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Mark Huber Telecall – May 12, 2009


Mark Huber Conference Call
May 12, 2009
Transcribed by Annie Beam and Jan

PLEASE NOTE:  Mark, Tara & Rama had difficulty, this evening, staying connected so there will be some missing words or statements in this transcription.  These breaks will be noted in red.

CYNTHIA SUSAN – Mark is a retired naval intelligence commander who acts as a conduit for the Faction 3 intelligence.  Faction 3 is a Galactic Federation spiritual hierarchy and their Earth allies.  Mark has ongoing spiritual experiences that enable him to evaluate events that are happening around him and he is able to offer us a unique point of view.  This is the reason why we are here tonight – to listen to him and ask him our questions.  So as the night starts, Mark will talk and then he will pass the Talking Stick to me; then we will go into the Q&A.  So I pass the Talking Stick to Mark.

MARK – Thank you Cynthia Susan.  Hello everybody.  Here we are after Wesak.  Most of us are still here.  Most of us got kicked about a little bit.  Stirred up and activated.  This is a very good thing because without this current energetic, cosmic wave and the new connections that it makes to us, we would not be able to consciously connect with out multi-dimensional aspects, that is to say our higher selves and all the places and expressions that we are on all the galactic and higher levels.  One thing we have to get used to everybody is you are very vast solar beings.  You have many, many facets in all times and in all places.  Wherever you go, you will find you are already there.  It is not an unfriendly or unknown territory; it is a territory that you are remembering – all of us, each of us.  All of us are not only remembering the journey.  If you think of a u-shaped parabola, it comes down, bottoms out then it curves and starts accelerating as it goes back up to the place from which it came.  That’s all of us.

The place from which we came, believe it or not folks, it’s not 5D, it’s not 3D, it’s not 1D; it’s 100 dimensions [100D].  That is the important part.   At that level, we are all part of the godhead.  When I said we, I mean all of us.  There are no rejects.  Anyone who is here has automatically qualified by having, at least, 3 successful ascensions.  That is very important to remember.  You cannot be other than what you truly are which is a direct divine expression of the infinite source of All That Is.

So starting with that, this Wesak Festival we just went through and which will, actually, continue to ramp up through the new moon on, I believe it is the 25th of this month, that is a very critical phase of reconnecting with our 12th dimensional –all the way up to higher dimensional, all the way up to 12th dimension – you might call it our I Am source self which is fully integrated with all of our aspects.  In fact, that is where they all come from.  It is all us.  We fragmented ourselves just as source did.  Source fragmented itself to experience what it was like.  How can you know yourself if you have no reflection?  Correct?  That is what Source did and we are the result of that.

We come from the Great Central Sun; we come from the divine heart-mind of All That Is.  To that we shall return.  However, there are ventures to be had; we have had many thus far.  But the one we are preparing for now is unique in that as we complete this particular cycle and reintegrate our parts, we are reconfiguring the whole template of not [break in connection] only the solar system not only of this galaxy but of the universe of [break in connection] concrete plan and that means we cannot go back to where we’ve been because it has already changed.  When we get there, it will have changed again and again and again.  The change is joy, bliss, [and] unbelievable ecstasy in every moment because there is no boredom.  It is impossible!  There are an infinite number of possible interactions that actually coagulate in every second or micro second or nano second to produce a uniquely new, albeit orderly, transition from one moment to the next as we go through this next major hurdle in our return to 5th dimensional consciousness.  We then begin to exercise, in a conscious way, our ability/our powers and our responsibilities and accountabilities for co-creation.

We are becoming a consensus reality expression.  Unique in the sense that each of us is individualized, totally unique and sovereign from a certain point of view.  Yet, we are a collective.  As we remember the collective, it will be like thinking like you are a single point of light and suddenly discover you live in a sea of light, an ocean of light, a universe of light.  That is all you; it’s all family.  It’s all known; it is not unknown.  It is all wonderful because it is reunion time – the greatest celebration since the beginning.  It is for all of us.

With that as a preface, I wanted to start there tonight because we’re on the far side for now of where we have been.  As we enter this new country, this new territory, it is a bit strange simply because we have forgotten how easy it is to fit in a multi-dimensional environment.  As we drop our fear, as we release what we thought of as our defensive boundaries, our perimeters, of me vs. them and this whole thing of duality, as we release that, you will not believe the joy you will experience.  For the first time, you will feel free again.  You will know who you are; you will know who you have been.  You will know what you want to be – more of that which you are.  It is an unending, never-ending, story.  It keeps getting better and better as you rise up through the dimensions.  Because there is a lot of activities going on in the world that are influencing the actions that are being taken – and the players that are taking some of these actions – are unknown to most people because they are working behind the scenes.  They are working at incredibly deep levels, incredibly high levels of vibration and they are working, out-picturing and orchestrating and coordinating a master plan that is timed to the nano second.

Why is it tied to the nano second?  What is the importance of this?  What, the insertion point if you want to call it that, of corrections to this whole 175 million years into our future, a puzzle was pieced together.  There was an exact point, a moment if you will, that intervention could take place.  This is absolute minimal intervention.  That took place in 1949 – wasn’t it Tara?  That timeline where the intervention point was seen?  That’s how this completes itself?

TARA – Oh, I’m not sure which one you are talking about.  But I know that Omni Maxi [?] reported that the United States Air Force, actually, tracked a transfer.  This changed the timeline.  It went from Tibet, underneath the [didn’t understand the word].  In Tibet there are 13 skulls.  The energy transfer from those skulls, our permanent bases were transferred.  They could follow the transfer in the light.  The air force sent up I don’t know what kind of jets – I can’t remember – they traveled from Tibet . . .  The Mayan calendar had something to do with that, too.

What happened [was] they went to the Monastery of the Seven Rays in Machu Picchu.  That is Lake Titicaca.  Lake Titicaca is about 12,000 feet – 11,000 going to 12,000 feet – and about 4,000 feet above that is a monastery called the Monastery of the Seven Rays.  In a valley about 4,000 feet above Lake Titicaca is the Valley of the Blue Moon.  Rama you want to tell more about that; what had changed and what that means?  That was in 1984.

RAMA – That place, the Monastery of the Seven Rays – there is a book out there that’s called The Secret of the Andes by Brother Philip

MARK – It’s a very small book but very powerful

RAMA – Paperback and it came out in the 60’s.  It basically describes how Lord Amaru Maru and Lady Master Maru were part of the Elohi masters who were on Atlantis [break in connection]

MARK – [continued break] that the godhead that they never descended and cause any problem.

[Update on TalkShoe issues]

RAMA – At the time before Lemuria was beginning to change and, also, when Atlantis high priest/scientists on both islands when they weren’t at war with each other – it was more the common folk, as I recall, that had inequality and suffering at such a level that they used the mutant slave-labor race to do all the labor in Atlantis.  These people were treated like the illegal people in this country where they get a pittance and they live in tin shacks.  I heard an incredible man [Reza Aslan] the other night on Bill Maher where he was saying that when the Islamic people step out of the realm of having to live in garbage heaps and live like the rest of the people, then we’ll have a difference on this planet.

