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Ashtar Telecall – June 2, 2009


ASHTAR – Well good evening everyone. It is so delightful to be here at this family gathering again. Have you popped the cork and started the celebrations yet?   The joy, the bubbling up and all of the celebrations.  It’s done, you know, from where we have this perspective, which is a bit different when you are in the dumpies, discouraged, can’t go another day. We see you and send you love to uplift you into the higher Beingness, because we want to tell you that all that you have long awaited and we know that some of you have been waiting for many years.

And perhaps you’re not feeling as young and spry when you first heard about all of these wondrous events to come. You’ve been gaining wisdom. You’ve been walking through fires and come through the other side and not burned at all; stronger indeed for the trials and tribulations as you like to call them. That’s as apt a description as any for all of the sacrifices that you’ve made.

You’ve been sacrificial bodies a time or two before in order to understand what that feels like. You have the understanding and the wisdom within your being of every possible lifetime and more. You also have the memories of your neighbors, friends, enemies and so on.  You see it’s a very big thing what you have done. That you have come to this place and that you have held the light even when you weren’t feeling like such a light being. Go beyond it and see yourself as we see you. Because you don’t need to carry these memories any more. If you haven’t done some clearings, do it.  If you’re thinking your bank account runs out, that’s the kind of thinking you need to forget in a manner of speaking. Remove it from your entire Beingness by substituting a much higher energy. You can do that thru the dendrite clearings. You all have some capabilities. You can all do everything. Some of you have discovered that you are capable and you are utilizing your abilities.

Chaos going on, you’re right. Guest speaker tonight will give you more of a detailed look. He will call his presentation, the State of the Reunion. Everything so fabulous and looking so wonderful. Do you know, whether you had a vision or just plain sitting around, do you know how many of you came to the same conclusion about the air bus, the mysterious disappearance?  How many of you knew right away?  We thought that would be fun to know and more importantly validation and confirmation.  If you came up with the same answer, the consciousness knew.  There was an observation done by that part of you you’re not always feeling in touch with. If you are wondering the true story, most of you were able to access it. Do you know what an accomplishment that is?  Can you see yourself a year ago being part of the complete number who got it?

I have done many wondrous discussions on this marvelous instrument called the telephone. Somewhat primitive but nevertheless, it is a marvelous instrument on 3D.  We congratulate all of you for being with us tonight.

So, there is another form of communication that requires no little boxes, big boxes or wires and that’s called telepathy. You accessed your telepathic capabilities and you tuned in and you got the information.  So you tuned in and you got it, you see. And there are a few as there are many on planet earth who still have some doubts about their capabilities to enter into telepathic communication. Perhaps we can help a bit. Let’s clarify. It just means that you don’t need anything except wonderful you. The parts involved are of course your brain, your heart, your emotional and your mental body, your spiritual connection. It can go from you to your higher self to the other self.  If you want to see it that way, that’s a good accurate picture. Here’s you and here’s the other one.

Let me share something with you. You’re actually it with the one we all are. Every thought you put out is felt in some manner; is received and sometimes acknowledged with the one we all are. We are all connected by the energy of love. When you put out a happy joyful bubbly thought, you’re benefiting the world.  We hope that does a little to dispel doubts about your capabilities.

You are awesome and you are infinite in all that you can do. We barely touched on one tiny aspect on the influence that you have.  Just reach out.  Send a message from you. See it going out to so many that you can’t begin to count.  Imagine all of these wondrous thought forms, they call them; really they are just energy. They look like waves if you want to give them a look see. They’re all light. You can change the dark spot into light energy. That’s what you do with q-tipping anyway. All you are doing is giving that particular spot a whiteness, a lightness, you’re using the transmutational capabilities that you have. You are totally able to use the violet ray of transformation any time you choose. You have ascended masters, angels and all kinds of loving beings who are right there with you.

[Missed a few sentences]

I, Ashtar, shall beam all of you. I have multi-tasking capabilities.  Lighten up. Be joyful. And hugs if you wish or receive hugs from

When you reach out and allow yourself to be touched, you are connecting with your family. You’re connecting with people who live in other places whom you’ve never met, at least you don’t think you have met them. In this lifetime they may seem to be strangers. The reality is we’re all one. So it is that you reach out and you are answered or connected with or touched in some manner by the one we all are. You can do this on an individual basis. Perhaps your sister lives miles across the country and you miss them. Send them love; it works.

