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Mark on Transportation Systems…


Now since gasoline will be over very shortly, are we going to switch to alternative fuel for our vehicles or are we going to get upgraded transportation technology to replace our gas driven cars? Are we going to move to water based fuel for our vehicles and will this cost us anything from making the conversion? Is this all going to happen over a period of time? or is this going to happen all at once?

Also Airplanes, Helicopters, Trucks and motorcycles, and four wheelers.  Transportation and Energy is one of the most important aspects of our world and without it we couldn’t feed and distribute food, water, resources, or any other goods and services.


Several steps and stages will be involved over a 12-15 month period. One immediate retrofit device will be a black box technology that will almost completely reduce our immediate dependence on fossil fuels for automobiles. Next, we will begin to introduce lifting devices and other land speeders and shuttle craft as the situation allows after landings.

These will either be free or inexpensive. The whole automotive parts, materials and methods will be inappropriate going forward. No point in cleaning up the environment if we would be allowed to continue our wasteful/polluting ways.

The whole interstate Hwy system with trucks, trains, boats are so inefficient and toxic that they will be replaced as rapidly as possible and replicators within each region will eliminate the need for long range highway or waterway transport systems.

The same is true of the other means which–at present–are all powered with different kinds of petroleum products. Locally and organically grown fruits and vegetables will provide a new and higher level of support for our continuing spiritual advancement and will be demanded from our own crystalline DNA, which will not function much longer on 3D food. The two principal means, replicators, non-toxic lifting/anti-gravity devices and organic,locally grown food will be the key items that will quickly allow local independence.

During the first 12 months we will be dismantling toxic factories and power companies and begin to dematerialize highways as unnecessary impediments to the restoration of the planet to its pristine blueprint.

Great elementals representing Water, Earth, Air, Fire and Cosmic Ether will be working together to bring needed materials to the surface and from the cosmic families to fill our needs. St Germain has already spoken to the elementals and they have agreed to work in harmony with earth mother and bring whatever we need to the surface without violence to the land.

Same is true for Water. All that we need in fresh, uncontaminated pure and vital water is already present in great underground rivers and will be asked to bring that back up to the surface to fill our needs.

The skies, air, water and land will be cleared of toxicity within the first 30 days after landings…per Ashtar and Mother.


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