Tara:  As well as St. Germain.

Mark:  Let’s just say one more thing, part of the question, has to do with what they look like?  They’ll look like what you need to see them as.

Tara:  They’re not going to scare the heavens out of anybody.

Rama:  No, Ashtar is about 9-10’ tall; he has long blonde hair, incredibly electric blue eyes like Lord . . .

Tara:  Is he going to show up that tall on the stage?

Rama:  No, he may show up seven feet tall – who knows?

Tara:  Just so that we can see that he is a little larger than normal but not too much to scare everyone.

Rama:  I’m not going to speak for the Captain.  He knows how to show up.

Mark:  He may want to do that just to show you and have a little fun with you.  Anyway, they can do whatever they want to do, but they’re not hiding stuff from you.  They’re simply doing what’s most appropriate in the moment (Tara:  so everybody can hear.) and understand, so all of us understand.

Q:  About the change-over on the TV that everybody’s talking about, I’ve been hesitating to do that for many reasons.  I read something that it would be better to do it because you’ll get more messages.  Can you comment on that?  Is it okay if we don’t get it?  Or should be we go ahead?

Mark:  It doesn’t matter either way because I think you’re talking about the digital change-over.

Rama:  Yeah, from analog to digital.

Mark:  I’ve already answered this on GRT but the quick answer is Mother has said very adamantly, the only thing that is going to be used for is for Ashtar to talk to you in your home living room.

So if you’re going to have that, don’t worry about the ABC units out there, the alphabet boys.  They’re not going to get to play any dirty tricks by invading your privacy.  This will be Ashtar, it will be Sananda, it will be Mother.  Don’t worry about it; go ahead if you feel like it but don’t feel you have to.  Either way is okay.

Q:  My question involves they’re been a lot of talk with Chris Story and Casper about Bush Sr., and then today I see that his birthday is this Friday, and he’s going to be taking a skydive with one of the CNN female anchor people, so I just wanted to know what you think about them keep saying that he may be arrested?

Mark:  Well, he’s already got agents watching him.  His passport and his wife’s passport have been pulled.  They were given orders, as Chris Story reported, that part was correct.  To pack two small, very small, suitcases that are suitable for use in jail.

Rama:  I’ll just say that the skydive, that being that’s going to jump from the skydive, is not Bush Sr. – that’s a clone.

Mark:  So these are the games that they play.

Tara:  He hasn’t been able to skydive since long – decades already.

Mark:  This is the 34th clone of that personality so don’t worry about it.  These people are going to jail for war crimes.  They’re going to the Hague.

Rama:  I mean they’ve discussed this almost every day on the radio, including on NPR.

Tara:  And on Amy and everything on the television that we watch.

Rama:  Since Obama got in, it’s been turned around.

Tara:  On Jon Stewart and Steve Colbert.  They’re all saying it, now is the time to arrest them.

Q:  I think you answered my question already but Cindy was telling me, from what I understand that within the next quarter of Obama’s administration, there may be an effort to bring forth Nesara and everything else?

Mark:  That’s correct.

Q:  My question is this.  Yesterday, Cindy Sheehan was in Dallas, Texas along with three dozen supporters of hers as she had an interview with the local TV station here in Texas.

The interviewer asked her why is she protesting at the home of George W. Bush, and she said that George Bush lies to the public, he lied to her son about the reason why he went to Iraq, and that he is a criminal and he should be charged for war crimes.

It’s important of George W. Bush was appalled that she would say such a thing.  The public is going to see the type of person that George W. Bush truly is.  My understanding is that Sheehan has been here in Dallas, Texas for the last two days demonstrating.

Today they did not cover her today.  Is it still the same as far as the compilation still doing within the courts as far as not covering it or are they just tied of Cindy Sheehan?  That’s my question.

Mark:  Well, first of all.  They know what her topics are.  They know what her position is.  So in a conservative country, they don’t like to give free airtime to people that don’t agree with their policies, which is cover-up, lie and plunder.  That’s all over, and she is just there to announce.  Hey, this is all ending folks.  I’m here; I’m not going away, and you better get with it because these are criminals.

Tara:  And Amy Goodman covers it so it doesn’t matter, it’s covered.  And it’s all over the internet, everything that Amy Goodman reports is archived now.

Q:  The June 11 triangulation and June 21 solstice are very significant.  Can you comment on this?  Thank you.