I was speaking about this in terms of the people of Atlantis/Lemuria. There was class, a caste drama.  I remember this like it was yesterday.  I was a priest/scientist in the Temple of Whales and Dolphins and I used to help the mutant slave-labor race come back to god.   There were many other temples [where] this was going on.  Lord Amaru Maru and Lady Master Maru were preparing this time where they were taking the kelosonium [sp ?] plates of all the records of Lemuria, Merk and the Lady of the Sun.  They brought it from Lemuria to the Valley of the Blue Moon where the monastery was set up.  After they had done all of that – it took a matter of just months at that time -Lemuria sank.   Atlantis sank.  They were prepared for this because the golden sun disk was underneath the Monastery of the Seven Rays.  This golden sun disk is ten stories high. It represents an inner dimensional sidereal technology that can be used to heal or to kill.  When you strike it and you make a certain sound frequency, it resonates.  It can create earthquakes or it can create changes in the weather patterns so that the Devas, the angels, the fire elements, the Jinn are called in.  They do what the disk tells them to do.  It is like a printed circuit that is already hooked up to the amino acid computers on the ships.  I pass the Talking Stick

MARK – For some who don’t know what we are talking about when we talk about mutant slaveries, understand there were a lot of rampant genetic experiments that were going on and some of them were carried to their logical, ridiculous conclusions.  That created an abomination.  They, finally, realized they had gone too far. Some of these were not correctable – the technologies that they had – so they were ostracized; they were cast out of the city.  Any time you separate a portion of the body, a community body, you create hostility; you create injustice, you create a difference in status and this breeds discontent. We’re seeing the same thing right here repeated over and over again where what has happened in Iraq, what has happened in Afghanistan and Mumbai. Too many other places to even begin to do it. It’s time to end this. I think we are all aware of that and we all know this has just got to stop. We have to start becoming not only smarter but wiser and more loving towards ourselves as well as towards others. There is no way we can ascend as separate. We have to recombine our essence. Not our stuff, if you want to call it that.  Not the garbage dumps that we have created. We have to clean up the garbage dumps and then we have to clean up ourselves, which we are doing very handsomely at this present moment. When the garbage dump is cleaned up and everything has been transmuted, that is one of the secret things that we have. As star seeds, we come in with ability when we open our heart and start running our energy through the chakras; amazing things happen.

[break in connection]

Nothing has to be handled.  It simply transmutes to a higher level which is all essence.

[break in connection/had to dial back in]

MARK – We’ll go past what we were saying because there is no point in repeating it.  The main thing we were talking about is that when you trace energy, you can trace it backwards to its source.  You can also trace its pathway.  This what the air force did.  When they did that they discovered several  [inaudible] locations, the path that it had taken.  There are some very strange aspects of this that very much pertains to what we’re going through right now.  Rama you want to mention a little more about that to finish it up?


TARA – Hyperborea.  Tibet is a hyperborean city.  Talk about that.  It has to do with the

RAMA – When the Atlantian hyperborean and the Lemurian people were all shifting about the planet as Lord Amaru Maru [sp?] moved the kelosonium plates and the records of the Lemurian people to the Monastery of the Seven Rays – all of that was brought there.  Like Tara was saying in 1984 when the energy shifted, the air force tracked it.  They went over the area of Lake Titicaca.  What the King of Swords told me is that when the air force tracked the area of the location of the Monastery of the Seven Rays, this large black triangle showed up over the area of the land and they could not read what was underneath the black triangle.  It was almost as if this force field came up from the monastery itself and blocked the air force from scanning them.

I wanted to share that.

MARK – Another thing Rama that you were alluding to that you didn’t quite get to was the fact that the sun disk, that ten story tall sun disk, which is far more than has been described by anyone thus far in open print, that that was actually removed to that same location.  Then, was it taken up on the ship for a while?

RAMA – It was taken up and, you could say, given a tune up then brought back down to the monastery.

MARK – This is not only a location; it is also about a force field which has its own protection built in.  Of course, it is connected to the Ashtar Command, which means that anybody that meddles with that triggers alarms that bring, shall we say, corrective actions.  If you are some place you shouldn’t be, doing something you shouldn’t be doing then there would be corrective action taken to see to it that you’re exited that area.

TARA – It became a [set up?] of instant karma you might say.  It angered the knowledge and the wisdom in the west.  That was why we had to have knowledge of the Land of the Condor.  Then as it moves up the snake spiral of ascension coil . . . Archangel Michael’s retreat in Lake Louise, Canada – Alberta that right?  Alberta, Canada is the goal.  As it moves up, it goes through – a portion moves up through Mexico and Central America, which is the iguana (is a sacred being).  Then it moves up from there to the eagle, as you understand, which if you go all the way to Can-nada, Nada Can – really and truly – and anchor it at the Archangel Michael’s etheric retreat with his sword of Excalibur truth, you are in the land of the Thunderbird.  You want to [talk] about the Thunderbird because that is very important?

RAMA – The Thunderbird has the energy that connects up with the Phoenix frequency.  This is ascension frequency.  Phoenixes are immortal; they never die.

TARA – The Phoenix rising.  I was always told by my mentor, William David, that the time of Scorpio would be very important.  That is because the Phoenix rising does the Scorpio journey.  The paths of the Scorpio journey to ascension is five fold.  The first is represented in the medicine wheel as the scorpion; the second level is the swan.  The third level is the dove – dove of peace.  Then you go to the fourth, the swan is Divine Grace – it is unconditional love and divine neutrality with grace.  This is the grace period; we are talking about graceland.

This is the grace period, the grace light that came in last year on India’s new calendar.  That was in April – already passed this year – but that was the star that came in at the same time you know – that only comes once every 1,000 years which means 1,000 years of the [inaudible] which we said Divine Grace and Divine Peace.  Then the fourth is the eagle.  The eagle is spirit merged again with all creation, not just ourselves, at its highest level, 100th density.  That means you have your sun lit; you have your lights lit.  Then we can make a light land [?].  That is L-I-G-H- T, the law of the land.  The first law is be calm; that is what the grace if for.  Then the Phoenix rises inside and out.  That’s ascension.

RAMA – In terms of the latest news of what I have heard today, Stephanie Miller, interestingly enough early this morning, had Joe Wilson on for almost 5 minutes. He said this goes all the way back to my wife and this deals with 9/11.  We’re going to come full circle with this.   Stephanie Miller, 7 o’clock this morning

MARK – Joe Wilson’s wife, for those of you who don’t recall, is Valerie Plame.  She is the CIA covert agent.  Her whole team of over 107 individuals that were compromised by the White House ‘s outing her identity.  Over 100 of those agents – could have been all 107 – were killed immediately as a result of that.  That has never been publicized in the regular press, but it is known by everyone who is on the other systems.

TARA – How did they know in the country because when you are classified as covert, they use a corporation to represent who you are.  It is called Bruster and Jennings.  All of the countries in the Middle East who were participating with Mr. Bush and all of those guys, had these 107 agents in their countries executed.  That’s not just kill but execution and the blood is on the hands of, guess who?   Same folks.

MARK – And another part of that was why were they killed?  What was the objective?  First of all, these people had been preparing reports on WMDs attempted to be inserted into Iraq across the border. As a result of good intelligence gathering, they determined that many other things were going on – funds used in bribery, many other illegal activities to put it mildly. These are war crimes; every single one of these things is a war crime. This is what was going.

They [the agents] had prepared a rough, a raw report and made the mistake – they were ordered to do it – they [turned] their report in, first, before they came back to the country.  As soon as their report was received, the order was given to take them out by any means possible.

They [the White House?] had calculated this whole thing; it was no accident.  This was a purposeful thing because they were all involved in drug trafficking, contraband as well as planning 9/11 and trying to continue their subterfuge by saying that Iraq had WMDs when in fact they knew, for a fact, that they did not. They had determined to reinsert WMDs in so they could ‘discover’ them there.  They were desperate to do this.  This was, actually, a way to stop their own exposure in so many things.

This [911 exposure] is now going to happen no matter what they do. The evidence – there are warehouses full.  They have, truly, been discovered. That evidence has been evaluated and, in fact, they will be tried and they will be executed for genocide and more things than we care to elucidate at this time.  It’s too horrible to understand that people of this ilk actually did this while pretending to do the right thing.

RAMA – This is why Benjamin Fulford gave the final edict to the folks, the families, 13 families that ‘your time is up.’

RAMA – Yesterday, I heard this guy on a rock station.  He wrote a book.  He was a drug smuggler for 20 years. He was fresh out of Vietnam and got involved with the 13 families. He moved up in rank to where he was the captain of over 120 guys that were tied in directly with  the family of 13.

His name is Brian O’Dea, meaning the “DEA”.  He woke up and saw the light after coming out of Vietnam.  He did 10 years in a federal prison for drug running and now he has joined the normal organization.  He is working to, in a sense, turn over all kinds of state’s evidence on all the 13 families where this ties in all the way up to the top of Bernie Madoff, AIG, Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, JP Morgan. This ties in with the roles, the funding of the bank paper economy, phantom economy, where they take the money from the black ops of the drug running.

