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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – April 30, 2009


Mother’s Call Transcription
April 30, 2008

Transcribed by: Annie Beam, Mike Walkeris, Jan and Jules
Edited by: Andrew McManus

Part 1: Tara and Rama’s Briefing

[Rama’s speaking in the “Open Mike” portion of the Roundtable.]

Rama: I’ll take that Talking Stick. Thank you Marietta Robert; we are on the same page. Everything is in flux and I would call it cosmic flux, or chaotic nodes. I know that about the north node and the south node. What is hitting the fan on all levels is everybody is talking about how this is moving forward with war crimes tribunals – Nuremburg No. 2 – where we have to face this.

Mr. Obama is doing what he supposed to be doing according to the Sirian high command; yet, it may look a little different down here. At the same time, there are many disgruntled folks talking about what has occurred in the sense that promises have been broken and such. It is not his doing. It is the last eight years that are about to be brought out in front of everyone.

This all goes back to 9/11, and they are talking about it on many different levels. In the last few days, everyone from Stephanie Miller to Ron Kube, Thom Hartman; they have all been saying this is moving right into the Hague. We have heard that apparently Mr. Eric Holder has sent a letter to The Hague or the World Court for special prosecutor.

There is word out there; I heard this on an Albuquerque station today, where this counter terrorism guy who runs a KOA campground in his off time, he works for a private security agency . . . hmmm. I’ll just say that he has gotten quite a few phone calls from top brass with a lot of bars and stars across the shoulders. The word is from the top level that Pakistan may fall in the next little while; yet, it is not to be concerned.

Ashtar and Sananda are apprised of the situation. This is not what that guy said, this is what I’m saying. What he talked about is the process that they are trying to create the reality in which the Taliban or Al Qaeda is taking over Karachi and Islamabad.

I don’t think so. It is the black ops and C(blank)I, F(blank)I, and all the three letter agencies that answer to Lucifer are at the last ditch effort. It is like what Cynthia said last night, we have love; they only have fear. That is the only card they have left. I pass the Talking Stick.

Tara: I just wanted to say that on Keith Olbermann tonight, he brought up Condoleeza Rice, and she made a statement before the press. She was basically bailing out of directly ordering the torture and saying she was just a go-between where she passed things. Keith Olbermann nailed her to the cross and said, inadvertently, she is acknowledging that there is a conspiracy of which she was participant. Oh my gosh, that is so huge! This is coming very fast.

Rama: When I was listening to this counter terrorism guy this morning, he was talking about how, at a certain point if Pakistan were to fall, the United States would be the first in there to grab the nukes. At that point I got a call from the King of Swords; he said that Ashtar and Sananda will be taking care of the nuclear situation. The US has nothing to say on the matter.

Tara: That’s a good thing.

Rama: Yes, it is. Oh, my. It is so over the edge it is at a rolling boil in terms of the stew that is going to be laid out here. Each day, it is getting more and more intense with the folks that are starting to come out of the “whistle blowing” situation. I pass the Talking Stick.

I just wanted to say that also there is this report to upgrade, that Mark sent out this afternoon. As previously stated, beware (inaudible) vitriol aimed at Obama. Again, you can see that Christopher Story is showing his true colors by doing that against Obama.

At the same time, he is simply unaware of the strategies being employed to affect these corrections and prepare for massive arrests and removal to The Hague’s jurisdiction. Up to 200 plus ones were involved. That was just the beginning, while momentum continues to build towards more war crimes trials in The Hague. “Confirmed arrests did take place during the IMF World Bank spring meeting.

It has now been confirmed that bankers, and possibly officials, attending the IMF World Bank spring meetings, were arrested and flown to Belgium. This development outline details of which have only just become available and was in line with expectations indicated in our report from the press room on April 26th.

The bankers who were arrested were reportedly working for and associated with George H. W. Bush, Sr. financial corruption ring which is `protected’ by Bush’s bribed agent, Chancellor Angela Merkel. But behind that, Angela is a double agent, working for the light. even at that everybody, and that’s the big checkmate on that side of the story. Whose potenial life expectancy is being truncated.”

