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Mark on Etiquette and First Contact…


The question for Mark was.  “I have a perhaps rather odd question.  You see, I hold Miss Manners and Emily Post in high regard.  I try to be as mannerly and graceful as I can, but as you know I can be rather blunt!  So, my question concerns etiquette.  When ships show up, what is the proper way to greet everyone and extend hospitality?  Can they drink tea, coffee, will we intuitively/telepathically know what they might like?”

Mark: As with any individuals, in this or other dimensions, you need to ask. Most will choose not to imbibe our products which are highly laced with toxic chemicals. Chemtrails make most field grown crops including teas and coffees toxic.

On board the ships they have clean, clear and non-toxic items which can taste, smell and look just like ours, but which are made of nutritious and non-toxic substances. Their alcohol is non-toxic although it tastes and has an uplifting–rather than depressing–effect on your spirit. We would highly recommend you avail yourself of the Pleiadian Champagne and Vega Wafers. Mother Sekhmet like’s Killian’s Irish Red Beer.

Others like Earl Grey Tea, Royal Jasmine Tea, Chai tea, Green tea, etc and  some have been known to savor a cup of Turkish or Espresso coffee. You can ask them for their favorites and then see what you have in that category. They’ll appreciate your asking, even if they don’t want anything.

Ones who had earth embodiments in different cultures remember those favorites and can transmute anything toxic in them anyway. On board the ships you don’t have bathrooms as there are no residues to dispose of. With trillions of ships overhead you can be happy that they don’t.<smile>

It is quite possible that when that happens that you may well be able to telepathically communicate and receive their replies.

Mark Huber

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