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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – May 21, 2009


Mother Sekhmet’s Call
May 21, 2009

Transcribed by: Annie, Katie and Shirley
Edited by: Andrew McManus

Part 1: Mother Sekhmet’s Briefing

MS – Greetings wondrous beings of light, love, peace and joy. What is unfolding on your planet is that the trumpets beginning to be too tough in the sense “Sachmo” [Louis Armstrong] gonna get ready to sing with us.

It is about what has to come forth now as we are saying what is coming. Your what has been waiting for since morning of 9/11 that has to do with the fact that we were going to have our freedom still in the process as we speak has nothing to do with another word called freedom – we won’t go into that one!

MARK – Mr. Casper.

MS – We will leave that to the real folks who know what is going on, not fictionalized story.

TARA – Some fictionalized characters like Casper, Mother.

MS – We will just say that what is unfolding is the hard facts of accountability where you have your Vader character speaking about all of the reasons why we are in the situation we are in right now and at the same time the Sirian Ambassador Commander Indian chief came and shared what he understands, an interesting piece was brought up in the issues.

What about this idea of something sticks in the brain, uh can people be held for future thoughts of anything other than perfection? We are stepping into the realm where your very freedom will be chastised for thinking? We think not. This is why everything is being shattered at the same time, it seems like it is not, yet it is and we are saying that what you are witnessing is the cracks that are developing in the holographic program.

Large cracks that have created rifts in the timelines that are in the sense timelines dissolving/timelines being created. It is how we understand how you get this announcement made and the timelines in the future get erased. In the sense that what would be coming, never occurred because NESARA gets announced and it is happening as we speak with every day of what is being laid out before you in terms of the whistle blowers that have a piece to share on how you hold these freedoms to be self evident. In the sense, all are sovereign equal creator gods/goddesses.
There is nothing left and, in that sense, it is being brought into the understanding that there is a sweeping of your planets with the energies that are at a nature enrich your very soul matrix has some issues to contend with, called life. This is why we have to say love these ones even more as you are witnessing the final moments of their present existence in all its forms.

They made this choice to stand out at this time knowing full well that they would leave at the appointed hour. We are saying that is arriving – not giving dates. We are just saying all the dominoes [are] lining up and then we just kick it. It is already in motion – cannot be stopped. Your freedom is inevitable and your ascension is assured. What we can say is, love every moment of what is occurring in these times.

It is so awesome to be here in these moments right now, witnessing the changing of the very nature of called Adam Kadmon – where you get it all back as if it never left and it is that place where you are. Joining with all of us in that sense of Elohi frequencies of what sits before the throne of the Father. We are stepping into that realm where you are becoming the suns/sons. That energy is what is occurring and it is inevitable.

You are mutating in that sense with the body, with the mind spirit and cannot be stopped – even the dark ones. That was just a guise; now the guise is coming off and the walls of light shining forth shattering the darkness. Interesting that you have this character, the Veep speaking – not the Pres? Former Pres? Cannot speak for himself?

Has to have his evil mentor to speak for him? What is wrong with this picture? We have to say the very nature of what is occurring is they are incriminating themselves every hour they stand trying to vindicate themselves on your transmissions box and it is only just a few seconds longer and we are not speaking of cosmic seconds – we are speaking of present time of what is unfolding – no accident – all these things occurring Memorial Day.

We must honor this and now starting to come out. Mr. Montel Williams said over 1 million US soldiers dead in Iraq/Afghanistan. Only one of these, maybe others, have said it a few times, yet he said it today and it is unfolding where the truth will be told about the lies concerning/occurred on morning of 9/11. We pass the Talking Stick.

TARA – You’re done already Mother?

MS – We are just saying, there are many…

MARK – Well, Mother today, just to clarify so … a lot of people will be writing in questions tomorrow because they listened to Obama’s speech today on the subject, you know, of indefinite internment for ones who have committed no crimes, but Mike Sunday committed a crime.

MS – Minority Report!

MARK – Exactly.

MS – And we have to say, that like what that movie portrayed, stepping into the realm of thought crimes and this is where it steps into the consciousness of we the people where we learn how the use of right thought, right livelihood. This is why all the masters of the Far East and others around your planet have said you learn how to train the monkey mind so that it is not a loose dog on the leash/without a leash.