In other words, they are threatening to take her(Chancellor Merkel) out. We’ll have to ask Mother about that. But this the latest in terms of the truth. In other words, the scenario described in our report from the Press Room was accurate, and some of the necessary measures anticipated WERE taken. On past form, these people can expect to be sentenced, on conviction, to a minimum of 25 years’ incarceration.”

Pretty interesting as it’s going to be worse than that you understand. “This information helps to explain the odd reaction of the Canadian Minister of Finance to the Editor’s question and remarks at the Canadian Press Conference. The Minister seemed rather nervous, responding that he had half expected such a question.

It also helps to confirm the Editor’s distinct impression that all was far from well behind the scenes, and that the fissures observed in the masked deep caverns and chasms behind the closed doors from which the media is barred. Or, put more bluntly, a blazing row was raging behind the scenes over the intransients’ stupidity, arrogance, cowardice and gross incompetence of the US authorities, not least over their abject failure to arrest and incarcerate the Bushes, the Clintons, Dr Alan Greenspan (again), and other agent reptiles who are holding the whole world to ransom.”

That again is the signal of our White Knights arresting them. Last Tuesday, Susan Leland, who channels Ashtar On the Road, said that Ashtar said to a small group on Sunday, over 70% of the 40 to 50 foot dragons are gone from the Inner Earth. So there is 30% that remain. We may ask Mother about that, too. So I have to pass the Talking Stick.

Part 2: Mother Sekhmet’s Briefing

MS: Greetings. In the light of the most Radiant One, in the office the Christ and only in the office of the Christ, we invoke the loving energy of St. Germaine and the violet flame.

Tara: We thank you Mother for coming. For some reason, tonight I just feel your sense of humor high. I am really glad that we finally arrived where we can handle this in a way in which people will understand. Thank you for guiding us every week for and here on end so that you can help us find our way as well as be able to discern as we help others. Thank you, Mother, for coming tonight.

MS: Greetings, wondrous beings of love and light, peace and joy. Wild events unfolding in your beloved world. You are moving up in frequency octaves faster than we can keep up with. We can say the spontaneous DNA strands. We will tell you something we saw today that has to do with the simplest of energies.

It has to do with what is occurring on all levels, and this one who has come here to shift the energies. The Sirian Commander talked about how Chrysler declared bankruptcy today, Chapter 11. Now out of the blue comes Fiat. We hear today on the news at 11am, CNN radio, one of those funny little stories again. Somebody on CNN said they are working on new energies. New energies soon – Fiat, crystalline matrix in nature, inexhaustible power, lasts forever.

It is moving in that direction in that which what you are, crystalline in nature and moving higher in octave on all levels. Maybe now they [will] create crystalline crafts with the right matrix and flow. You will cease to travel on the ruins of rubber and travel through the air or on magnetic cushions of living light. Living love can do that already. All you have to do is to think about where you want to go, like in Jumper. You can dupe the DNA; it is already changing all over the planet. Interesting, morphing, mutating. No accident.

Folks that are, we will just say, the ones who are seemingly lost in their myasm of absolute control. They have nothing left and [the] last card they pull out in the last moments . . . time to mess with piggy and mess with you. They have nothing left. We have to say, just do what you know how to do –, nanosilver, MMS.

You will be fine. No need to call me except in the sense of ascension. It is what is occurring; they cannot stop it no matter what. Bouncing all around the board here; the energies are at that level. We will just say it is moving very fast into their understanding of that which you ask for, you are manifesting.

You want peace now. It is coming about. It will. We would just say that the ones that were involved in the process of conspiracy to torture and create this, all [are] having to face the arbitrator. [It] might be us up there. We can’t say. We haven’t gotten our letter to report for jury duty yet. We will just say, it is all unfolding in the sense that the criminals will be brought to justice. We have to move forward.

This one will be doing it. All of the situations are moving into an alignment of frequency, where no accident that Gautama Buddha’s energy showing up here now along with the other sisterhoods/brotherhoods of Elohi. All of us gathering, jumping over the fires they’ll pain tonight to bring in the energies of the green Torah, white Torah.

