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Beth on Green Op on Mother Earth 22/6/9


We began tonight gathering around the Earth.

Mother Sekhmet and KOS invited us to a ‘Green Op’.

Kau’ila conveyed we would be working on Healing Grids for Earth.

Many joined us, some there were Sananda, Quan Yin, Ashtar, St Germain, Arcturus, Tara/Rama, Beth/Mark, Terrence, Ezra, Ariana, Adama, Mikos and Metatron, with the Platinum Angels and Dr. Lorphan of Sirius and Pele and [Gaia’s consort] Vywamus.

We began the healing tonight by going into each individual Meridian Line and infusing it with love and light. This caused an increase in the vibration for Gaia and her response was a strong increase in energy. Dr. Lorphan showed me how the continents and seas seem solid.

In reality they are a Holographic Grid Matrix. Light and Harmonics hold the Earth’s planetary, solar, galactic, universal and cosmic place in the Energy Grid. This holds every star and planet, every galaxy and universe, with all universes in the Cosmos, on every Dimension all the way back to the God Head (100D).

We then loosened up the Harmonics to infuse love and light between every space in the cells which make up the Earth.

We entered into Gaia’s Etheric Body to infuse love and light.

As we did this, Metatron was infusing it with electric energy, increasing the electric charge of the Mother’s Etheric Body.

The Platinum Angels flew in between the holographic matrix layers to weave platinum light into the Ascension Fabric of Mother Earth.

Next we flew to the Sea Beds. We went down to resurrect certain ancient temples. Atlantian and Lemurian Temples were raised from the Sea Bed. [Steve: I believe this was happening on the etheric levels.] Land below the Seas was appropriately raised, and some land was lowered to accommodate the Corrected Timelines of Earth.

Pele helped with this; it affected undersea volcanoes, tectonic plates and fault lines.

Everything is being restored to its original pristine beauty. The sea water was being cleared with light and love.

We cleaned the atmosphere of Earth of all heavy particles and debris. The atoms which are too heavy were replaced with the more light-filled elements. Now Mother Earth will absorb Cosmic Rays which are lighter than before.

We went next to the poles, North and South. The firmament below the ice caps that divide the waters from the waters was opened up running North and South. This firmament is as a shaft running through Inner Earth. This shaft joins all the tunnels and portals into and out of Inner Earth. We ran light and love through each one opening the way.

Helios and Vesta shone the bright light of the Central Sun through our local sun, shining a much brighter sun over all.

We are able to see, with the firmament of Terra Nova healed, blue sunlight from the Inner Sun, lighting our Night Sky in the form of aurora borealis light, which weaves and dances as the Northern Lights. The Light from the Inner Earth shines Sun Rays out of every tunnel and portal in Earth.

There is a beautiful glow in the sky and Ashtar says: “Yes! You will be able to see this, in the physical, all over Earth. Scientists will be commenting on the uncommon beautiful lights in the sky.”

Mother Earth is glowing as a Star and restored in pristine beauty.

Thank you all for this Earth Healing tonight.

Much love,

P.S.And what happens to Gaia-Vywamus happens to each of us!


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