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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – April 23, 2009


Mother Sekhmet Telecall
23 April 2009

Transcribed by Jules, Annie, Mike, and Jan

MS: Greetings!  Greetings in the light of the most radiant ones in the Office of the Christ and only in the Office of the Christ.  We invoke the loving energies of St. Germain and the Violet Flame.

Greetings wondrous beings of light and love.  Peace and joy.  We can say that everything is coming forward in terms of the full circle.  All we got to three numbers, 9/11.  It has to do with how everything is coming forward now and all can be shifted, these timelines are already being erased, by the Factor getting talked about.  As we are moving through the energies of what is happening here, concerning your shifts into that reality, your May 9/11.  You are going to, how do we say without giving anything away, that the Captain and the Admiral know what is in store.  We’ll defer to them, yet we will say, all of what is unfolding has to do with the fact that we get to show up.  All of the other stuff yet is done, whereas the paper trail that leads to hell has to be dealt with.  In a sense, a paper trail they are thinking about is all, let us just say, Greg Power has been speaking about this for many years, the fact that these characters never were elected, stolen elections.  You might say he picked up the gauntlet and hit everyone over the head with it.  At the same time, coming full circle, where what has occurred now, this guy, the one, we’ll just say, the Sirian Commander, surrounding himself with moles that are exposing themselves for the followers upset as they were.  In this sense, the followers upset, not following the laws of the one, therefore, got to have the puppet trader show up and work it out, if you will.  We would say, the best puppet trader we know in the galaxy is Nada.  We would say Mr. Eric Holder may be dropping her name sometime soon.  We wouldn’t presume to guess when.  We would say it is very close.

Tara:  What might happen to him?

MS: Mr. Eric Holder, Attorney General, might drop a name as Prosecutor, from World Court.  Like maybe the name of Nada, don’t know.

Tara:  Then Nada would introduce Patrick Fitzgerald, is that the way it would go?

MS: We have to say it is a shell game, and we’re not sure under which shell the gold coin is.  We’ll say that it is between those two, and we would not presume to get in their way of announcing what they have to talk about.  Maybe they will come together.  After all, they all have to protect law in the sense of how it is written in their sacred text, according to your Founding Fathers who set up the 13 colonies, several states, of how you govern yourself by what was set up by the Lavender Lad.  It is no accident to say please bring him up along with Rachel, his birthday.  Hmm.  Francis Bacon is directing.  What if he were here today?   What if he is here now, in the office downtown?  We’ll just say that all of that is real in the sense that he is the final boss who is the paymaster when all of us get paid.  Therefore he knows the call of duty and was has to be done.  We would say that this one might be stepping forward very soon as special counsel, don’t know.  He represents World Court as well.  We know that he has many guises to put on, many masks.  He is your friend, Reilly, Ace of Five.  No accident – all of these things being discussed, in the sense, have you healed the timeline that goes back to the beginning when you are as equals with the creator god that created this.  What a dance.  It is mind numbing at the sense and sometimes the way out, it seems, has to get comfortably numb to the point in which sometimes many of you are leaving; thinking about wanting to leave.  It’s just getting started.  Don’t leave yet.  We’re not even done with the show that is unfolding of how you are creator gods and what you can think, therefore you are, I think.  It has to do with that magic of who you are in the sense that you created this, hmm what is it called on some levels, hell woke up a prison planet at the same time – paradise.  [inaudible] Terra Nova.  It is what you want it to be and at the same time, she has her own agenda.  It has been said that you can come along for the ride, if you shift.  (inaudible)  It is about the consciousness shifting to one of global consciousness to one of singularity.  It does not work in a Universe that is moving to a frequency that is at a level in which all are one.  Don’t know where to go with the story.  It is as we would just say, being written, as we are passing the talking stick now.

Tara:  It is already written Mother.  It is being enacted.

MS: Written – yes, being enacted, we concur.  We would say that has to do with all of our souls already having seen this one through.  Now we are witnessing it with what is called 3-D with the realities in which you can take it, touch it, feel it.  That place is now.  We are just saying that this moment there are things unfolding that we are not keeping track of, yet there are others.  Funny triangles around your north pole / south pole.  Wingmakers are here to make sure the deed is done, which is called peace and first contact.  We pass the talking stick.


Marietta:  We have a lot of questions here.  Since you just mentioned the north and soul pole, one of the questions is about what are the ships?  What are they doing?  What are the dark ones attempting to hide?  Just talk about the north and south pole and what you would like to share with us.