All of it is unfolding in the sense over the hill of Torah might just activate the energies of the ancient goddess and Kunos (inaudible) god, only representing the energies of Pan. You heard from, in our many travels here, Pan took you on a journey the other day talking about unicorns. All of it coming to pass right now.

This is the biggest story of how we make it with love. These ones who have had the dark hats and, seemingly, still have them, have to embrace it. It is their only way out of this story. It seems as though already they are being rounded up and sent to The Hague. Forty more in the last few, couple days; we heard 20 more today. KOS. Interesting. Rummy[Rumsfeld] next?

Since it is his company that, supposedly, has your cure with this vaccine that they are determined to make free to you at the other end of a gun, if they would choose. Yet, it is at the point where, like we have heard, they are out of everything. Only thing left is screaming fear card about chicken coming from the sky or flying pigs.

Excuse us. It is a song, when pigs, Pink Floyd does this. We will just have to say it is that ridiculous. It is in the level in which we are not downsizing or making light of this. They are vehement in making sure you don’t get to be here as she ascends.

The shift is occurring exponentially; humanity wants to make it and it is a done deal as even the dark ones get to make it, if they so choose in the last second. Maybe they take their bodies with them; maybe they don’t. It is not up to us; it is up to them. When they have to go to “Defending Your Life”. It is that situation.

Conspiracy to torture does not look good in your defense, Sir and Madam. We would just say at this point rather than try to create a situation, in which you have to lie on the stand in front of the world, we would stand down and turn yourself into the bailiff. He will be gentle with you. No water boarding this time. You are going to that place called the Void. It is at this time, we will just say, the energies are at that level, fever pitch and running around with masks.

Interesting dramas. It has to go to the level in which now all of the exposure compounds. This is what the last 100 days is about. Yet, and still, we understand that many are not happy with him and what has occurred. Like he said, sit down and chill. We are going to work this one out all the way.

Voice: In the [naugal? This word is unclear].

MS: That’s right, Commander. Now you get the ticket. The Jaguar Man has to say something about it, too. Can’t pass him up with the Talking Stick. It is at that level in which the primal energies of the jungle medicine come up for all to heal. It is where it all began when we started this story. Like the Lady Master began this call with the energies of what we are here to do with the Twin Flames; create the magic of living life, living love. It is all about that.

We will just take a moment to ask for help for these two angels that have to do with reality. Things are piling up quite high and would be very helpful to get some food and the basics to take care of the bills. We will just say [it is] very tight right at the moment. We are aware that what the situation unfolding here on your planet, they want to make it so dire in which you will gladly jump into the back of the squad car of homeland Gestapo.

Watching something today in this body, tap in tap out, talking about how the mentally ill in your prisons are getting better health care than you are on the streets. Has to do with universal health care. This is why all of it is shifting right now.

You have all of the help that comes from Divine creativity, of the magic of who you are. You have everything else and we have to say that energy of that which is in your DNA. All you need is a little bit of electricity, quartz crystal and the energies of sound vibration and what you have, these spontaneous DNA shifting into you getting your 24 codons activated and the extra DNA going, and then “Glad to be of service. Reporting for duty, Sir.”

Tara: I don’t mean to interrupt Mother, but I just thought of something, a Judge just resigned tonight.

MS: Judge, yeah. Oh yes, this guy, Mr. Souter. It seems the suit he has been wearing since Bush Sr. put him in office, doesn’t fit any more. Now he’s going to get a striped suit. Don’t drop the soap Mr. Souter. It is that serious.

Tara: It’s about to happen, isn’t it Mother? It’s happening.

MS: The court of justice, the Kangaroo Court. You have people sitting in there have done nothing except being born under the beloved energy of the star and the crescent; they are being considered maids, maybe they are terrorists, Osama Bin Ladin’s personal body guards. All a joke. No Al-Qaeda. No Osama. Tim Osmand got to see this story.