Mark:  We’ve already answered that question, I think tonight even.  But yes, I concur 100% and ever astrologer out there with their self is saying the same thing.  Every channel out there is saying the same thing.  You have never seen anything like this.  Let me give you an example.

On June 21, it could happen before then, by June 21, we are going to be permanently connected with Terra Nova.

Tara:  The new Earth.  Teta LaCoya, the Diamond One.

Mark:  If we don’t say anything more than that, that is front-page spattered news, because then there is no more talk about what’s this ascension thing.  What’s this other higher dimensional place where everything is really nice and all that?

Tara:  And what’s this ET stuff?

Mark:  Right.  So all of those questions because guess what?  And that point, you are essentially in touch with all of your ET selves.  (Tara/Rama laughing)  So the game is over at that point.  So you can see why we’re saying don’t worry about Nesara’s announcement.

Watch what you’re experiencing internally as all of these activations happen.  It’s your DNA folks.  There wouldn’t be any reason for the Galactics to be here if it weren’t for us being here and waking up.  It’s the grandest show in the universe.

Rama:  It’s like what Cynthia keeps telling us that the 24 Codons are going up, the extra strands of DNA.  As that goes off, the Zitos come in and we have our gifts and abilities back.  As the atmosphere is changing, the Xenon gas is being introduced, and along with that, it changes reality as we know it.

Mark:  That’s the difference.  People can tell you stuff, but when you get it internally and know it, actually you’re remembering it.  Because when you connect with the parts of yourself that are higher than this level that know it, they isn’t any way you can deny it.

You just know it at a level that is so pure and deep.  End of discussion.  Now you want to know now what do I do with it.  You know, what’s my purpose, and you’ll get that directly internally as well.  So it’s only the people that remain asleep that will have a little bit of trouble kind of buying the whole thing that if you see lights go on at night in a big city, it’s a pretty amazing place once enough lights go on.

You cannot say, oh, I can’t see how to go anywhere.  It’s like Las Vegas, and we are Christmas trees.  Everyone of us is a big solar Christmas tree.  So the light on this planet, from the work that Beth has done and some other things that have happened recently, this is what Rama mentioned earlier – the KOS sent a text about that and said this is making a big difference folks. It’s showing up in the libido of the planet.

There’s more light, more light and more points of light that are connecting with each other.  So beyond this, there’s only unity consciousness.

Tara:  The KOS said that from the day that Barack Obama gave that speech in Egypt, the timeline was permanently changed to the age of enlightenment.  No turning back anywhere.

Rama:  Even David Wilcox talks about that in his blog.  This is what he is saying is this is fundamentally changing the course of history so that the opportunity opens up for peace to be declared.  Therefore the Galactics get to land.

Tara:  That’s correct.

Mark:  When they land, everybody gets to see their family because guess what?  That family recognition will hit you in the core of your being, because you cannot deny with your logic.  It will go right to you heart, right to your core, and you will be feeling so much joy . . .

Tara:  reunited with your home

Mark: … because you recognize that it feels exactly what Tara said, it’s home.  You feel like you’re home, and in fact, that’s what starts the end of the beginning.

Q:  I would like to thank Beth for her work.  My question concerns her work.  Could you comment on the significance that a human has done this rather than Mother Sekhmet or KOS or AA Michael or any of the other?

Mark:  It should be very obvious, if you looked at what was said, all of these are involved.  Nobody can do this by themselves.  Millions of ships were supporting this operation today.  I mean do you understand what that means?

Tara:  This is a unity cosmos that we’re in right now, and they are in charge.  We are part of the participants’ level where we must put our ingredients in with them.  That’s why Beth’s participating like that is a grand opportunity for us to the next step.

Mark:  Yes, they always find ways.  Understand the Galactics could do all of this but that’s not the purpose.  When we extend, Beth will happily tell you; I could tell you; Rama can tell you; Tara can tell you; Steve can tell you that when you start stretching like you, you just discover whole new aspects to yourself that you never would have believed.

Yet, it sounds like you’re risking everything, and you are in a way.  On another level, you’re risking nothing because not to stretch is to die or remain.  So listen, this is like taking another overcoat off, and yes it is pretty heavy stuff.

Q:  I have a lot of orgone in my office.  Will that prevent me from contacting anyone?

Mark:  What do you mean by that?  Will ‘what’ stop you from contacting people?

