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Ashtar Telecall – May 5, 2009


TARA – will be the new web site this month.  Lots of new info will be available. We could have a whole new world anytime soon.   Cinco de Mayo day today.  The 78th program of the 78 programs that will be paid with the announcement of Nesara ends with a program which represents all of the Mexican people’s gold certificates that were put into the rollovers for the light.

All Mexican people are Moors.  The true Declaration of Independence was brought forward in 1774 and George Washington axed it.  And the Queen of England hid it in Williamsburg, VA.  Those vaults are about to come forward.  (A person in) Middleton’s bloodline, who is alive, represents the divine feminine.   Our 2ndDeclaration of Independence brings our Moorish land and her people back and the Moors are the ancient people of Lemuria.
RAMA – Things are close to popping with the war crimes trials. That’s the word going across the networks and the radios.   Earlier today on the Ron Kube show, (Ron) was talking about the whole situation going on with Somalia as well as the folks pushing the different issues in trying to create fear with the terror card.  There’s nothing left at all that they have.   The swine flu is petering out.

I talked with the king this morning and he said these guys are one hairs breadth away from facing the magistrates in The Hague.  Between yesterday and today 45 more of the Blush/Clinton crime families were arrested around Europe and around the U.S.  May be connected with MI 5, N_sA, C_A….has to do with the war crimes. Things are coming full circle in terms of accountability. What I have been hearing in terms of arrests, my sense is that this is a hairs breadth away.

There have been rumors of Patrick Leahy picked as the next nominee for the Supreme Court.  From the “nameless ones”, today:”…thousands up to millions of ships are coming in over the high Wesak valley and landing. There is quite a conclave of intergalactic hosts coming to talk about brass tacks.  I pass the talking stick.

MEG HOOPES –  Tomorrow night, we’ll be clearing more dendrites and focusing on overwhelm, financial issues, confusion, physical issues.   It’s a big one.  I’m constantly getting new information.

ASHTAR: Well good evening everyone.  We’re going to do a little past, present and future as you measure it as you sit and experience it with what little of you remains in 3D.   You are hearing correctly.  We will go to the immediate past and say “Happy May Day” in the grandest sense of the world.  A lovely welcome to all that the first of May represents.  Indeed, how many of you gathered your flowers for your May basket?

There are many many flowers awaiting you in this wondrous time in this wondrous year of 11.  We wanted to take note of the fact that things are happening; things are changing even as your weather patterns are not exactly as you would expect them or want them to be in the coming of the spring time.  What does this mean?  It means blooming.  All of planet earth is positively blooming with the love and the joy; with the re-birth if you will.  The concept; the precious precious heartfelt feelings that are being put forth just as they were long ago.

We want to assure you that ‘everything’ is in full bloom.  All the seeds you have planted are coming up   beautifully, gloriously and exactly as you planted, and there isn’t going to be a grim reaper that will stomp on your flower garden.  All is well, happy and joyful and will continue to be; so stop and smell the beautiful flowers;   enjoy the trees, and all that they bring forth after they blossom.  Stop and breathe all of the happy families; new ones being born in the kingdom of the animals.  Enjoy the baby deer that walk across your lawn.  Enjoy the birds and all that springtime means and let it come into your hearts. There has never been springtime on planet earth like this one.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!  Yeah!!! Let us remember what Cinco is all about.  It is equivalent to the 4th of July in the U.S.   It’s about freedom. Especially those of you who are feeling squeezed in; the bankers want your money;  the IRS wants your money; they want you to work three jobs.

Forget it, transmute it into joy, into love and put a big capital letter “F” for freedom in front of all of it. This is it.  This is what you might call the last ‘hurrah’ only guess who will be saying ‘hurrah?’…  It’s you!   Be happy.  Be joyful. That is the way to celebrate Cinco.  It’s a happy and joyful celebration.   Keep it alive in your hearts as well.   This is the time for joyful celebration.   We can get quite solemn. We want to infuse this joy.  We want you to feel it as we do.  We are reaching out.  You don’t mind if we come closer into your energy fields?  We want you to bubble up; be in joy.