The atmosphere you live in is moving into the higher vibrational status and is, therefore, more conducive to these telepathic connections. You are finding it easier and easier. Sometimes it’s a random thought. You may be driving down the highway and another car is coming the opposite direction. For some reason or other, you feel like smiling at the occupants of that car. You know you’ve never met them. You could be that they were beaming you, saying “Hello stranger, I send you greetings on the highway.” Could be this soul family connection?  We’re all one; we’re all family which leads me to say to you, “Get ready.”  This is the time, as never before, from everyone to look into everyone else and say ‘hello family. Hello brother, hello sister. We are all one.” Can you imagine?   It’s not going to be imaginary for much longer. It won’t be done by telepathic or whatever. You’ll turn on your television set and there it is; the long awaited moment and you’re not going to be waiting so very much longer. “no dates.”  However, you’re not going to be saying it much longer.

We told you before, it’s already done. Nothing will stop it no matter what those black op guys try to do. They tell so many lies that they are turning light because you’re shining the light. They can’t hide. They are doing what they are doing because they are programmed and wanting to stay within their boxes of comfort because it’s all they know. Those who are stepping outside of their boxes, and there are many, will be quite pleased.  I choose to come to the light. I have relinquished my dark hat. I now wear the hat of the light. Imagine. And you may already have some glimmers of whom those former dark hats are and that’s fine. Keep it going. The more you beam them with the light of truth. Excalibur is ready to use all of the time. The more you send them, the more you’re going to appeal to their heart spaces. Yes, they do have hearts. We don’t need to go into qualifications. Human body clones. Holograms or whatever. The important thing is that they are willing to have their programming shut off and they can be reprogrammed and we’re talking about the program of love.  It’s not dictatorial.

Be in appreciation of all in your surroundings, because beloved ones, it’s time to get out your teaching tools if you haven’t already. The time is short; very short. You have asked and you have accepted the missions of standing tall in your truth and sharing it.  In most cases your audience has been somewhat limited. Perhaps you can do some exercises to assist those who have been in disbelief. Their consciousness is not allowing it to sink in.  These ones aren’t in touch with it. They would rather deny it because they are set in their ways; they like their boxes. They are comfortable with them and they are feeling somewhat challenged right now. They are starting to get these messages leaking thru. They are looking at some of the news programs that are honest and truthful and are starting to understand that big changes are coming.

There is no reason for them to go and get some opinion from those with letters after their names if you are having some difficult. If no cause can be found in 3D, look to the energies of love. There are plenty of teachers teaching that. You are all asked to share in that either directly passing them on. Pay it forward or  simply saying “I know someone who can help you. Call this person or call that person.”  There are many ways you can be helpful to make it thru these days of change which have started.

It’s just like “first contact”.  First contact multiple exponential of times and then there’s official first contact which will take place on the official announcement. If you think people are going to have a bit of trouble, just imagine the troubles when somebody says, “Yes Virginia, there are star seeds among us. They are our family and we welcome them. Some may not appear to be as familiar as human form but we embrace them all. They come in love. They come to share. They come to help us.”

There are many stories in the his story of the so called “new world”.  Explorer said there’s all this great land out there. Let’s claim it.  We’ll send some people to live there.  People who were there first had various responses to the comings of the people who had not been there to live.

[Missed about 5 minutes]

Get your teaching tools ready. Be ready to share your love and all of your wisdom and all of your practical tips for feeling welcome in the entire dimensions of existence. There are many things that are going to happen during these most powerful months. And so it is for you to feel absolutely secure within yourself to clear up any issues of doubt that you have; get your q-tips ready and be in as peaceful a state as you can possibly be in. do your meditation; that can help.   Or whatever it is that you feel comfortable, connected and in touch with and most of all be ready; turn on that television. You’ll all know about a minute before the announcement.

Be tuned in and then do your service. It is most joyful and it’s why you’re here. You’re here to serve yourself and all of humanity and all of Mother Gaia’s kingdom and the entire universe beyond. The spotlight is on you.  Be confident and be comfortable.

I, Ashtar, recommend that you take my word for it and that you joyfully proceed upon your ascension path. So we have provided a glimpse. We have one next who will be perhaps a bit more specific. He shall be entitling his discussion “The State of the Reunion.”  I thank you for coming to listen to renew and restore your enthusiasm for using all of your capabilities to the fullest and making all of those who still have their eyes closed welcome this brand new ascended planet earth and the rise, the ascension path is about to get joyful for the world. Pop the corks and start the celebration. And so it is.

State of the Reunion
St.Germain addressing the June 2, 2009 teleconference:

“Greetings everyone, it is I, St. Germain. I have to tell you that I am excited and I popped a few corks listening to Ashtar speak. Well he already told you that I chose, I volunteered, to come and be in discussion with you this evening about what I am calling ‘The State of the Reunion.’   We are discussing the greater whole that is what you call the countries, as they are known, as well as the individuals, and because my particular focus for the moment is, as is appropriate, in the country of the United States with extensions particularly to the countries of Canada and Mexico as neighbors, beloved neighbors, and there are other countries in the world whose citizens prize and value sovereignty, freedom, liberty, freedom of speech, freedom to determine their own lives and make their own way without an unending barrage of government rules and regulations which are, as it turns out, designed specifically to benefit the few at the expense literally of the many.

