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Steve on Ascension Reality & “Diane” channel…


Amethyst: I also do not like the Mike Q. message today [Diane:].   Thank you for pointing out the questionable statements in there.   I was also dismayed when he/she said that we have “many months” more of chaos and implied bad times—NOT good at all.  It seems that many of Mike Q.’s messages state that changes are always far in the future; never in the now.  I do not believe he is always “on track” with his channelings–often they leave much to be desired as far as encouragement, and this one seems to address humans with some disdain.

Steve: Amethyst, don’t forget that all will not suddenly clear up when NESARA is declared. I published an article after yours on some Canadian missionaries getting raped and cut up pretty bad, trying to help local Kenyan children.

NESARA will come for us, but it will not come for Africa or other parts of the world right away. And when we all go over there to do the work of spreading the word and helping out, all the people with unfinished business will be wrestling with themselves, some of them deeply uncomfortable with the unaccustomed new vibrations which work against the grain for them.

Diane is just asking us to open our eyes a wee bit more, and a wee bit more.

In the beginning, the galactics have been telling us about all the wonders and marvels of what is to come. But my perception is that, as we approach the main events of NESARA and accountability, they are telling us more and more about the mundane reality that we will all confront.

There are still people who hit their wives. There are still people who get drunk. Rapes are still occurring. Stores are being robbed. People are killing each other with guns. There is still madness and chaos on the Earth even if the Illuminati are gone.

GRT was formed in part to help us to complete our unfinished business so that we could play a leading role in the New Age that is to come.

Do you think that New Age will be uniformly peaceful from the start? It will not be.

There will be work for all of us to convince the disbelievers of what has happened, quiet the fears of those with shocked and guilty minds, help the raped women of Darfur to recover, assist the downtrodden fishermen of Somalia to bounce back, whose waters have been contaminated with nuclear waste.

There will be sexual victims of the Illuminati to aid. There will be orphans to console. There will be people in China to assist, who have been forced to speak in tortuous ways to avoid punishment by a pyramid of exploitative bureaucrats since the 1940s. There are people raised under the Communist regime in Eastern Europe to assist to shake off their anger and resentment.

How far do you wish me to go?

Work, work, work. That’s what NESARA – in part – means.  Work so that people can stand and hold the energy of Ascension.

Most people experience enlightenment and can’t hold it so they lose it again. Why? Because of their unfinished business (what Hindus call vasanas and Buddhists sankaras).

Their unfinished business arises several minutes, hours, or days after the experience and, worried and afraid, they lose the experience.  Only those who have cleansed themselves of that unfinished business can stand and hold the vibration of the Light.  That’s why I set as part of our mission from the word “go” the completion of our unfinished business through emergence – speaking the truth of your situation and completing with the past.

I admit that Ascension will be different from enlightenment as we have known it in the past, in many ways. The Galactics have been busily rewiring us, getting us ready for the experience.  They want most of the globe to ascend. But those people who are not yet ready to hold that Light, they will be our charges. It is our task to get them ready – to listen to them, to encourage them to speak their truth, to help them put things right.

Don’t be surprised if other channels, now that they have us hooked, start to tell us more of the story.  We are just leaving Egypt. We have a long way to go before we enter the Promised Land of Ascension. (And look what happened to the Children of Israel even after they entered the Promised Land!)

We cannot look at this like it is a happily-ever-after story. Ascension itself will not end our involvement in the tragedy of all the worlds. It will just make us able to play a larger role in alleviating and transforming it. The Law of God is service. Just look at the Galactics serving us.

Ascension cannot be the end of enlightenment. If it were, then why would the Masters be saying to us that they are ascending too?  Masters ascending?  Wasn’t one Ascension enough? Not by a long shot.

Think about it…. Anyone you see in form has not reached the end of the journey so none of the Galactics, none of the Masters, none of the Angels and Archangels have reached the end of the road…. No one you look in the face, no one whose voice you can hear, whom you can touch has reached the end of the road, Ascension or no Ascension.

There is more chaos to come, more work to be done, and more Ascension to go.



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