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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – May 28, 2009


MOTHER SEKHMET’s Call, May 28, 2009
By your Transcription Team Patricia, Shirley, Annie, Jan, Katie and Jules
Edited by: Andrew McManus

Part 1: Mother Sekhmet’s Briefing

Mother – Greetings Wondrous Beings of Light, Love, Peace and Joy.

Indeed the joy is coming in with the reality of what is unfolding on your planet, the message of Cary Park. This is the message: Think with your heart. That is the reality of what is to come. It is a story that supersedes anything landing and this is the big deal.

Yet, what is going on out there; a lot of stuff in the way trying to create any kind of scenario. It does not talk about us except in the context of a person that is not to be dealt with – friendly, if you will – and we are saying everything turning around at these moments of what is unfolding. This energy that occurred these last few moments – Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune kicking it all up for everyone.

Like Cynthia said last night, “Last Call!” Time to do the mission now; orders are already being disseminated amongst the crews.

We would just say, be aware of in the night work. You may have a sudden urge to walk through the wall. You might. This is not a joke. You might just pass through the wall and on into one of our craft. It has happened before. You are remembering more and more of this.

It is at the level of which you have asked for – called your freedom to bring this planet to balance and fullness. Coming to pass now. It is about being called and remembering the love at the same time as they try to kick up the dust in every sector to hide what they are doing.

A bit like what the original story was when we all had thoughts other than perfection and began to wear clothes so we could hide our aura. Did you think that clothes could hide the aura?

At the same time, kind of interesting, can see it all as what Ms. Beth found out, along with the King. It is in the sense we see you, you see us, no more veil. So we gotta do this dance called the Dance of Accountability, and it is coming forth. That is the biggest order of the day.

Yet, they want to create anything and everything except this discussion, this conversation. It has to come full circle. Already, many of the folks out there that had the where-with-all and the fortitude, and you might say the cajones to do it, are doing it in the sense that Mr. Obama has said, `This will be dealt with on the campaign trail.

War crimes, abuse, the genocide coming to pass, all of the events that have been talked about, coming full circle now to hit all of these ones in the face.

They have created quite a nest of diversions going on; many fires of different sorts, with the funny stories going on. We have to concur, for a moment, with Mr. Ben Fulford, where he has just saying that they are out of money, out of time, and all they can do is to kick the dust up to make you look in a different direction.

Just let it go and understand that Ashtar, Sananda, the folks surrounding your planet from the neighboring systems, no nukes, no dates. And we will just say, we have a lot of dates that we need to good stuff. Only making bad joke.

Tara: what do you mean?

MS: Trying to eat some dates and share the Turkish coffee and tell the story of how these ones tried to create a fake war and blame it on a people that had nothing to do with 9/11.

It all has to do with your group of, excuse the expression, crazy white folks, who want to take out other races because they don’t understand the fact that this is a Universe that is shared. We didn’t learn how to share in Nursery School, so now they are going to get to share on a different word called Herculobas. It is full circle coming round.

This is why we have to say, Last Call! The train is steaming in the station, in the sense, that the engineer is filling up the coal bin, so to speak, only making colorful metaphors, only saying that we are one second away from the truth being revealed about Dick and Bush being the War Criminals along with all the rest.

Mr. David Arlin Spector seems to be stepping up and saying issues that this judge can’t see an issue with her. All of the stories are just that – stories. It has to come full circle where we deal with the 3D called the War Crimes, rape and abuse, the detainees in Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, right here in the USA , in many of your cities where what you consider, as Tom Hartman described it, the common.

We have a common, and how we work with that is with folks who are the first responders. What the thirteen families want to do with your first responders and turn them into an army of joy, and they are rebelling every step of the way. So they are creating armies of joy, only it is very much like this Cyberdyne, Skynet, all done with this, and even in the sense of what they created in the fact trying to use the technology of nanites or darkness instead of light. Even the nanites will not respond to that dark energy. It is simply what is going on is a reversal of all the energies, and coming full circle, where they have to meet their maker – now. We pass the talking stick.

Part 2: Q & A

Mark – Mother, one of the issues of the day has to do with Obama’s interview of one type or another, with the Atlantis 7 Astronauts. Could you comment on that?

Mother – Oh yes. We will just say that he has been discussing behind the scenes with these folks about the fact that the Altamarians and many other races here, speeding up the process of hearing your beloved mother Gaia, Teta Lacoya, Terra Nova.

