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Mark on our Uni/Multiverse…



I watched the second part of the Matrix yesterday. With all of the knowledge that I’ve gained recently, I see this Trilogy in a totally new light.

That being said, when Neo met the Architect, the Architect mentioned that Neo was the 6th “The One” to come around.

I understand our Universe expands then contracts, and our goal as souls are to eventually return to the source where this process repeats itself.

My question is, how many times has source created souls, expanded the universe, and contracted it back to source? I know it can be an infinite possible number of times but I’m curious if there is a number attached to how many times we’ve been through creation.



Locally, as I understand it, 3 times. There have been many others before this creation idea was out-pictured, but I think this is what you were looking for. In fact, as I understand it, our Creator is the first in 17- 22 Trillion years, to invest its own essence–that’s us–in its creation. Before this one, No Creator had directly participated inside its creation.

This 4th finally is getting it done correctly and we will all harvest the benefits and spread them throughout this and a whole new universe, co-creatively. This will never have to happen again. We are the soulution; we were also the cause; it’s a Win: Win.

We erase our karma; we ascend; we get a whole new cycle of virgin potential to celebrate in/through, and all Creations expand with us. The Ultimate Win:Win solution.


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