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New US Treasury Notes!!!

These are indeed the real deal. Cheers! MarkHuber

Are these the new NESARA notes?  MAYBE!!! If you click this link, you will be redirected to a site that buys currency and he specifically names these notes “Rainbow Bills”.





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  1. Eagle5 says:

    If you check out the main site its a jewler and numismatics business selling and purchasing rare OLD US notes. These ARE NOT Nesara US Notes, but rather notes from the 1860’s

  2. spirit2012 says:

    These are beautiful notes, I wish they were pictures of the real Rainbow currency. Hope the new ones are as beautiful. I caught Naomi Kline on the Rachel Maddow show today, she was great in echoing the pulse of America.and telling it like it is. I hope Obama was watching, he does like her show.

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