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Mark on Appearance of the Sun Today…


The question for Mark was.  “I’m in Victoria out and about.

I have to ask if you can see the sun right now. UNREAL!!!  Huge corona with all dark inside. Can you see it?  It looks like a stargate.


I’m stopping and looking up with people around and they’re all saying “oh my god”! Then I tell them something good is going to happen.

Can you comment? Can you see the sun like this?”



Don’t know what you saw, exactly. I just went out and looked up at Sol and sent my usual telepathic greeting. I got back rose-pink/gold colors and then I got a Cosmic Colored Rainbow of higher dimensional iridescence…and a warm greeting from Helios and Vesta…the sun behind the sun. This came from around our sun not through it…as in an eclipse where the back lighting effect is brought forward.

I have seen something like you were describing many years ago and I let myself go into it and made direct contact with 3 great ones who were like super-giant elementals involved in balancing the sun’s energies. They asked me to be a golden light bridge as many wanted to come in here across that bridge. I did all the usual precautions and then said, YES! And many ET beings came across the interdimensional bridge into this reality…to help us…they indicated.

Don’t know if that’s what he was seeing but it feels very similar. I could feel through that vortex into Helios and Vesta’s domain.

I would say you just had an awesome connection…a happening. Glad that others could see it also. I love Victoria. Today is 5+31=9+11=911 day.

Mercury just went direct so this should have been a clear experience.

Congratulations. That was a 4-5D experience.

Mark Huber

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