Afghanistan never attacked USA. USA attacked itself and say “Osama”. Eight years of this story now comes fuller circle. This is why we have to say not a joke: war crimes, torture, genocides; deal with it. It has to be healed; all of us. We are a living trans-formative society. If we don’t heal this amongst ourselves, that will slither Aveda, how are we gonna do it on Terra Nova, I ask you? I pass the talking stick.

Tara: Wait, Mother, I was just going to say with this flu thing and then with Arlen Spector switching parties. There is a rumor that he is going to help get universal health care. It’s been discussed tonight on both Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann.

MS: That is the ticket.

Tara: The stuff that the dark side has thought that they could do to keep people on their side.

MS: Free health care for every single life form.

Tara: It has provided an avenue; it’s very obvious, every certain person that gets any kind of thing like this, they have to have health care. You can’t just let a person die because they’ve got something like this, and there is no insurance.

MS: In our cities of Agartha and Shamballah, people never die; they never grow old. They never get sick. This is what is happening here and we will say, deal with it. Your DNA is going to expand exponentially already while your muted children are acting out and saying we want it now – we want peace. It is the requirement and now is the time for peace. We pass the talking stick.

Part 3: Questions and Answers with Mother Sekhmet

Deanna: This is Deanna. I would just to remind all of you, since Mother just brought that up about Tara and Rama needing help, Mother gives the most beautiful readings. If any of you have not had a reading from Mother, I would really highly recommend it. When Mother gave me my reading, she looked at the Akashic records and was able to give me every single lifetime that I needed to deal with in this lifetime, so that I could heal.

And it was such an amazing experience, and I know that, in her very loving way, she will do that for you too. This is way that they can come to support themselves. So if any of you want to have a reading from Mother, it is incredible and by all means, take advantage of it because it will change your life. I say that on behalf of these two angels, Tara and Rama, these beloved twin flames. They do this out of their compassion and love for all of us, so that we can heal and come home. I pass the talking stick.

Marietta: I have many, many questions tonight. Everyone is praying, as it were, to send in their questions so that we can get a lot of things answered. The first one comes from someone thanking Mother Sekhmet and all of us who are working on the calls to help everyone move higher. The question is: Is the original Bill Clinton still wearing a white hat, and is he still overlighted by St. Germaine, as we had mentioned previously? Who is working with him? They want to know about his whereabouts and his recent activities?

MS: We will say that he is still wearing the white hat, working with St. Germaine and at the same time, it is all coming full circle where in his stead all of the issues that have come up since Keating’s savings and loan (crisis) Whitewater and those issues gonna have to come full circle.

Ms. Hillary and him are gonna have to deal with it. It is how it moves forward. We will just say the one who wears the white hat will have to tell a long tale. And we know that he is very good at telling a story, as we all our storytellers, teachers, students. He will have to share a little wild tale about murder and intrigue and mayhem, up the highest levels. We will just say, it is unfolding as it has been said.

Q: We thank you for that. The next question is do our pets survive with us during ascension, and if not, what happens to them?

MS: We will say that they instinctively know this energy, and they are aware of it. It is like candy to them, and they know that are in the presence of angels and masters. They can’t wait to go.

Tara: They go with you, right??

MS: Yes.

Q: Mother, today an attempt has been made on my Queen and her family in the Netherlands. Mother, do they all belong to the 13 families or other of the 13 club? Her voice was strange, and she was visibly shocked. For us, the ORANJE family is synonymous with freedom, however, things may not be what they appear to be. Can you make any comments about this?

MS: Yes, we have seen there was an accident in the Netherlands discussing the Queen and others.

Tara: She was in it?

MS: Not certain. We know there was some kind of auto accident in the Netherlands with the royals today.

Tara: The Netherlands are very powerful; they are way up there with the Queen.

MS: Maybe speaking of Oranje revolution. We would say the only revolution we understand is the peaceful one that leads to peaceful solutions like Willie Nelson sings about. We will just say that this energy of the Netherlands is a sacred, holy place on the planet. Part of the Hyperborean empire that once was. Many entrances to the middle earth up there. Something we forgot to tell everyone. On You Tube, many videos now of the Inner Earth opening showing up. We showed it to you the other day.