They run it through these different laundering operations called “roll overs” and distribute it through their financiers of Wall Street – lobbyists, congressmen, senators, different politicians, heads of military, the bio-medical military complex. This is what Brian O’Dea was talking about.  How deep it goes. At the same point, their money is gone as it has been exposed now and they are going to the world court.  I pass the Talking Stick.

MARK – One thing I want to [say] because I know we have some new people on this call.  When you hear about the Committee of 300 and the 13 families, these are all of that organization’s infiltration into the number 1 and 2 positions, throughout the world, in all of the key organizations and industries –no matter if it is religion, science, university, whatever it is – they have infiltrated all of these organizations.  They were at the top.

Now, Benjamin Fulford released the list of the Committee of 300. This is not the current list of names. This was the original name(s) from World War II (most of these are).  He knows exactly what he is doing. He is naming the families basically, that were involved.  He’s saying:  “I know who you were then; I know who you are now and I have another list (which he didn’t actually say in those words). I have the current list of who you are”.  He did not say, although I am certain that he knows, this committee of 300, thanks to Mother and the King of Swords, is already solid holograms.

For those who don’t know what this is, you’ll have to bear with us and read up on this on GRT news.  All the information is already there about clones, doubles, holograms and how the roles that this has played.  Bear with us if you will and just accept for the moment, for consideration, the hypothesis that all of these 13 renegade Annunaki families – they have been here for 65 million years completely dominating this planet and they almost totally succeeded except for all of you out there and all of us, we all agreed, we volunteered – you might say as a galactic Swat Team  – to come into this reality and begin to turn it around; infiltrate it for the light so that this could all be healed in whatever way that needed to happen.

So there’s a lot of wild characters in this audience.  [Laughter]  In a good way, in a good way.  I wanted to make that point that these have been reduced – this Committee of 300 – to solid holograms.  Not only that, the people behind them down deep in the earth in the caverns there,  in various locations all around the planet, have been these 40 and 50 foot tall dragons.  That is the only way to describe it.

If you saw something 40 or 50 feet tall,[winged reptilian] and there are some pictures of the twin towers on the Internet, some of these flying beings were actually snatching people as they fell from the towers.  They were having quite a good time doing it.  It is a nasty business but we have to tell the truth.  And this is the truth!  It needs to be known to understand why some of these methods and some of these measures, like war crimes trials, have to happen in order to resolve the atrocities which have persisted for 65 million years here alone.

Elsewhere in the universe, these are intergalactic war criminals that have moved out of their space-time continuum where they are not authorized to be.  Mother Sekhmet and many others from the Ashtar command are here to retrieve them and see that justice is done. The universe works slowly but it works absolutely binding so that there will not be a single one who slips through the net and cause havoc ever again.  So when we complete this, it will be done for ever and all the timelines out to 175 million years in the future will be cleansed, cleared and joyful with potential without any problem with these old issues and energies that no longer are appropriate for the direction of our future.

So Rama do you have any other news?  Or Tara do you want to mention Obama’s speech on Saturday?

TARA – Yes.  Obama’s speech on Saturday.  Remember everybody at 12:01 Sat. morning AM eastern time, the moon came into fullness in Taurus and a 3 day period ended last night [Monday] at 12:01 in the morning.  Along with that, the speech that Barack Obama gave, on Saturday night, was in that energy and, in addition to that energy, he was recalibrating, you might say, the coding and templates of the light codes into the new age of enlightenment of the Age of Aquarius. Which means that we have been in a transition period where there has been certain other ignitings of this process.

The first one was at the end of 1996. In 1996, the last total, lunar eclipse of the 20th century occurred and then in the new century in the first week, it was the 9th of January, we had the first new moon and eclipse.  Also, the next morning of that day when the moon was in the 7th house, the next year after the 9th . . . So in 1997 after the 23rd of January was the dawning of the Age of Aquarius began at a certain pace in earnest in the new century. The transfer of the energy of everything that we did to prepare for NESARA in the old century was transferred to the new century in terms of arriving at the midpoint of this day, which we were talking about which was the 11th, the 9th to the 11th, when the Hunab Ku, central intelligence of the Mayan calendar [and universe], adjudicates into the new earth.

The new earth is Tita Lacoria [sp?], the diamond one.  The old earth has been called the planet Shan and has been called that for all of the time we have been living with this reptilian rule, which you might say started 450 million years ago. (That is really how long we [became] in the latter days anyway, so limited when we volunteered to come in this lifetime we knew it was a very decisive moment. We all wrote the scripts – each one of us – and that means even to the tiniest little baby who got killed in Iraq.  That child is a spirit of a high evolution who offered that to be so that the Divine Lela could be exposed in the public and complete the mission.

The completion of the mission is done and the process that Barack Obama introduced on Saturday night, he said in the next couple of days I have been contemplating losing my cool.  He dropped names that would scare a horse.  He told Mr. Steele to get up.  He [Obama] said, “Hey.  What’s up?”  Mr. Steele was being a good Illinois Southsider, which represents honesty.  There’s a certain honesty with “what’s up, let’s hear from you.  The Republican Party does not get a bailout.”  You should have heard the audience.

Mr. Steele didn’t get up yet and Obama was kind of laughing.  Obama said “write off” or deficit asset.  (Tara didn’t remember the exact words.)  Then Obama was saying there was a nice new face that was showing up on the side of the Democratic party – such as Arlan Specter.  The audience was hysterical.  That nice fresh energy.  Then he [Obama] did something very, very clear; he said Joe Biden was instrumental in convincing this fresh energy to come to “our side” of the court.  In other words, Joe Biden has got a red face for that one.

Then he [Obama] said:  “Oh, Hillary. My relationship with Hillary has been very interesting.  She went down to Mexico and then when she came back she hugged me, she kissed me.  He said:  “That was nice.”  Everybody laughed. Then he said. Do it yourself the next time.  In other words, she got nailed.  What is the issue about immigration that she went to Mexico about?  Do you remember, Mark?

RAMA – I know that she went down there for the drug wars.

TARA – 7,000 or 6,000 dead in the last year and a half.

RAMA – All of this is tied in with those 13 families.

TARA – The drug running and the illegal marijuana

MARK – And the money laundering.

TARA – And the money laundering.  See this guy [Obama] is laying it down.  The follow-up we can watch on Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow.

MARK – Explain about the 72 days again.

TARA – OK, the 72 days; that’s right.  Barack Obama, when he was wrapping it up, he was saying oh well  – Oh, I want to say one more thing [about] that Dick Cheney.  Obama said about Dick Cheney:  “He couldn’t make it because he was busy writing his memoirs [entitled] ‘How to shoot your friends and interrogate people’.”

Then at the end, Obama said:  “By the way when I get to the point of the next 100 days, I’ll be able to finish it in 72 days.”  I counted it on the calendar and it goes to the day before the new moon.  [Rama said July 20th.]  He then said, “On the 73rd day, I will rest.”  Everybody laughed because he was doing like the Genesis thing.

I looked at the next day, the 21st, which is Rama’s birthday and it is, in the true zodiac with Ophicus included, the first day of cancer where Rama always had it on the last day of cancer. That’s how different things are.  It’s the new moon and he said he was going to rest. That means we’re in the new moon [which] always means we are in the new beginning.   “So I’m going to take a rest after getting all of these guys out of our hair.”

MARK – That’s an important point.  He didn’t say “I’m going to start then.”  What he is talking about is “I am going to start breaking protocol and loosing my cool”, which means  “I’m going to start calling a spade a spade and everyone with a red face standing around me may still stick to their strict protocol, but I am giving myself permission to loosen up.”   He was being funny but he was saying deadly serious things:  “We are going to the accomplishment of these arrests.  We are going to have war crimes trials.  We are going to have exposure of 9/11.  We are going to have removal of all of these characters”.   [Tara:  including their heads] And what does that mean? That means we’re going to have NESARA’s announcement.  And what else?  What important thing?

TARA – Arrests first.

MARK – Of course, the arrests have to come first.  That’s 75,000 to 100,000 indictments that are sitting there ready to be unsealed and executed.  I like the term executed in this case because they are all war criminals.  They will go to The Hague and they will all be tried there – not in the United States because these are not local crimes they are all international war crimes – genocide. Over 1 million American GI service men have been killed.  They have never reported this. It is out there folks if you want to look for it – 4 or 5 million Iraqis.