The more joyful you are, the more you create.  The atmosphere, you might say, sets the stage for all that it is that you choose to have.  We are discussing events of a worldwide nature as well as events in your own individual lives and everywhere in between.  When you get down in the dumpies, you limit your possibilities of that which might have been on the way to you; a shiny red sports car with a big wrapping around it and it’s a gift for you.  That’s the kind of thing that you can manifest.  There is no difference from manifesting a shiny sports car or a toy car out of the bubble machine.  There’s no difference in difficulty, but if you get down in the dumpies that creation for the sports car could diminish into the toy.  Which one will bring the greater joy?  That’s an interesting question, but if you have been wanting the full size model then you need to think about how you go about your creation.

Every light worker on planet earth has some house cleaning to do.  We are wanting to bring forth and shine the spot light on the methods that are the most effective and easiest, quick, long lasting.  Don’t we sound like a commercial or that pink stuff, ah, yes, the “Pepto Bismal” stuff?    Well, there is really no similarity.   The energetic healing methods are long lasting and quick to take effect and the way to clear it out.  But before you clear it, be sure you transmute it.  Angels and beings who are there; call upon them to be in assistance.  Pick the method you choose to use and trust it.  You have to trust it.   Ask some questions and make sure you are using the one that will work for you because you will allow it to work.  If something doesn’t work, maybe you have disallowed it to work.  Take care of yourself.   Get in the grove and then we shall help.

They will come to you. They will see a lightness in your field. They will sense and feel it. They will say, “What’s your secret?  You seem to be so different.”  What they are saying is that “I feel different being around you. I want to know how you came to be this way so I can do the same thing.”  If you don’t have all of the teachings at the top of your mind, send them to a web site.

You may be here to get back into your space craft or get back into technology. Deciding and discerning your mission is what _______.  If you have any doubts about your mission, ask.   We are happy to provide clarity at any time to anyone who asks.  You have a whole team to help if you ask.   What do you think is coming?  Guess?  Along with that will come some organized chaos.  When we say organized, we are saying that it is organized because we are preparing you. There will be somewhat of a chaotic world around you and it would be wise for you to do your house cleaning and to determine what your mission is.  What will you do with this “F” [for] freedom?   What will you do with abundance, which is so unlimited that you will never again have to think about the J O B job?  What will you do with your brand new technologies?  Your living computers and fabulous methods of transportation that will get you from here to there faster and faster so that no time goes by during the journey and ultimately it will be “beam me up Scotty.”

There are those of you who are ready for that now; ready to go wherever you want to go.  If you are not somewhat knowledgeable about it, start with the first kinds of new modes of transportation and work up to it. Not everybody is ready for that.  We are trying to paint the picture that these changes will come so rapidly that you will be called upon as a beacon of light, a light worker.  People will gravitate towards you.  They will say “give me some information.”  If you can say to them, it will be much more delightful if you can say “I can help you figure that out” instead of “well I don’t know either; maybe the sky is going to fall.”   That response is not encouraging someone to rise up and be all that they can be.

There are some in the family who have questions. This is the time to really be calling in the merry maids of energy work. The more you clean up whatever there is, karmic baggage, the more clarity you will have and the more you will be able to move ahead with, shall we say, a leadership kind of pace. You are all here to be leaders in some manner.  Whether it be teachers, technologists, everybody has a purpose; that’s why you volunteered to be here. The time for preparation is now.   Here’s a clue. There isn’t much time for preparation as you measure it.   Yes, the hands of the clock are moving faster and faster and you all know that anyway.   So, whereas you think you might have an hour, you have a half hour or less. That makes it all the more important and urgent to get on with the house cleaning and stay with it. There is no reason for discouragement. This could come under the realm of quantum physics.

The minute you lighten up, transmute and release as love, even one part of whatever it is you are caring around as baggage, you will start feeling better.  You will start feeling lighter or more joyful; maybe one bubble of joy will come to the surface.  It happens that way.  Every time you hear a piece of news that sounds really good, and you say, “well if that is coming, then I want to be sure that I am ready”.  Intent alone can carry you thru some of the hardest processes because as you intend so shall you create and that, beloveds, is the law.   Intend joy for yourself.   Intend joyful bubbles all of the time.   Intend to be free to do and express and create all that you came here to do…express and create.   Give yourselves a big capital “F” and know that you have it all.  You have the gifts.  Lay them out.  Check them out and see which ones you want to use first.