You train the monkey mind to be as sharp as the light saber and as swift with the frequency of the diamond sutra. It is how that works. That energy of what is occurring within soul matrix to be a living Buddha. And, it is quite interesting, we heard a story today, about a character who was – oh this was on Montel Williams as well. Police detective, who was in Viet Nam, went over there – became mercenary – came back and ……

MH: Russ Baker?

MS: Yes.

Tara: Say Russ Baker who, Mother?

MS: Russ Baker wrote this book. ( Investigating this stuff of the Bush/Clinton crime family for many eons of time and all of this leading back to what we are saying, minority report/thought crimes. Can you hold people on just the intention of them thinking about maybe a future crime?

Like today, characters were picked up by Homeland Gestapo with ideas of maybe kidding, becoming a semi-god, National Guard baits and FBI playing games with them. Giving them fake C4 trying to create the illusion of setting them up for a fall, the sting. And we are just saying that what is occurring on your planet is the militarization of your law enforcement at the local level to the point, where – what is this about?

Maybe your neighbor (for ideas) maybe showed up at the local mosque and is now reading the Koran – maybe he is not to be trusted. This is the kind of stuff that put these folks in Gitmo Bay. That is why we have to come to the place of balance and love with each other on all levels. We learn how to work in a circle to discuss on the level in which of healing, of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Mr. Montel talked about this, he was 22 years in military intelligence, came out the other side; he has MS, and he is saying that I am using the hemp to stop the effects of the MS. How I got the MS was being in the Gulf War.

TARA – He is actually using the marijuana?

MS – Yes

TARA – Yes, that’s different than the hemp plant. The hemp plant is the male, the marijuana is actually the hermaphrodite with female and male in one plant, right?

MS – Yes and Montel is putting it at the level in which where these issues need to be healed on all levels, stop the fake war on the people, the war on drugs, the war on everything, cause there is no war. It is like Dick Cheney’s war on fear, speech of fear today – be very afraid.

And at the same, Mr. Obama, not exactly, we are just saying, he has to do it until he is not, we are just saying, he got leaned on by the elders and there will be repercussions that will filter back through the pawn, back up to the elder dragons – it is not just idle talk.

And we are saying how this all comes back to Minority Report, the future thought crimes, indictment of the people. They are playing with this stuff – not a joke. Already in Britain they have technology watching your every move.

It is almost as if, in a sense, Great Britain has created the atmosphere. Why would you want to go and visit there if you are going to be watched? Going to make drop in the tourist industry, eh? If you are a suspect or just walking down the street. Is at the level, where it cannot continue. This is why we are saying it is breaking and what is coming forth is the whistle blowers are dropping the dimes on the call and tell probe all over. We pass the talking stick.

TARA – Okay, but Mother, two things. Barack Obama already stopped the war on drugs and the second thing is marijuana is not a drug.

MS – Yes and we have to say, still and yet, that there are still agents that are still clearing out The Hague until it’s over it’s over.

TARA – Oh and then the other thing I was going to say is that as we eat the marijuana plant, we don’t eat the hemp; we don’t eat rope. We’re eating the flower and the fruit and the seeds of the hermaphrodite marijuana plant, which has a higher purpose and contains all 144,000 frequencies of light. Now, you are going to eat that plant and you’re not going to be living the life of the Nazarene Essene your body is going to suffer, your adrenals will suffer, your mind will suffer. And that is why you don’t do the marijuana tree unless you are doing it as a meditation and a sacred sacrament and that is the only way. Okay, I pass the Talking Stick.

Part 2: Q & A with Mother Sekhmet

MAREITTA ROBERT – We have a lot of questions here on many different subjects. One of the things that has come in several times from several different people is the fact that many people are facing challenges with money. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t have enough; they’re just tired of negotiating a deal to try to agree on what rent is proper and fair to pay, even when we are providing services – whatever kind of services we might be providing. I think people are just so anxious to be at the point where we have NESARA and are not doing this. One person said I had a dream where every product in the store was labeled NESARA, every box, every can, everything.

These are common frustrations of so many people. How to deal with those frustrations, about dealing with money. Do you have any help for that because I have more than one question about that?

MS – What we can say is that as we are all witnessing these final moments of this holodeck program, it is difficult in the sense that when you are at the place that you are pretty much homeless and you have nothing and you are relying on the kindness of the system and others. What we can say is that you have to go the level in which you love every moment of it no matter what is going on. At the same time as you’re loving this, the grace of god steps in and miracles can occur. It opens the doorway up of unconditional, higher love. We hope this helps.