This means between now and. . .  The only way you can interpret [what] he said is in the next few days he is going to start losing his cool and speaking out on things not in the strict protocol of the office. He is going to start revealing things.

First of all he has rescinded all of the regulations that Bush put into place during 8 years of signing statements and other things that he did to protect himself and all his henchmen.  That has been revoked.   In addition, he has also signed new Executive Orders asking Leon Panetta to figure out a way to safely reveal anti-gravity and other technologies that came thru Tesla, Einstein and thru ETs.  So all of this is going to mean that he has – the plan is now ready to unfold to bring us up to the present moment and talk about Galactic presence.

We got that clear indication when Edgar Mitchell stood up on April 20th and gave his lecture, which is in the archives, many of you have already read it,  and he [Mitchell] basically said:  “They are not only out there, they are here, and we need to talk to them.”  This is all coming together.

So if you look at this and you look at the 72 days of his current second 100 day cycle, almost all of this is going to happen in this 72 day cycle. He’s already announced this.  Just like the Illuminati do.

TARA – The first thing he said was he was going to do it off the teleprompter, off-the-cuff.  Then there was this beep.  What that meant was that the prompter guy had to buzz him to keep it so he couldn’t say anything.  He said this isn’t working out so well.  Then he said hello and greetings and pulled his papers out.  Then he went on at the middle point, he said, we’ve got some warmer fuzzier things going on in the White House now. We’ve invited someone to the White House.  He’s effervescent, warm and cuddly.

MARK:  And everybody thought he was talking about the dog.

TARA – And he said, “Enough about Joe Biden”.   Oooohhhh.  Then at the very end, to wrap up what he said in the beginning about the teleprompter and Joe Biden, he said:  “I am going to be doing a lot more things off the prompter and Joe Biden will be doing everything and learn to read it from the prompter.”  In other words, “I [Obama] am the boss now and Joe Biden isn’t going to be making it up as we go.”

MARK – Right.  What he is saying is that Joe Biden will be speaking the script that he is told to follow.  Whereas Obama is releasing himself from being bound by the script of the teleprompter.  This means they[cabal] are not going to get signals, in advance, to what he is going to be saying in any given moment.  That is very, very important

The reason we have taken this time is because . . . Anyone who didn’t listen to that speech and even if you did, – with all of the jokes and things, you would have thought it was all light humor.  This is serious business.

TARA – Nobody did in the audience either.  You may not have thought that at all.

RAMA – The very fact that Wanda Sykes  mentioned 9/11.

TARA – Then they said that wasn’t appropriate for her to say it.

MARK:  She looked at Obama when she did that.  They were a little bit joking and seeming to get a little bit over the edge

TARA – What she said was:  “Did I go over the edge?” and Obama was grinning from ear to ear.   He was basically saying

MARK – “Thank you for going over the edge.”

TARA – The other thing was [Michael] Bloomberg. He [Obama] started with someone in NY who has been controlling the media and completely abusing – the words were unbelievable.  He pointed out that it was Michael Bloomberg and looked in his direction.  Then he said:  Michael Bloomberg everyone.”  This is the guy I’m talking about.  This is the media thing that Amy is right behind in all of the truth-seekers and the truth-tellers.  They are saying, “Guess what?  The media hold is not held by the powers that used to be and think that they still [are].”  They don’t be and they don’t think that anymore; they are just still trying to make you believe it.  It’s too late because he’s just had enough of that and it’s all over.

RAMA – Something I forgot this morning – Thom Hartmann started his show, on a rant, saying Dick Cheney, George Bush are the terrorists; Afghanistan never did 9/11.  Get that one.   Dick Cheney, George Bush are the terrorists and are going to hang for war crimes.

MARK – This is Thom Hartmann speaking live on Air America radio.  You know that for him to be able to say that, on that station, it had to be approved at the highest levels.

No one says anything of that nature without a Swat Team showing up to jerk him off the stage unless it has been approved at the highest levels.  So all of these things – I’m backing up here because this is very important to understand.

The King of Swords, Mother and all of King of Swords’ men have been busy 24/7 , you might say, cleaning up the back rooms so that when they open the front doors it will be fit for company. When we get the announcements for arrests, it will already be done.

That will just be the public announcement of all of these things that have actually happened. So somewhere in the next 72 days, we are going to have arrests. We are going to have acknowledgement of Galactic presence and even beyond that.  We are going to have actual decloaking of ships, and we are going to have NESARA’s announcements. We cannot give a date.  “No Nukes and No dates”.  As Ashtar would say.

TARA – Except that Mother said sooner, much sooner than anyone thinks.   Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame – that means immediately the announcements.

RAMA – The very fact that so much coverage is being given by showing Dick Cheney outing himself, in every statement he makes, about trying to say that we have made ourselves safer by torturing has . . . it’s over.

MARK –He [Cheney] is convicting himself.   Also, he was asked specifically if the president authorized it and he said, “Well, of course.  This can only be authorized by the President.”  He said that on live TV.   You’re not going to be looking at a long drawn out trial going on for years.

RAMA – No O. J. Simpson here.

MARK – Right, no O. J. Simpson situation.   When they go to The Hague, it’s already decided.   When they get there a lot of these holograms have a little characteristic, they can be shut off with a remote control and they just simply cease to be – like turning a TV off.

TARA – And the King of Swords has got some [remote control] in his hands.

MARK – He’s got the responsibility; he’s got the lever.  He has the backing of Lady Master Nada, St. Germain, the Ashtar Command and the whole spiritual hierarchy all the way up in the universe.  Anyone who wants to buck that hasn’t got a whole a lot of smarts. This is the good news.

Now I think that we’re past our first hour and we need to turn this back over to Cynthia Susan and start getting questions answered.   We’ll do it as fast as we can.

Transcribed by Jan and Jules

Q:  (Charles) When does the 72 hours begin?  Was it Saturday, the 9th of May?

Tara:  Yeah, it went from Saturday night to Sunday night.  That’s considered number one.

Q:  (Barker) I have two brief comments for a possible reaction.  One, I had looked on my birth certificate and saw everything was lower case, so I was gratified to find that out relative to GRT conversations.  Secondly, I saw someone posted a 48-minute video on GRT about Kathy O’Brien.  She was in the mind control program, came out and published a couple of books.  It brought to me that I had had one level of understanding of the government gone crazy, and how we really have to get out of this and the whole foundation at all levels for the need and the root for change in which we are acting in.

But when I saw that video, it was like as if there was a seed planted in my future, and when I saw that video, it triggered the seed, and I have a level of understanding that I am grateful for having witnessed it.  I just wonder if perhaps you three know of that video from Kathy O’Brien, watched it, understand her story or have a brief comment, relative to my expanded understanding of our government gone crazy.  It all relates back to the family of 13 and the Committee of 300 and all this nonsense that’s going on.

Mark:  I don’t want to go into that whole story because it’s a very complex story.  MK-Ultra, mind control, compartmentalization; all of these things have been a major part of the Illuminati game plan.  Henry Kissinger and all of these folks are experts in compartmentalizing.  She [Kathy O’Brien] was their prime student.  When she was nine years old, she was taken and used with ambassadors because she had total memory, not only memory of the words spoken but she could actually imitate the exact accent of the person speaking to them.  So here’s a little nine-year-old girl showing up as a total Trojan horse in ambassadors’ bedrooms and everywhere else, folks.

This is the reality of it.  They would tell her everything, because she had no recording devices or anything else.  Then when she was brought back to Henry Kissinger; he had the keys to unlock her compartments.  He was the only one he allowed to have that key.  He allowed certain other members to get certain access, but only he because he wanted to not only eavesdrop on all of the people that were targets, but he wanted to eavesdrop on all of the people in the government that he wanted to create a book on for blackmail and other purposes.  This is a very nasty business.  He mastered the art of doing this.  They videoed what Barker was talking about.  Thank you for mentioning this Barker.

It is a current one, at pretty much her current age.  But the book that’s out there goes into all the details with presidents, ambassadors of this and other countries, Bob Hope, entertainers – you wouldn’t believe it if you didn’t read it.  In this video, I hate to be gross about this, but they tattooed a face into her vagina and on her clitoris.  I just have to say, because it’s right there in the video, you can see the pictures.  This is the extreme to which they went to demean and to condition the person that they were controlling, to tolerate anything and everything, and then forget it.