MS: We would just say that wingmaker ships are here to ensure the frequency shift to the higher realms in which, what is occurring is that planetary shields being made manifest as we have spoken about before.  When zero point modules get to full power, shield goes up – nothing goes in or goes out of the dark, only the light comes in.  That is already in these moments.  We are just saying, it is fluctuating now.  So events that are unfolding with the magnetic wave; wingmakers are there to stabilize how everything moves smoothly.  This is also in conjunction with Wesak energy and your Hunab Sku.  Nice everyone coming back to the solar language. We are just saying the wingmakers, the north / south pole energies, are being sealed up so that, in a sense, it is right her, right now, and everybody can see it as the veils are gone.  As the ghost busters used to put it, the 4th dimension is right here so `hi guys’.

Tara:  Mother, isn’t the Hunab Sku actually a universal language, not just a solar language?

MS: Yes.

Tara:  The symbols of the solar cross which are a step down from the Hunab Sku, in other words, the translations go from stellar to solar to planetary to personal.

MS: Yes.

Tara:  Mother, when Benjamin Fulford said that it might take a couple of more months before these guys give up.

MS: Throw the gauntlet down.

Tara:  Yeah.  That includes the ones in Afghanistan, those so-called giants?  They’re part of that reptilian shapeshifting group.

MS: We would say that in the stories of your legends of our various traces, some of the ancient ones that were the Unas, another Anunnaki name for these races.

Tara:  You mean “u – n – a – s”

MS: Unas.  Yes.  Put Unas into Google, along with Anunnaki, and you will find a million hits or more.  We would just say that it is about who all of us are, that came from Nibiru, the bird people, the lion people and the lizard people.  We live in peace, harmony and love.

Tara:  No animals or people or the harmonious one we were ate each other, right?

MS: No.  At the same, humanoids were also part of the Adam Cadmon that was created.

Tara:  Which was the higher form of that, I mean, it was the international originals, and then it descended accordingly with the experiment.

MS: Yes.

Marietta:  The next question says Mother, are you able to comment on the inner earth counsels and their joining in discussion for exchanges with the permanent resident star peoples on earth and the Hunab.  They would also like to understand better the exchanges happening now better between Mur people and the surface humans.  They’re remembering participating in both of these and would feel more changes will come as we ascend.  That’s kind of an involved question about the earth counsels, the exchanges with the permanent resident star people, the Hunab, the Mur people [Lemurians] and the surface humans.  A lot of questions there.

MS: We would just say that all of the various races being discussed are all part of the counsels of the great white brotherhoods and sisterhoods that have been spoken about in your legends.  Many of our galactic friends are a part of, that has to do with bridging both worlds.  Yes, there are many of us that have spent eons of time in your inner earth cities, the Agartha network of over 100 cities of living light, living love and are like the city of Oz, where people don’t die.  They don’t get sick, and they don’t grow old, and they have fun.  Ha. Ha.

Tara:  But the earth councils, which councils are you going to comment on?

MS: The Earth council that we would speak of is the 4 and 20 elders along with the council that is meeting Shamballah’s greater, with some at Kumara.

Tara:  Council of 24.

Yes, ancient of days.

Tara:  Okay, but the 24 elders are slightly different than the council of 24, aren’t they?

MS: You might say, when all are called, all show up.

Tara:  And then what about Sanat Kumara’s Shamballah the greater.

MS: This is part of the greater forces from Shamballah and Agartha healing as one.  At the time when Lemuria and Atlantis went through their stuff, Shamballah / Agartha were sort of adversaries.

Tara:  So there is an Atlantean council underneath the ground in Tahiti, and there is a Lemurian council underneath the ground underneath Mount Shasta.

MS: Yes. and we are all intertwined with each other.  No animosity amongst anyone.  Only animosity going on up here with the holograms.

Tara:  Isn’t the council of Orion participating in the sense that Lord Orion and Lord Metatron and [inaudible] they all have a part to play in the council of those who have diplomatic immunity now, to end the polarity game.

MS: Yes.

Marietta:  Are you complete with that?

MS: Yes.

Marietta:  The next question is about maybe two different perceptions of how the earth was created here.  It talks about the Course in Miracles, which was supposedly dictated by Jesus, and would be accepted then as truth.  It says that the planet was created as a result of ego and not necessarily made by God.  One also learned that we’re seeing an illusion in the planet – it’s not reality.  Thus it seems that if we have two belief choices going here, going home to God requires that we are thanking the ego over God and we’re following the planet path, so it’s a little confusing.  Could you comment on the Course in Miracles and the different ways of looking at ego creating, God creating and how they mesh together?