Tara: Right, I did see that. Well we heard that little clip but I haven’t seen the full view of the total yet. That is all part of the . . . . What’s the name of that other one we’re going to share with everybody? Thunderbolts of the Gods. Again, it’s talking about Hyperborea and that it’s a place where the land of eternality exists. I don’t think it’s a mistake that that hole is connected at the same moment in time, because paradise is really inside the Inner Earth.

MS: Yes and at the same time moving outward.

Tara; Yes, and moving outward. That’s why we’re hearing of these beings because the hyperboreans, they always remained neutral. They were an advanced civilization of many landing party missions from many star systems and universes. They came here as a collection of higher beings to hold the light and the energy for our ascension and Mother Earth’s ascension.

The people from the Inner Earth, they have books that are written about this. They are at least 12′ tall, and there are actually people like us who have been living inside the Inner Earth that are only 5′, 6′ and sometimes a little more than that tall. They are the most gentle giants.

These beings have been living in the various mountain ranges all over the earth, way up high, like 17,000 feet and stuff like that. They are coming now, down to the surface. This is because we have asked them for help. Ask and we shall receive. The door has been opened now. Peace is here.

Q: The next question has to do with the twin flame stuff and maybe part of this has been answered but maybe part of it that wasn’t discussed this evening. How will we be brought together with our twin flame? What will the timeframe be? Is it relative the announcement of Nesara?

Will we have a special service to humanity when we’re brought together to perform this when we come together with our twin flame? Of course, I would say I have probably six messages that are saying, any timeframe for the announcement of Nesara to offer at this time?

We already know what your answer is, but I will tell that there are probably six questions for Mother about the timeframe for the announcements. These other questions about the twin flame, maybe you could comment on some of those.

MS: We will just say that as the energies are moving ever closer to getting Nesara announced, all of the energies of how everybody merges back with their soul essence, moving exponentially at the speed of light the same way.

As all of this gets healed, the fake timelines get healed that were shifted by, for all intensive purposes, you can call them black magicians, who wanted to play with timelines. Elohi turned to Elohem. Energies o the rivalry – the challenge, the quest of the idea competition. This brings in the polarity. I’ve got to say all of that coming full circle, ending now.

We do this will love, and as Nesara is announced, all these energies are coming back to wholeness, coming right into alignment like tongue and groove, so to speak. It has to do with all we all volunteered to be on duty at the right time when the man said, you’re up, and it is happening right now.

Tara: Just to confirm how much is happening right now. I forgot to do this other Chris Story evaluation and this is it. Shoot-out after trustees were abused all weekend. Clinton and Obama targeted by the World Court at the end of the 100 days.

That’s what was going on with Barack. Why did he say it was a mistake because it absolutely cannot be his job to be targeted ever further as the one who is going for their jugular veins, because it’s in the other one’s hands.

MS: Torture not a mistake.

Tara: Yeah, I understand Mother, and yet this shootout and then the targeting here of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Bush Sr. demands his immunity back, and if refused, he says he will continue impeding the settlements indefinitely. Forty of Bush Sr. cronies have been arrested.

Generally unsatisfactory outcome of the IMF World Bank meeting, foreign representatives and trustees called to the United States bank. Two US federal agents killed in the shootout on Monday. All World Court immunities null and void on Wednesday. Isn’t that great – all World Court immunities null and void as of Wednesday – that’s huge!

MS: YEEEEAAAAHHH! That’s why the rolling boil is occurring now.

Tara: Mrs. Clinton and the embezzled Katrina funds – oh, not again. Perpetrating economic terrorism . . . . Remember she provided the explosives that killed all the people. And then she intervened and embezzled Katrina’s funds so that the people would not get the help they needed.

