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Benjamin Fulford – May 27, 2009 w/ Mark’s Comments


This is correct information. Hillary/Bush are desperate and it is backfiring on them as fast as they order these agitators to ‘start a diversion’ to take people’s attention off the coming War Crimes Trials that will permanently remove them from power. These actions are being exposed as fast as they are hatched.

Neither the Japanese gangs, nor actions in either Korea will achieve the cabal’s goals. As King Of Egypt reported yesterday, Kim Jong Il’s son will take over as the new leader of No Korea and he is a moderate politician who cares about the people. Likewise, in Japan, Yukio Hatoyama, is the likely one to win the Japanese election in July and he has already shown his interest in exposing the 911 conspiracy. The tide is swiftly reversing.


Benjamin Fulford   5-27-09

The Bush Clinton crime family puppet state of North Korea ordered to create tension.

The desperate cornered rats of the Bush/Clinton crime family have ordered their North Korean puppet state to create tension in North Asia. Unconfirmed reports say the current North Korean psy-ops started after dictator Kim Jong Il was neutralized with a stroke inducing poison by a Western prostitute sent to service him. Since then North Korea has been firing missiles and announcing nuclear tests and doing whatever it can to create tension.

In a related development former South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun was killed by pro-Japanese politicians, according to North Korean sources. The death was revenge for Roh’s investigation and exposure of many prominent South Koreans who cooperated with the Japanese and then US occupation governments. This faction of traitors, now back in power, got their revenge. They have also provoked North Korea by cutting off financial aid as they play their part in the big fake campaign to manufacture an artificial crisis in the Korean peninsula.

Meanwhile, the North Korean network of religious cults in Japan is stepping up their campaign of gang stalking of Japanese dissidents. So far, we have been hoping the North Korean religious cults operating in Japan will stop working for the Bush Clinton crime family but, if they do not reform their ways THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES.

For now we will say just this: the Sarin gas that was used in the Tokyo subway attacks was manufactured in North Korea, according to a former Aum religious cult member. The Aum factory was merely producing amphetamines that were sold to a prominent gangster closely associated with the head of the North Korean cult in Japan.

Korean tension is not going to affect the results of the up-coming Japanese elections. Yukio Hatoyama, the head of the Democratic Party of Japan and likely winner of the July election made it a point recently to appear at a 911 truth conference. So Mr. cult leader, you know which way the wind is blowing.


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