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Mark on Galactic Races & S. Dakota UFO Landing


[The question for Mark was.  “Given the recent comments regarding Sheldan Nidle’s semi-truth / semi-disinfo channellings, could you please comment on whether or not his description of various Galactic Fed races on his website (link below) is accurate, and if not, is there a more accurate summary anywhere on the net at this time (or even photo’s)? Given that decloakings will take place near announcements, I think it would be a good thing if we had reliable descriptions of the most common (Sirian, Pleiadian, Andromedan, Arcturian, etc), so that we could focus on the commonalities / similarities to minimise fear / concern if we’re (inevitably) asked what they’re like during announcements, rather than just give out an unhelpful “I don’t know” or worse, the wrong answers based on disinfo.”]

Mark: I believe we will have far better information and it will be coming forth so quickly that I would suggest to read what is available.

As more balanced information becomes available, many do know these answers, we will indicate those references. Physical aspects are the bottom of the barrel in appreciating and knowing what another species represents. We are still too 3D oriented and fear-constricted to appreciate the nuances of higher forms of intelligence.

That is changing and we will soon have access to many more appropriate ways to learn and remember the truth that fin, fur, winged or any other externals are only ‘rental units’ for divine spirit.

We were suns, planets and galaxies and gods/goddesses before we descended. We have studied and played with powerful elementals of water, air, earth, fire and cosmic ether and rejoiced with fairies, elven folk and sparkling and shining ones, who taught us their magics. Why would we settle for anything less as we prepare for our return to those loftly levels.

The journey back up through the dimensions will be like one who has stashed precious gifts along our downward path and now we can begin to recover those uniquely valuable assets and incorporate them in our new work.

In 5D+ we can alter or choose amongst all the possibilities and would dislike being pigeonholed or restricted to any one format.

Many of us have agreed and did in fact incarnate into all 12 tribes as part of our plan to heal the separations by healing them within ourselves first, and then we will have no trouble engaging and loving all our expressions for the unique wisdoms and skills they add to each other and reflect back to us from other ones like us.

We are going to co-create galactic round tables of equals or equivalents where all votes  are equal. We will have no enemies because we will be expressing and being divine love-wisdom in action.

I know I have enjoyed many mergers and many experiences and wisdoms shared from and with many others who came forward from within and without to assist when the need was there. You will enjoy being without fear and having the ability to merge with plants, trees, rocks, and all kinds/types of beings.

We contain a universal library within our DNA. One of the best kept secrets in the universe. We and the planet are living libraries of incredible knowledge to which we hold the keys. One merger-read of our DNA could allow a long destroyed spacial family to completely restore their ancient home-world to it’s original splendor.

We have a lot to offer as we gain our awakened remembrance of who and what we truly are.

The last few pieces are coming together now.

The unprecedented approval for the Grey-ET spherical ship to peacefully land in South Dakota yesterday, and even more incredibly, to be reported on a top Business Week Online News outlet where it then spread across the internet like wildfire, was a tipping point in the 60+year coverup of galactic presence.

That no cameras would work within that area shows the degree of preparation that was involved for this ‘staged event’. The government’s followup and roping off the area, was like closing the barn-door after the horses are already out of the barn. That single report cracked the lid on the coverup…and gives Obama the lead-in for what comes next. He has already issued the order to Leon Paneta to release all the information…going back to the Truman administration on ET technology transfers, anti-gravity and other agreements without compromising national security. That would include the false front that NASA represents to provide cover for the NSA space development operations. Leon is also working with Dr Stephen Bassett, a well respected lobbyist with a long credibility within Congress and the UFO facts community.

The timetable is not known but is considered to be short…perhaps less than 2 months…has been suggested by some involved…and that would accord with Obama’s ’72 days’ timeframe to have these matters concluded.

We were told that such a peaceful incident would be the signal that the end of the coverup is very near.

That means that the World Court is about to do something formal…perhaps at the request of Congress/Patrick Fitzgerald. In fact, we understand that Congressional committees are meeting now to discuss these matters. These are serious meetings and we are awaiting some word as to what the actions will be. I know that it is hard to comprehend a situation in which many of the top ones are holograms, and that is exactly what this situation involves. The Committee of 300 and over 400 of the 535 members of Congress are in that ‘film-star’ status. Bush/Cheney/QueenE-II/etc. too.

Bourne Ultimatum & Matrix Revolution rolled into one! Now we have a new Star Trek movie and Angels & Demons debuting on the ‘silver screen’. Can you see the dots connecting? Do you have some popcorn handy? It’s gonna get even more exciting and …then… MotherSekhmet will lift the curtain on the final scene in this oldest drama in the universe. You’ll love the Swan Song she sings for these ones…as ships decloak all around the planet…and the House lights are turned up.

Mark Huber

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