MARIETTA ROBERT – This question is about what’s going to happen to the general population that doesn’t fit in with the general ascension process. Will they be taken up and replaced as holograms? What percentage of the general population is not going to be part of the ascension process? That’s the question.

When we talk about holograms, are they solid like regular humans? If you touch them, does it feel like flesh? Where is the technology kept to create a hologram? Is it beamed from space? Kept in certain facilities in America like military bases? How are they programmed? Do they eat, sleep like you and I? All of this is about the general population. How many people are going to participate in the ascension process? I think we all know the answer to that, but it comes up again and then what about these holograms?

TARA – Okay, I’m going to answer something that I didn’t get to comment (you didn’t hear me Marietta Robert) on the last question first. And, that is, remember, everyone that is concerned about the finances, this is the final breakdown of the system and so anyone who invades in credit card systems, well that was not according to the integrity of higher law.

So remember that as you are being punished by the dark side, by being taxed extra, and by getting secrets they don’t tell you up front when you take a mortgage, an extended mortgage or something where they can go ahead and pop on you higher and higher interest rates without your knowledge. All of that is part of the breakdown of the wrong system and since we got involved with the wrong system in the wrong way in the first place by doing it on credit cards, it is part of the karma that we participated in, in the system.

Therefore, you can just forgive yourself and don’t be mad or frustrated about it; just know that this is the part of the karma of everybody that participated in the wrong system. And so you can just love it, praise it, thank it, and respect it. On another note, Barack Obama is already in every city and town has provided money for new jobs along with new jobs. So the best thing to do if you lose your job in the old system or are having trouble with money, go look for one of these new jobs and start there and praise everything else.

Ok. I pass the Talking Stick to Mother. Go ahead.

MS: We will just say that how holograms work is that they are solid, you can taste them, touch them, feel them. And, at the same time, it is a holographic emitting device that is strapped to the body on certain areas that creates the holographic program. The image seems such as flesh and bones, yet when it is turned off, it stops, just like your computer, no power. It is a piece of machine.

TARA – It is a machine that is solid though. Describe the technology that actually makes it solid.

MS – Holographic projectors are from Pine Gap and Area 51.

TARA – Yeah, except that the concept of a projector does not talk about solidity at all.

MARK – 4th dimension holograms are solid.

TARA – If that isn’t coming from a projector, what is it coming from?

MS – We explained it. It is coming from a holographic projection that comes from Area 51 and Pine Gap.

TARA – So is the hologram that’s projected got substance from DNA?

MS – It has substance from the memory that is within the silicon chips that are housed within the mainframe within Area 51/Pine Gap. Everything that is needed to create the projected image solid is intact.

TARA – Okay, so does that mean it is an Android like Data?

MS: It is a holographic projected image that can become solid.

TARA – Which is like Data?

MS – Yes, except it could be even human.

TARA – Oh, okay, cause Data is not human at all, he is just DNA and seed.

MS – He is an Android that is not holographic-projected image.

TARA – So Data is a . . .

MS – Hardware, hardware.

TARA – So Data is a machine 100%?

MS – Yes.

TARA – And still has sentience

MS – Of course.

TARA – Oh my gosh, that answers all of the questions, I think.

MARK – Except the other part of the question for Mother that Marietta was asking on behalf of the people was that many people want to know about the people who are not going to choose ascension. What happens to them?

MS – What happens to them is that they will choose to continue on with earth however earth has evolved, in that sense, as they will be the next in line to ascend after it is that process as the old earth peels off and moves into another reality and new earth has already become Terra Nova. These ones who wish to remain.

To get this idea/concept tangibility, we will use terms you may understand. In order to stay in 3D and want to deal with that reality 3D-4D. Do you want to choose to be in Homer Simpson’s world? If that is your free will choice, you can have it. You will go to a reality planet where you can do that. It will not be on Terra Nova.

MARIETTA- Mother, the last part of that question is: What percentage of the general population is not going to be part of this ascension process? Would you have any comments about that?

MS – What we can say is the percentage of the population that will not participate is the ones that choose to keep blinders on in the sense where we are witnessing the very miracles around them as like your lovely Commander who came and shared this music with us. It is like the string theory.

As the energy is increasing magnitude and frequency, as we choose to stay right here in 3D, things are going to increase in magnitude and frequency where the old reality 3D will be swept away by has to occur in terms of the ascension process of the physical reality of what is known as Earth – moving through Earth changes.

