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Mark on Info Dissemination when NESARA is Announced


Hi Mark,

This question is directly from me and I would like to post your answer to the 3 GRT groups.

The question is. What will become of the 3 GRT groups when NESARA  is announced?

I figure that during the 72 hours of announcements the internet will only be available for that purpose.  So GRT will probably not be operating at that point.  After GRT is back up and operating what should our policy be at that point?  Will you be issuing any statements?  Will we all be directed to do different work and GRT become unnecessary?  How will the future look for the GRT groups.

If Eric Holder is about to approach the world court and ask for a special prosecutor will that be the trip wire for announcements?  It seems likely that all this could happen in the next 2 weeks.  I would like to keep the groups informed about what to expect from GRT once NESARA and announcements happen.  It would be good to let people know what to expect ahead of time.

Thanks very much for your time.



The preliminary information is that all current work will continue and will, in fact, be augmented by a FLOOD OF NEW AND VALUABLE INFORMATION that we will be asked to share.

The Post Announcement period will be very intensely used to get solid information out as many ways as possible on all 3 boards + Welcome the Light!!!

That’s why we have all come together as points of truthful and accurate information dissemination. Each member and reader is very valuable in the coming massive outreach task.

There will be so many that have been fed disinformation or lies and they will be surging to places where truth can be found…and will have many questions.

It is true that each of us will be given expanded knowledge and guidance as to our new missions which will, in most cases, be a natural outgrowth of our current spiritual work.

This is the most valuable joint work we can now prepare for.

Thanks for asking this important question. The excitement is building with each day as the public releases draw nearer to realization.

Mark Huber

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