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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – April 9, 2009


Mother Sekhmet’s Telecall
Thursday, April 9, 2009

Transcribed by Jules Twinde

MS: Greetings!  Greetings to the most radiant ones in the Office of the Christ and only in the Office of the Christ.  We invoke the loving energy of St. Germain and the Violet Flame.

Greetings, wondrous beings of Light, Love, Peace and Joy. That is what is unfolding. All of the other issues are side issues in this three-ring circuit of the matrix, which is quickly coming to a close. No more Agent Smith chasing you down with scary stories about dragons and reptiles the size of the Empire State Building or the Twin Towers.  In this country, all of this should be over.

We have to say when the guests tonight with Obama having the Seder [Jewish Passover meal], the first Last Supper in the White House, it is that time where we think with the man with the plan, Admiral [Sananda], who, we’ll just say, is one of the ones who call all of what is occurring at these times.

You asked that we should show up.  That is what is occurring – First Contact.  Your Sirian commander here is doing the job he was sent to do – create First Contact, mutual understanding and perspectives of how we can cooperate and exchange ideas about how we travel through the universes.

We have ways of, you might say, [inaudible] technology that you haven’t yet begun to dream of. Yet it has always been here.  Either you forget about it or you haven’t discovered it yet because your planet was put into the xenophobic [“xenophobia” is a fear of strangers or outsiders] isolation.

Now the veil lifted.  It is not reality.  It has switched.  A block of limitations gone in that place where we can see you and you can see us.  This is why [Obama] is shadowed by us everywhere he goes.  And these ones, Agent Smith, they are shadows of that which was. They hold no power except as things that go bump under the [inaudible: deck, desk or dead].

Yes, we are in the fifth dimension as the lovely Goddess spoke of earlier. And 2012 [is] now.   Anything you think, therefore you are.  Welcome to the greatest amusement park you have. Your mind and what you have created in this matrix of instant precipitation.  It is an amusement park. We must warn you that what you think, therefore you are.

So if you want an Armageddon (we don’t think you want that), and most of the world knows that.  It’s the small 1% who think they own all the wealth.  They own nothing except these ragged dreams of world conquest to buy a planet.  It is not for sale.  This one [Jesus/Sananda] who began this game back with the 13 [disciples plus Jesus], including himself, and said “I got a sixth sense that you’re watching what is occurring here,” where your banks, your temples [have become] a place where [there is] gambling in the temple.  It is time for it to be over.

That is why all of this failing.  You saw what Michael did to that bank in the movie, “Michael”.  Perhaps it will happen again.  It is not a joke. Wall Street.  Think about it – not even Spider Man could bring it back if we decide.

We are just saying it is that reality in which they want to create this story, and, since we are in this dimension and we have these abilities, they’ve got to learn how to use them. It is the proper way this [system?] works.  Xenon gas is about to be introduced into the atmosphere, and that is going to create such a frequency in the dark ones. It is like what Rachel was showing [BLTs? Inaudible] and we won’t go any further.

What we are saying is, love each other even more in this time.  It is what it is about – how we go home, all the way.  We are one race, one place in the universe.  It is that place in which Self wants to experience Self in all its myriad forms.  Who created this?  You created it. It is all coming full circle.  What has been created with the 5th dimensional, 12th dimensional energy of the Sun is coming to fruition.

What’s happening?  Polarity is ceasing to exist and these ones that go on with polarity, it is part of the nature of what is happening to your physics moving into quantum physics.  It is about not how you get there, but it’s about where you are and where you [see?] and you’re there.  It is the thought energy that moves you there, like what we saw today playing around in one of your cybercafes in Cairo today.  Just like we’ve been doing in the last few hours.

We are kind of like that movie, “Jumper,” and looking at this in Cybercafé about how your planet moves about in dimensional frequency and, in that place where you think, therefore you are.  And you use that to dimensionally travel.  Dark side knows this as well.  It’s called remote viewing and they play with it to the level in which you think you’re spied on.  Everything they know.  We won’t go any further. It is like what they say about Santa Claus. He knows when you’re sleeping; he knows when you’re awake.  It has nothing to do with warranted wiretapping or unwarranted wiretapping.

It is the technology they have stolen from different areas across the so-called local universe in the sense to create rips in the time-space continuum, to create a series of timelines that would not lead to your Ascension but would lead to what occurs in 175 million years into our future.  We have canceled that. They are trapped here.  Let us love each other; it’s the only way out, guys.