This is pretty nasty stuff but anyway, it’s a good thing for her to come up now. Perpetrating economic terrorism while holding a high office, yeah, that’s Bush. A visit to Iraq to collect or organize repatriation of funds. Oh, I guess that could be about Barack, but remember we were told (and Mark was reminding us) that all the derivative things around Obama has to do with his marriage to the Queen, who is now a hologram, and it is not working.

These things are so timed, Mother, now that you could probably answer anybody’s question – we’re seeing it. You remember the order of events is arrests, immediately the announcement of Nesara and within three days, Lady Master Nada orders our deliveries. That’s pretty much, you can all feel the pulse. Just keep watching Keith Obermann and Rachel Maddow and pay attention to also Amy Goodman. I pass the talking stick.

Q: As many, many of the people who are writing, they send so much love and gratitude for what all are doing, and they have questions here about where do you take the souls who refuse to turn away from the dark? What happens to their souls? Can they be rehabbed or what happens to them?

MS: We would describe it as what you understand as what is known as black holes. It is the energy in which where the star is collapsing in on itself. The energy goes through that hole and comes out, in the other side of what you would describe as a parallel universe.

An anti-matter, we are simply taking the souls that are choosing not to embrace that energy of love and wholeness as this planet and her inhabitants ascend. They are, in a sense, asking for a final rest. For a moment, in a sense, the only way we know how to articulate it into linear language you can understand, because it is non-linear. It is about energy.

We would just say that we take it to a level in which we uncreate that energy, dissolve it back into what you would best describe as the fusion of a sun. It is nuclear fusion. We absorb it into creation chambers, which is called the void. It is how we create new universes as stars collapse and die. To use your words in this language here, they get absorbed into anti-matter.

In anti-matter, they go through something which is transfiguration to the other side, a black hole where, what you understand as the tremendous forces of gravity. You might say it is like traveling up to that hole you got at the top of your planet called North Pole. Yet when your pilots go up there, there isn’t any North Pole.

It is like all of a sudden you’re being grabbed by the hand of God, and you go for Mr. Toad’s wild ride to visit Lord Adama. It’s the green tea – chill dude. Let’s talk. You see you’re plane was picked up by gravity. We landed you before you were able to smash it against the rocks. What’s happening here is we are becoming aware of how these physical energies move, have their being.

As we uncreate these energies, they are in a sense, these ones, these souls that have asked to leave. They are un-creating themselves with every second that they do not embrace love. It is simple. I don’t know how to put it any other way.

Q: Mother, will the coming influx of positive energies coming during the Wesak full moon May 9-11, what will be happening with our body structures? I mean in a higher dimension, looking at the many wonderful bodies we each have.

MS: We will just say you are moving into the ascension frequencies where it is that fever pitch. You’ve got to remember to stay calm, no matter whatever is going on in the world out there. Remember to stay calm and focus on love. The energies are going to get even more freaky and intense. We assure you of that.

Q: The other question talks about with all the revelations coming out and with all the cats coming out of the bag, so to speak with humorous reference towards Mother Cat, we feel that there are some that we might not normally share this type of information; is that they’re feeling more compelled to share with more and more people.

They’re wanting some guidance to know how much should we talk about all of this. How much of this should be shared? Is it time for everything, as cats are coming out of the bag, that we come out as well?

MS: Yes. It has to be full circle. That is how we create the World Congress of Intergalactic Federation of Worlds. Star Fleet is born.

Q: Can you offer us a probable vision for China’s role in coming times? Talk about China and India, with both new rising powers; there is such a powerful history here. What looks like it’s coming; we’ve been describing China as the beast and lurking in the horizon. What are the roles for China and India as we’re moving into the new way of being here?

MS: We will just say that ancient energies of Shamballah, the greater will come forth as ancient of days. Sanat Kumara will reveal much of what has to be shared with the people of the planet, and in a sense, the gauntlet is being passed to the younger members of the people of China, yet at the moment, it looks a little red around the gills.

We will just say, from within the people of China, such a spirit here, also India. This is why, such fantastic energy speaking about how the movie, “Slumdog Millionaire”, stepping into that place of meeting all of the energies, how you can rise to the occasion out of a situation that seems like it is abomination of desperation.