“So speaking of expense, let us assure you that the organization that you know, well some of you know it as the ‘Infernal Revenue Service,’ we know that, we heard that, so we shall repeat it just to let you know that we are indeed connected with you all, but it is more commonly known as the IRS. And this organization is preparing to close its doors for all purposes except to provide refunds.  Now there is another department which has nothing to do with the collection of your hard-earned money, or should we say the confiscation of it if you don’t willingly hand it over.  And that is the department which will be absorbed, and we are proposing under the Department of Peace, a Department of Humanitarianism or humanitarian projects. And those who receive funds will need to keep track of the funds. They’ll need to be absolutely certain that their bank accounts are in order, that all is in good order as far as their allocations and what they budget their various funds for. And they may be able to receive some assistance from this new Department which will be loved-based, compassionate and simply in existence to serve the people.

“There will be no more involuntary collections of hard-earned funds because nobody is going to have to work hard to earn their funds. The dollars are ready. The printing has taken place. They are being kept in a safe and secure location. Yes we can confirm that there have been attempts by those whom you call the dark hats to, shall we say, confiscate those funds and they’ve really had their hearts set, well heart set, shall we say mind set on the gold and the silver and the platinum and the other precious metals which gives life, credibility and meaning in exact amounts so as to be totally fair worldwide to these dollars. That’s in the past.  All is in readiness behind the scenes to handle the change-over which will be monumental but nevertheless is entirely doable, and as Ashtar has told you, indeed from his perspective and from mine, it is done.

“So be rest assured, each and every one of you has an account established in a bank of higher dimensional existence. Let us put it that way.  The banks may have familiar names and the buildings may be familiar to you too, but they are, well to borrow another expression, they are being Q-tipped as we speak. And so we thought that you would appreciate that news. And so we can also tell you that the government agencies, just as you are all known, all of those within those agencies are known, and it is very clear what color hat that each individual is wearing. And so there is Q-tipping going on there too, as well as preparations, because this is a Reunion. It is a Reunion of each individual with their own God/Goddess self, their own Divinity, their own All That They Are, as well as a Reunion of the All That We Are, the Ones.  It’s multi-dimensional. It has to be because you exist in the higher dimensions than three, as well as you are straddling, shall we say, between three and higher even now, as we gather together.

“You are much more than 3D.  We are asking you to reach out and help those who still want to be in 3D and help them to reunite with the All That They Are. And this is a Reunion and a most, shall we say, overdue Reunion, for the people of each country and each region to come together and recognize and celebrate their oneness. Yes, there’s diversity and that too is to be celebrated. There are stories and habits and customs that can be shared with great joy as people get to know each other on a very conscious level. But there’s this Reunion of faith in each other, of a sense of excitement and adventure as people come together.  And there is a Reunion of hearts going on, where people can come together and say, ‘I Forgive, I forgive the ones who sent my sons and daughters to lay down their bodies in a foreign land, I forgive them their lives, I recognize that we came to this country at some time or other in order to come together as people, to be what you call the melting pot and to be as one under Mother/Father/God, not to set up barriers and boundaries to keep everyone else out, but to welcome all who wanted to be here, and at the same time to have the freedom to go some place else if we so desire to get to know people all around the world.’

“And now you are going to get to know people from out of this world as well, and this is a grand Reunion as well, is it not?   And so it is not so much what we call patriotism as ‘matriotism’ – there is a big difference.  We are bringing the female into balance and into alignment and we are saying, ‘Wake Up, hug each other, and recognize the oneness and come together in your hearts and forgive all.’  Because whether you have someone – a loved one who passed over, left their body in a war, or left their body in a hospital bed all miserable because the drug companies overloaded them, or whether they were in some kind of an accident that could have been prevented had there not been fumes that exploded, or whatever, it matters not, come together and then reach out and forgive each other for whatever part you played in the drama.

“Your reunion with all of those whom you have grieved for is imminent anyway so you really will be all One joined and reunited.  And there is no need anymore for you to say ‘My Country’ is better than your country, my dollar is worth more than yours, and better yet, there will be absolutely no need to have any kind of a mind-set that says you are a better person than anyone else.  There is going to be  equality, the like of which has not been seen on Planet Earth for eons.  When you know that everyone around you is a multi-millionaire in terms of finances, how can you possibly think that anybody is better than you are because they have any more money, and we are not speaking of you Beloved Ones, we are speaking of what you teach others.  You already know this, the lessons of this.