Don’t you get it, it is the way in; it is the way out.  It is about going into the doorway of the heart and, in that place, these ones, it is like the nagual [Carlos Castaneda’s term for “a personal guardian spirit that resides in an animal,” Dictionary,.com] for them because they have never been there.  And yet it is the nagual with Jaguar Medicine Man walking behind you and before you and anywhere.  And they think it is that place where the unusual and the unexpected happens.  This is why Benjamin Fulford has got to say what he’s got to say.

We have an infinite amount of gold that is being brought forth now to do this mission to get the planet on track.  This is why the Lavender Lad is putting his money where his mouth is.  And we were just saying talk about it is getting going but he can’t talk about our plan – the final little Watergate [Watergate was the scandal that brought Nixon down] and all this coming out.

The key hole that turns into an incredible cave of the riches of the ages and through that keyhole, we get to create almost like a wormhole between universes.  And what is occurring here is we get what we wish for, for us to show up to you and this is occurring.  The Sirian commander [Obama] said it. I am that I am. I will be the one to speak up.  It is time.  How else can we heal it?

It is what began a while ago, 1957 – a change in the story – where this crazy guy name Gene Roddenberry put together a script called “Star Trek,” based upon the true teaching channelings of Ashtar Command.  A crazy, noble idea with integrated races on the same ship, living in peace.  It is what is happening now, and we have to say it is already occurring as you and I are talking now.

So, great tremendous changes are moving towards our reality in which what you have been shown, something called Kaimatica [city of the future designed by the Venus Project?], Zeitgeist Addendum, Esoteric Agenda, all which end here.  [Inaudible] cave – open it up; it is about how we do this with love.

This is the greatest adventure we have ever been on, to explore gifts called Adam Cadmon.  This is why we have to say before all Gods / Goddesses time for it be over, for us to be super men and super women of the legends of what has been told.  This guy [Sananda?], he comes, on this planet to say I have my last supper with you. I break bread. I have the [inaudible] to do a mission here, to wake some folks up. I’ll be back.

I pass the talking stick.

Question & Answer

Marietta Robert: There have been some questions about healing and how some of this is going to happen after we have our changes.  Some [sources] say that, after contact, there will be Galactic healers that will come to help us; some say the Galactics will have healing centers where we will be able to go for healing; some say the energies alone will heal us, and some say they will build light rooms next to our houses where we can get in, reconnect our RNA, DNA, get healing, and rejuvenate.  Mother, can you elaborate on this please?

MS: We would just say that there are many events that are moving. As we get to come in and land, there are the infinite possibilities/probabilities that ship counselors will be with us and medical professionals from what we understand as divine medicine.  And it is like what the lovely lady master Cynthia teaches as well about how all these bodies work in order to create the healing process as it begins.

You are Gods and Goddesses and, within every cell, you have the ability to transform universes upon universes with the thoughts.  This is why it is within that place where, like Dr. Imoto of the water, how you interact with the water.  I don’t know if I’ve answered the question.  We would just say that there will be all kinds of rejuvenation centers that will be brought into manifestation.

MR:  So there will be many different options, not just one.  I think that’s when I was hearing the question is that there would be this specific thing.  But I am hearing you say, yes, there are multiplicities of things that can happen.

MS: That’s right.

MR: There was a question before about Mushaba?  What does Mother know about the Mushaba Force energies which come from the pool of original force which is prime perfect source primordial energy?

MS: We will just say it is another aspect of the creative source of all that is.  Truth is one; names are many.  It is called the Void, creation chamber.

MR:  It is so thrilling to read about all that is going on behind the scenes, finally some heroes we can really put our hearts behind.  After reading the archives of your phone calls, I found your mention of Babaji and I would love to know how he fits into the scheme of all that is underway.  Also, after Contact is made, we will come to know you in the physical, Mother?

We will just say that, after First Contact happens, we will show up with our tail.  And we do not have to talk in this funny way through this body.  We would also just say that what is occurring on all levels is that magic indeed is afoot.  We are all Gods and we are making it so in each moment, as we remember who we are.

Babaji is part of the Great White Brotherhood/Sisterhood of the many Ascended Masters.  All of the different folks that are represented Elohai/Elohim, ones that were on that path and never fell, always were committed to the dharma to get it done, until we ascend, we are all one.  They are just [inaudible] until we get there.  Then the real magic begins – it is already happening folks.  Ha Ha.  This is why we have to say it is so exciting for us to witness what is occurring here in the sense that the Sirian commander [Obama] knows how to stir the pot well.

