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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – May 7, 2009


Mother Sekhmet Telecall: May 7, 2009

Transcribed by: Jan, Jules, Mike Walkeris, and Annie Beam
Edited by Andrew McManus

Part 1: Tara and Rama’s Briefing

Rama: Everybody is starting to rattle the big cages in terms of talking about war crimes tribunals. These guys are trying to create confusion and disorder, just like always, even to the point where we’re using the cell phone.

I have a little story to tell: I went to go see the Poppy Lady today to get the update on what’s shaking on the big story. I got to sit with these two old Afghani farmers that have, in a sense, become mucho hadine at the time when the Russians were invading Afghanistan. These folks now are just old Afghan militia farmers.

They are in a sense done, over with, you know the war; they’re over here. They just told me this story about when 9/11 occurred, there were all these black ops coming into Afghanistan, even before 2001, in 2000 and in 1999 and 1998. There were already black ops that were invading Afghanistan of the C_A, the N_A, the F_I, all the three letter agencies, need I go on; it’s all about the white lady.

Tara: You’re talking about China White.

Rama: China White.

Tara: That’s the India Company and the British.

Rama: Bush Sr.’s drug of choice that has turned him into a multi-billionaire and all these other characters.

Tara: Trillions of them.

Rama: And our lovely black ops; this is the big story that funds all the black operations going on. NASA and all the other agencies are just fronts for the black ops crime. Today I had a little talk after I got done hanging out with these two Afghani farmers, but back to their story.

What they told me is that when the US invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, they did not honor the gate of the jinn, and you have to honor the gates of the jinn, in order to enter that part of the world.

They said they called him the GI Joe.

: Yes, I was trying to be polite and they literally, their world, Afghanistan is not what I remember it back in the 70s; it has been turned into a nuclear graveyard almost.

Tara: It was Persia; it was part of Persia and Iran was too and Turkey was. They just carved it up in the 1920; the British had a little war going on in the 1920s, and they got a hold of the whole thing, and then they carved it up.

Rama: These farmers, they told me that the jinn had been not honored. When you come to the Middle East, you honor the jinn; you bring them a gift of energy like fire and some form of a gift of fire; that is what they told me.

They didn’t quite interpret the form of tangible matter that I can call it. What the Afghan farmers were saying is that the American, the US forces did not honor the jinn by entering the gates of Persia and the gates of Baghdad, which are the ancient cities of Babylon. And since, what’s going on through time of the 9th through the 11th, all the jinn, the elements of fire are working with the energies of, you might call them, the meridians of the planet, where they are opening up the energies of fire to cleanse and purify.

It is not to say that it is energy out of alignment where we are going to have earthquakes or any other sort of bad stuff; it is simply that the jinn are turning up the heat a little bit as it were to get everyone’s attention. They are like the elementals of fire, and they work with very high energies. What the KOS told me; he was with Jack Rice today (Jack Rice has been on Keith Olbermann and is ex-CIA; he has a show on Air America).

They both just said `it’s over.’ These folks have nothing left; the only card they have is their fear card; the secret card art of war called fear, fascination with the dark. They have their fancy toys from Area 51 that are currently being deactivated by the forces of light. I have heard that somewhere between 70 and 80% of the dragons are gone. I pass the talking stick.

Tara: Wait a minute. I just wanted to say we just had a visitor come here and bring us . . . remember this when Dove; there are four moving trucks (whatever you call them) trailer trucks. They all have these nicely, neatly painted signs about Nesara. In the background is the Capital building.

That stood there for at least three days or something. I thought that was pretty unique. Benjamin Fulford really clipped everybody’s wings, and these are just the highlights. It says here a new financial system has been setup already, yet the owners of the Fed board do not want to give up their dollar printing process.

This is him alluding to Nesara. The result is a stalemate. The identities of the people at the top fighting the Feds worldwide need to keep their names secret for protection. He’s talking about Faction 3 – the King of Swords and all the White Knights. There are several groups who have huge physical holdings of gold and treasure who are united in opposing fiat-based monetary systems.