Q:  I have orgone.  I’ve been trying to contact Mother, AA Michael, my guides.  I can’t contact anyone.

Mark:  Don’t worry about that.  You are already pre-coded.  You are already being personally activated as each one of us is.

Tara:  When it’s time for you to be fully conscious of that, it will come.  And it won’t come any sooner.

Mark:  You can use every device on the planet.  You can get a momentary buzz or something.  You can get a slight vision but you won’t keep it.

Tara:  No, not until you’re ready to open up to the whole thing.

Mark:  Everybody has a timetable for that.  And we have a collective timetable which is fast arriving.  When the ships decloak, you can stop worrying about that.  I would just almost bet you 99.9% of the people on this call are going to feel their hearts open, and they’re going to feel because this step up.  I write about it as a half step in consciousness.

But do you know what a half step in consciousness can mean?  It’s like suddenly you connect with parts of yourself that you know and it’s easy.  There’s no work to it.  I didn’t say there’s no effort but it’s not work.  It’s joy.  You want to stretch.  It’s like you saw a golden apple two inches away from your head, and you hadn’t quite stretched that far.

Trust me – you would love to stretch for that, that extra two inches.  Rama can tell you, and I can tell you.  When we first had contact with the ships, they would tell me you come up here, meaning stretch as far as you can, and we’ll match your stretch.

Tara:  Yeah, we’ll meet you.

Mark:  We’ll meet you half way.  So all of this is going to happen, so don’t worry.  This is all so current and the speed up now is so accelerated.  Every day your DNA is changing.  There is no way you can avoid it.  Everything you’re asking about is going to happen, and all you need to do is get out of your own way.

Relax and trust that you already arranged it before you came in.  The Galactics are here because they’re us!  I mean that’s us, that’s our family.  It’s just so intricate and intimate that you would understand while nobody would leave a child sitting there in the middle of the floor crying, if they were their mother or their family or their sister or their brother.  On the Galactic level, I guarantee you, they feel everything.

Tara:  Now as you are yet experiencing a full wake-up on all of your bodies.  If there is a shadow of doubt in your emotional body, you aren’t ready until that shadow of doubt is cleared.

Mark:  That’s what this final cleansing is about that we’re in now.  It’s to get rid of those compartments that maybe are sealed or have been sealed.  They’re going to open, and the energy will flow.  The second the energy flows, then you might say clean water can come from behind it; clean energy will flow and connectivity with that.

Then you’ll see how easy it’s going to be and how delightful.  So just trust that it’s all planned.  As a matter of fact, remember the whole universe is waiting for us to do it.  So nobody in the universe is trying to delay.

Tara:  No.  You will be assimulated.

Mark:  They’ve out there cheering every one of us on.  Stretch a little more please, come on.

Tara:  You stretch and you will be able to absorb the light – that’s really the message.

Q:  I apologize if I don’t know your protocol exactly.  I just found your site a few days ago, and I’m kind of astounded at all of the synchronicities and personal experience I’ve had that are similar.

For example, you’re talking about all those places like Bohemian Grove.  I was invited to the Governor’s Conference out there for their big orgy 30 years ago and used to go.  I mean I know these places are real.  Also, I have family that are in the Secret Service, very secret service, men in black version.

My dad worked the Bermuda Triangle during World War II and was in the last airplane that was sent out in ’45 to look for all those planes that disappeared.  I have just recently been visited by people in the government secret, secret service who remind me of my connection with and work with extraterrestrials.  Also you were talking about 41 and jumping out of the airplane, that’s a ritual he does every year.

The man lives about 30 miles from where I live.  It has something to do with the Skull and Bones Society and the fact that his adopted father, Prescott Bush, has stolen Geronimo’s bones from his grave, back in the 1920s, I think.  It’s been part of their sick rituals ever since, and that’s what they yell when you jump out of an airplane, you yell Geronimo.

Coincidentally, Geronimo’s family has just successfully managed to file a lawsuit against the Bush family and the Skull and Bones Society at Yale to have those bones returned.  They’ve been working hard to get the suit dismissed but as far as I know, that suit is still in existence.

Mark: That is correct.

CYNTHIA SUSAN:  So did you have a question to ask Mark.

Q:  Yes, basically what I’d like to know because he was talking about safety, like today, I had at least a half dozen phone calls from Citibank officials threatening me.  I’ve got lawsuits pending against me by Bank of America and Citibank.  I don’t know for sure if they’re connected to some work that I did for the F-I six years ago but I’m wondering when it gets personal.