What mistake they made is she was the most brilliant student they ever had.  She managed to begin to unravel some of her own compartments and open them back up.  Of course, it was a traumatic thing, and she had to go live on the beach, and she had a helper.  The whole thing is for you people out there that don’t know about this, you can get this video on You Tube and look at it.  When you trace it back to the book, you are in for something if you haven’t known about this.  She is only one of many that were so programmed.  She was just their very, very best.  This is all ending now.  But up until, as of this very moment, it is still continuing.  Until it’s over, it’s not over, but it’s almost over.  We have to recognize it because we have to eliminate it permanently.

Rama:  I have heard the fat lady is in dress rehearsal.

Q:  (chat) Do you have to reach a certain level of spirituality in order to have contact with the Galactic Federation family?

Mark: The simple answer to that is yes, but let me qualify that.  For anyone to have Galactic contact, up until this moment, it has to be in your soul plan.  Everyone is coded to have this [in this lifetime] because we all come from the stars.  But at the same time, not to interfere with the development of your necessary tasks that have to be resolved first, in many cases, the person is coded to have this at a later point in their life.  It is not that you will have it or not have it; it is only the right moment for having it.

Mother said the other night, I believe, if somebody remembers the number, I believe she said that we have now in the Lightworkers, 85% awakening.  Folks, that is amazing.  I remember and so does everyone here, that we had a time when they were thrilled that we had 200,000 people on the planet that could do the work.  They said we need a lot more, and when we get to 51%, it will take off like brush fire.  Well, it has and we are now there to a point of over 85%.  That means the Lightworkers that were coded to wake up, 85% of them are awake.  With this, nothing can stop this from happening.

Tara:  I wanted to say one more thing, Mark, if you don’t mind.  Mother also said (and Rama I’m asking for a confirmation from you) that within one week of the announcement of Nesara or even simultaneously, everyone in the world will have a contact.  That means that the dispensation for it happening later in your life is over at that point.  That means the entire earth is going to recognize that Galactics are real, and they are going to continue to be receiving contact.  That means anyone that is in resistance to that, will have a reaction or they will be moved before it even happens, to another planet and that means safely, with an escort.

Mark: The short answer is everyone is coded for it, and up until now, it was pretty much brought in at certain points in the lifespan.  But as of the era that we’re in now, anyone that wants to can have this contact.  Actually, the thing that determines it more than anything is your fear level.  If you are in fear, they will not violate your comfort zone by giving you an experience, unless you already programmed it in yourself.  They will wait for you to drop your fear level down because that’s not what they’re here for.  This is family.  Actually, this is us.  These are different parts of us, future parts of us in most cases, and higher dimensional parts that we will recognize instantly, as soon as you come into their energy field.  That is what is up.

Q:  (Roxy) I just wanted to address that I saw Gordon Brown (I do believe that’s his name) saying ‘all heck has broke lose’ over where they’re at, at the Parliament and all through England and France, where the people that pay taxes have just now found out that almost every person in Parliament, in any government job with the Queen, have been using the taxpayers like a monopoly board to pay for cleaning of pools or cleaning their boats, cleaning their animals or resurfacing their tennis courts.  All heck has broken loose, and he said that he is going to have each person pay back these taxpayers, which will not incorporate any trust, believe me.  But I figured since the Queen is a dragon, she must surely be gone for this to all start coming out right now.

Mark: She was a dragon; she is now a hologram.  As of the time that Obama went to the G20 meeting and met her, that audience that was so publicly, shall we say, stuffily commenting on it with calls that the ‘Royal person’ was being violated by her being touched.  Everyone in Obama’s party, certainly his wife and he, knew she was a hologram.  There was a double entendre there, in terms, of course you can touch the royal person when it’s a film, instead of the real royal person, which she never was, by the way folks.  She is a film star, right, and a fading film star because the current holograms have a very short lifespan, if you catch our drift here.

Q:  (Joyce) My question is about this soldier that went berserk in Iraq and killed some more people.  They are saying on AOL that he just snapped, but I think it was something more to it than that.  Do you have any information on that?

Rama:  My understanding about that is, because I heard Paul Rykoff come on today on the radio.  He is the head of the IVAW (Iraq Veterans Against the War), and he said that these folks that are losing it like this, there are certain ELF and ULF frequencies that are being triggered right now, to disrupt the fact that 13 soldiers a day are killing themselves in Iraq, and we are not being told about it.

Mark: They are using various chemistries, as well as different wavelengths that are known, because they are intentional.  These have been studied, and they know exactly what combination to use under what conditions of drugging, to have people’s behavior go off the charts.  So you could say, in a certain sense without any intention on the part of the individual, that they are pushed over the line on purpose to create these incidences.  These are Manchurian candidates, the way we refer to them, because these people are set up in such a way that they are no longer in control of themselves and do not know what is happening.  It’s a very sad thing.  Our hearts go out to all of the soldiers who are there, who are trying to do the best that they can, under horrible circumstances.  We just want them all to come home and sure enough, very shortly, they are all going to come home.  That is all going to be stopped cold, and these people that are doing this will be removed and handled through the various courts of justice, terrestrial and beyond.

Q:  (Queenie) Hello, Mark, how will the tendency towards a black market be stifled when Nesara is announced?

Mark: It’s a good question on the level that it is because I understand where that comes from. But one thing you have to really understand, we don’t get Nesara until we have the arrests.  When we have the arrests, a whole series of coordinated actions are going to take place to remove those who no longer are responsible or positive enough in their energy field to sustain the new vibration.  Let’s leave it at that, but understand this is not going to be the problem you think it is, because most of these people are self-opting out.  They will be transferred to an appropriate place where it will be exactly harmonious with their present state of consciousness.

There is nothing for anyone to fear because actually they are getting their way.  They are going to get exactly the vibration that they are most comfortable and desirous of having.  So there is no punishment; there is nothing there.  They will simple be; as an act of grace and mercy, they will be taken to the right atmosphere.  They will not even know anything happened, because they will be taken up on the ships, and they will be transported.  When they wake up, you might say the next day to them, it will look like nothing has changed.  They will be able to go on until they are ready; until they have progressed far enough that they are ready to move up another step.  There is never any judgment about anyone, because it is seen as just a stage in the learning process of each individual.

Q:  (Guest 63) It seems many Lightworkers are having financial problems.  Is this a test?

Mark: Well it is if you’re having the problem.  We have just been in that problem in the biggest way ever.  You might say, on the surface of the problem, there was no solution, but thanks to everyone on GRT and all the friends and family, a miraculous solution came about.  I would like to concentrate on that aspect of it.  It isn’t that people are financially pushed because this current financial system worldwide, not just in this country, is broke.  It is beyond repair, and it must be allowed to, you might say, declare bankruptcy on itself.  This is only the Corporation USA, Corporation United Kingdom, Corporation Canada.  In other words, every place where this is going on, it is strictly the Corporation; it is not the Republic.

It is not the people.  The people and the Republic, which are rising to the surface to replace this, will be financed thru precious metals, gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals, under Nesara provisions.  All of the prosperity programs will then fund, you might say, the renewal, the Phoenix rising from the ashes from the corporation back to the republic.  All constitutional law and common law principles will then be out-pictured and transmitted, defused across the planet to 190 countries.  We will all be adopting a common approach to international relations, to international finance, and it will all be based on precious metals.  Anyone who is opting to do anything other than that, you can see, would be ostracized immediately, and no one would want to do business with them.  So it’s a done deal, and it will happen, and it will happen soon.

Q:  (chat) The current shuttle mission to repair the Hubble is obviously more than just to extend its life. There was a backup shuttle – any intel or any information on that?

Mark: First of all, now we are going to have to deal with some truth.  First of all, the NASA program, the entire NASA program from day one has been a PR project.

Rama:  It’s all a lie.

