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Fulford: Maybe all US money center banks shut this Friday


Financial stalemate may drag on until September before final collapse.

The US financial system may not collapse until September 30th of this year, according to our latest intelligence. A new, precious-metals backed system is in place but a split at the highest levels of the US secret government in preventing its implementation. The politicians and generals bribed by the Federal Reserve Board are too greedy to give up their gravy train even though they are leading the US to disaster and collapse. The return of the US to constitutional law and government may also be delayed as a result. However, one source says that all US money center banks will be shut this Friday followed by an end to the Washington D.C. corporation. We shall see.

In Japan as well, the current slave government is delaying its inevitable collapse following elections must be held by September 11th.  There will almost certainly be a truth and reconciliation committee formed after the change in government. The Japanese people will be shocked and disgusted by what it will reveal.

My advice is to rest up this summer and prepare for an exciting autumn.



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  1. lili says:

    Why is it that every time the announcement is getting so near (so they say) it ALWAYS gets pushed forward to some further date? This has been happening for at least a year. Are we being Scamed by some cruel joke? Is there really such a thing as NESARA that is supposed to be announced or is this just a game? I have been a Lightworker for almost 82 years and I am getting weary of (promises) that just keep on keepin on but don’t seem to have a time of fullfillment. What is the Real Truth? Lili

  2. admin says:

    I don’t think that we’re getting scammed at all. I think there’s a little disinformation that rises to the surface. There are a few sources that I trust and Fulford is one of them.

    That being said, is there a chance that he’s wrong? You bet. We’re talking major, major changes here. But we’re down to 19 days before Obama “rests” so there’s a very good chance that we’re getting close.

    There was mention of a 2 week bank shutdown prior to announcements. That would correspond nicely with that day of rest on the 11th of July.

    Now as for the real truth, you have to go by what you feel with that one. I suggest reading Steve Beckow’s last two posts:

    He really helps to sum things up.

  3. adrianIII says:

    I have always wondered about the statements like “Take what you like and leave the rest.” Yes, there is something to be said for using personal discernment, but don’t these statements to some degree relieve our sources of the responsibility of maintaining truthfulness and accuracy? I suppose trust is a matter of discernment as well, and ultimately personal discernment is all we have in looking out at what the universe offers us.

  4. adrianIII says:

    Obama… of the Light or not? Use your discernment.

    Fulford’s blog says this:

    There will be some crucial meetings over the coming days to decide Obama’s fate.

    Since the United States Corporation is bankrupt, there will be some serious meetings over the coming days to determine the fate of Obama and the entire gang of crooks in Washington D.C. Obama is suffering from severe megalomania and may have to be removed from the scene before he becomes dangerous. If the crooks try to cling to power any longer the United States will disintegrate into anarchy and they will eventually find themselves at the mercy of a lynch mob. The Skull and Bones consists of only 600 people and their names have become public knowledge. We offer an amnesty and protection to all Skull and Bones members who wish to defect before it is too late.

  5. admin says:

    It does require a certain bit of discernment. That’s why I like Steve’s post where he did say take what you like and leave the rest. Really, it’s all up to you – and only you.

    Mark has mentioned that Fulford is a key to the elimination of the Illuminati but has also said that he doesn’t have access to the Faction 3 intelligence that many others do. Again, we go back to the above paragraph – take what you like and leave the rest.

    I personally think Obama is the one that is going to handle ALL of this mess and he will NOT be eliminated from his administration.

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