Then he makes in a big red sign, he says the Feds are being fought by the royal families and the industrialists, who have real treasures or make real things. Then they go on and at the very end he says the treasures I know about can only be used to serve the greater good, as determined by a very secret yet benevolent society.

This society supports the creation of the new monetary system that is more than fair to the people of the world and all living creatures of this planet. He says at the very end, the Federal Reserve board is bankrupt, and all of its owners can only do one thing and that is waste time, play the fear card and threaten to spread disease and war. I pass the talking stick.

Part 2: Mother Sekhmet’s Briefing

MS: Greetings! In the light of the most Radiant One, in the office the Christ and only in the office of the Christ, we invoke the loving energies of St. Germaine and the Violet Flame.

Tara: We are so grateful for you to be (inaudible) with all of us. I really am knowing that Mother’s Day is here and Mother’s Day means you’re going to sing, right Mother?

MS: Hmmm. Greetings, wondrous beings of light and love, peace and joy. Happy Mother’s Day early, since we aren’t going to be on the phone on Sunday doing the energies. It is time, we would just say, all of that which is termed your Galactic / Intergalactic forces are showing up. It is in the nick of time.

We will just say we’re only making a bad joke worse. We have been here forever, and we will cut to the chase. It is about the war crimes tribunals that have to occur in order to move forward with the energies. As this planet achieves this ascension, you along with her, as Terra Nova unfolding.

You don’t have to go hide in the underground chambers. We will say there are shiftings occurring on many levels. It has to do with all of the energies of all of the beings that make up air, earth, fire, water, ether; all of these energies of matter, anti-matter shifting your reality to one of oneness. The dark hats don’t like it one bit.

They are grand, old obsolete party. The only card they’ve got is fear, and it is not working any more. No Osama. No Saddam. Mr. George hiding out in his compound with his Eye of Sauron watching all of you.

We will just say all of it is coming to a quick conclusion, because the energies are moving up in magnitude, in which we cannot begin to fathom the understanding of what we would say. Only in the sense, every atom, everywhere, every molecule is shifting into a higher octave, including within the dark hats.

Therefore, the black hats turned to white. Oh my God, we’re not making any racial slurs; it is simply about energies shifting because it is at this time. (inaudible) It is time to do the Mahakumba, where we all gather and listen to the voices of Baba G and others, as they tell their stories of timelessness.

It is that reality unfolding. All of these ones. Buddha’s birthday with his Quan Yin, and we would say, this Wesak Valley is quite crowded with energies of all sorts. Yet, it is at a level in which what we would say, how to get there, how to get a photograph of this or image. We would say, you have to go there through the remote viewing process. As you ask for it, it is there; therefore, you are, I think. It is about that.

You ask for it, and it is there. You want to go? Show up. Already it is unfolding. We would just say that time is nigh where as we are beings of creative thoughts, gods; as we heard the dear Lady Master, Ms. Harder say, we are gods. Use it now. Get to Shamballah, the greater Wesak Valley. All of this, you have at your disposal.

We would say the time is nigh where all of what you have asked for unfolding now; yet and still, sharks abound. Got to feed the sharks, and they will be rounded up in the nets and moved to a different dimensional reality. We will just say they aren’t going to feed themselves. It is that bad in the sense of what is exposing, as Rachel used to call it, the slimy underbelly of the politics of the right wing scheme machine.

They have no more schemes, except the crazy logic that the end times are here. In that sense, yeah, they are here but not for you, for them. It is because they have to make an octave leap (jump). We would say that is a quantum leap for them to go from dark to white. No bad jokes here; only trying to use your language in a way in which we describe energy based out of its time/space continuum that has run its course. We now complete all of what has to happen. This is why we would say, as what you have been hearing about in the 9th to 11th, of (inaudible) final moments where as what has been said, there will come a time where all the indigenous people of all nations can come and voice their grievances at the house of Mica – World Congress.