Mark: Before they ever got to the moon, NSA was already there with secret ships that go back and forth with ease on anti-gravity and other quantum principles.  This is something we all have to deal with.  The entire NASA program IS a public relations vehicle to confuse, distract and entertain the public.  The astronauts were the first ones to be told that, and they did not like it.  They did not like it at all.  They did not like Neil Armstrong going to a movie theater, or rather a production stage and faking a moon landing.  They didn’t like this, and so we don’t want to get stuck in this old, dated, awful rut.  Just understand that anything that you are hearing about, we have craft that can go there in hours on anti-gravity and other technologies.  They don’t need these at all.  The sooner this is shut down, the sooner we can get on with them going to the moon, them going to Mars.  For 40 years, they have been doing this.

Tara:  They’ve actually been doing it from this planet 10,000 years, everybody.  There are colonies of people on Mars from the times when we were still in the 5th dimension.  They are being slave labor camps.  They have been mining there, and they have been bringing it back to Earth for the same old reptiles.

Mark: At one time, Britain was the first one to find out about it, that they were recruiting some of their top scientists.  They called it the ‘brain drain’.  They were privy, especially ones who were single, and they were taking them through these employment contracts, not where they told them they were taking them.  They were taking them to the moon and to Mars.  Some of them were there for 20 years.  It’s time to shutdown this whole untruth, this whole farce, this whole illusion, the whole Maya matrix down and get on with the truth telling.  Because we already have all of these technologies; they have had them for 60-70 years, unknown to the public.  I’m talking about even the cabal have had them; other civilizations that live inside the hollow earth, there are 100 crystal cities (Telos and Mikos, and all of these other ones, the whole Agartha network).  These have been there ever since the Lemurians needed to go underground.

Rama:  There are ships in the ancient temples in Angkor Wat, in Cambodia, as well as the other temples throughout India, Nepal, that are the ancient Vimanis ships that are run by the Dorgi energy, which is the Vasra Energy.  When you have crystal dorgies, these are like some of the energy generators for the ships, the ancient Vasra craft.  These Vimanas are ancient craft that have been written about in the Vedas, the Panashats, the Gita and Mahabharata.  Some of these crafts are like as large as the imperial star cruisers that Darth Vader had, and they hold millions of people.  The stories in the Mahabharata are not just fake stories, they were actually recounts of these interplanetary, intergalactic wars, that were going on with these vehicles and technologies that were equal to the Death Star.

The one thing folks that we all need to understand; we are not developing this new technology for the first time.  This planet has had Galactic landings throughout its whole history.  Landing parties have come.  We all got here this way.  It’s never been different.  So these advanced technologies, it’s only because of the suppression of the knowledge that these things existed.  They are in all of the paintings in all of the sacred places over the world.  There are so many artifacts and so many different things, even though they tell you there aren’t.  Anyone who talks about this is ridiculed – von Däniken, Chariots of the Gods.  All of these things are there on such a scale that it is obvious that they could only be done with an inter-Galactic or multi-dimensional civilization that had to have planet beacons and things of this sort.

The whole planet was a continuous grid, a live grid if you will, not wires – you didn’t need wires.  Guess what, we are going back to that approach.  We are very, very close to having that grid repowered back up with something we call ZPMs (zero point modules) inside the stepped pyramids in the Middle East.  They are up to 99% +, of full power now.  Only Ashtar is sitting there with the dial; he is either retarding it or advancing it a little bit, to maintain them so that when the word is given, they can be brought to 100% power.  When that goes, we will have a new firmament, which actually is double layered, just like you put one hand over the other and put your arms above your head, electromagnetic and crystalline 5th dimensional shield around the planet.  That will also, when that goes into effect, will also send out a horizontal force field which will make all weapons inoperative.  That’s a very important thing to understand, how we get peace so very quickly from where we are now.  When the word is given and this happens, nothing will work that way anymore.

Tara:  I was going to say that goes along with 1984 and the reason the Air Force followed it, because they knew that they had to document this at this time.  They had the ability to.  They documented it, but it was classified.  Yet we got a report in 1984, and it’s in the archives but hasn’t been really mentioned ever since.  On top of that, when it got there, there’s something that has been there for awhile.  It’s called the ancient Lemurian sun disk.  The ancient Lemurian sun disk used to be in the land of Pangea, where you might say these hyperborean civilizations were using it.  In other words, those crystals have been over there while the solar disk was in Hawaii, in the Kahoolawe Valley.  Then it was moved in Atlantis, right out here in La Cienega, where Sunrise Springs is located, about 20 minutes from Santa Fe.  There are fish fossils all over the place there, because that was a remnant of ancient Lemuria but then a fissure took place.  That happened at least 30,000 years ago or more.  I have a carbon-dated map where the fissure is already there.  So what happened is that, then when the solar disk was placed there and Atlantis destroyed the great crystal, the solar disk was brought from there to Egypt, because Egypt was a colony of Atlantis.  So they beamed it out of here, and they brought it back.  Who brought it back?  Akhenaten, and it was placed in the Pharaoh’s castle or temple, where Akhenaten and Nefertiti were, and then when the dark Amun priesthood decided they wanted to get rid of Akhenaten and his son, who was Tutankhamun, until the Amun priesthood got a hold of that whole scene.  So they were doing secret things behind the scenes.  By the time, Tutankhamun was 19 years old, Nefertiti’s father, Ay, killed Tutankhamun and he took over for the Amun priesthood.  This was all labeled the Akhenaten period.  So this is not only delineated not, except for in the secret places of the lion book that we have.  So what happened is Ay took over for a year, and then the Amun priesthood put Horem Akhet.  That is when the Exodus really took place, and Akhenaten had to go underground.  Akhenaten was Moses in the Bible everyone.  It went from Atlantis to Taklamekan in China in the Tibetan plateau, and then it went from there to the monastery of the Seven Rays.  So in 1984, the crystal energy, along with the solar disk energy, merged.  That’s the important measure.

Q:  (Texas) Mark, I want to say that the Pope has been very, very busy for the last 3 weeks.  He was in Africa and now I notice that he was in Israel.  Could this be a very telling sign that he is very concerned about what really truly is about to happen in the next 48 hours?

Mark: Would you repeat the name of the person to whom you’re referring?

Marietta:  He said the Pope, Mark.

Mark: Well, I would say first of all, just forget that.  Anything that that being is doing is not part of our plan; let’s just put it that way.  Because if we get into that, we have to get into too many other things.  The short answer is no and not only no, but never no.  He is connected with what is leaving.  He is part of the family of 13, for all practical purposes, meaning he is basically gone.

Tara:  Ratfinger is a 40-50’ lizard.  He’s part of the Committee of 300 – he’s dead and gone.

Q:  (Penny) Mark, my question has to do with the three previous ascensions that we have all had.  Can you explain more about that please?

Mark: Well, it’s a generalization.  Everyone has specifically had to do this.  That was the requirement because this was, as we say, Galactic swat team territory, meaning nobody who is not qualified, having been through this process, could possibly have a chance of succeeding.  All of the prior ones had failed.  They had success up to a certain point, but nobody achieved what we have already achieved at this point.  We have surpassed every era in which this was tried before, and we are on the home stretch now.  So I’d rather not go into that, other than to say that, individuals could be on this planet; it could be on another planet; it could be out in the galaxy somewhere, it doesn’t really matter because what we’re doing has never been done before.  We are taking our physicals with us, not as an individual but as a planet.  A whole planet is being lifted into the fifth dimension and all life on it, meaning every form of the 200 million life forms that are here, which are beings, divine beings with a divine pathway.  They are just as much of source as we are, and they have a right to ascend and they have a right to be treated as equals.  Once you understand this, and you will understand it that we are all one family.  When we get to the 5th dimension and full memory is restored, it will all become obvious, and there won’t be any more questions.  We don’t want to get bogged down in some of these questions, because there are all past history.  We are living new history now.  Thank you for the question.

Q:  (Barb) Last week, Mark, you were talking about after the announcement of Nesara when the ships decloak all over the planet, you said they will decloak all over and around the planet including Aruba.  Was there some particular reason, of all the places, you mentioned Aruba?

