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Mark: UPDATE – May 22, 2009


Well, today started out like any other ’22’ day…calling for balance, alertness and groundedness.

As Rama was out talking to various ones several interesting events were starting to unfold.

On the big picture scene, most of you heard or heard about Obama’s speech on the Rule of Law and how Dick Cheney twisted that around, using Alberto Gonzales and others to put a patina of legality onto Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield’s desires to introduce Draconian method of getting prisoners to ‘confess’ to crimes.  The Cabal could then use these confessions to justify the “War on Terror” against the People.

When Obama moved ahead with closing “Gitmo” and releasing the innocent people that were swept up off the streets in Iraq and then held and tortured with out charges or evidence for years in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, he came under tremendous pressure by the Family of 13 Controllers (Elder Dragons).

He had to ‘appear’ to reverse himself on the subject of future use of the Military Commissions device to hold ones considered dangerous for up to ten years … even though they had not done anything to act on their thoughts. This would of course require congressional actions.

Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann had excellent pieces on MSNBC last night.  Rachel interviewed Ed Warren, from the Center for Constitutional Rights, laying out the issues and the existing law.

The parallel with the Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report–2002, a Philip Dick story about ‘thought police’ who detect possible future crimes and then arrest the suspect before he commits any crime, was directed by Steven Spielberg. It lays out the whole premise for this [Obama] ‘proposal’.

Whenever you hear or see Obama doing such a reversal it is because of Elder Dragons’ direct pressure. Each time that happens the Dragons reveal their hand and lose as the energies are traced back to them and wherever they have been hiding is illuminated with tremendous Cosmic Light. By this means they are ‘flushed out’ of their warrens and will be removed completely from the stage.

These are the final ‘skirmishes’ of what has been called the Orion Wars, which have been ravaging the galaxy for thousands of years.

A peace accord was signed, on the higher levels, by all except some renegades who fled to this world and a few other pockets in the galaxy, where they have taken over control of the planet. That is now ending and all such ones must comply with the edict or be removed.

Most have already been removed or have accepted white hats. A small percentage are still hiding in their hidden nests within the earth and will soon be forced to the surface by the penetrating and overwhelming Cosmic Light/Love moving through all those tunnels and spaces.

So, Today, Rama talked off the air to Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders said that they are now taking action to ‘reverse’ the proposal that Obama was compelled to iterate yesterday.

Locally, we had quite a bit of excitement as well.

Rama was out driving in his car while listening to Jesse Ventura–former Minnesota Governer and ex-Seal Team member, who was speaking on a local radio station.  He  he was driving along when two Green Chevy Impalas came up with flashing lights and tried to pull him over. These are the same kind of ‘beings’ that tried this twice before.

They pulled their Taser weapons and fired them at Rama. Mother stepped in and put her hands up and out and the electrical energies were ‘bounced back’ to the senders and their vehicles.

Interestingly enough, as the high electrical energies jerked their bodies about, their outer clothing burned away and a ‘synthetic framework’ was revealed with glowing red eyes showing that these were laboratory creations {androids}.

They then melted down and became ‘spots’ on the road…Cars and ‘synthetic life forms’ alike.

Rama was, understandably, quite ‘shook up’ and had to go lie on the ground and completely let go of all fear or anger and ask for Ashtar and Sananda to receive these energies for transmutation and transformation.

Mother stayed in his body for a few hours to allow Rama to go up to the ship for ‘calming’ before coming back and resuming his normal duties.

What many in the military and police forces are seeing is the insertion of ‘these ones’ into ‘combined task forces’/ special units where they are used as ‘robo-cops’ whose orders come from the Cabal, not the real police or military commanders.

They have every reason to avoid these ones as there is ‘nobody home’ inside and they are programmed killing machines. We don’t like to talk about such things and yet, until the whistle is blown and the ‘fat lady sings’, people need to be aware that these extremes exist and should not be thought of as ‘fantasy-fighters’. They are heavily armed, programmed, and completely devoid of soul- essence.

Speaking the truth and helping to expose and end these abominations, people like Jesse Ventua and Rama and the King of Swords stand with Ashtar and the Galactic Federation forces.

We trust that Rama will be able to recover and share some of his story and other ‘Hard News’ tonight on the Friday Night CC.

NOW, one other ‘minor’ issue that I mentioned in my May 12th letter, was a comment by Mother Sekhmet. As we were discussing the events that Obama had to complete before 7/10 (corrected completion date of the 72 days) that Mother told us that “these things” would be completed “much earlier” than Obama’s publicly announced deadline of 72 days (7/10).

What are these things? Arrests of 100,000 indictees, with removal to The Hague for War Crimes Trials, Galactic Presence revelations that will prepare us for Decloakings and…NESARA’s Announcement.

[* see the recent statements posted by Dr Stephen Bassett and former Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, on April 20th, on GRT. They are jointly asking President Obama to publicly reveal the galactic involvement with us by May 30th. If Obama doesn’t do that, they warn that other countries which we have identified as France, China and Russia, might well prempt Obama in doing so.]

After today’s events, we would not be surprised to see some military action over this Memorial Weekend. This is, of course, speculation.

We did discuss the need for actions to be end this with Mother Sekhmet today, while Rama was ‘away’ in rejuvenation calming, aboard the New Jerusalem.

Rama actually went up and was ‘discussing his experience’ with Captain Ashtar, who complimented him on his decision to lay down on the ground and release the extreme energies of the moment. That was very helpful in allowing these to be neutralized and absorbed by the Earth.

When we said that the escalation of actions has to be ended now… Mother Sekhmet, merely nodded her head to indicate concurrence or, if you wish, empathy.

I will share a personal snippet experienced during last night’s ‘dreamlodge’. As I was reintegrating some different time line experiences–some of you know that a significant aspect within my greater identity, comes from 400 years in this timeline’s future–I became aware of some overlap in the alignments between ‘now & then’ in which I was being guided by my ascended Self to bring these centers into alignment with the higher ones.

As that was occurring I was alternating my ‘focus’ from this to that and watching my chakras respond to the ‘future’ refinements. I realize this is hard to picture.

What it translates into is that my 3D self was being overlighted by my 5D Self and a synching of these centers with those was momentarily experienced. I then realized that we are likely to be much closer to ‘hooking up’ with those higher aspects than it might appear.

Perhaps this New Moon in conjunction with the Memorial Day energetics will activate some of these higher codes we connected with during the Wesak Cosmic Connections with our 12D strands.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

It will be the last one in which our troops are still be placed in harm’s way, before our 2nd Declaration of Independence on 7/4/09, fulfills its promise and Peace can be declared.


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