It is unfolding as we speak, where the things are lining up, and the Sirian Ambassador is doing what he needs to do. Yet the sharks around him are feeding each other alive, as you have been watching. No more Fed. The Federal Reserve is gone. They have a prop; stand-up, cut-out, if you will, like those early Western steps, where if you go behind the step, it is all held up with 2 x 4s.

That is what is holding up this holographic program, 2x4s and duck tape, plastic. Isn’t that what Adolph Ashcroft told you to be worried about? Hmm. Nothing to fear except the only thing, they want to play with their ancient, evil toys from Area 51. They are not without a few darts. Yet, if you are like Professor Xavier, you can withstand a few darts. It is simply we’re not going to go there.

The 13 crystal skulls under (inaudible). You could say right now there is an electric new frequency running through them which is called the Tesla Coil, one of the brave monks who is tied in with Kumdu.

He was told to go and spark it so the Tesla coil lit. We are just saying what has been said, when all 13 crystal skulls light up and Ziggarats are in place, fully operational, full power, the grid goes up across your planet. Nothing gets in and nothing gets out except living light and living love. That is what is happening now with the energies moving into every subatomic particle of light. We pass the talking stick.

Part 3: Mother Sekhmet Q&A

MODERATOR: How come we’re not seeing the ships over the Wesak Valley, in Tibet and where there is all kinds of activity going on right now?

We would say that got [inaudible] other news agencies on the net that are in your western agencies of lies.

TARA: That’s right. Yet and still, Mother, there is going to be a full decloaking within a week of the announcement, is that correct?

MS: Yeeessss!

TARA: On this date, NESARA will be announced simultaneously with their presence. Correct?

MS: Yes.

TARA: So is Ashtar going to be on the stage and St. Germain and [Lady Master] Nada?

MS: We’ll let the Captain and the Admiral speak for themselves concerning their schedules of duty. We would not want to overstep the Captain’s bounds.

TARA: Also, I don’t know if you told everybody about your conversation with King of Swords and that gentleman.

MS: Mr. [Jack] Rice. He is ex-CIA.

TARA: He was on “Air America” with who?

MS: He was with this guy that. . . this was a character sitting in for Ron Kube. He called at a break with KOS to tell us that, it is at this point, where what is unfolding about the energy of final moments where [the] world court may call [a] press conference to announce its national arrest warrants for Bush, Cheney, Rice and Powell.

TARA: It has to do with the outing of a covert CIA agent, Valerie Plume, right?

MS: Yeah and the gagging of Ms. Sybil Edmunds where she can tell her story.

TARA: And on Tuesday was it when Don Siegelman got on “Air America”?

MS: Was when Peter B. Collins laying it out in lavender, the Blackwater, how they like to torture you and play games like they do in Abu Ghraib, Bagram and other black sites that they don’t wish to talk about. Something out of the more deranged where “The Orks” are fighting over the spoils. You were on the rack.

TARA: Yes, Mother. And he was tortured and in solitary confinement and in shackles. And the orders for Blackwater to pick up, you know they just took up, they put on the garb – they look like the police but they’re not. Karl Rove sends them out; they put him in solitary confinement and tortured him for 9 solid months. They electrocuted his testicles. This is the kind of genocide we are talking about.

MS: Yes.

TARA: This was on “Air America” radio. So this is all over because Karl Rove wants these folks dead.

A dear sister that called from Indiana said her son was arrested on a DUI. He had not been drinking at all. They wanted him and to silence his mother, too. They literally tortured this boy. He had been out only one [day?] and Benjamin Fulford got him out in 2007.

How he did that was he [Fulford] went forward and told the powers-that-be that he would make it an international incident. You are torturing, in your country and you will not get out of this. They gave him [the boy] up. Then the black ops went around the back door and arrested him again. This is the ultimate [moment] when all the millions of people in our jails are going to be released. There is a very minute amount of people who need rehabilitation.

MS: All coming to an end. We pass the Talking Stick.

MARIETTA ROBERT: We have a lot of questions. The one thing that is at the beginning is just how grateful everyone is and how much love they send to Mother from their heart. Just so appreciated.