Mark: When I wrote that, I was writing to a particular woman,living on Aruba, seeing a big delta-shaped craft.  I was responding to her question, but because the question was of interest to people all over the planet, because remember this is a planetary ascension.  This is planetary awakening.  This is a planetary decloaking.  It has to be everywhere simultaneously if it’s going to be.  There is a thing called positive shock and positive awe.  This is what the Galactic plan is, because in a moment’s time, in the twinkling of an eye if you want to use an old phrase, that what could happen here is that the radiation patterns from the ships, the colors, the frequencies, the dimensional refinement of the ships, by decloaking without ever landing, they will raise the frequency of every particle of matter and spirit on the planet, in most cases, to a level of where you will connect with your own core identity, your own core being and opened up, in a manner of speaking.  With your heart open, you will get the energy; you will get it in such a way that your heart will open and you will cry.  It has to happen to everyone on the planet at the same time.  It doesn’t matter where you are, on a mountaintop or on the seashore or in a valley or behind a barn.  You have to get this with everyone else.  So that’s the answer to that question.

Q:  (Richard) Why did the forces at hand go outside the Constitution to elect Obama?  I thought the whole idea was to get back to constitutional law?

Mark: They did not go out.  First of all, understand we know where this question comes from.  It is right wing disinformation; it has been planted all over the internet to make a false issue.  This is not a real issue.  He was elected INSIDE Nesara law.  Let’s repeat something here.  On October 1, 2008, the King of Swords, after receiving an Executive Order from a Writ of Execution from Lady Nada, on behalf of the World Court, the International Court of Justice, we were bankrupt.  Bush did not make the payments on the loans that were guaranteed to be paid no later that that.  That was, shall we say, the last time that he could do that and get away with it.

Tara:  It was called Basel II compliance.  He did not meet the Basel II compliance.

Mark: So the King of Swords, exercising the authority given to him by the World Court in March of 1999, put us inside Nesara law and made our banks Basel II compliant.

Tara:  On October 1, 2008.

Mark: Since the election did not occur until November 4th.  The election of Barack Obama took place inside Nesara law, which means that he fully complies with the provisions of Nesara, which by the way, aren’t the same as statute law or what existed prior to that.  There was another provision in Nesara for those people who have been followers, and that was at the time of Nesara’s announcement, that when we would go inside Nesara law, that all of existing Congress would have to resign, office holders.  Because anyone who got elected in this last election was elected inside Nesara law.  None of that applies.  They don’t have to leave; they don’t have to resign.  So it’s all totally legal.  Another thing that Nesara provides for, for those of you that don’t know this yet, is no boundaries.  Nesara eliminates boundaries because there is no need for them.  They are all artificial constructs that were put in to control people and keep them, restrict their movement and keep them needing to go through authorities to get permission to go anywhere.  So all of that is over folks, and it is totally constitutional.  It is totally inside Nesara law, and it is a done deal.

Q:  (Guest 57) I’ve heard Ra from the Ra material state in the ‘80s that while there was psychedelics that were legitimate, it was like a shortcut to hyper-dimensional perception.  (For those of us that are not spiritual superheroes such as you all, Faction 3 intel folks and Lightworkers)  However, they are non-desirable due to two main reasons.  People that took the psychedelics, the zapping of vital energy directly after the experience and the potential launch pad disorientation, and thereby negative contact potential.  My question is once the dragons are fully rooted out and the dark influences certifiably futile, will etherogenic substances such as mushrooms, ibogaine, etc. be safe for sacramental consumption?

Mark: Throughout all time in all biblical and sacred writings, you will find these things mentioned.  The Saints, frankly speaking, if you look into the history, they all used these substances.  It does not matter.  We are not talking about good or bad here.  All we are simply saying is the problem, as with anything, is when the illuminati went in to control these things, they altered a lot of the chemistries.   They altered them in so many ways, including chemtrails and all of these other things.  Once the consciousness is raised, we will all be able to perceive from within what is appropriate for us and what is not.  That is the short-form answer to that.  As consciousness rises, you don’t need laws.  You do not need external controls, and you do not need hierarchical systems because we are that.  We are the whole of it, the whole thing.  As we return to full consciousness, we will all know because we follow the Law of the One.  That’s all we have to remember.  The Ra material was speaking of the Law of the One.

Tara:  And we’re not going to be making any synthetic drugs of any kind ever again.  Only the natural forms, that means marijuana is a sacred herb and sacrament.  It is not a drug, and that’s the same thing for mushrooms, etc. and all of the Iowaskas, (sp?) etc.

Q:  (Lee) I wanted to ask Mark a question regarding our economy.  When the announcement is made, Mark, I wanted to find out, because I heard it and don’t know if it’s true or not, that 90% will be taken out of our inflation.  For example, out here in California, gas is $2.45, then if you take out 90%, it would be about 24¢?  Do you have any information on that?

Mark: It’s a very simple equation.  At the end of 30 days, after our announcement, we will have a re-indexing; that is a 1 to 10 ratio to bring the inflation out of the dollar.  This is going to happen all over the planet.  No one will be disadvantaged.  Not only that, instead of paying sales taxes, let’s say you are paying a 5% sales tax on $100, that’s $5; when you take that down to $10, now it’s only 50¢.  So everyone automatically is going to have more money, spendable money in their pockets, in addition to the fact that we won’t have income taxes as such.  We will only have a national sales tax, and that will only be on non-essential items with medical, food and all of the essentials exempt, and all used items will be exempt.

Tara:  We have to remember that the playing field gets leveled when we go to Nesara law and its announcement.  Gold will be at $50 a troy ounce; silver will be at $10 a troy ounce; and platinum will be at $100 a troy ounce.  There will be no change across the board.

Mark: So what that means is that all of these concerns about how will I be?  Everyone will be better off because all of these things that you are now paying for; most of these things are going to be free:  free education, free medical care.  No income taxes; no petroleum products are going to be needed after a very short period of time, because we have all of the technologies that replenishes these things.  They have been here; they have just been suppressed.

Q:  (Kenny) Hello, Mark.  This is about the holograms.  Are the real people going to be prosecuted for their crimes in The Hague?  Is Sananda going to look like he did 2000 years ago when he arrives?

Mark: Okay, there are two separate questions here.  The holograms are replacements for what no longer is here.  There are no in soul essence when you go to a hologram.  That means that the holograms are here in order to allow the public to see that accountability is done and yet to be done without riots, without having to use the Army in the street to round these people up.  All of these people will be rounded up, and they will be taken there.  Now, if they are already holograms, they will be tried, you could say in a certain sense, in absentia.  That hologram will be convicted and it will be then terminated by simply pushing a button because it’s only a film star.  There are people though that are still in the physical body, and they will be arrested, and they will be taken to The Hague.  The minimum sentence is 25 years for anyone taken there.  Thus far, that has been the case.  So that will all be handled.  What was the second part of your question?  (we’ll come back)

Q:  (DALE) Hi Mark.  Thank you for everything you’re offering this evening.  I just wanted to ask a question regarding Wingmakers and Dr. Neruda.  If you could explain what his position, and what are Wingmaker ships are all about?

Mark: Okay, there are two separate things here.  The Wingmakers are of all different categories.  Right now, we have several situations; we have three ships over the North Pole; we have three ships over the Equator, and we have three Wingmaker ships over the South Pole.  These are Wingmaker ships, and they are staffed (crewed, if you wish) by Wingmakers, which means they have advanced abilities, 12th dimensional abilities.  We have a friend here that Rama talks to regularly, in town here, in our cities, who works in advanced physics; let’s just call it that.  She is from 175 million years into the future.  She is an Essisami human, which means she is a zeta human hybrid that is a Wingmaker, which means she fully ascended, a fully 12th dimensional being.  That’s what these are. is a web site that holds four Dr. Neruda interviews.  We have cited those in the past because they deal with the ACIO (Alien Contact Intelligence Organization) and the Labyrinth group.  Labyrinth group which is 38 levels above the president, and this is where Faction 3, the King of Swords and all of, you might say, our intelligence comes from, that level.  This is why no one else has this stuff because they are all Faction 1 and Faction 2, all at the level or below the President.  That’s the short answer to that.  Not only that, I put out a little update on that today, and you’ll probably be getting that and seeing that posted on GRT News, if it isn’t already there, today or tomorrow.  So I’d suggest that you look for that little bit of update on the Wingmaker material.  Next question.