Q:  This question is from Hawaii, from Kauwila.  He thanks you Mother for your comments and your perspectives on the effects and the results of the triangulation centered on April 4 and reported by Dr. Meg Blackborn Losey, Messages from the Masters.  The planetary ascension meditation carried out on April 5 by Tom Kenyon and the Hathors.  Can you comment about the effects or results about those energies on April 4 and 5?

MS: We can just say that there are many that are helping to create at the same time a wave of quantum-leap energy that is creating peace.  Now is the time for peace and, at the same time, there is another wave that is about to meet.  And that One, the energy of that one, the other side of the illusion called polarity, is going to meet this other wave. What happens is when they meet; everything levels out – water, calm as glass.  Then we have to just say, all of this stuff, has to do with the hearing on all levels so whatever we have thought can love it and create only that place where it comes back into balance.

Q:  The second part of this communication says, why did the plumbing challenge in Mark’s house come up right now?  Could it be to assist some of us in the GRT group to start trusting more in our own inner source or could it be that Mark, Tara, and Rama are working on improving their own plumbing and circulation, or could it be that it is likely computer crashes that I and several others experienced last week that the lighter energy that has coming into the earth is requiring us to be exposed and upgraded?  Or it could be none of the above.  So he’s wondering, what in the physical all these things that are going on, is it about a shifting our energies or what is it?

MS: We have to say it is about the shifting the energies.  As things are moving up in frequency, everything is changing so it is in that place where there is a magnetic resonance changing what is occurring here.

Sometimes the vibration of physical matter can molecularly shift in and out.  It is called interphasing where it phases in and out.  Our physical matter can get disrupted in that way.  It has to do with the quantum effects of the fields of what is going on here, with the ascension frequency, creating all kinds of anomalies, in people’s bodies, creating all the ascensionitis.

So it is at the point where it is getting sometimes quite difficult to be in these “light vehicles,” as we have to do this.  And as we are ascending, getting even hotter in the kitchen for all concerned including our dark brothers in dark robes, to quote an old book.

MR:  This comes from one of our overseas people.  I would like to ask Mother Sekhmet if she knows something about Romania because in the last few years, this land has become known as the Garden of Mother.  All is to be okay and the Mother’s gardens will be here.  All of Mother Earth.  I don’t know anything about this.  What do you know about Romania being the Mother’s Garden?

MS: Romania, Transylvania, the Carpathian mountains are part of the mountains of Europe that go into Turkey, into the Middle East.  The gateway to the Middle East.  We have to say, we are from there, the body mind you, not us.  We are the one talking through the body at the moment.

We are just saying that the Greeks [?] were Romanians, Transylvanians, the same for Comte. de St. Germain.  [St. Germain was once the Prince Ragoczy of Transylvania.]

They have to do with what is occurring now as the Mother’s Garden [perhaps referring to Mother Gaia] is brought back, bringing back the splendor of the hanging gardens of Babylon.  In fact, there is already construction happening in the ancient city of Iruk [? Undoubtedly in Iraq] right now.  Even though there are wars and rumors of wars, we still have to say there is healing happening.

We know of the earthquake in Italy.  We have had many of our folks and craft over these areas helping along with many of you on many levels.  We have to say it is happening very rapidly, the shift here.

MR:  Last week, the question was brought up about the city of Petra and it’s been asked again.  They want to know what the city itself was used for and what the building known as the depository and also whether this architecture means something since they went to such great pains to carve all of this out of the stone?  Can you comment about the city of Petra?

MS: We will also just say it is part of the understanding of the ancient super-civilizations. We were all interconnected with each other at super-cities across this planet, in a mutual understanding of peace, freedom, justice, and love.  How things went awry was there were feelings of discontent that incarnated in.  It had to do with the old, unhealed issues of Orion wars.  To this day, they are battling it out in your Middle East but quickly coming to a conclusion.

We would just say, the city of Petra was one of the great places where what we understand was a Library of Records.  The records were like silicon sticks you stick in blocks and the frequency of light activates the energies on the computer screen. This is the only way we know how to describe what this stuff is.  But if you have the right technology with the right stone frequencies and put it in the right slot, you will see the ancient recordings of what these people put together.