We’ve talking about in the near future, we will know the history and our history. But if we have just a moment, please tell us about Zamoixis.

You want to know about Pakistani intelligence? We are [not?] familiar with this process and there are many cultures. Truth is one; paths are many. There are 200 million different civilizations that are just here on this planet; many have yet to come out and share what they know. Will say the mammo are some of them that are a disparate group of galactic visitors who come from Andromeda.

TARA: Originally Barack came from Andromeda. He went with you.


TARA: Serious. He was attending the Council of 9 as the 9th one for the last thousand years. Correct?

Yes. There are many we are not familiar with. We will check the galactic records.

MARIETTA ROBERT: Why are the ships at the poles called the Wingmaker ships?

MS: The Wingmakers come from your future. We come from your future which is our past. We will say that an edict went out, a planetary distress signal that went out, 175 million years into your future where an interplanetary, intergalactic war took out 1/3 of [the] Milky Way galaxy. [It’s] not going to happen again.

That’s why we are all here along with the Wingmakers to change this time line now so that NESARA gets announced and you get your blessing and we get to move to a higher octave of energy. You get to spend time in our group to see what it’s like to be a god. We are just most humbled you have made the request to take our place in the sense of the understanding that you want to be gods/goddesses; you are already.

We share the [inaudible] equally. We get to do this together. The Wingmakers are here as part of the contingency forces to make sure the time lines are corrected so that there are no frayed edges, no fuzzy issues of moles slipping through time lines like before when they liked to play.

TARA: Didn’t the Wingmaker #15, didn’t the King of Swords work with him in some way?

MS: Yes. They alternated him.

TARA: Oh, the #15 Wingmaker is the director of the ACIO, the Alien Contact Intelligence Organization. That is where the Ashtar Command and Ashtar is the ancient Mayan return of the prince king of Palenke when the Zetas came in and put us through a nuclear winter except for one thing, the women of the Black Widow Society of the ancient Mayans.

(And all the ancient Mayan wars of the entirety of Turtle (?) island.) So what did they do? They, the galactic Ashtar Command, intervened back then along with the women and the crystal skulls were used as communication devices to signal the ships; they were picked up. There was some other ugly stuff going on then. Even in the Mayan culture. We’ll talk about that later.

MS: Yes. We pass the Talking Stick.

MARIETTA ROBERT: Again, thank you so much for doing this conference call. Question: “I heard some time ago that a photon belt between now and 2010 will send this energy surge and it may disrupt the world wide electricity for 2 to 3 months.”

I have heard this for 2 or 3 days not 2 or 3 months.

MS: This is not what we understand as the energies of what Alcyone brings. We would just say that this is maybe something that Dick Cheney [is] cooking up.

TARA: He can’t cook these things up any more.

MARIETTA ROBERT: The fear part.

MS: Yes. We are just saying nothing to fear about the photon belts.

TARA: Those ships. The photon belt was only going to cause 3 days of darkness – that was back in August 11, 1999. That only would have happened if the Earth went into the opening first. That is not what happened.

The sun went in first. And the sun is not a burning thing; it is actually ice cold inside. It is not, we might say, harmful but for what the pollution has caused and the rays coming in; that has been mended. Right? The Ashtar Command?

MS: Yes. [inaudible] sun turned to helium sun.

TARA: And so it was done in April on the 22nd, Earth Day. For the last year and a half, we have had stellar ships over the North and South Pole; they are balancing the axial excursion (?) so we don’t have a total polar shift in the process of this transition.

That means you have to slow down. That is why Barack Obama is the only one that could really help us because he is a member of the Ashtar Command and he has been working with them in every lifetime for the last thousand years in order to be the [inaudible] at this time which will till the soil and not leave one stone unturned. To turn this earth back into Mother’s nurturing force for all of her children. I pass the Talking Stick.

