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Mark on Classified Levels above the President…


Hi Mark,

With the help of XXX, I have spent the last 2 days reading the entire ‘Back Files’ to fulfill Mm background studies, which posed a few questions as to Dimensions…

About the F~3 which I am trying to Get a clear picture of: When You mention 38 levels above the President. What are those 38 levels each composed of? Or how is this number constucted? As well, what happens in the 100 dimension which we came from?



We cannot discuss the 38 levels or 100D from 3D. We would have no frame of reference. Understand that as we return dimensionally to the higher levels we must integrate each one before we go on to the next. Just look at 3D and then 5D. 3D is linear time-bound; 5D is multi-dimensional and outside of time in No-Time. Let that sink in.

Similarly, unless you have been a West Wing fan…and believe in fictional Presidents, we can’t even go 1 level above that without running into things classified beyond the President’s purview. If you read the Reagan dialogue notes from his ‘Visitor’ briefings you quickly note that they had to remind him that he wasn’t cleared for anything more than the fact that they had security issues and technologies he had to sign budgets for without knowing what they actually did.

Now take that into the arena of anti-gravity principles, ET-human-genetic research; cloning research, mind control advances and much, much more, all of which he was not cleared to know.

LB Johnson signed for construction of 22 deep underground ET facilities in the 4 Corners area and he was only told that they were part of his protection in case of nuclear or other disasters. A complete fabrication.

If you saw some of the ‘routine’ research that ACIO/Labyrinth sub-group scientists were engaged in–like time travel and reverse-engineering of crashed star-craft and sophisticated electronics/nano-technologies and Artificial Intelligence…alluded to in the WingMaker materials, you would understand that almost everything they were dealing with was even above the Illuminati’s pay grade.

We are now in 4th-5th generation anti-gravity production models of at least 12 exotic types of craft with phenomenal speeds, abilities and much, much more, like beam weapons out-moding all conventional weapons and even conventional wars, while NASA continues to slog through the atmosphere of Earth and Moon-Mars missions that are 60 years beyond the secret military equipment developments.

Quantum computers and quantum entanglement are considered theoretical by mainstream science, even at MIT and Cal Tech, where at least a few ones are involved in projects where these are everyday technologies used by NSA in the secret space programs involving re-supply of colonies on Mars and the Moon and re-supply of Secret Space Stations on a regular basis.

Now add to all that hierarchies of ET-Human endeavors that boggle the mind…and above them is Faction 3 agreements and training by the Ashtar command aboard the New Jerusalem and attendance at Council meetings on Saturn, Lyra, etc, with ascended masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy of this and other universes.


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