Many of our ancient civilizations had the technology and understanding to create computer discs or silicon chips. Your quartz crystals are the nerves going through the planet. There are actually giant crystals that are the nerve ways of how she [Mother Gaia] speaks to us and how we speak to you, how we kind of keep everything in balance.  This is why it is most important that these crystal areas not get messed with by curious dark ones who want to reactivate the crystals [for their own] purposes.  They’re not going to get to do this.  They are trying to find a way to shut off the announcements.  They won’t get to.

MR:  Okay, there have been a couple of questions that are along this same line.  People are hearing again that the Eastern coastline is in for big trouble.  They knew that it had been talked about with various maps before that some of this is supposed to happen.  Then they understood that this is change due to the fact that people were coming into the light.  The question is this:  is the Eastern U.S. coastline going to disappear with the new energies being propelled onto Mother Earth?

MS: Negatory, commanders. We have to just say the understanding of what is occurring here is that, on many levels, your planet is going through tremendous changes, but we do not see a cataclysmic event occurring in this timeline.  In fact, David Wilcock said do not see any major cataclysms through 2012.

Mark:  One of the things that’s been asked, since we haven’t talked about it for a while, and now we have the Somali pirate story back in the news again, which of course is a cover story and there’s many ways you can prove that it is: by the way they’ve responded and the hokiness (actually I don’t know any better word – it’s very hokey, this thing).  But I’ll let Mother answer that because we also want to ask her about the Stargate in the Gulf of Aden and any activities that are going on there?

MS: Oh my, pirates of the Gulf of Aden.  We’ve got to understand where the story begins.  Somalia, a bit of a lawless land like no-man’s land, and for the last ten years, crazy stuff has been going on as the U.S./U.N. is not protecting it.  All crimes. Black ops playing games, everybody and their dog.  And the original people there of the Somalia land, they are just indigenous farmers of the sea, fishermen, and competing with the huge nation supertanker vessels as they move about your planet with their cargos of death.  And we have to say, cargos of death, Pentagon contracts. Don’t want to know what’s in the cargo so they say food and aid.

Kenya?  Don’t know – maybe for Darfur, Sudan?  We have to just say, coming from the Pentagon with contractors? Maybe Android soldier parts being put there.  Not trying to create fantastic stories.  We are just saying all of what is occurring here is these people who have been literally turned into nomads of the sea are protecting their borders, their land.

We have heard stories about even nuclear waste being dumped off the shores of Somalia making generations turn into mutants.  It is quite tragic we must say, and we need an Avatar here now.  Already, there are 144,000 plus 10 hundred thousand plus 10 hundred thousand Avatars are here and many more so.  You are us and we are you.

We have to say this charade going on in the Gulf of Aden has to do with the unfoldment of the Stargate where all of your navies are getting very nervous.  Because an anamoly has recently emerged out of the Stargate.  The anamoly is a yellow crystal, a perfect yellow crystal like Citrine yellow, spinning within what you would call a box of infinite geometric shapes.

Dan Winter – the only name we know how to use – Dan Winter and the infinite physics of what he talks about.  Go to and you will understand the quantum physics level of geometric shapes we are talking about.  This is what is within the yellow citrine spinning above the Stargate. This yellow citrine is sending out the yellow rays of wisdom from Lord Kuthumi and the yellow-ray Masters.

We are embracing love and wisdom.  Can you take it?  We think that the light can but the dark is getting very hot for them.  And why has to do with what they don’t wish to talk about – our presence here.  It is time – the hole that can be healed.

I hope that answers the question, sir.

Mark:  That explains part of what is going on in the Gulf of Aden and as we understand it, all of the ships, over 300 of them, navies of the world are still there, which is another part of this Somali thing which doesn’t hold water. They could have aircraft over that thing in minutes.

MS: They have Google Earth, and you can see it from space.  Yet, they hide it from you because of this xenophibic idea that you’re the only planet with life.  Ha!

Mark:  Then, Mother the corrollary question to that deals with the activation of the ZPMs, the zero point modules, in the Ziggurats and also as Metatron, thru Tyberron, recently was activating the companion to Giza here in Houston, Texas, island.  Could you comment on the effects of that which where suppose to culminate this Sunday, I believe?

MS: We are just speaking of the 13 chakras coming in.  Yeah, and with this comes – the time is now for peace; now is the time for peace.  As this occurs, we get to rest.  You get NESARA and we get all the deals cut and the dark ones get to end the Matrix short and quick.  We have to say what is occurring here exponentially the universe making it, in a sense, so uncomfortable for them that they will have to love it or leave it.

