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Mark on NESARA to the World…


[The question for Mark was.  When NESARA is announced, how quickly will it spread out to other countries apart from USA, Canada, UK and Australia? I assume South Africa is a 3rd World country, but the sadest is that there are so many people in need of proper caring in our country and in the African Continent.]


Mark: I’ve previously posted information on how NESARA expands from the first 4 countries around the world and what some of the factors are that determine how soon that happens in a particular country.

There is a precise schedule but I only know the first 4 and the last.

The main thing to understand is that many 3rd & 4th world countries need major infrastructures and new educational structures to mirror NESARA principles.  To effect those changes as rapidly as possible, huge offshore international fund groups exist and will be expended to bring those most needed changes to those who most need them quickly.

Cleaning up the air, water, land and bringing in zero-point devices for wireless power along with replicators should dramatically upgrade the standard of living in those countries.  Of course, they will also be getting galactic types of medical training and devices and accelerated education methods to take them to a new planetary standard within 10 months to a maximum of 12-15 at which time they will each get the same $10 Million/per person as everyone else.  That will be true around the world, without exception.
So infrastructures become the most important addition in those countries.

Many prepared individuals in the big South African cities will be doing most of this outreach with galactic assistance, equipment and funds from these fund pools.

There will be far  more information and details for each country available once we get our Announcement and it is safe to proceed.
Be assured that no one will be overlooked or slighted.  We are going to all ascend together as one collective family.

Mark Huber

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