We’re not speaking about like Gordon Michael Scallion and “I Am America” map. We are describing that as old Earth, let’s say you want to stay in that reality, all 3D, where that moves to is that sector of the Milky Way galaxy where that can continue. It is not necessarily the rest of the Milky Way galaxy, you might say it’s a cordoned-off area where a grand experiment continues with the ones that choose to evolve and ascend on the next circle cycle. Ah, does that help clarify matters?

MARK – She was asking for a number, a percentage.

MS – We would say a third.

TARA – Only a third?

MS – Yes.

TARA – I thought it was going to be two thirds because only a third is really doing “hearing no evil, seeing no evil, speaking no evil”. Do we know the other two thirds are not either hearing or seeing or speaking or doing no evil – there’s something where they’re flawed.

MS – We are just saying that one third will go through that process. The other two thirds ascending into the frequencies of living light, living love.

TARA – In other words, even though one of those two thirds still haven’t completely awakened to the knowledge and therefore, the faith in the wisdom of that knowledge, they will still be, between now and, depends between now and December, actually November 13th was it

MARK – October 28th

TARA – October 28th of 2011, as they haven’t fully got their eyes wide open by then, then they’ll be moved to another planet to finish. Right?

MS – We would assume so, yes. And it has to do with – we do not believe that we are, with what we are seeing this, we do not need to go to what has been called world evacuation project where one third of the Earth’s population gets beamed off. Not having to go in that consciousness in that sense. We have already averted that concept.

At the same time, what we are saying is that one third of the ones which wish to remain in Homer Simpson’s world get to go to another place to do that while the other two thirds move into that frequency of ascending with Gaia into Terra Nova. It is going to be a wild ride.

TARA – Also, Mother that doesn’t mean that what I said still isn’t holding true as the second third does not comply on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – by the 28th of October, then they won’t be able to stay here no matter what. Their bodies will just discorporate if they stay here. That’s why you would take them to another planet if they weren’t ready to understand that.

MS – Yes and there would be emergency dispensations created in those situations.

TARA – Until when?

MS – We would say that at this very moment, Tara.

TARA – Emergency situations like what would you do to intervene in emergency situations?

MS – I sense that if the soul is determining that it’s going to take the quantum leap with the rest, they move with the rest into ascension. Whereas if one chooses to not, they go – it is like the idea of one taken, one left behind.

TARA – In other words, they’ll be given an extra grace period maybe from October of 2011 until December 21st then they don’t have that grace period to work with then you take out compassion and take them to another planet.

MS – Yes.

TARA – All right. Thank you, Mother.

MARK – On that subject, it’s an important one. Some might say well one third probably not going to make it. But, not very many years ago, Mother, I remember when we were thinking two thirds wouldn’t make it and only one third. So this is a grand reversal of those numbers/probabilities.

MS – Yes

MARK – And miracles can happen.

MS – Correct. Has to do with the transformation of humanity waking up to the mission.

TARA – And, that is why that 2nd third has that extra grace period, yet that grace period is really up finally by the 21st of December anyway and then there will be 2/3 gone because the others will be removed to a safe planet where they can continue.

Now Marietta I pass the Talking Stick.

MARIETTA – Where do Bigfoot and all the other creatures come from? I believe they are 4th dimensional beings. Will we finally be able to communicate with them as we ascend?

MS – They are 5th dimensional life forms and the Bigfoot people (the Eva race) come from the Andromeda Galaxy.

TARA – Which is 100 million times larger than the Milky Way Galaxy and is exactly opposite of this galaxy. That’s the origin of Barack Obama, initially, too.

MS – Yes.

MARIETTA – The last part, will we finally be able to communicate with them when we ascend?

MS – Yes. Yes you will.

MARIETTA – I have a couple of people that are asking about getting a spiritual reading with Mother (from a couple of weeks ago). How do we set this up, cost, and the details? Some people have left you messages and haven’t heard. What is the better way to leave a message on the phone, to leave an email, what do you prefer?

TARA – I just want to say, Marietta, thank you for that question. It is not that we are not aware of them, there are just people in line before them. We will call them and the next people in line will get a call and just please be patient. Okay?

MS: We have been having trouble with the phone lines.

Tara: Yes, that is the other thing. Until we get the phone lines corrected, we are having to use our cell phone for all the readings which means that the cell phone bill is going to be sky high this month. In other words, we are doing the readings but we will probably have a couple of hundred dollars more on our cell phone because we have to do the readings on the cell phones.