“When everybody can be 30-something or whatever they want, how could you possibly think that you have some kind of superior athletic capability or some kind of superior mind power or whatever.  It’s all gone.  Of course you will retain your individuality, that’s not what we are speaking of here, we are simply saying that those societal markers of difference, those programs that say that one being is better than another or is entitled to live a life of luxury while someone else, many someone elses, are miserable, that’s over.  It was a contractual, bi-lateral contract, you know what that means, it means that everybody agreed to participate, it was two-sided but it was all of those on the one side who said, ‘Look, we are going to live in luxury while you starve,’ and the ones who were starving agreed to starve.  Now add to this the fact that in the last lifetimes, the roles were reversed.  You see everybody had to experience everything that they could in order to come to this point of wisdom, in order to have their hearts really opened to each other, in order for them to say I have walked in your shoes, I have compassion for you because I know what it feels like, maybe not from this lifetime you might see me as having everything I need, but I know what its like.  So this BIG Reunion is occurring now and it is moving forward so beautifully and with such great light.

“And so we are going to ask you to just relax and breathe and join in a little bit of a journey into what you call the Future.

“And so just relax and close your eyes and find that joy place, that place within your heart, and find that it also contains the wisdom and the peace and a centered kind of calmness.  Oh you can be excited about the journey, but you know already the outcome of it.   We are bringing that Reunion forward into this Now moment.

“And so we ask that you go into your heart and draw it to you even as you move toward it.  And when we say it, we are talking about a place where you are comfortable, the temperature is absolutely perfect, you are totally relaxed and calm, there is no such thing as a care or a worry.  You might wish to go to a beautiful garden and smell the beautiful flowers, and enjoy the trees and hug them, and enjoy the fountains and all that is there.  You might wish to go to the seashore or the mountain top, or you might wish to be in your own home state, wherever it is.

“And now without actually looking at it, we want you to see a calendar which just says Future Time As You Know it. Take yourself out of this moment and fast forward, fast forward they say, fast forward into Moments that they call your Future, which is really your Now anyway, but we shan’t explain anymore, just bring it to you as you move towards it in any manner that is comfortable for you.

“And this Future Moment is one in which the great announcements have already been made, you have already welcomed, rolled out many red carpets for all of the visitors who come from the Stars and the planets beyond Earth. You have had the opportunity to meet and hug at least one if not more representatives from that place you call Inner Earth and that whole network of it’s cities.  If you want to take a moment to peek at your bank account balance, you can put lots of zeros after the dollars there.   You have the ability now to say I would like an orange, and in the next moment for whatever reason an orange appears.

“And so it is for you to now focus upon the other ones who are there.  Others in human bodies, some you have already greeted and hugged and some you have yet to do.  And you exchange communications telepathic and otherwise, and you say, ‘I am so glad you’re here in this moment with me.’  This is the grandest Reunion ever, ever, ever in the Universe.   Here we all are, here are the angels, here at the fairies, here are our starseed brothers and sisters, here are all representatives of all of the kingdoms of planet Earth, here are representatives of all of the countries on planet Earth, and country is now pretty much a ceremonial word which simply denotes places that you’ve been, and places that you will yet travel to – in peace, in safety and with such Love.

“And so now Beloveds, picture yourselves getting reacquainted at this Reunion, exchanging stories from this life and others. Ah-ha I recognize you, gather in a palace in a kingdom long ago, oh, there is King Arthur, I must stop and thank him for the codes of honor that he bestowed upon not only his kingdom, but as an example for all of planet Earth.  Oh, there is someone else whom I honor and feel connected with, I am so excited to be here hugging, oh, and I shall stop a moment to admire the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the sacred documents from all over the world which are the cornerstone, the foundations of the freedoms that we enjoy, and the compassion and the caring and the sharing.  Here are the great Masters, the Teachers, and I am so overjoyed to be reunited with all of them.  And I am so delighted to be able to tell them at this Reunion that I, too, have my gifts, my abilities and that I am using them to serve humanity even as others serve me, to serve Planet Earth even as all of the kingdoms serve me, I am in joy, I am One with All.   And this Reunion need not ever end.

“That which has now begun, that which is now assured on Planet Earth, is for all time and in all places, in all parts of the Universe, assured and in completion even as it is beginning.  There is no place where you will not be welcomed in the Universe, and yes you can revisit places that you have been to before, and reunite with those there who are so anxious to have you come.  Even as you enjoy Reunions with all who are there right now with you, stop and greet each other and if you find yourself alone as a body of one in a room, then stop and send greetings out to this family.  This is the grandest Reunion that ever has been and ever shall be, because it is our homecoming to each other Beloved Ones.

“And I, St. Germain, am so honored and grateful to you for allowing me to come and share this with you and for calling me forth to be in service as we move more firmly into the Golden Age and the Age that NESARA brings.

“And so it is I honor you, and I thank you.


Many thanks to Jan Chapman for these real-time notes.


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