Q:  (Kenny)  Hello Mark.  My family is fundamentalist Christians, and they think I’m a nut.  I’d like to know if Sananda is going to come back like he did look like 2000 years ago or is he going to come back in an alien form?

Mark: That was the other part of the question you asked before.  The answer to the question is, first of all, Sananda and Yeshua are not the same person.  One is the higher self, if you will; if you want to call it that, the higher self.  We all have higher selves, and we’re going to reintegrate with them.  Right now, for this discussion, since Sananda is not, we call him Admiral Sananda of the Ashtar Command, the hierarchy of this solar system and galaxy and universe.  But the truth is that he can appear in any form he needs to.  There is going to be a roundtable panel discussion, if you will, that’s going to include Buddha.  It’s going to include all of the great Avatars that each religion accords an honor to.  They are all going to come together, and they are going to say “Hey, we all come from the same source, and we are all expressing different things in different ages to prepare people for this moment.  Now that this moment is here, we need to tell you, we are all one.  This whole thing that you have been told has been distorted.”  Now that does not mean that sincere people with an open heart are wrong.  No, that is always correct.  What it means is the teachings, by which they have been controlled and dominated are not.  So that’s the answer to the question.  No, you would not recognize Admiral Sananda.  Let me just drop a hint here.  In Yeshua’s last statement in the Bible, it says, “When I return, I shall return with a sword.”  We have an individual at 38 levels above the President that is called the King of Swords.  I’ll want to leave it right there for now.  That is the hint and an answer to your question at the same time.  Next question.

Q:  (Maxili) How are the calls archived?

Marietta:  The calls are archived for years so you can listen through TalkShoe or go through one of the GRT Yahoo groups.

Q:  (Maxili) How do the angels from the three major religions, Michael, Gabriel, Ariel and Raphael fit into the overall shift plans?

Mark: They are part of the spiritual hierarchy, that doesn’t matter which religion you’re talking about, because the spiritual hierarchy has always been a united hierarchy that actually oversees this universe, and all life and the spiritual progression of all life.  From the 100th dimension on down, this has always been true.  People are not going to have any problem.  Let’s say you have a favorite; don’t worry they’re still going to be your favorite and it’s okay to have that.  The thing is when you realize they are all different aspects of the same God head.

That’s the thing.  There’s a bumper sticker out there that says ‘God is too big to be limited to any one religion.’  That kind of tells in a funny way that we’ve got to get over these differences.  As different landing parties look different, different landing parties came from different places at different times.  But they are all here again, and we are all them.  They are not different than us.  Everyone of us has been in all of those.  Matter of fact, as Tara likes to say, “One of the biggest secrets never told is that we agreed, in order to resolve the issues between groups, to incarnate into each of the 12 tribes”.  So there were 12 tribes and a lost tribe.  When they reunite within us, that is to say each of us, as we heal our differences within ourselves, we bring the 12 crystal skulls together.  That ignites the crystal skull in the center, which is the 13th, and we then become the 13th tribe.

This has always been so, and we are going back to that.  When we get done, this is called Unity consciousness.  It’s called the Law of the One and the Family of One.  That is all up on the agenda so anyone who is thinking somebody is lesser or somebody is greater, gotta get over it.

Tara:  It’s also considered the age of the divine Mother returned.  It’s called the age of Maat returned to the planet.

Q:  (Queenie)  What is your viewpoint on the recent activity in the Himalayas announced on the radio Sunday night?

Mark: I think that they were talking about . . .; there are several different activities going on.  She wasn’t specific enough as to the particular part.  If you go to, you will see lots of stories dealing with UFOs in the Himalayas.  You have to click on technology in order to get there.  But when you go there, that’s, you’ll find that they have lots of scientific articles on how the ships hide, how they can see them taking off and coming out of the earth, and how the lenticular forms in the sky, which we call cloudships, are hidden, and how this all happens.  It’s a very interesting thing to pursue.  We are going to be thrilled when these kinds of discussions can be had in the open here, among our scientists, all of our people.

Because until we’re talking about this, as if it were something that is real, we’re not going to get beyond our differences on it.  We will get beyond there, because that’s what we are.  There’s not one of us that is not that.  That’s the only thing I can talk about is that they keep reporting all of these UFOs going in and out of the area there between India and China.  Next question.

Q:  Could you go over again about the information that the IRS and the Federal Reserve is out of business.  The question is how is the IRS still able to threaten and attach bank accounts, social security funds, etc?

Tara:  The simple answer is the IRS hasn’t been doing that; the substitutes that have been doing that, called the dark side, ever since 2007 for the IRS.

Rama:  They’ve outsourced themselves to other agencies.

Mark: They hired people like Blackwater.

Tara:  That’s right ,and also for the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve has been gone all since then.  Yet something was done about all of this graft and stealing and fakery in March.  On March 31st at midnight, Paul Andrew Mitchell, who had been working on this since 1991, and this is a lawful endeavor since 1991.  He declared the Declaration of Insolvency lawfully for the Federal Reserve and the IRS.  That means they have been out of business officially, therefore any kind of actions where things have been going on since then are unlawful, officially, and therefore can be dealt with.   Of course, the rest of it is in Patrick Fitzgerald’s indictments.

Mark: Since we’re now talking about this, you heard the dates that Obama set for all of these actions to take place.  Without detailing them, he gave the whole time frame for it.  As this takes place, as these arrests take place, that’s all we are waiting for, folks.  As these arrests take place, all of the rest of these things are going to happen.  That means all the illegal actions will be reversed.  So, do what you need to do to stay out of jail and to keep your house if you can.  But understand, either way, it’s going to be reversed as soon as we have our announcement.  Next question.

Tara:  I just wanted to say something pretty exciting.  Tom Hanks is on Jon Stewart right now.  His movie opens on Friday, and it’s called Angels and Demons[Dan Brown’s Novel].  The whole Vatican will be ripped wide open, and everybody will see the source of the evil on this planet without a question of a doubt.

Q:  (Roxy) I was just going to see if anyone had watched the movie “Knowing” about the crystalline and the different things, if Tara, Rama or you have seen that?

Mark: I have seen the movie, and it’s forgettable.  A lot of people I know liked it.  It wasn’t that I didn’t like it or see anything good in it, it was that it actually contained distortions.  Let me tell you something here, in a movie that takes children and separates them from their parents artificially, when there is a loving relationship between them; this is not Galactic; this is not Universal Law; this is not the Law of the One.  This is an arbitrary, think about it; this is something that creates fear and separation.  That’s an Illuminati program.

So for that reason, I could not warm up to the movie.  There were parts of it that were good, but they kept emphasizing over and over again; they used patterns of behavior that were actually pathologic.  They didn’t use good examples.  They didn’t use, if you saw the Last Mimsy, you see the difference.  Here were the children and parents coming lovingly together and uniting their futures.  That’s what we are doing here now.

That’s what the Crystals, the Indigos and the Rainbows and all of the other new kids are doing.  They’re not creating separation between parents and families and Galactics and Humans.  That is all Illuminati.  If you hadn’t have asked, I wouldn’t have said it.  But I got to tell the truth and that’s the difference.  That’s what I have against it.  It’s entertainment – okay, go.  You might find some enjoyment in it, but frankly it left me cold on the key essential fear-related, spirit-related truth.  We are not interested in technology.  What we’re interested in is the heart, the spirit and the soul progression, because we’re all ascending, and that’s what we are.

Mark: I just have one small announcement.  I want to give credit to Tony who has done a remarkable job in this past week in taking a compilation of the week’s messages that we have posted.  He has made a weekly newsletter under topic headings so it’s real easy to find the information, the subjects that were covered in the past week.  It’s so much more user friendly, and I would recommend that you all go to GRT News if you haven’t done that yet, whether you’re a member or not, and just read that newsletter and see if that isn’t a much better format.  Not only that, at the end of the week, it’s hard sometimes to remember what the subjects were.  By subject title, he has made it very clear, very relevant to the material.  I think you’ll find it’s a great evolution in the GRT family information and communications process.  I want to thank you personally, Tony, and invite everyone to take a look at that and see how you like it.

More Mark Huber questions and answers on the Yahoo group GRT-News by clicking HERE.


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