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Mark: Timelines, Ascension, & NESARA Announcement?



I am curious how the notion of clearing our future timeline to 175 million years into the future works. Was there a timeline in which we continued in a time based 3D reality, whereas now that we are transcending dimensions into 5D time will not exist and that timeline simply needs to be cleared of what was going to happen in order to clear the path to ascension of humanity as a whole?

Secondarily, I hope i haven’t missed this information in a previous update, but has KOS or other sources confirmed that Obama did indeed mean directly that War Crime Trials/Arrests/NESARA would be accomplished by July11-20th? I know of the Ashtar telecall which is a big endorsement of course. Just wondered if we’d had other corroboration, and what to look for as we proceed to this date.


Just as there are many separate strands in a fiber optic network so also are there many separate parallels to the timelines and many dimensional levels as well. Now, that should have cleared the muddy waters nicely?

I will back up a second by saying that the darkhats can ascend up through 11D WITHOUT OPENING their hearts.

At 11D they can go no further…as a darkhat…unless they go back to the 4th and succeed in 5D Heart Center opening. Only a heart-awakened One who is in full accord with the Law of the One can reach the integrated Self of the 12th Dimension…and thus qualify to ascend to the next (13D) octave.

Every dimension has many layers and levels. As our timelines expanded out to 175 million years, the WingMakers at that time saw that the only place along the timelines where an effective correction could be made was in our moment–actually started about 1930–through 2012.

Since every one of us exist (future perfect) on those timelines as well as this one, many/perhaps most of us answered the call and volunteered to send a portion of our essence back-into-this era to effect the needed changes.

We fully understood that to obtain the highest good for all we would, in effect, erase a portion of our own timelines and then recover that essence to use in our own future co-creations.

This was not a spur of the moment decision. Every other possibility was explored and it was clearly seen that the only alternative was to heal it once and for all, here and now.

So that was when we designed the solution of incarnating into each of the 12 tribes and then heal the differences within by opening our hearts and continuing that until it succeeded…about now.

If you listen to Obama’s 5/9 speech & Ashtar’s 5/19 CC you’ll notice some blank areas. Faction 3 sources have filled in those blanks to help us all to understand what can not yet be publicly stated.

Obama said I will complete my 2nd 100 days’ goals in 72 days. Since his first 100 days’ ended on 4/29, that 72 days calculates out, I believe, to 7/10/09. Ashtar then, in principle, repeated Obama’s statements and asked us to mark our
calendars ‘carefully’ and begin to empower that vision of completion as a co-creative empowerment.

We were asked–by Ashtar– to embrace and support Obama as he takes the actions…including War Crimes Trials in the Hague; Arrests of the 100,000 indictees; revelations of Galactic Presence above, within and upon the surface of the earth and; NESARA’s Announcement within that 72 days. All of these are critical elements required before we have decloakings and NESARA’s enablement.

Now, add the Gulf of Aden Stargate and Edgar Mitchell and Stephen Bassett’s mutual deadline to Obama, delivered on 4/20/09, that called for disclosure by May 30, 2009 or Mitchell and Bassett would be assisting other countries like France, China or Russia, who have already expressed an interest in disclosing the information if Obama fails to act within that window.

Still another forecasted happening is the opening of a new stargate around 19.5 degrees–Coral Castle latitude line, in Florida, around the end of May.

We will all be watching, waiting and visioning these positive changes.


Any clues on timing from the Lavender Lad?

That Lavender Lad took a stroll through the Bilderbergers’ meeting and 5 glowing ‘holograms’ flamed out.

Everything we’re hearing still says we’re on target, but NO DATES/NO NUKES still applies.

As Ashtar stated on Tuesday night’s CC, Obama has already told us HIS schedule to ‘have all his 2nd 100 days work completed’.

Among those are the War Crimes Trials of the 100,000 indicted ones. Another ‘to do’ item is the public revelations of the Galactic Presence in the air, on the ground, and beneath the ground (hollow earth). The final item which will be compelled by the first two is the Announcement of NESARA.

So, Obama’s schedule completes on 7/11/09.

I guess you have to take him at his word. Since he is also talking with the Lavender Lad and others, I would suspect that they share a harmonious view on the monetary resolution as well as the other 2 issues cited.


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