Mark:  You heard what we’ve said about the timelines and the compressed.  Barack Obama said my second 100 days will be done in 72 days, and that ends on July 10.  We just go through saying look, between now and June 12, for important significant actions.  There are so many things that are right up, you can’t put a thread between them.  That’s how packed up they are right now.

Tara:  I want to make a suggestion that you do not answer your phone until someone puts a message on your machine, and you know exactly who it is.  You lay completely low.  Don’t you do anything at all on any of those lawsuits, don’t answer the phone, and I mean stay out of the fray 100% because if your life was ever in danger, it’s right now.  You stay off the boards and that’s a promise that you will be fine.  You surround yourself with that Violet Flame and don’t do anything.  I promise you that’s important to know.

Q:  Some of us could not get on the line early enough to catch Beth’s introduction of what she told.  I wonder if that could be briefly recapped what the heading was.

Mark:  No, I don’t really believe we can do that because it’s such an intricate thing.  This is the most complex story we’ve done.

Tara:  You can listen to it on the phone message later Commander.

Mark:  And we’re going to have it in the transcript.  So we’re going to have a printed transcript of this, and you can read it on GRT.

Tara:  He doesn’t have a computer.

Mark:  Well, then you can listen to the phone message.

Tara:  You can call 310-495-0371 and then 0396 to get all of the phone numbers for each of the calls.  Okay?

Mark:  It’s too important a question to try to trivialize it.  This involves many, many thousands of people.

Q:  Hello, Mark.  We have great admiration for Anna Hays and Ashnaya Dean, especially the Voyager series.  Do you agree with the ascension process, the 12 stargate and the Ark of the Covenant?  Could you expand on this process please?

Mark:  We don’t have time to do that on this call tonight; we’re already over time.  But understand that part of that information is compromised, and we don’t really juice other people.  We prefer to stay with the positive news and the truth as we’re given that.  There was some important information that was in especially Voyager 2 and this is worthwhile to read.  But just don’t take anything from any source as absolute.

Tara:  The most important stuff we can cover on our call on Friday or Saturday’s call.

Mark:  Yeah, that would be the time to open a subject like that up.  There is some important stuff there, but you don’t want to make limp statements with these things.  They deserve better attention that that.  Thank you.

Q:  This person did not understand why exactly Hillary was executed, and it’s about because of three or four words?

Mark:  Okay, Waco.  You remember the massacre at Waco – she ordered it.

Tara:  Yep, and she hired the four Black Ops that went in there and set the Napalm bomb into the building after they had all been affected by the nerve gas that they put in with that bulldozer, and they couldn’t move yet they were alive, and they were burned alive by Hillary’s orders.  That’s why she was executed, numero uno.

Mark:  This is one of the nastiest people on the planet.  This is not a lifeform you want to mess with.  That‘s why, because of the laundry list and there is a laundry list, of war crimes, not trivial crimes.  These are massive war crimes that she ordered.

Almost anything you hear next that’s coming out that’s attributed to Obama that’s negative is Hillary, even though the original is already dead.  This one hasn’t long to go so possibly that every one of these people that are taken out have a soul record that reads from here to California and back.  These are not trivial players.

Tara:  And the look-a-like clone of the look-a-like person is already dead, and this is the second look-a-like clone of that look-a-like person.  That is very terminal; it will be completely closed off by the KOS when it’s time.

Mark:  And there won’t be any more.

Tara:  No more.

Mark:  No more doubles, no more cloned doubles, no more of any of that.  So we’re almost at the last step in this process.  So basically just be patient, and you will see when the evidence comes out, it will be so shocking that most people will just find it hard to believe.

That’s why the evidence has to be overwhelming.  Their whole soul record is replete with these kinds of acts, so these are bad actors, and they’re gone now.

Q:  I work for the DOD as a government employee supporting the war fighter and was wondering would we have a special announcement about shutting down.  Will the government employees receive an important message about shutting down?  So I guess it’s basically is the government going to be shutting down and will the employees receive advance notice?

Mark:  I can say first and foremost, any well meaning, well intentioned person need not worry.  Only criminals need to be concerned at this point.

Tara:  And they know who they are.

