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Mark & Beth’s Visit to the Aegean Sea


Today, Beth and Mark and the King of Swords and our Special Guides, revisited a special place in the Aegean Sea. Here is the report. We wondered out loud whether it was OK to share with you.

KOS appeared and said: “Share it, Now! Every bit of it!” For those of you who have not been aware of the work that Beth and I have been sharing–much of with our GRT family and team members–I will only say that we are working almost 24/7 on outer and inner planes.

You are neither required to accept or deny. Suspension of disbelief of who and what each and all of us truly are is the best way to open to the wonder of who each and all of you are. Get ready!  You’re gonna get a mind-blowing experience each day hereafter.

Only Love Prevails. Mark

Here is Beth’s letter to Mark summarizing our Solstice visit.

Dear Mark,

How do I love you?

Today you stop by to pick me up. We hug and soak in each other’s energy excited about visiting Inner Earth.
We fly out through the sky over the Earth to the Aegean Sea.

Karelia and Kerlon wait for us in the water. They escort us to the top of the mountain and there waiting is a cloud craft.
They are there in nothing but tail and we are there in nothing and it feels natural. And there is one driving the vehicle and I later realize it is the King of Swords. This is showing us we are our True Selves.

They take us to the lagoon of Bliss and Love, and there are dolphins synchronized swimming, flipping in circles and in the center an Orca whale swims on tail toward us. The sea lions jump out of the water to bark at us and the sea horses swim on their tails nodding, All of the Sea welcoming us home.

I feel the Love/Bliss ecstasy which is the Home Energy. I feel it in my toes and realize we are stepping into the Lagoon for a swim As each water drop permeates every cell of the body with love, love, love. The water is sentient and reminds the saltwater in us, how much it is Loved. It is a Divine feeling.

Kerlon and Karelia dive down and with no worries we breathe in water, we too dive down. It is like we have had ‘Gilly Weed” and for this time here swim easily, as Merpeople, in this water.

They take us to the Halls of the Elder Council.

There are Crones blocking the gates. On our arrival, the Gates are flung open.

We are taken inside. A party awaits us, a feast, and we are the guests of Triton, Neptune and Poseidon, with the Council of Elders of Inner Earth. We are welcomed home, Congratulated and told: This marks the day when Permission is Given from All That Is to open up Inner Earth to Surface Earth Inhabitants. The Council of Elders is here with Mark to Commence the Exchange. The ‘new children’ Golden, Rainbow, Crystal, Indigo, as an example, and all versions of New Children, will, in their dream time, visit Inner Earth to remember all things, and train in new things.

We are shown A Mother and Father, with their permission, and the permission of the Council of Elders, together. Their two children are escorted by their Master Instructors, Karelia and Kerlon, in their dreamtime, to Inner Earth. We are shown, deep in the Council Halls where the landing docks for all forms of craft, from all Star Nations leave and come back to this place for these exchanges. The New Children are taken to the lagoon and go into the water with their Master Tutors, the dolphins. Holographic images above their heads show them All History of All Time, as well as other subjects of instruction. This is learned in their dream time, where they go often, especially the littlest ones who sleep all day. This had started, but Today marks the opening to waves of children invited to learn this way. Kerlon and Karelia see them safely home after each lesson.

Returning to the scene at the feast. The Council of Elders present to us, that which has been under their protection 100s Thousands of years. It is a boulder sized multiple faceted pink diamond brought here by Sanat Kumara from Venus so long ago, when he left his Twin Flame, Venus, to come to Earth to bring in the healings for this time.

This large pink diamond is violet on the edges and pulse pink from the central core and has flickers of rainbow colors throughout.

We are to place this diamond into the area of Crete known as the Pangea Islands in the water of the Aegean. It will float there. It is a collector and a transmitter of energies and it opens the invitation to the children to revisit Inner Earth for training now. We had brought with us a similar smaller diamond as a gift to Inner Earth which will remain here connecting the circuit for the one floating on the Surface of the Aegean Sea.

Into this feast flew Horus, he landed on the table. He became his Man form and stood up and next to him was Isis. They congratulated us and thanked us for being here today, June 21, 2009, Summer Solstice. They brought with them the Solar Disc we had just revisted late last night. Looking into this tremendous light, one sees swirling, undulating energy. You see ripples of energy. We were invited to step into the center of the Solar Disc.

We step in and come into the brightest lint ever traveling back in time. We come out at Arcturus 800 Trillion Years Ago. There is nothing on Arcturus but mountains and clouds. No colors, no structures, no Beings. We are told; You are the creator gods back before there was creation. You saw into the future what had become of Earth in the future. You had vowed from back in time, 800 Trillion Years ago, you would come back to this Now and restore everything with Love. It is necessary for you two to visit each site, even if only energetically, to bring your energy to it and release it back to love. This time it is Done With Only With Love. This time it is a Success.

To all everywhere, My/Our love,



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  1. Smelly says:

    Dear Mark & Beth

    I can not tell you how many tears I have had streaming down my face reading of your travels/missions (i dont know what to call them) This one but also the ones to Venus & Neptune for example.
    I feel your energy come through these messages. You paint such a clear picture for me to imagine. I cry because I long to engage, because I wish with my whole heart to do what you do- restore Gaia. See all her beauty. I wish that that was my dayjob. Reading about the new children who come to learn is too much. I see all these little faces & just realise that they are the rainbow warriors like the legend says- lead by children. Sometimes I can’t believe that all those beautiful fairytales I read as a child are actualy real.
    I appreciate all you do. I will support you when I have the money to do so. Which is soon. Thank you for the reports I don’t think you know how it makes one feel if he/she like me can not remember the Earth’s history or their own pastlifes. It is a gift to our souls. Untill soon when we will all meet & sing & dance around the earth.
    As the Michael Jackson song goes:
    “Harmony | together will join hands and sing of love across the land”
    That is the day I hunger for.
    I send you light and love.
    Stephanie from Holland

  2. Beth says:

    Dear Stephanie,
    Thank you. I am very excited about a time very near where everyone
    can ‘go home’, even if just for a visit. It will be fun talking to
    everyone, excited, when they see this is all for real.
    The dark ones are adept time travelers.
    They have been keeping us away from our true identities.
    It is no mistake our gold coins are minted with the image of the
    Goddess of Liberty. The time for peace is now!
    Much love,

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