There are many helpers standing by; connect with them and let them be help mates to you along this path.   You will find that it is a very short distance from where you are to, shall we say, a plateau of squeaky cleanness. There will be a place that you will reach [where] you will not have to have any more burdens slowing you down because you have addressed them and you have removed the heaviness that they have created within your being.   We’re not just talking about physicality.   We are talking about all of your being.  Ask and let your own wisdom tell you what it is about. You don’t have to have the whole story.  Marvelous Meg is taking short cuts in that area.  It is not necessary to have the whole story.   Not even your most significant ones; simply identify what it is that needs to be cleaned.  Clear it, transmute it, release it and you are releasing more love and are helping the whole planet feel more joy and to lighten up.

Do you not equate lightening up to getting towards your destination?  What is your destination?  Well, 5D and beyond. You might make a brief stopover in the 4th.  There are wondrous beings who hang out there. They are coming more and more to join you and help you lift up. It is all joyful and fast.  Get on with it. This is our mission statement if you wish for the evening. Get on with your house keeping and be joyful in doing it and know that you don’t have a lot to do in terms of time to spend.  Most of you have started anyway. It may seem as though we are preaching to the choir.  There may be some who are boggled down by some burdens. Carry on.

We shall move on to the future. This is the immediate future. Planet earth is rebirthing itself.  We have another occasion; actually two of them.   We shall have a trio as our guest speaker. They will speak with one voice as a representative of that group [being] a lovely lovely female energy. We shall move toward that point in a moment.

First we want to talk about the upcoming weekend, a long weekend.  You have some dates upon your calendar.  Now this weekend comes every year [and] it is called the Celebration of Wesak.  And who is coming to celebrate it?   Well, of course, it is that grandmaster and teacher, the one you call The Buddha.  And even though he is around anyway, this is his official grand welcome, and all that it does for the world with the energies that are present there; the energies of love that he brings. The energies of welcome, even from those that are not in attendance in that particular place.   In other words, this is for the entire world to celebrate.  Some might want to sing ‘Happy Birthday dear Buddha’, and that is appropriate.  You can focus upon the party aspects and that is entirely delightful.   It raises up the energy of the entire planet.  When you come together in conscious celebration of any event, it is this high vibe state that you bring to the planet that enables us to come and meet you. That enables us to come and be with you heart to heart…hugging and becoming one with you in the spirit of love and joy.

By the way, for those of you following the news behind the news, it enables us to move thru the processes to bring you that big “F” for freedom and “N” for Nesara and to bring you whatever you wish.   It can be symbolized by dollar signs that say ‘abundance to you’.  The world is entering a whole new phase and there are marvels and marvels being revealed every day.

There will be official acknowledgement of all of these changes and a bit of what is next in the meetings held and will continue to be held throughout the days of Wesak.   [The] plans are detailed.  The only thing, the only aspect of the plan that is not, shall we say engraved in stone is the exact timing.   The sequential flow is already done from our perspective because there is no past, present and future where we are.   We are only using these terms to enable you to see where these sequential events are flowing.  Those in official attendance at the Wesak festival are the ones who are the master creators of all of these events that must flow sequentially in order to have the grand finale coming onto the stage:  Lady Nesara, Lady Liberty, St. Germain, Sananda, and I, Ashtar, shall be present although not everyone will see me.   I do not see it necessary to take on the aspect of the physical body although I do like the pictures that you have of me.

The feeling that we wish to convey to you; we want you to look at the portrayals and feel the joy of the connection; the reunion.  Does that strike a note, beloved ones?  We can call you commanders and we are speaking truth.   But here, in this particular gathering, the emphasis is on celebration so you are not required to attend in your uniforms.  [Dress] casual, ready for fun and ready to do some grand exercises for all of planet earth and that we shall get to when the three beloved ones come to address this grand family.  But for now, we want you again to picture this grand gathering; this conclave of high frequency beings bringing all of the love to this place called the Wesak Festival and radiating it out to the entire planet and to the universe beyond. This year, as never before, there will be more ambassadors from home places other than planet earth, who shall be coming to join in the discussions and the celebrations.  As we have said, it is already done.   It is a matter of the sequential flow of events going forward.  The energies coming to support the Wesak celebration are more magnificent and higher in volume and effect than ever before because you can handle it.