MS: What we would say on this is that understanding that reality of how we are co-creator gods.  We created the holographic matrix of all the dimensional / inter-dimensional worlds and as co- creator gods, we created these thoughts of how intricate these games would be played.  At the same time, we would say that what occurred is the energy of following what was only the law of the one, creator source, in that sense.  Hmmmm.  How we create in these energies, understanding of it is one; it is not in the sense that we would only know how to put it in your words for your consciousness to understand is that we all put this together as one.  We are all part of it.  We all add a creation thought with this and, therefore, we all are one.  We would just say the ego is a place in which without ego, your essence, what you call light body, your whatever essence that you are, has an energy ball of light, got to have ego of some.  It is not in the sense blown to the level in which Bill O’Reilly tempered his ego.  He needs to learn to work with his with the chi-wu, the Tai Chi.  He (inaudible) in ways of moving mind, body and spirit. This trains the ego and disciplines the ego so that it does not take over the whole game.  That’s the best way to describe it.  We pass the talking stick.

Marietta:  Okay, the next question comes from someone living on the big island in Hawaii, along with several of the other lightworker groups.  I’d like to know about the particular roles of the Hawaiian island group, in particular the big island of Hawaii during the coming transition period, from now until when Nesara is announced and afterwards, as we progress through the ascension process.  They’ve got about three or four questions here but I’m going to just stop right there and let you comment about the big island and what their role is.

MS: What we would say regarding Hawaii.  This body has not been there, but we have been there many times.

Tara:  And to 19.5°, number one.

MS: We would just say that this energy of the Kahuna shark island people represents a part of the Lemurian people that will come back into balanced wholeness where as Lemuria rising, Atlantis rising.  Hawaii may be reattaching itself to Lemuria.  Don’t know how to describe it.  The Terra Form.

Tara:  There is Earth rising by itself near the big island, that’s what so important about the big island.  The newest earth on the planet is forming right from the big island.  Just South of it, there is another volcano.  It’s coming to the surface.  So this is Lemuria returning to the surface right where Hawaii is.

MS: Creating the new earth.

Tara:  That’s the Mur people and the Hunab people – they’re one.

MS: We are just saying, as Lemuria is rising and Atlantis is rising, everybody gets to heal all of the old issues that ever were created, and we are all one.

Tara:  Let thine eye be single right Mother?

MS: Yes.

Tara:  Like the Cyclops are a very important part of this.

MS: Like the giants that are over there in Afghanistan, the Cyclops.

Tara:  They’re not bad.

MS: Some are not bad, yet some are ancient Annunaki warriors that never died and never gave up.  They are immortal, just like the high Commander, they never die.

Tara:  Well, they’re not bad then, are there?

MS: No.  They, in a sense, were coerced by Jehovah’s twisted ways.

Tara:  So when these ones in the inner earth, the biggest ones of all, are completely out of here, so be it with that kind of new surrounding, the giant necks too.  Okay.

MS: Yes.

Marietta:  The next question is Hugo Chavez shook Barack Obama’s hand and gave him a book during the recent conference, The Summit of the Americas.  I’ve always sensed that Sir Chavez is an enlightened being acting as an awakener.  He spoke many truths about Bush, something like he is the devil incarnate.  Is he a white hat or not?

MS: Yes, Mr. Hugo Chavez is a white knight and still he is compromised as the leader of Venezuela.

Tara:  He is compromised by the Vatican right??

MS: Yes.

Tara:  He’s a Jesuit, just like Alex Jones and Oprah Winfrey.

MS: Yes, he has to play according to the rules that are set up until they are done.  Right now, it looks like they are getting done very quickly.  We would say that Mr. Hugo Chavez will share his piece of the story of how the ego and the condor get to come together and heal finally.

Marietta:  This is also about some of the world leaders, about Putin, the current leader of China, Ahmadinejad of Iran talking about the fact that he got walked out on by the countries of the United Nations when he talked about the evil deeds of Israel.  Put, the China leader and Iran – can you talk about the leaders of these countries?  Where are they; who are they; and how are they interacting with this whole play?

MS: We would just way that the rats in the sack are taking themselves out, along with the Bush crime family, and it has to do with how all of us as (inaudible).  Humanity, as we as one, humanity come together.

Tara:  There’s one Galactic race, and then they come from different parts of the universe.

MS: Yes.

Tara:  Then they come from different parts of the universe

MS: Yes, we would just say that the old empire of the legions of the black dragon which represents china, they got influenced by the Draconian empire, before the Orion war as earth was newly getting formed; a fresh planet; fresh out of the oven.  We’ll just say that the legions of the black dragons were made up of some Sirians, some Pleiadians, some (inaudible) Draconians.  It is not that any one race is to be judged.  We would just way that we all had a role to play and we do that hopo`onopono.  We would say that right now what is being said, the time for peace is now.  I pass the talking stick.

Marietta:  Another question was about tomorrow evening, I think at 11:23 Eastern time is New Moon.   Do you have anything to comment about what to expect from those energies?

