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Mark on the Bildeburgers…


[The question for Mark was. The bildeburgers are having a meeting on the middle of this month. With all the arrest’s taking place how can they be conducting business as usual?]


You have to understand that while the top ones have been replaced by holograms, those ‘film stars’ still have all the memories and skills of the originals.

Whatever happens during the 9-11 of May may well have impacts on that scheduled meeting. It may be canceled or might be addressed by St Germain who told them that their time was up at the last meeting.

The current Writ for arrests, from the ICJ/World Court,appears to be part of the internal war between the Illuminati factions with the G10 trying to reassert control over the country payments process.

Today, another 45 Bush Sr associates were arrested. Thus bringing the total in the last 4 days to 150.

That has to really panic Bush SR/Jr. Don’t be surprised at anything they try to do to strike back. However, they are being allowed to take each other out but will not be allowed to create any kind of general catastrophe that could interfere with the changes in-process, that will bring War Crimes/911 truth and our Announcement forward.

Mark Huber

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