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Mark: NESARA Breakdown & World Refinancing Plans


I have some questions regarding the ‘private’ world refinancing plan of St. Germain and other benevolent Beings, backed by gold, etc.  But first, it is my understanding that the G-7 Nations approved of that plan a couple of years ago.  This same plan is one that is purported to give each one us 10 Million dollars each of the new ‘rainbow’ currency, etc.

Because we are each to receive funds from this most Divine plan, then it is a self-evident fact and law that we have a proprietary/beneficiary/substaintive or other type of material and actual “interest” in that plan.  In other words, by law we have been given established Actual “Rights” regarding that plan, including, but not limited to the Absolute Right to “clear” Knowledge thereof!

If a “true copy” of that plan, as presented to the (so-called) world leaders, some of whom have accepted the plan and some of whom have rejected the plan, were made available to all people of the world through the internet, I believe it would cause a “wave” of desire for the people to demand the politicians, etc., give us – people – that which is our just ‘due’ by “Right”, for it is a firm offer and I and others have “accepted” the offer.

Many people are aware of this plan, but believe it is only a rumor and does not actually exist.  The production of that actual offer onto the internet would allow people to see and determine the reality of such a plan and how it will affect the lives of every man, woman and child on this Divine planet.

So, my first question is: Can you get a “true copy” of that private monetary plan that has been accepted by the G-7 Nations of the world as offered by St. Germain, et al?

My second question is: If you can get such a “true copy” of that plan, are you willing to put the same out onto the internet for the world to see?

My 3rd question is: If you can get such a plan and don’t want to put it out on the internet, will you send it to me so that I can send it out on the internet?

Thank you for your deep and sincere consideration of this vital element affecting all of our lives!  XXX


It looks from reading your comments below that we have a little case of apples and oranges.

First and most importantly, the G7 and NESARA are two completely different matters. There are 160 Nations that signed onto NESARA support in March of 1999 at the Intl Court of Justice/World Court in the Hague.

20 Nations present–making a total of 180–did not sign onto that proposal. Mother/Alcyone, KOS, St Germain, Lady Master Nada were appointed to get NESARA implemented. A year later, that proposal was passed into Law by the US Congress and signed into Law by Bill Clinton in October 2000.

That Law had one–illuminati inserted–proviso: that the Law would not be implemented until it is Announced. They then set a long list of conditions that had to be met before an announcement could be made. Every time that got close, the cabal through Bush Sr & Hillary-Vatican-stooge, saw to it that some monkey wrench was thrown into the process. Since that time, the game has changed.
That impossible process has been eliminated by St Germain–the founder and the single signature owner of the World Trust…and by Lady Master Nada who, with the King of Swords under Mother Sekhmet/Alcyone/Ashtar have removed those restrictions…except for the requirement that it must be Announced before it can be implemented.

The G7 ‘plan’ is a bogus plan to assist the Illuminati 13 Families to stay in control of the planet’s financial system. That’s why Chris Story gets so furious at Obama for not buying into the G7 demands for Special Drawing Rights which is just another name for I.O.U.s without any backing. In other words, a scam.

So keeping these plans separate in discussions is important.

Now, there are 78 Programs that funded by 12/31/1999. Each of those funds has goals, project interests etc. There are also International Fund Pools to help jump-start 3rd/4th world countries which have massive and immediate needs with few viable infrastructures in power, water, health, education,etc…and usually corrupt gov’ts beholden to Cabal interests. Those corrupt gov’ts will have to step down so funds and materials can be brought into those countries. That is already planned for.

Since the ending of all the program investments on 12/31/1999, no new programs have been funded. A change was then made so that all large programs would include a ‘gifting’ to each man,woman and child in the world who is not excluded by evidence of inability to be responsible for these funds due to criminal actions of continuing nature. Half the original potential recipients have been disqualified by their criminally corrupt intentions and actions.

There will be educational counseling and medical assistance provided to any of those who show possible rehabilitative potential.They will not get $10 Million like everyone else.

That has almost doubled the amounts that will be available for major projects and has eliminated duplications and other unjust possibilities and drastically simplified the gifting process.

