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Mark on Dr. Neruda {} Interviews


Dear Mark,

I have been following all of your info and updates for some time now, feeling that the info you give resonates with me. However, I have a question, as the mention of the ACIO reminded me of hearing of this organization in the material of the site, under the interviews of a Dr. Neruda. Do you know of this Dr Neruda, who is said to have defected from this organization. This gave a bit of pause for concern, as your reference to KOS as head of the organization? I remember being fascinated by this information on the site, and now feel I will go back and re-read the interviews, and his involvement with the Ancient Arrow Project. I guess my question is, how does all of this connect, if it does….and are you aware of this site and the info on it?

Thank you Mark, for all that you do….XXX


I was ‘directed’ to that site in 1997. The 4 Neruda interviews were coded and a little disguished as things were in a different status at that time. 15 had been at the core of that operation for over 50 years and few outside his small group had any idea who he was and the extent of his responsibilities. Dr Neruda(Not his real name) blew the cover off that whole operation.

Three or 4 years ago Mother Sekhmet and Rama ‘visited’ and spoke with him with KOS’ knowledge.

MS discussed some of his responsibilities that resulted in his altering his focus and he even ‘appeared’ on NPRadio and Rama just happened to be listening and called in and spoke with him. He told listeners that the most important thing they could do would be to go read that material!

Now, as part of MS’s ‘meeting’ with 15 (Director of ACIO/”Labyrinth”: inner circle of that Org) we found out that he was a bit more special than Dr Neruda had figured out, and in fact had a higher mission which Dr Neruda could not be made aware of, even though they were a very tight knit small family who had worked very closely together for much of their lives. BST (Blank Slate Technology, which allows minute interventions in the timelines that have the desired effects) was, and is, a key component in the remediation or erasing of some toxic timelines that went out 175 million years into the ‘future’. We have a local friend who is a Wingmaker(12D) from that time-space point and who has been in the same vehicle for more than 300 years and looks 25. This one has the job of assisting many of us in remediating darkhat influences that compromised 1/3 of the milky way galaxy over the ‘future’ period. The scope of that work is beyond our ability to detail here. We can say that it is successfully accomplishing the prime goal of clearing ‘debris’ from our future pathways.

This point we are in, in 3D, is the only place where the corrections could be effected. That has now occurred and all non-viable timelines have been erased and all viable alternative ones are being merged into this one. We are all also on those other timelines and are ‘recollecting’ our aspects from those timelines into a synthesis of consciousness on this composite ‘fiber optic cable’ which will become fully operational as critical mass is achieved in Zeropoint.

Now, that was a long preface to my saying that even though there are many constructs expostulated in the 4 Neruda interviews and the Ancient Arrow project, it is best to view most of that as metaphor. Not wrong or right. Just think of taking the 6.7 Billion people on this planet and synthesizing them into say 6 main characters for presentation in a TV or Movie Script. Each one can be a stand-in for as many as 1 Billion variations yet still retain truth in concept.
That process makes it easier to discuss the earth and the peoples. Likewise, when you want to talk about billions of other civilizations in this galaxy or universe, similar ‘consolidation or abbreviations’ can be usefully employed to reduce the impossible to a size our limited frames of reference can comprehend. All of the central characters in this play are connected and are part of an oversight guardianship of technology and processes that is moving us towards our goal of planetary ascension. These roles will get clarified at the time of our Announcement.

Having said that, there are other things on that website that were added that one needs to exercise considerable discernment when viewing, listening to or considering.

Everything that is publicly available contains some distortions. In my opinion, those interviews were the best available for a 5-8 year period. Since 2003, the new material began to change and the ‘policy’ seemed to change and the spin drifted a bit. Many broke away who had been ardent original fans and contributors to the forum discussions. There is even another group who contests the material and presents their views. I neither endorse nor deny authenticity of either. If one is attracted to one then it will serve until that energy is sated and then the reader will move on to other venues to continue their explorations.

So, when mentioning that material I try to caution people to stay with the interviews and the general ideas presented in the Ancient Arrow project development. Spin doctors have their way with most everything on the internet or in print.

It is a wonderful place to research as long as one sifts and weighs and re-sifts and edits out distortions as our personal database expands.

Suffice it to say that anything that rises in classification and sophistication to 38 levels above the President, is dealing with intelligence that is unknown to 99% of the insiders and especially outsiders, for security purposes.

Having said this much I can say that we have been informed that ‘things have changed’ in a good way and Dr Neruda’s Interviews remain quite useful as background without being taken as cast in stone.

We have 200 million species here on this planet from the stars. How many of those do you think the average person understands to be universal expressions of equal or equivalent divine origin and paths?

Life is both simpler and more complex than our education has prepared us for. We live in a holographic universe in which every fragment contains all of the whole, albeit in more or less developed or expanded degrees. Those who have explored more are more consciously aware of their own complexity; Those that have always believed themselves to be just one limited personality they see reflected in their mirror, will be quite surprised to see what has been “hidden in plain sight” once their blinders are lifted.

All life on this planet is being upshifted to much higher degrees of awareness and the lid is dissolving and will soon fall away and our perception will ‘remember’ the greater truths we have set aside so that we could focus on what’s placed on our plates to attend to.

There is nothing to fear. The richness and wonder; beauty and expansiveness of our divine heritage will astound us as it begins to reveal itself in the coming weeks and months of this cycle. We are truly on the verge of emerging from our chrysalis; which has protected us until we could be readied to emerge and see what we have been crafting within.

No one will be disappointed. It is well worth the wait. The ‘plastic surgery reconstruction and main frame upgrades’ have been accomplished and the new structures are evolving more each day, activating and expanding new neuronal circuits. Soon, the bandages can be removed or will simply fall away. A new and far more powerful connection to our divine I AM Source will begin to inform us through our multidimensional networks and super-light-potentials.

For each of us the time is here to explore and update our databases for the big activation and  re-boot of our Crystalline Central Processors and the discarding of the old hard drive and limited software applications of our outmoded system.

Just as we are going to a new worldwide upgrade in our planetary economic system, so also are we upgrading all other programs and systems of government, historical references and spiritual understandings to fully incorporate the whole truth of who we are; from whence we came and our purpose in choosing to be here at this time of wondrous change.


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