This is good progress, and yet, also what they did; the astronauts uploaded nanites into Hubble, so that when the technology is given the signal by Ashtar and Sananda, Hubble Telescope will be the high for the good guys, if you will, already.

It will simply stop functioning under the command of Houston and come under the command of the forces of light. It is not that we are doing a coup, it is saying we are using the available technologies and giving them a boost that they are so needing, like an upgrade and more memory slots to your PC.

Adding more memory to you, so that you can remember all of this as you go through the night work and remember when you come back, as all of this is coming about. The Astronauts getting a wake-up call.

Mr. Obama getting a wake-up call in this discussion, yet none of this has reached your media. The reason being is that this funny thing called a gag order still in place, until it is not!

We have to say as we are approaching the day 31, we will just see if Mr. Stephen Basset will step up to the plate. We know that he is a good man, and yet and still he has to follow the rules. Mr. Tom, the ring-tailed cat may pinch him hard, and we’ll see if he talks.

Mark – He’s trying to get Obama to talk first, so that he doesn’t have to goad the French or the Russians or the Chinese to speak, and take away the initiative from the US.

Mother – Yes, we understand the honor of losing face, and wouldn’t it be ironic if China would be the first to announce our presence?

Mark – Well, that is exactly what this question is, as you well know. Many people are saying. Well, if for one reason or another, if Obama can’t do it, then step aside and let somebody else do it. Then he will be faced with a `fail / comply’ and have to, you know it’s already out there, so then.

Mother – Ante up.

Mark – Yes. The thing is that’s playing catch-up ball though, and you are usually not prepared to release it in the way you could do it if you did it now by taking the initiative. He has two days more to see if he does that.

Mother – As we have been taught to boost by our friend Clair. Let us boost Mr. Obama and Mr. Basset, to boost them into orbit. Haha

Mark – Indeed, indeed. Thank you Mother.

Tara – Okay, I have one question for Mother.

Marietta – Okay, go ahead.

Tara – Mother, I’ve been looking at PBS this weekend, and there is one special after the next on all of our wealthy visionaries, and that has to mean that this announcement has got to be happening any time now. Right Mother?

Mother – We would just say that it is the, the dress rehearsal is in process.

Mark – What about Sybil Edmond’s new website, Mother?

Tara – What is that website Mark?  [Sibel Edmonds Website is:]

Mark – One, Two, Three. I don’t have that with me right now. Rama has it on his computer.

Tara – I’ll tell everyone tomorrow. What about it Mother?

Mother – We will have to say for everyone, she has a new website out where she has a blog, and she is sharing with other whistleblowers the latest information that is coming out.

Tara – About 9/11, right?

Mother – Yes.

Tara – That brings it up. Every time, you know, Mark, that the video that the other Mark put up on the Roundtable, it led to five or six other videos. Mark says there are thousands of them up there now. Every last one of them are about everything these guys did at 9/11. So that is another sign that this is about to be announced. Go ahead.

Mark – One of the group that Sybil has formed is the National Security Whistleblowers Association, I believe it’s called. Those are all initials. She has some very, very high-powered folks in many different areas, far beyond what her own is, who are lined up.

The fact that she has now inaugurated this new website speaks very urgently to the prospect of having much more released by, not just her, but by a whole slew of whistleblowers.

Tara – That’s what’s on those videos. Even though these videos were placed strategically.

Mark – Two years ago.

Tara – Well that one was two years ago.

Mark – With the energy of Joe Biden, during the campaign.

Tara – Right, it was two years ago that we brought up earlier. That means they brought it back for a reason, and they brought it back right now. Those other websites, with the thousands of different things, they were done during various years since 2001. Everything is back now. That means they’re going to announce it again. Okay.

Mother – We would just say what is unfolding is that there are many eye-witnesses, like the Harley dude in the shirt; that was an actor that was paid to show up on that morning of 9/11, because she knew something was going to shake down.

Yet, there are other very innocent eye-witnesses on the morning of 9/11 that have many stories to tell from the streets of New York City. To this day, first responders we have spoken with, police, firemen, EMT’s, ambulance drivers, taxis – these people will share their stories about the treason that occurred. We pass the talking stick.