MARIETTA ROBERT: Greetings. About the Wesak Valley celebrations going on now. Elaborate on what’s happening there and the sacred time with the Ascended Masters and the galactics; does this happen every year or is this year extra special? I understand that we can visit Wesak ceremonies in the etheric. Please tell us how to do that. I have several questions and that’s kind of a summary of all of them.

MS: What we would say is unfolding is many, various intergalactic cultures gathering in Wesak Valley. Many thousands of crafts, along with inhabitants that are there, along with Ascended Masters, along with the brotherhoods, along with the Nameless Ones; it has to do with the time is now for peace.

How that is being brought about is at this Wesak energy of Buddha’s birthday comes in, it creates such a frequency, at the same time, with the Holy Mother’s day of honoring the goddess, the feminine, great Mother Goddess. It is bringing in a frequency that shifts it from one of war to one of love. Therefore, why fight?

What is there to fight about? Maybe because it’s night instead of day? Or day instead of night? Ridiculous stuff like that. It is such a challenge to get beyond what this thing called master gurus in India, the “monkey-mind”. Taking you on a royal ride to hell; only your choice. You can choose to be in the frequency of love, right now.

These ones they are the forces of light that are gathering because they know the seriousness of the energies of the time and yet the Sirian Ambassador has to parade the game as the actor on the stage until St. Germain tells him otherwise. That time is extremely imminent if not immediate in the sense that they have nothing left other than the rug to be pulled out from under them.

We see the Correspondents Dinner coming up; maybe this Saturday. Huh? Maybe Steve Colbert will come to roast a few folks.

TARA: Like he did last time in 2006?

Don’t know. Maybe Rachel Maddow will come to join him.

TARA: Well, remember the first time that Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame were front row center right above him. He was giving his thing and [inaudible] Laura and Cheney and – who else was up there? They were all absolutely being turned inside out in front of the public. Chief of Staff of the Supreme Court, Judge Rehnquist, and who else, Scalia, was laughing.

MS: Your judicial, legislative and executive branches are going to get a makeover and it ain’t going to be done by Oprah; it is going to be done by us.

MARK: An extreme makeover?

MS: Yes. An extreme makeover. We pass the Talking Stick.

TARA: 9/11; Saturday to Monday was Mother’s birthday right in the middle. Tuesday, is the 12th; I was just wondering [went into the song about the 12 days of Christmas].

MS: My birthday is 8/8. Hawaiian’s Day.

TARA: Your birthday is also Mother’s Day, too right now, the return of the Divine Mother.

MS: Yeeeesss.

MARIETTA ROBERT: Observation from my online banking. Normally, they do updating every night. Posted on my bank’s website is it will not be available from 12 am to 6am or 6 hours because they will be doing major upgrades. My thought is a possibility could this be connected with the changes that we are having or is it just a coincidence or does it have real meaning because of the 5 days notice? [This was paraphrased.]

MS: Maybe they are getting NESARA compliant. They don’t know how to say that in everyday language.

TARA: That’s 72 hours from when the full Buddha arrives. I understand that means, that’s an edict.  Then we have earth alignment for arresting anything not in alignment with the new age of alignment with the central intelligence of the Mayan midpoint in Day Six.  This was known for all time, wasn’t it Mother?  (yes)  That’s why these guys started planning for 9/11 in 1946.

They thought they could shift the timeline to get you as slaves for eternity, and they still want to but they can’t.

Tara: They are completely bankrupt as per Benjamin Fulford.

MARIETTA ROBERT: It is 2 days after the full moon when the banking change takes effect.   It seemed significant that they announced this so far ahead of time because that is not a usual amount warning time for a shut down.

TARA: It is 3 days because it starts at 1 minute after midnight Sat. morning to 1 after midnight Monday morning

MARIETTA ROBERT: After decloaking or the landings we’ll be receiving guidance as to what we are to do.  They are wanting some clarity or what could that look like?

MS: We would just say, as we are stepping in here with the energies, you are going to feel an increase of the love frequencies where we increase the magnitude of the vibrations coming in.  Less incidents of violence will occur and more frequencies of calm will create such a wave of energies on your planet that as that occurs and peace is declared, therefore, no wars going on.

