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Mark on Proof.


Hi Mark!
I don’t understand this? what is there to wait for if its all happing  now; and it all has happened!  Proof for My Dying clientel must be  avaiable somewhere. simple photos of the Stargate ,…this is big Big News!  everyone has herd of it and it’s been ther for Months ,…Why no Flicks?  Plus I haVE NO dESIRE TO SEE A FAKE SHIP I AM AWARE OF THE LlIVING SHIPS WITH AMNINO  ACID COMPUTERS
Sincerely XXXX


As Ashtar has repeatedly said and Mother has echoed him: There is an exact sequential flow that gets it all done perfectly. Since prior errors got magnified so that 1/3 or our galaxy was destroyed by the darkones…175 million years in the future on this timeline…the Wingmakers and all of us agreed to come back to this time and make absolutely certain that not a sliver of dark intention slipped through the net that has been cast at numerous levels in numerous dimensions throughout this galaxy.

Minimal intervention until the exact nanosecond requires decisive all-at-once intervention has prepared us for this exact convergence of time/place/opportunity to pull the darkhats off the stage with Cosmic Love. Yeshua said: When I come-again, I will come with a ‘sword’ and a ‘host of Heaven’. These refer to the King of Swords/Sananda’s physical earth vehicle and to the Ashtar Command/Host of Heaven & the Queen of Heaven/Mother Sekhmet. Also, on both earth and ascended levels is Lady Master Nada come to partner the King of Swords and to remove the renegade dragons from the Earth.

I could go on with these metaphors from both Egypt and KingJamesBible, 2nd Ed(transmitted by St Germain and about to be brought up out of the Bruton Vault along with the true copy of the Constitution that was signed by the Iroquoi. All of these are not coincidences. They reflect the exact timing seen in the ‘probability’ screens in 1946. Since then all actions have been designed to exactly match the opportunity moments as they were found in the ‘future looking glass’ technologies. Of course, they couldn’t move before these intervention windows arrived and only to the extent to which they supported all the positive changes required. This is the most complex set of calculations ever attempted since the beginning. No room for errors exists without unintended consequences.

We now know that we have succeeded…on the higher light levels…and all we have to do NOW is hold our centers until it manifests the already identified changes. This weekend is the last major synchronicity in this sequence. That will be followed by high level arrests and removals to the Hague for War Crimes trials. Since all the evidence has already been ‘bullet-proofed’ by the best attorney in the galaxy–Lady Master Nada–the trials will be quickly conducted and sentences executed for all 911 Co-Conspiracy indicted ones.

This will allow all the other ‘good things’ to happen. That includes NESARA’s Announcement; Decloaking of the ships and the beginning of landings within a week of our announcement.

The landings in Tibet for Wesak are the preview of what will happen with the announcement of the arrests of 75,000–100,000 neo-cons and war criminals guilty of the genocide deaths of over 1 Million US Troops and 5 Million men, women, children and Iraqi soldiers…all done with depleted uranium and exotic weapons (scalar weapons) at the beginning of Iraq II and since.

Until the darkhats are removed from the secret intelligence ranks  and government alphabet agencies and military, pictures of any of these things would disrupt the sequential flow and change the timelines in a not good way. We have been directed to communicate faction 3 intelligence information as a permitted exception to help prepare a critical percentage of the lightworkers for the changes so they can help stabilize the public shock and awe when all these things go public. This shock and awe will be positive due to the radiant patterns of the higher dimensional ships decloaking and will allow us to experience 5D+ Cosmic vibrations and colors.

Pictures from Satellites and ships are sequestered and classified Above Top Secret/Cosmic. We’ve asked for any help in getting copies but the lid is still too tightly screwed on this jar to allow that which would terminally endanger our survival and all who saw are handled these. It will only be a little longer and all will be brought forward. The ship landings in the Himalayas are the show of presence that is revealing the last shoe is falling.

KOS has his own shuttle craft and the whole inner circle of F3 are taking that to Wesak. If they are taking pictures they’re not telling us…yet.

Ashtar and Admiral Sananda and Mother will likely be speaking at Wesak.


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