Marietta – One of the first questions, and I’ve tried to combine some of them because there are so many. It’s about the IRS who are taking money out of the pensions, social security, who are putting liens on accounts and still doing all of their dastardly deeds, even though you say it doesn’t exist anymore. What can we do in this moment to keep from losing our funds every month out of our account?

Mother – We have a solution of sorts, that comes from an unlikely source. This is in 3D, yet we will share it with you, because it was shared with us from David Binder on Air America. This is a man named Charles Binder who has a company called Bender and Binder, and they take on the IRS.

They take on issues of folks that are, in the sense, they help folks out, advocates to get their social security, get their pensions; they go to bat for them. Charles Binder has a radio show every Saturday on Air America. He says we’ll deal with the government; you’ve got enough to worry about.

He backs it up. He has friends that are connected with the Secret Service, and others that know the story about the fake FED and the IRS, and the issues going on, where since February 9th of this year, they have been playing so-called mediency with the IRS.

They have out-sourced agents to other agencies within the eye of Saron – the dark lord. These other agents of the IRS are going around collecting the tax, if you will, for in a sense, stealing away the energies from your soul matrix and giving it to Saron.

It’s coming to an end as we speak. If you will look up on the internet and call these folks, we cannot promise anything. We are only just saying David Binder talked about him, and David Binder is a very high up talk-show host that works with Mike Pat Antonio, and Bobby Kennedy, Jr., and we trust these guys. They are lawyers, and they work.

Tara – And they’re White Knights, at the 38th level; they’re good guys. They know the KOS, and they know everything about what’s coming down.

Mother – Mike Pat Antonio puts it, we live in Pensacola, Florida, and we wrestle Gators!

Marietta – Another question. With the decloaking of the star ships, the energy frequencies on earth will dramatically rise. In January, Mark said medical technologies that restore full vitality to all will become available and along with our activations of our crystalline DNA capabilities to absorb light and transmute any conditions – the body, mind, emotions; all here will be enjoying revitalized well being on all levels.

How will most diseases like cancer and heart disease be cured? Will individuals that were born blind or deaf have their sight and hearing restored? Will Down Syndrome children be healed?

Will the Veterans regrow their legs or amputated limbs, regain their sight or hearing? Will mankind begin to age regress so that most of us will go back to our mid-30s? If a person is in their 80s, how long would that take? Can that person choose to pass on or regress?

So they’ve just bunched a whole bunch of things here about, as we experience the changes, what will that look like in terms of physical health?

Mother – What we have to say as we are vastly moving into this stream of energy called zero point is reversing the process of what you would term aging. Yet what is happening is that as you are moving higher in frequency, with the lighter energies, the body itself is telling you to lighten up, you could say.

Lightly up as Bob Marley put it. It is about healing all the traumas and the pain, the sorrow, the sense aura and letting it go into bliss. How we do that when we are in pain is we have to love that pain, however, it is. We are saying right now the energies are moving fast, very fast.

The technologies that will create the frequencies that you can step into, a rejuvenation chamber, already being put on the pad with the pen. We would say working a benchmark mile may not be too far in the future, so to speak. It’s called research and development into manifestation. Mr. (inaudible, sounded like Soltec) involved with this on the Phoenix.

Mark – On that same subject, as we move up into the light body, we have our original perfect blueprint available to us.

Mother – Everything as you see it here intact. We superimpose the original grid blueprint for Metatron. It is like you put on a ski suit, and it merges with this body, and you get an upgrade.

Mark – So it does not matter what the condition in the physical appears to be because everything higher supersedes everything, shall we say, that it more confused.

Mother – Yes.

Marietta – The next question is about Sue in the elite families knows the KOS since he’s been in the Secret Service for many years, he must be known by the Clintons and Bushes, and what about the main Illuminati families like the Rothschild’s and the Rockefeller’s, do they know of him? If so, what are their thoughts about him?

Mother – They know who is he, and they give him a wide berth. Yes, they respect him. Yes, they create constant love / hate relationship where you are watching Boris and Natasha, Rocky and Bullwinkle – it is that bad.

We have to say that as a race, we have great compassion for all of you and what you are going through. We are not singling out anyone. We are speaking about the races of humanity and maybe we should use another word – species.

Tara – Well, Mother, I remember that at the time, years ago, you used to put it on our website. It was called the Rocky and Bushwinkle show. Meaning the Rockefellers and the Bushes, the Bush / Clinton crime family except we don’t mean Bill Clinton. We only mean Hillary Clinton on the dark side.