We will have ship counselors and others to help increase your understanding the wisdom that will come that will aid you in merging with the understanding of becoming part of intergalactic confederation of worlds in the sense we introduce you to another way of looking at realty, life in planetary universal sense rather than singular.

Mark: What about the grids, mother

MS: As the grids are, as everything moves up in frequency, even that that has been used for darkness, the frequencies of living light and living love will transform the molecular structure into a structure of light, we would think that matter in of itself, it does not resist like human emotions do as the frequency changes, it goes along with the change.

It is part of the physics in the sense as it goes from ordinary metal goes to an alloy of the mono atomic gold structure, moving up in octaves so becomes super conductive of conducting the frequencies of living light, living love. Hmmm almost like turning all of the minerals on your planet into magnets of love. Don’t know how to describe it any other way.

Mark: And this creates the firmament force field?

MS: Yes it is part of what is unfolding where all of what you call life from earth, air, fire, water, ether all work in cooperation with each other not at odds with each other so the structures that were once used may get used to increase in frequencies of love. Think about that, rather than war. It is magnetic resonance. We think Mr. Baggage, who now, the Alaska senator, ACIO whispering in his ear about to dismantle HAARP anyway.

MARIETTA ROBERT: Does that mean that HAARP will be dismantled soon?

MS: Yes, whatever they have been playing with these frequency generators, they know how to play with the towers tension lines with everybody connected with the grid.

TARA: Those frequencies are interrupting with fabric of the earth, the scalar waves which we are all made of.

MS: That is why the Argon energy blasters, holy hand grenades as they are called.   All of these energies of what’s happening now and matter itself is moving up in octave and the dark energies don’t affect it any more.

MARIETTA ROBERT: Is there a particular reason so many are dying of cancer now?

MS: Increase in the scalar frequencies that increase that kind of magnetic resonance so that the cells misfire and go into what is called a chaotic state that is not according to the spin of the spiral energies that work with living light and living love and they are trying to use that frequency to increase the cases of cancer and as we move higher up in octave, those frequencies are canceled out because they are generated at a lower level and they do not affect higher waves of matter.

MARIETTA ROBERT: Do you have anything to say as a final comment?

MS: We would just say, you are going to share the galactic history in the sense of where we all came from. You will share in long, long time ago, maybe not so far, far away in a galaxy, where these trillions and quintillions of balls of light that were working with each other as co-creators of gas and at the beginning of this story, we all were living balls of living light, living love that were the equivalent of suns and stars and quasars and that frequency [of] white dwarf. Any number of what you call phenomena.

It is in that sense understanding of yet the composition of a physical star, a nuclear fusion reactor. Think about it. We are at that level of creation that we were able to co-create at that level to manifest living light, living love, all twenty-three super universes throughout all time, all space.

And as we go on our merry way and we were playing with our god energy, some of us got a little more intense with our energies and these were the ones that took the free will choice along with the laws of the One and used it in a sense to create that thought of ripple effect that if we are equal, what else is there? What?

It was that idea of self wishing to create interesting diversion, if you will, with self so created this concept of polar thought form energy that created a ripple in time-space frequency like pebbles dropping in a pond or lake and it went across all time, all space throughout all universes. Who did this? Was our own creation. Jehovah, Lucifer wanting to play. We all decided as co-creator gods to play as well.

Not knowing how far down the rabbit hole we wanted to go. Well, here we are and now go full circle back to the understanding that we are co-creator gods and now we heal this story with love, grace and beauty.

We put out a call for help for these two angels here to get some [inaudible]. We just said take co-creator god energy now at this time of Kunab Ku. What is occurring [is] that transformation, configuration on all levels.

What’s happening [is] every single molecule of living light, living love of each one of us listening to this, rippling out across all universes simultaneously right now. This [is] making a difference in physical matter. This is why we only send these ones off with grace, love and beauty. [There was a final statement in another language that I didn’t get all of it or spelling in order to share here.]


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