If the consciousness of the people of planet earth have not risen the way it has, particularly in these past ten years, you would not be able to withstand the energies coming in.   As it is, there are times we know when these energies can be somewhat overwhelming.  But understand there is nothing sent to you that you have to absorb or assimilate all at one time.   You can say, “Wait a minute.  [Give me] 70% today and I’ll get the rest tomorrow. If you are feeling physically challenged by this GAS, galactic ascension syndromes, you can say to the energies, “Just wait a minute so that I can fully expand my being.  I can move even further utilizing this joy and peace on earth in an even more and complete manner”.  You are in charge of how much energy you take in at any one moment.

We have mentioned that the dark hats don’t want any of it.  They are expending a great deal of their own energy in resistance.  The more time that they spend resisting all of the love light that is coming their way, the less time they have to do their dark deeds. Their focus is more and more inward as the numbers are being diminished on a daily basis for the leaders or the ones who have been the most support for the leaders having human identities.   The energies they are trying to emit are nullified, transmuted by all of the energies of love and joy.   Which is more powerful, love or fear?  You know its love.  The more love you radiate, the most you transmute the housekeeping issues within you [and] the less empowered are the dark hats.   You know they are trying to hang on.   We have seen some obvious examples.

Here’s a late breaking [item].  There is no such a virus of the human mixed with the virus of the chicken mixed with the virus with the pig.  It was concocted in the laboratory.  Well, we will not insult Dr. Frankenstein. We will simply say that this was a creation of the dark hats and beloved ones, the more that your consciousness moves up, the more you call for the truth.   You did so immediately and you shared that truth and the faster it fizzled.   You may hear some who haven’t quite gotten the word yet, those foxy guys are one, that continue to say this is a pandemic; an epidemic of worldwide proportions.   This is a planet of free choice and we never give medical advice.   If you pay no attention to it, you will find that it will fizzle right out of the front page.

Good news and only good news is what you are looking for. Good news and only good news is what we are here to tell you. The world is changing so get ready to party on even more.  Get ready to celebrate even more. Get ready for a little bit of chaos and change.  Say it 5/5.  Double change in the year of 11. There could be some additional interesting news this week about events created on this day of double change.  Stay tuned.  Very likely there will be some additions to what we have said here in the Thursday night forum.

So we shall quietly, as quietly as we can being who we are just simply tell you how much we love you; love love love and how great it is to get together, party and celebrate and for these grand works. You are all here on a special mission and with grand purpose.   You are all beaming so beautifully.  Infinite flowers [and] infinite sparkling colors are yours.   They are the medals of honor; the badges of courage [and] most of all the beings of love.

And so, beloved ones, I have the honor of introducing to you, sounds like a Vegas show; I have the honor of introducing to you, beloved ones who have some information also about what is coming this weekend.  And they are the ones you know and love and honor as Mother Mary and the one called Mary the Magdelene and the compassionate Quan Yin.   As they come on to the stage I, Ashtar, shall move aside with all love and joy in my heart and say thank you, beloved ones, for coming to this celebration of family and love. And so it is.

Kuan Yin spoke next with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, followed by St.Germain. Final transcripts of these will be published later.  Many thanks to Jan Chapman for these ‘real-time notes.’

Kuan Yin addressing the May 5, 2009 Ashtar Teleconference:

“Greetings Beloved Ones, it is I Kuan Yin, standing here with Beloved Mother Mary, and Beloved Mary Magdalene, at my side. We are here to speak of a very special event that comes during the weekend of Wesak.  It is not always the case, but in this particular Year of Eleven it is the way that your calendar is presenting to you, and it is most appropriate, and most joyful.

“And so I speak for all of us, about the day you call the Day of the Mother.  And what is that anyway, except an honoring of the Feminine?  And what could be more appropriate than in this year of celebrating the anchoring of the Feminine upon Planet Earth, and the balance that is here now, even.  Even though there may be some remnants of war going on, the consensus of the World, the consciousness of the World is calling for that great balance, is calling for the Feminine energy to bring forward the Love and the Peace for the entire Planet.