Bill Clinton was made into 21 clones and from 1991 until now, all 21 of those clones have been in place. The real Bill Clinton has been number 22, and he has stayed on his path. He has held the vibration of St. Germain, and he made it. So I just wanted to add that.

Mother – We would say to answer the question, they love him and they hate him. It is that relationship of the understanding that when it is all finally said and done, like Ashtar has said, they will take a bow, and they will walk off into that place called the void.

Tara – Which is where they go to second death 2 from where they’ve been, right?

Mother – Yes.

Tara – That means every single lifetime and all of the darkness that they ever perpetrated in any lifetime, past, present or future, is completely erased from the timelines.

All that harm is erased with it, and their actual souls are erased. That means that the energy that we created that soul with together, in the beginning as the God-head, we did that together along with Mother Sekhmet and Alcyone created every soul as a star in the heavens.

Mother – It all comes back to full circle where as a day, we will make it in a clear, concise context that as they choose to remove themselves, by not allowing all the love they can hold in their cells, they take themselves out to the void to dissect again because it is causing such pain, suffering in the body that the body goes poof.

Tara – What does that mean? It means that their soul is no longer. That means their star fell. That’s what St. Germain appeared to Napoleon who was the first Antichrist. On his deathbed, on the field, he said this day your star shall fall.

That meant the star of his soul is erased from the heavens and the earth. All that energy is called second as it goes back to the void, and then we create more ensoulments in this dimensional sphere. That’s what we do, and that’s what we’ve always done, right Mother?

Mother – Yes.

Tara – I pass the talking stick.

Marietta – The next question. This person says all of my questions have been answered politically, and I thank you for this. However, a visionary question popped in my head about Egypt and the sphinx.

We know the sphinx has the body of a feline and head of a human. What connection does the sphinx have to you Mother, and what purpose does the sphinx really serve? In other words, why was it built, and specifically why was it positioned in front of the three pyramids?

Mother – The reason being is that it represents the energies of the Giza plateau as the same that it is reflected in the three stars of Orion’s Belt, how El-yon-ra as well as . . if you go to the monuments on Mars, in that area, Cydonia, you go there and you will see our face on the face on Mars – it is the same thing that is on the Sphinx.

It is us, the image of the Paschat person of the Sphinx. It is not just ancient statue that was created in honor of us; it is an actual initiation chamber within the right and left paws of the Sphinx, and there are entrances to the Inner Earth that go all the way to Agartha and Shamballah through the Sphinx’s paws.

It is also the habitat of Ascended Master Serapis Bey, who is the master teacher within the halls of the sphinx. We would just say that he is an incredible master, disciplined and understanding of working with a flame of light that you call the Maxine Flame.

It burns within the halls of the sphinx. The flame has never gone out like the eternal flame that sits in Arlington Cemetery for JFK. This is the internal flame that was originally lit during the time of the land of Pan. It has never gone out since that time – still burning in the halls of the sphinx.

Tara – Now Mother, did you tell everybody the story that Richard Hoagland put on C-SPAN?

Mother – No.

Tara – Well, that’s part of the story of the sphinx because Richard Hoagland is a galactic human who’s fully awakened. He’s the one that discovered, by using digital NASA camera equipment with a telescope, and he took a picture (a digital picture) and it’s on the computer.

He showed it on a TV show on C-SPAN way back in 1999, was the first time; it was way back there, right after the Prophet’s Conference that we hosted here in Santa Fe. We watched it on television, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring that back now too because it shows his digital picture of the sphinx and also the face on Mars.

What he did is digitally exactly halfed the face on Mars and exactly halfed the face on the sphinx and then he put them together. You can see that it’s Mother Sekhmet’s face. So not only is the sphinx Mother Sekhmet’s symbol, the sphinx is a coupling with the face on Mars which is also Mother Sekhmet’s symbol.

Now that is important information, and that was an excellent question. I pass the talking stick. Do you have anything more to say Mother?

Mother – No.

Marietta – This is a question that someone has some concern. Will the beings in their green Chevy Impalas that went after Rama, were they interesting in only him, or will they come after other members of the Ashtar Command?

Mother – They were only interested in him at the moment. Not to worry.

Marietta – This one is kind of a repeat. We mentioned about Celine Dion before, about the fact that she did/created this hologram singing a song with Elvis Presley. The question is do you think she was inspired to do this so to introduce the concept of holograms to the masses? I think we discussed that before but you might just comment on that briefly.