MS: We would just, as this is unfolding with the rebirth of Nina.  It is giving the understanding as we step into the energy of the 5th day and the light of the sun that never sets.

Tara:  It’s approaching the second half of the 6th day.  Midpoint, we’ve already been in the 6th day since November 19, I believe.

MS: Yes, we’re approaching that highest point, like noontime in the sky.  And we would say Michael, Metatron, Maitreya and myself may have some aces up the sleeves that we won’t be sharing.  We won’t spill the beans now.  We’ll leave it up to the guy with that light saber (that Obi-Wan) learned a thing or two from.

Tara:  It was November 12 on 2008 and November 19 on 2007 – that was Night 5 and then Day 6 started then.

MS: Yes.  We would say that what to expect with this new moon opening up of the gates that reveal what occurred.  On 9/11, we were supposed to have Nesara announced, not 75,000 plus people dead and nuclear depleted uranium floating around in the air for eight years.  To this day, there are still firemen, policemen and first responders that have not gotten help who can’t talk because they witnessed what occurred, and they are getting help through magical people like Jeanine Garofalo, Goldie Hawn, Lily Tomlin – people that you would not dream of opening up and being generous with the abundance of how we shield this.  We pass the talking stick.

Tara:  I wanted to say one more thing; there is something called the Astrology Inc. (???) gathering and it started on the 18th of April here, and it concludes on the 28th.  It says here, at the time of the 12 Baktun and 13 Akbal is the time of the return of our ancestors and the return of the men of wisdom.  That time is now in these ten days, and they are doing secret ceremonies all through the 10-day period, to activate the return of our ancestors and the men of the wisdom to this planet.  To prepare us all in these next few weeks for that (inaudible) final energy of the planet Gaia completely entering her cycle as Tetra Lagoria, where all evil knows the 13 thank you, probably in the heart, no evil.

Marietta:  Mark do you have any questions that you wanted to ask Mother?

Mark: Not tonight.  I believe you have quite a few there.

Marietta:  We have only about 10 minutes with open mike time.  Remember this is Thurs. night so we will close at 11:35 so that the people here on the East Coast can get to work on Friday morning.  If there are people that would like to ask questions, remember to ask for the talking stick and we’ll go around and change to the Q&A mode.

D’Yanna:  I send you love tonight, especially all of you people that are getting ready for this wonderful Wesak energy.  Mother, I ask a special blessing tonight.  I just received word tonight that my father has entered the time of congestive heart failure.  My sister just called me tonight, and it looks like he may not make it through this doorway.  So I ask for blessings from all of you for him.  He is 92 years old, and he is ready to leave his body.

MS: We would just say that as he is getting ready to exit from one dimension to another, the Admiral will be walking besides him, maybe putting his arm around him as they walk together. We will put a good word in to the Admiral to take some time to walk with this man.

D’Yanna:  Thank you, Mother.

MS: Yes

Marietta:  We all send love and blessings and much support to you, D’Yanna, as you have this transition into some changes in your love.

D’Yanna:  Thank you, I appreciate that very much.

Marietta:  We’re looking to you coming back and speak with us next week.

D’Yanna:  I wanted to tell everything that we’re going to talk about the twin flame energy next week so that should be pretty fun.

Jenna:  Mother, I’ve been thinking about Bill Gates.  Is he a double agent?  Is he working for the light and the dark, or is he strictly a dark individual?

MS: We will just say that his gifts for the light was the nanites that are in the satellites around this planet.  Mr. Bill Gates is compromised.  His wife, Melinda Gates – that’s a different story. There is a sliver of light within this being.  That is what we will say about these two.  And still yet, they have a role to play, as you might say, world benefactors that have done things with their quintillions of dollars to shift the balance of power to the light.  That is all we will say.

Roxy:  I was wondering if Mother thought it would be imminent for announcements soon, because I believe arrests are already rolling out.  It seems like everyone is on the same page about 9/11 and also the war crimes of the Bush cabal.

MS: We will say that we cannot give an hour.  We will say things are rapidly unfolding to its conclusion.  Just watch the magic, it is non-stop.

Marietta:  Mother do you have a summary statement that you would like to make here before we go to our closing?

MS: We would say that in closing what is occurring on your planet is the total shift of your timeline to one where the accountability will come forward now, and the Sirian commander is doing what he needs to do to get the job done that has been ordained for a thousand years. Already preset in the Akashic records.  This guy knows something that we have to say has to do with the opening of the Gulf of Aden.  We’ll just say that.  It is a part of the healing, the energies in the Middle East, which has to do with the healing of the upper and lower kingdoms of Egypt.


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