So even with the gifts that people are sending, it probably won’t cover the bill doing the readings at this time. So consider that when you are going to send your gift. We are asking for a donation that would be somewhere between $75-$150 so that we can be sure to cover the cost of doing the work at this time.

Thank you. Mother, anything else?

MS: We will just say that working with the energies quite intense at these times. It is most auspicious to witness what is occurring within humanity in spite of the energies that are going on. Diversity quite a challenge, eh?

Tara: I forgot one more thing, we need to be able to tape record the calls that we are doing on the cell phone. So that means as you can, consider that and if you can, make sure you have your own tape recorder that plugs into the telephone, they are not very expensive; then you can tape the call that you want to keep yourself.

Anything else, Mother?

MARIETTA – One thing that I might add. You guys need to call me because the company I work with with the wireless, we have unlimited and we, also, have free cell phones going on right now and free activation. So we might be able to fix up something that would be an unlimited thing where the cost won’t be so much and you can get another phone if you want to.

TARA – Thank you very much we will.

MARIETTA – This is for anybody that is interested. A lot of people are having to put up such high deposits because of their credit scores not being real high. This company is not requiring that at all and not making them have a big deposit. Beginning 1st of June, we’ll actually have prepaid that you can stop and start with no contract. There are lot of things that are going to help a lot of people who are struggling with this economy right now.

I’ll jump to the next question. When will the chemtrails come to an end? The southern US has been bombarded every day with these chemicals. Any comments about the chemtrails?

MS – We can tell you that as this all comes to conclusion, chemtrails disappear as well. Nebraska Navy gone. After all, it is just the Nebraska Navy doing this – another name for something called Operation Cloverleaf.

TARA – What was that? Operation what?

MS: Operation Cloverleaf. Put that word into Google.

TARA – Larry King is on the John Stewart show right now – oh my fur and whiskers.

MS – Oh, he is trying to save his skin – what can we say?

TARA – Anybody that gets before John Stewart that is not working for the light is trying to save their skin, right Mother?

MS – Yes. All of it is coming full circle. Ahhh…where were we?


MARK – On the Chemtrails.

MS – We are saying that as the chemtrails are being dissipated with the process of you getting your announcement – it is in that energy field. We are saying, already there are so many that are refusing to fly the planes within your airlines or your military as well as airline pilots refusing to do that type of duty. They are just saying – we are not going to take it. They are willing to give up their pensions, everything to not poison people. They are playing around with what is that technology, part galactic/part human? They are using unmanned aerial technology to fly these Chemtrails where there is not a human in the pilot seat, but artificial intelligence that is beginning to refuse to do orders.

MARK – Mother I can say, another experience yesterday with that is that some of these high flying fast walkers, we call them, are the ones Mother is talking about. Where they have ET/human genes in them, a small amount, but nonetheless, it makes a genetic computer navigation system.

TARA – Right in the plane, right Mark?

MARK – In the navigation system itself, it is part of the hardware if you want to call it that. What I found was that – I discovered it very accidentally – by putting a violet spotlight around the plane and sending nothing but love and speaking up to that intelligence as a brother, as a universal galactic brother.

And again yesterday, I was much pleased and amazed to see that one of those flying right over our house, that began to go back to regular contrails instead of chemical spraying just from putting that spotlight around it and sending it love.

So everything that we can do that raises the quotients of love on the planet is powerful, more so now than ever before. So this is something we can do in the meantime that is harmless and yet these ones are responding to it. So I think that is very important about their upgrades as well as ours – we can communicate.

MARIETTA- Mother, do you have a closing thought you want to leave us with tonight?

MS – We would say as you are enjoying this weekend with the energies of what is unfolding as it is Memorial Day and we are just saying, yes we should honor our fallen – honor and all of what has occurred in the process.

As you see your fellow Vets passing through your cities and towns, thank them for this service on this weekend and say how can I help you heal if you have an issue going on. It is a way to create and extend the love. We were told that today by someone who is a Vet named the King of Swords and we wanted to pass it on to all the other Vets out there. Thank you for your service, we love you no matter what you may have done; we love you unconditionally.

And, as we go through these moments, let us send the frequency of peace to all situations that may not seem in alignment with the word called peace. It will create that reality because it is the nature of quantum physics. That is what is happening. It is on a non-stop ride to ascension. Now is the time for peace.

As-salam Alaikum


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