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Mark: G20, Prince Charles, & the end of [Corporation] USA



Can you give us any input on this?



Mark: This is a distorted right wing culling of news snippets and cabal propaganda to support their “doom and gloom” and Armageddon prophecies…which have all been cancelled due to the increased vibration of the planet and all lightworkers!!! These ones can not yet comprehend the significance of multi-dimensional realities manifesting a 5D vs 3D matrix reality. Many of these ones are now holograms and will become ‘fast-fading film-stars’.

The Corporate USA will indeed fail, along with all the old economic system of domination.

We are the Constitutional Republic, and we are rising, under NESARA, to restore Constitutional and Common Laws and erase Admiralty/Statute laws of oppression and control.

The distortion around gold and precious metals ‘values’ is a 3D concept. We will indeed shift to a worldwide Gold and Precious metals-backed currency, as a transitional support for THE REPUBLIC.

As we remove the ‘cancer’ from the planet–Cabal’s 13 Families and henchmen, that is now in final progress–we will then begin preparing all for ascension.

So, Barack Obama will lead us into Galactic Government, within NESARA Law and the Law of the One. No catastrophic nuclear wars, famine, viral-pandemics or the like will occur. Notice what happened before, during and subsequent to the G20 meeting where all of these ‘heads’ became holograms. ‘Swine-avian-human’ flu has all but evaporated–even though the neo-con fear machine is still using terms like ‘pandemic’ just as they did with the failed avian flu and other biowarfare cocktails were neutralized and foiled by the Galactic Federation.

Last night on HBO’s Bill Maher show, Bill was talking with the Ex-FDA head and stated that “this year–in the US–we have had 1 death from this bio-warfare mutant cocktail. We have had 13,000 ‘regular flu’ deaths and you don’t hear a peep about THAT.”

Hmmnn. Seems the reptilian rogues try to achieve with ‘infomercials’ what isn’t possible by any other means. Big Pharma-Gov’t Con-artists want to push their ineffective vaccines on the world, which  don’t work, but which–if successfully advertised by ‘Fearful scenarios’–would enrich their bank accounts by many hundreds of millions of dollars. Revelation’s prophecies were successful in waking us up and that is the highest purpose of prophecy. A failed prophecy is one that worked!

We are now awakening at an unprecedented rate all over the planet and joining our hearts, minds and voices to bring truth and peace to the whole world. It is very close! The stargates and new planetary grids will soon be impossible to hide as they reach 100% power…and weapons will cease to function… and a new 5D ‘firmament’ will appear all around and above the planet.

Galactic assistance is underway NOW, and includes our Cosmic DNA activations of the 24 codons that support our own manifestation of whatever is needed. This will be attained as the final upshifts occur within the next years, after the arrests, NESARA Announcement, decloakings and landings. There is no need to hide in the inner earth’s cities as they will be joining us on the surface.

We will then become a fully conscious galactic multi-dimensional world. The husk of the old 3D will fall away–although it will seem not to– as we will simply be vibrating at a higher frequency of existence in which the essence of all will have migrated together with the planet into a 5D+ vibratory reality matrix.

Upon planetary attainment of full 5D Ascension vibration, we will no longer need currencies as we will be restored to our higher/multi-dimensional abilities. This is already beginning this year when decloakings/landings of star-craft occur with arrests and NESARA’s Announcement.


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