“And so as you experience this day of honoring of the Mother, think of us here together with you.  And we ask that you join us now in a little bit of a ceremony, in a welcoming to this, this Planet, if you will, the energies of all of the Feminine and perhaps to honor especially the Love of the Mother.  Think of Mother Gaia, who has provided such nurturing for you.  Think of the two Marys, who are here in the role of the Mother, in the role of the Mother and the Wife.

“And it is I Kuan Yin, who am honored to ask you to join now in this exercise. And so let us breathe and let us open our hearts and let us go into our hearts, and let us go into the room that is specially prepared with sweet smelling and beautiful flowers with music, with colors and crystals, and the room is the room of the Compassionate Mother.  Makes no difference if you’re wearing the body of the male or the female, you all have this room in your hearts.

“Stand at the entry to the room and notice, there are no doors, there are no locks, because you have opened this room so beautifully and with such great Love.  And now let us go together into this room that you may fully experience all of the Love, all of the Light that is there.  Partake of it.  Fill your entire being with it.  Feel the Peace of it. Feel the Joy of it.  And along with the Peace and the Joy and the Love, there is an empowerment, and it is the empowerment of knowing that all is well, that the Divine Feminine is indeed here within you, and that there is a marriage to celebrate of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine. The Divine Masculine no longer needs to stand alone in lonely leadership, ruler-ship, of the Planet.

“But it is for all of the Feminine principles and energies found in both, male and female humans, that we are here to celebrate the official acknowledgement of, in order to have balance upon Earth and indeed to have union. Let the energies come and dance with each other now.  You are the choreographer of that dance.  Play the music and feel the dance going on within your own heart.  Feel the Joy as the room lights up even more.  Feel the warmth.  Feel the hugs of the Love that sweeps through your entire being now, because there are no doors, no locks on this room, and so it is that you can allow with Joy and absolute confidence and trust.

“Allow this grand Love, this grand reunion celebration to sweep through your entire being. It will never leave your heart, it will only expand. Let it expand you Beloved Ones. Let it permeate every part of your entire Being-ness, your energy fields, all that you are, all of your bodies, all of your past, your present, your future, your parallel and dimensional selves, as you are complete within your own identity.  And then notice, because you have not prevented it from reaching out beyond you, notice how it unifies others and connects them with you.

“And this, Beloveds, is how the energy of Love works. It brings all of you individual identities together, and we come in togetherness with you as the One we all are.  It’s Divine.  It’s the god/goddess within, meeting and joining with the All of the Divinity of the Universe, Mother-Father.  Indeed, you reach everywhere.

“And Mother Gaia rejoices because this coming together means that she, too, can celebrate. She can be free from the upheavals of the male energies and free from the grief of the females, at least that’s a way of simply looking at the Joy of Mother Gaia. And indeed the World is blessed with this grand gift that you give, this acknowledgement, this celebration, this honoring of the Divine Feminine coming into its full blossom, and glory upon Planet Earth.

“And as you honor the Mothers, so you honor all. There is not one among you who has not served as a Mother in some lifetime or other, just as you have served as a father in some lifetime, or other. This is the time to acknowledge the full return of the energy of the Mother of the Divine Feminine, of the Love, and the nurturing, and the Compassion, that is always associated and indeed is a quality of the Mother. No difference whether you are serving in motherhood in this lifetime or not, you have done so before.

“Let it well up in your heart this tenderness, this nurturing.  See the World as your child to nurture, and to bring into full empowerment, the empowerment of Joy and the empowerment of Love. Breathe that in Beloved Ones. Breathe that in. You have shared it and brought it to all of Planet Earth, this grand Compassion, this grand nurturing, this grand Love. Let it flow now in an endless stream radiating through your being and out into the World and the Universe beyond, and then coming back to you multiplied and even more strong, even more empowering to you.  And know that you have called forth the Love and the Joy and the Peace everlasting for Planet Earth.

“And so I and the Marys offer you our thanks and our loving gratitude and appreciation.  And as you may have already noticed, Mother Mary has brought so many Roses that all three of us offer them to you now. There are so many we must all hold them in our arms and offer them to you, and it is such Joy.  So please take as many as you would have.  And know that in this coming together in your precious heart spaces that we have created and presented yet another joyful step along the Ascension Path to all of beloved Planet Earth. And Mother Gaia stands in awe of you, and thanks you with all of Her Being. And so it is, Beloved Family, and so it is! Namaste!”


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