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Mark on Changes After NESARA

[The question for Mark was.  What will happen to existing buildings, including our homes?  Will they be demolished and everyone relocated to the circular cities?  What will happen to theme parks like Disney World, Cedar Point, and other such entertainment venues?  Will they be demolished since they are not really necessities, and maybe people will not want to work there any more since they don’t need the money?  Many of us like to cruise the Caribbean islands, Alaska, the Mediterranean, etc.  Will cruising for pleasure be discontinued also?  How about museums and the performing arts, or will cultural venues be treated differently, as long as people are willing to staff them?  We would just like to know what to be prepared for so that we can get used to the idea of what  some of the major changes will be in our lifestyles.]


I would suggest not spending too much energy on the outer changes.  The most important and most valuable ones are the DNA upgrades and activations that are re-connecting us to our expanded self and our expanded knowledge databases.

I can not begin to explain the magnitude of this sudden lifting of what will seem like a fog from our inner perceptual abilities. That will certainly fascinate us more than amusements of only linear interest.

We are all multi-dimensional beings from the stars!

We have a vast number of aspects on many worlds that are us!

Getting into communications with many of these and integrating all that knowledge into our holographic memory systems is the biggest, most joyous feeling of waking up to the grandeur of a universe that knows you.  As you begin to remember your true spiritual families of origin it will be quite an emotional reunion.  The coming decloakings and this very weekend’s new activations are all about multi-dimensionality hookups.

Much of what you speak of will change as most of these contribute little, in their present format, to your advancement and preparation for Ascension.

With our Announcement and decloakings all of our lives will be changed and not one aspect will be left untouched and that is the GOOD news!  All will be enhanced, deepened, enriched and expanded beyond our current ability to conceive anything but linear time-limited sequences.

I can tell you that your new experiences are going to knock your socks off and you will be like a person crawling across a desert in the dark and suddenly, the lights come on and the desert begins to bloom and add new dimensions of perception to your expanded senses.  You will quickly throw off almost terminal fatigue and struggle to being a part of the grandest cosmic drama of all times just as it’s finale is signaling a curtain call of the whole unseen cast.

The new technologies are going, during the first 12 months, to eliminate most of the drudgery and maximize the opportunities to learn who YOU are and what you came in here to contribute. During that same 12 months much of the old ‘plant and equipment’ will be dematerialized as toxic and polluting and we will only want fresh air, clean water, food that is truly vitalized with all that our new structures are going to require to function optimally.

Transportation now is all polluting and petroleum based.  ZeroPoint devices and energies will be non-polluting, inexpensive and complementary to our development.  Most factories and power plants and highways will no longer be appropriate.  We will be using anti-gravity lifting devices of many types that require no such support systems.

Since every particle of matter and spirit is upgrading, even our present homes will upgrade with us until we are ready and desiring to move to the crystal cities and restore the old areas to pristine natural areas.  Replicators and organic gardens are the two most important aspects of our new living arrangements.

We will want everything in our homes and everything we eat and wear to be non-toxic to us and others.  I can tell you that the ships replicators can make anything you can imagine exactly the way you most desire it to look and taste and yet be completely healthy and supportive of our new crystalline structures.

New ways to communicate in many modes will replace our current commercial systems.

I could go on and on but that would ruin many of the surprises.  Our ignorance of our true history and true being has dulled our senses and conditioned us to expect almost nothing.

One of the first things that will happen is to correct our history and our knowledge of ourselves and our truly grand purpose in being here in this moment.

I will end by saying that the beauty of the planet and the ways to enjoy and perceive that will expand and our health and vitality will soon reach a new level of delight.

Teleportation and many other options will quickly make everything else seem dull and  unsatisfying.

All creative pursuits will be enhanced and expanded far beyond the current offerings.  Accelerated learning techniques and more leisure will explode the interest in and attraction to all artistic, musical and related pursuits.

As we see the pristine air, water, soil and vibrancy of life increase and the toxic factories and polluting and noisy transportation methods replaced travel will take on a refreshing quality like never before.  Many will choose to travel to other places aboard the ships and to other planets and the inner earth cities.

Use your imaginations to imagine what the replacements might be and how the immediate improvements will affect these.

Mark Huber

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