Tara – Okay, there was one mistake there. It was not a hologram, number 1, and it wasn’t of that person at all. This was Frank Sinatra, and it was a real filming of him when he was still alive.

Then she put the film of him on live TV and she got on there and did this concert. That was, I think, November of 2006. What she did is she sang the song that Frank Sinatra both wrote and sang when he was alive, together with him. She created harmony. What was the name of that song?

Marietta – I believe there’s a new one as well. That’s what I heard.

Tara – Okay, I’m sorry – Mark is going to comment on that, and thank you – I didn’t know that. Go ahead.

Mark – The technology is improved. This took several months nonetheless. It involved several different technological processes. One was to take the original film and to, what they call, roto-cutting. It’s the digital method that actually cuts out the images, then puts it into a projector.

Then she had an actual actor on stage who had to practice the moves so that they would sync and project this around so that the audience would be appearing to see the original thing. Well, in one way, they did and one way, they didn’t, meaning it was a current real person standing on the stage, but it wasn’t Elvis.

See, the current one was with Elvis and this technology, as I said, has some a long way but it’s not cheap. It costs several hundred thousand dollars, about $300,000 and took about three months of very intense work to make it look seamless to get all of the edges out of the production.

As I said, there are several other parts of this that they perfected by doing various special effects for movies. It’s a very interesting thing. Now, you all may remember a short time ago, since this question came up; maybe we can get Mother to comment on this, but when Barack Obama was in Prague during the G-20 meetings, he was scheduled to have a meeting in DC.

At that time, they thought he was safely out of the country, and they could just have a little ad hoc meeting without him and change a few things, tweak some things to their benefit. What happened is that he appeared holographically and said I know you wanted me to be here, and I know it wouldn’t be the same without me.

Mother – I brought a friend here with me.

Mark – He was dressed in lavender, wasn’t he Mother?

Mother – Yes.

Mark – Now this is holographic technology. It is full holographic, interactive, right Mother?

Mother – Yes.

Mark – He was able to speak to them; they were able to speak to him so nobody could get away with nothing. That’s the state of the art. This Elvis thing with Celine Dion, that appeared to be that but it was not, and a far cry from it frankly. So those are the different technologies involved.

Tara – That’s great.

Marietta – Thank you for bringing that up. When we spoke about it before, it was right after it had been announced that Barack had done this holographic appearance so people were relating that, thinking that this might be a way to help people begin to understand it. This is a possibility. It’s something that could happen.

Tara – I wanted to say one more thing before you go on. I just wanted to tell everybody that Celine Dion has a special this weekend as well on Channel 5. It’s called Celine Dion, a New Day, and that is prepared to get the announcement too so you might want to tape record or listen to these things and check your whole weekend because Eric Clapton is on there with a 2-hour special too. He’s a White Knight and a half. Okay, I pass the talking stick. I’m sorry Marietta but I had to tell everybody that.

Marietta – Well we’re about out of time here but there’s a question that’s come up a couple of times. Mother, what about Leonard Horowitz and about the Concerts of the Living Waters scheduled for the 21st of June, the summer solstice. Can you comment on those two things?

Mother – We would just say Mr. Lenny Horowitz is doing what he can to get the word out about the sacred biblical code, the sacred sounds of Ya Va and the understanding of waking people up to the sacred tones, of what is occurring here.

We understand that this good book that was written by the original ones on your planet, maybe they were and maybe the book was a little tainted. Because it’s not an original story as the man gave it – the man with the plan. It does not jive with what Greg Braden has read in the original manuscripts, sitting in the cotorah in Tibet.

Things don’t jive with your good book and the original stories. The timelines are screwed up because they wanted to hide the truth from you about the 1320 cycle as opposed to 1260 Gregorian calendar. Wanting to change the stories so that you don’t remember who you are; this is interesting both the date of the 2011 October and December 2012.

Interesting. There’s a new movie coming out about 2012, about to be released. We will just say not exactly telling what has to occur, and it has to do with the fact Nibiru is arriving, and it is not anything to be afraid of. Yet for Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney, maybe they have something to be afraid of.

Tara – Yes they do! Because that’s you!

Mother – Yes.

Marietta – We are way out of time for this evening. We thank you Mother so much for all that you share with us and all the information.


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