The Galactic Federation ships have been monitoring all of us since the NESARA Law was passed and have identified all who will be excluded and probably removed from our timeline if they have no rehabilitative potential during our ascension timeframes.They will go to other 3D worlds to continue their learning and spiritual progressions…but will not be a part of this timeline unless they can meet the ascension criteria in the time available.

They will not even realize that anything has changed.

No ‘True’ copy of NESARA Law is available on the Internet and won’t be until after the Announcement. Considerable information is available on NESARA.US…but that information has not been updated since 1997-2001 as I recall. It NEVER was complete because of the Illuminati’s opposition and the GAG Order on all Media and Office Holders…under pain of death for violation of the Gag Order.

No politician can even confirm who drafted it; whether it was signed into law or even that it exists until the gag order is lifted. In D.C. it is referred to as “the Reformation Act”…and is widely known but unacknowledgeable in public. The actual Law and associated references were retitled and renumbered and have been put into safe-keeping by the King of Swords on orders of St Germain, that the Illuminati can not corrupt or change a single word. They did try…per Bush Sr’s orders to post a faux nesara bill on the Internet which has NO Validity. They created many disinformation websites to try and discourage researchers from accessing true facts.

Faction three,and wealthy benefactors, approached Tara 34 years ago, and asked her to help assist them in getting out worldwide true information on the programs and all NESARA Law provisions. At one time many of us became part of that operation in the US and Canada and UK. Others spread the word in other countries and continue to do so.

Since their identities had to be protected or their live would be forfeited, there was no other way to do this. I learned of this ‘concept’ in the late 70s…but did not meet Tara until recent years even though we were doing parallel work, often in the same places. Rama, has been Ashtar’s embodied son all his life and he and Tara are Twin Flames with the same mission.

All our information comes from 38 levels above the President through Faction 3 intelligence sources directed by the King of Swords.

If you listen to Ashtar-on-the-Road/Susan Leland you will get confirmation of who we are and what Ashtar has to say on this subject.

All facts will become fully and openly available at the time of the Announcement, at which time there will be 36 straight hours of information broadcasts supervised by Lady Master Nada. President Obama is fully briefed on this Law and is working to bring US Laws into harmony with NESARA Law in a very short period of time.

He has the advice and assistance of the entire worldwide Faction three network of more than 16 million galactic-humans on this plane who are all telepathically linked, at all times. They are all shape-shifting adepts with full super abilities activated. They are the means of removing most of the reptilian 40-50’tall dragon-controllers who have kept out of sight within deep underground warrens in the inner earth.

Most, if not all, of those ones have now been removed as has also happened to their surface illuminati puppets heading known as the Committee of 300.

All those ‘Committee of 300′ have now been replaced with solid holograms until the arrests remove them permanently.

Renegade Annunaki who came here and took over control of this planet and all its resources 65 million years ago, are intergalactic criminals who will now receive justice, terrestrially and also from the Solar Tribunal and from Dracos their purported origins. In fact,they are criminals who have forgotten their true origins which were in the Anti-matter mirror universe.

In a sense, they are all Mother Sekhmet/Father Alcyone’s delinquent children and their true family is here from all the places to arrest them and remove them permanently from our timelines.

So, you will just have to be patient a bit longer until these arrests and removals off planet are completed. 100 Million Negative Reptilians have been removed since 1999 by Ashtar, KOS and Mother. We are at the final moments now and will soon have all of the truth told and corrected.

This is the final chapter in a 454 Billion Year learning experience for learning gods and goddesses that began at 100th Dimension in Positive Anti-Matter in the Aurora Constellation, a 23 Sun System, each with 14 planets, from which we all came. Mother Sekhmet will give an overview of this tomorrow night on her CC. More information will be forthcoming on this very important subject.

You may wish to listen to her comments or read the transcript or both. The phone number, time and pin code is listed on GRT-News front page  available at anytime by all who have a Yahoo Groups email address and you can get a daily or weekly digest sent directly to your personal computer, by signing up for your choice, on that website or the GRT-CIP website in YahooGroups.


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