Mark:  Thank you, Mother.

MS: We would just say before we disappear, you have to make a call out for help or be mad with the plumbing, as well as these two angels that are sitting here – a recent body talking funny here – got to have a tooth fixed.  We are just asking for help to make the magic occur, to continue.

We pass the talking stick.

Tara:  We just want everybody to know that we are two months behind in the bill so everything is ready to go off.  In addition to that, we have our part of the hundreds of dollars because of the 18,000 gallons that went bye-bye.  I also wanted to say that we became very clear that this was an attack from the dark side to do what they could to cause harm, because the pollution that was coming in that should not have been is not pretty – I’ll just put it that way.

Mark:  I would just like to add to this whole thing because Steve Beckow on GRT and most of the people on Galactic Roundtable websites are now well aware.  Thanks to Steve and all of the people there who have volunteered to help set up a donation page on a website with a Paypal or just a snail mail address so that people who want to help …  and there is a deadline because of these back due bills that we have set as May 15 to catch up these things.

And I must say that my heart is expanding enormously by the kind of interest and response and dedicated work to quickly bring together the people and resources even though we have such a few people.  Steve is working 12 hours a day, and we just lost our transcriber yesterday.

What I’m getting at is I want to personally thank, because it’s just too much otherwise, all of the people from six different countries, thus far …

MS: Thank you.

Mark: … as well as the U.S.  All our friends in the U.S., they are beginning to respond.  And I have no doubt that whatever comes by May 15, whatever that amount is, it is help coming from the heart.  It is so much appreciated – I have to say that for myself and I know that Tara, Rama and Mother feel the same way.

MS: Yes.

Mark:  Mother, they responded to what you asked for last week, and this is a little slow in the beginning.  Bu it is beginning to catch on and I feel very certain that we’re going to have the money to take care of these emergency expenses by May 15 if all goes well.  Thank you!

I pass the talking stick.

Tara:  Yes, and I would like to request for you all, when you donate, that you make sure to tell us that you want to make sure all of our bills are paid in the present before we put it towards the next thing [plumbing?] which is already paid for by a credit card.

All of the bills have to paid first, that’s just what I want you to know.  So when you send a donation, that’s what’s going to happen first and then it will go to the next [the pumbing].  I pass the talking stick.

MR:  Mother, do you want to take a couple of questions from the group or are we complete for the night?  I know you’ve been working here for about an hour, and I was wondering whether you’d like me to open the line or whether you want to close?

MS: Open the line.

[Next question deleted.]

Q:  Mother Sekhmet, when we receive our packages after the announcements, will we be physically protected by the Galactic Federation?

MS: We would just say in terms of that issue of what is occurring after the announcement, not before, there will be the way in which it shall be done.  Of course, you will be protected and at the same time, understand that you’re going to have to clean up more sharks, as is occurring here.

You will not be in the way of that; you are to take two months off and go find a place to rejuvenate your bodies.  We would just say don’t worry about the sharks; we’ve taken care of that.

And also, to refer back to the other question about the DNA, we are moving into the place in which, we would say, we know at the moment you understand 12 strands of DNA, as you move higher to those levels.  When you move to the frequency of a sun, you have thousands of strands of DNA.  That is how we can explain it.

T:  You actually have 144,000 strands of DNA because when you get to that density, actually at 12, when you’re in 12-D, you can be in 12-D and be in this body.  Your whole being can be in 12-D right now.  Which means that its 12 x 12.  That means there are 12 levels of each of the 12 rays of each of the dimensions that you’re in.  Then when you’re able to access that of the 100th density, you can do that in a physical body too.

And that means, you can appear and disappear; you can manifest and de-manifest.  That’s what St. Germain has been for all of 450 billion years, every lifetime he every incarnated.  In other words, they didn’t find a body in 1626 when they said Sir Francis Bacon died; he did not have a body because he did not die.  It was the body of St. Germain that adhered to the highest form of St. Germain in that lifetime and therefore did not die.  Even when they said he died the next time, 100 and some years later, it did not happen that time either.

MS: Even when he was Vlad the Impaler, they went to look in the tomb of Vlad the Impaler, no bones.

MR:  So we all have that ability.  We thank you Mother.  We are very, very grateful that you have shared all this information with us.  We invite everybody back next Thursday night.


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