We will just say these countries that have been oppressed in various ways with the ideas the third world moving quickly into consciousness of first world reality. It has to do with all of these treaties, trade agreements, called NAFTA. Gasp. Go back to the tariffs and the treaties, the process your countries were set up with as you move into the role of your world congress.

After Nesara is announced, all the countries will be brought into the balance where all have a reality within their own constitution or understanding. Maybe not a con but the real institution, that has to do with the laws of the land, maybe the words are Magna Carta better. Don’t know about this lingo except we know about universal energies of how this moves into the understanding of the laws of the one. Don’t know how to put it any other way.

Q: We thank you for that. This next one is a comment about all of the designs on the clothes of the younger generation; we’re talking about the skulls, the wings and the other emblems. They are wondering if this is being put out by the dark ones for a negative cause. Can you comment about a lot of these designs that our younger members of our society are wearing?

MS: We will just say that the Indigo crystal children. We are the generations here called the prophets. They are the heroes, and it is the reality heroes come in many forms, many colors and many shapes and many species, and we are all one. Maybe not even use the word race.

We will just say we are humanity in all of its forms and sometimes what we put on the temple as clothing, if you will, colorful energies of how we get in touch with the, like we were saying, spirit of the jaguar man or maybe the eagle, the condor, maybe the flaming skull like the movie.

Nicholas Cage made a deal with the devil, and he can never die. Interesting interplays with all of these symbologies has to do with how we are awakening to the magic of that creativeness, the high ceremonial magic that represents the sacred symbols of the ancient language of the Kabbalah and the other magical principles of how you turn water into wine, lead into gold.

It is all there. You have the creation chamber within you called the heart cage. Think with your heart. Feel with your head. It is that way in which how we move this into the higher upper energies as these children, right now, the heroes who wear the flaming skulls, or the raiders with the skull and the sword. Oakland Raiders, LA Raiders.

All of the symbology: inverted pentagrams, right-sided pentagrams, Star of David, crystal skulls, has to do with how the heroes are coming and already here. They are showing us, even in the youngest ones coming in right now, that are here for only a fleeting moment to just say `hello’ and then we are on our way. We have to just say the heroes are emerging with us, the prophets, together we do this as one.

And that is the key here, and our young people that have been through, metaphorically speaking, Armageddon and then some watching the last eight years and even before that, with all of the Reagan games and the lies. We can go all the way back to the story when we began this (inaudible) called balls of living light, living love. It has to do with how we flow with each other, and it might not be the right way for one or the others where this way comes in.

Got to listen to your inner heart. These ones, the children; they are doing this. It may be kind of strange when they put their pants around their hips, and it looks like they are going to fall off or maybe trip on their pants on the way down the street. Not sure. Not trying to make bad jokes of who or what. We are just saying, it is not the package or the dress; it is the heart that is the key here. Think with the heart.

Marietta: We thank you Mother for all of your information and for answering all of these questions. I’m thanking everyone on the call for sending them in. I apologize tonight that we’re aren’t going to have time to open the lines tonight for open questions, but we are very grateful so many people sent their questions in, and continue to do that so we may get as many answered as possible.


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  1. sophye says:

    Hi! this is a quote from the above article…

    “Deanna: This is Deanna. I would just to remind all of you, since Mother just brought that up about Tara and Rama needing help, Mother gives the most beautiful readings. If any of you have not had a reading from Mother, I would really highly recommend it. When Mother gave me my reading, she looked at the Akashic records and was able to give me every single lifetime that I needed to deal with in this lifetime, so that I could heal.

    And it was such an amazing experience, and I know that, in her very loving way, she will do that for you too. This is way that they can come to support themselves. So if any of you want to have a reading from Mother, it is incredible and by all means, take advantage of it because it will change your life. I say that on behalf of these two angels, Tara and Rama, these beloved twin flames. They do this out of their compassion and love for all of us, so that we can heal and come home. I pass the talking stick.”

    I would LOVE to have a reading…could someone tell me how to go about this???



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