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Mark on Progress since October, 2008…



We now have significant cause to expect NESARA and the events leading to it to manifest by July 10th, 2009 pending information and corroboration by the Galactics to this point.

My question is what has changed that would give greater credence to this information when compared to October 2008? I recall significant focus on announcement by the end of that month and a general imminence at that time.

It would seem logical that clearing out the dragons of inner earth and the like would have been seen as having to be accomplished at that time, yet announcement was imminent. </snip>




I would have to get into a different space to go back and second guess what was perceived ‘as imminent’ right after KOS put us Inside NESARA Law. We were in the midst of an unprecedented National Election process which in spite of every type of manipulation and fraud available to NeoCons…Obama won that election!

The GOP still wonders what went wrong with the electronic voting that was already considered a ‘slam dunk’. Well, that cuts both ways. We were a bit over-enthusiastic and elated at the election miracle. Then realities set in and we saw that much still had to be done ‘behind the curtain’ even though it will all be retroactive to 10/1/08…when our announcement comes.

So, now, we have Obama’s 72-day deadline ending on 7/10. We have Dr Stephen Bassett’s deadline of something needing to be released on the galactic presence by 5/30. We have the NASA crew that went up and met the GF–in the form of Altarians–who ‘asked them to amend their mission’ to upload nanites into the Hubble so that it can be a part of something bigger that is coming very soon.

These last details were gotten from a brief Q & A with Mother Sekhmet in two short intervals between some other work today. Those Altamarians are the same 12 Scientists that RichardBoylan told us about 1.5 years ago and whom have been actively working with the ocean environment and even technologies being felt on our sun and in the unprecedented regrowth of coral on the Great Barrier Reef of Australia and off Hainan Island in the Gulf of Tonkin.

These are just a few of the additional items we’ve learned about since 10/1/08. Add the holographic replacement of the members of the Committee of 300; 80%+ of the Old Dragons; new regulations issued by Obama; signing statements nullified; executive orders cancelled; orders issued to Leon Paneta the New CIA Director to create a way to declassify and release technological secrets that go back to the Truman Administration…orders to close Gitmo…and much more.

We can see that there have been supportive trends that are building on KOS’s placing us Inside NESARA Law on 10/1/08. We have also been told that the big banks’ heads have been mostly replaced by holograms along with 400 members or more of the 535 members of Congress and the factual shipment of 34 shipments of Gold from Europe to certain secure banks in the US to support NESARA when announced is ‘material’ evidence. Also, we’ve been informed that the New US Treasury Notes to replace the Fed Res Notes are in the banks.

Even Thom Hartmann has stated this on live radio.

I’d say these are tangible, relevant and responsible actions that when combined with the 100,000 indictees by 56 grand juries are making it possible and probable that we will be able to meet Obama’s schedule. In fact I’d suggest that
the pace of activities including the public star-craft landing in Webster, SD, are swiftly advancing us towards our next phase.

Another minor advancement is our DNA upgrades which are continuing 24/7 and  another positive shot came this weekend with the New Moon in Gemini and willcontinue through 6/21 in connecting and activating our higher dimensional multidimensional communications capacities. All of those before 7/10. Catch my drift?


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