Mark:  Yes they do.  Again, these are not trivial things that we’re talking about.  These are massive crimes.  These are terrible crimes that there’s only one thing for.  So anyone else that’s not one of them is going to be fine.  They don’t have to worry about their job.

They don’t have to worry about anything really because they’re going to find that the second that what you think is going to happen, which is you might say massive changes, you’re going to be given options that are going to be so joyful to you, that you wouldn’t want to.

And there are certain people that have special skills, a lot of them in fact in government, and they will be given opportunities to use those skills in a very different way than they’ve had any opportunity in their life thus far.  It’s going to be a delightful discovery time and not one thing to worry about.  You don’t have to be worried about being out in the street and not able to get a job or anything of that sort.  All of that is over.

Q:  On the website of Stephen Bassett, he also talks about being in the third phase now.  Are those the phases you just talked about related to each other?

Mark:  Correct.

CYNTHIA SUSAN:  So that’s at on the questions.  A comment I’d like to make and maybe Rama and Beth can talk about this later tonight and maybe talk to Ashtar and KOS.  We’ve been having some interesting comments in the chat area, and it looks like the person signs off and then comes in under another guest name and keeps on going.

I keep blocking their chat so maybe you could talk to Ashtar and the KOS and the appropriate beings to find out who this person is (or persons).  I’d like this forwarded off conference, off the telephone once we close us down.  You guys can talk about that and maybe something can be done.  Maybe it’s a dragon or something.  I’d like to let you know; have a pen and paper ready, and I’ll repeat Mark’s new website.

It’s  My brains a little foggy right now.  We’d like to be able to thank Tara, Rama and Mark for this evening and our special guest, Beth, for all the work she has been doing for all of us on the planet.  All four of you – it takes very brave soul to step out and do what you’re doing.  And I’d like to thank everybody that comes on the chat and on the calls, you ask great questions, and I feel very honored to be doing this.  So that’s my sort of end for the night.  Mark, Tara, and Rama – is there anything else you’d like to say or Beth?

Mark:  Well, I would just like to say to everybody, relax and breathe.  You don’t have to understand everything but just trust that you wouldn’t be here, you wouldn’t be listening to this unless it was your time.  You are being upgraded folks.

I said that three times and stomped my foot.  I couldn’t mean it more.  It means this is it.  We’re here now.  This is time to shuck off your old identity and begin to open up to who you really are, because you don’t probably, in most cases, really know who you are yet.

Not many of us do, and that’s not anything against any of us.  If we hadn’t have done it this way, we wouldn’t have been successful.  Because we had to be low; we had to fly beneath the radar until we got so outrageous, radar didn’t even need to be used anymore.

We are in all of their computers.  So trust that this is a wonderful process and that you are all wonderful souls who will understand all of this very shortly and be thrilled that you’re a part of it.  You’ll be ready to take on your new roles, no matter what you now think.

It’s not about ego.  It is simply about to join your own family in a loving relationship is beyond, you can’t even describe how that wonderful thing is.  Beth, I think you might be able to say a word of what that feels like to go up to the New Jerusalem at night and be hearing Mother and the KOS and Tom and just to know that you’re connected with them, and you can count on them to back you up.

Beth:  I can say that it feels like complete elation from the time that you’re not sure; you think it might be happening; you feel a little bit and then you hear more and more.  It happens very quickly, and I don’t doubt that it will happen to everybody eventually.

Mark:  Thanks Beth.  We love you!

Beth:  I love you all very much!

Mark:  So let’s just say then good night to everybody.  Thank you all for attending.  This was a barn burner, and if you read the transcript, you’ll be even more amazed because it will be hard to remember exactly the importance of some of the things that we shared tonight with each other.  So thank you all very much and good night.

Rama:  May the force be with you.

Tara (laughing):  May the force be with you!  Peace and love!  Don’t worry, be happy!


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  1. mdudley says:

    I find the references to June 21 interesting. I have been wondering what, if anything would happen on that date, since it will be exactly 3 1/2 years before Dec. 21, 2012. Wonder if it will be anything obvious to everyone, or more of an energy shift or things happening behind the scenes. Guess we will know in the next 10 days.


  2. admin says:


    Yes, I believe that is going to be quite a date as well. Mark mentions above a couple times that June 21st is a key date. It’s also a 9-11 date. But then again, so is today… 😉

    I agree – we might know everything in the next 10 days. Or maybe sooner?

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