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How Does Anti-Gravity Work?


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  1. Soon to be, but currently developing it using Joomla! as a subdomain. First, I appreciate your video very much, and hope it is OK to reference and recommend your website linked from my own site. Also, I trust I can share with you a totally unrelated matter, but one that makes sense and can make your good presentation even more water-tight, grammatically. You said, at around the 2:20 time mark, “Just as the presence of charge produces an electric field, the presence of mass produces a gravitoelectric field, that creates the gravity that keeps you and I grounded to this huge giant chunk of space rock.” When I hear that, I literally hear you say, “…that creates gravity that keeps I grounded to this huge giant chunk of space rock.” You see, break down the personal pronouns to be used individually, and that’s how you put them together. “… that keeps you grounded…”, and “….that keeps me grounded…” —> “…that keeps you and me grounded…”. “you and me”, NOT “you and I”. Each time I hear it is like a dentist striking a bad tooth with a dental hammer [if there is such a thing:]. Anyway, you present yourself as well-studied and intelligent, but that grammar error is missed by statesmen and preachers alike. The reason I feel I can share this with you is because it makes sense like math, and once you learn the pattern of discrete rules equals the combined rule, you will be unable to unlearn it, and you will hear it every single time it is mispoken. Anyway, I admit I digress; I really want to say your video is great, I am learning much quickly re antigravity, and hope to produce a great website that helps the average person have hope in the field of antigravity. Why aren’t there notable examples of craft having been revealed and flown in public??? Blessings to you and thanks again! [oh, please correct my grammar where applicable; I come from a family of grammar-correctors, and I welcome the chance to improve.]

    • john majheur says:

      @david parham: Watch your use of punctuation: “I really want to say your video is great, I am learning much quickly re antigravity…”

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