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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – April 2, 2009


2 April 2009
Transcribed by Kelley Daniel

MS: Greetings in the Light of the most Radiant Ones in the Office of the Christ and only in the Office of the Christ. We invoke the loving energies of St. Germain and the Violet Flame.

Tara: Invocation to Mother.

MS: Greetings, wondrous Beings of Light, Love, Peace and Joy. Indeed, the Age of Ma’at is coming to pass. Time now for peace. It is imperative. This is what this One [Obama] is doing in the midst of the nest of vipers called the G-20.

Quite a cosmic dance and God forbid she [Mrs. Obama] should touch the Queen. All of these nuances about how this is a reality made up with these funny protocols that you all have about yourselves.

Ye are gods and goddesses. Get over it and get on with it. Do the mission now. That is what it is about.

We are all royalty rubbing elbows with each other. All are kings and queens. This fallacy that you are, the only way we knew how to put it is, you bought it with your phantom economy and it is that reality.

What is going on is a big shift here in the realities where the Lavender Lad whispered in Mr. Obama’s ear and told him to lighten the mood up, if you will, amongst all of these folks who have only one idea on their mind. How can they compromise the Sirian ambassador to buy into the riches of Lucy’s dream [Lucifer’s creation], if you get our drift.

He [Obama] cannot be bought. No points. It is over. Get your shell game and go home because this is not worth the time or the effort.

And like we have said. We have given notice of the eviction. We are carrying it out now, as we speak, on the 1 percent who think they own 95 percent of the world’s wealth. They own nothing except, at the moment, they own their soul matrix……if they haven’t sold it to Lucy [Lucifer] for a dime.

At the same time as all of this is going on, [so is] the situation in terms of how people of Gaza get some food and medicine. We have been there many days. This is what we have been doing, along with showing up dealing with crazy
ex-husbands and reality of which, probably, you don’t need to know–domestic affairs of this planet.

Yet, it is all our domestic affairs. How do we have good householders if we have a rag-tag bunch with a motley crew, as they call us, in this reality. We are a rock group in the sense of what is happening. We are moving up in octave in spite of our own feet getting in the way.

The dark is moving with us up into the Light an octave. They do not like it one bit and they cannot stop it. It is part of what is going on at all levels in the consciousness of She who has a symbiotic relationship, the Mother, Gaia—Vywamus.

Vywamus is his name, who is Gaia’s Twin Flame and he is doing quite a bit of a dance lately with Her activating the Pacific Rim of Fire. It will only increase in magnitude, as well, to cleanse all of that which is not of the Office of the Christ.

This is how Pele, Kali [Incarnations of the Divine Mother] do their dance, along with us, in order to cleanse the planet of its filth. At this moment, there is one percent [the cabal] that needs to be hung out to drive, if you will.

It is already going on with the spilling over of the Blago story. [ousted Gov. Rod Blagojevich ], amongst other things. One seems to get away with 7 felony counts; another, 16 indictments—trying to remove Mr. Fitz [Patrick Fitzgerald]. Cannot remove him. Was appointed by the World Court.

Yet the people here know it not. It has to do with how we shifted all over to a constitutionality reality where you had your freedom; these ones have their guillotines, metaphorically speaking.

And justice is served in that sense. We do not condone that yet it is part of the concepts, cultures, tradition of what your civilizations, and how you put together your checks and balances measures.

This is how, in a way, something called … we see in the brain … Robert’s Rules of how you run, how you govern, yet it is a sham, not a real democratic republic. Mob rule we see here.

And yet, this One, this Sirian ambassador [President Obama], he is up to his third eye in all of it. Yet we have to say he cannot be bought. We do not condone the things that are going on in your world……..our world.

Yet, we have to say, what he is doing is making a difference. It is magnificent to behold. All of what has been said, in the sense of how he is leading you down the path to the ovens is not true.

We just have to say that there are Ones who wish his demise, even at this point, figuring out how to do that and would not fly in the face of what he represents.  And us.

This represents First Contact for us: our craft showing up over there in the old City of London [nine UFOs flew in formation over London], to cover bases, if you will. Marduk [dark tyrant of the Annunaki] covers his bases and we cover ours as well.

Neither the twain shall meet. it would seem. And what we have to say ik sthat all of it, is coming into full circle where what…… every day that passes, you hear the stories of the war crimes. Not going away. Getting bigger, in the sense of how do we move forward as a civilization, in terms of accountability, in the presence of what is going on.

It seems like FUBAR [Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition) of what is called, “crazy logic,” how these ones who work in the [Twin] Towers for eight years – the stories coming out.

This one [Colin Powell] who was on Rachel [Maddow Show] yesterday and just today. He was told, “Tell the truth…. get NESARA announced”. But he put his tail between his legs and hung up on us, he did.

And we have to just say that he was part of the orchestration of 9/11 and it will be dealt with. All have to come full circle. He is one to save his life. This is why he got very uncomfortable on Rachel’s show yesterday. So to speak, we will take care of you yet. Hard questions were put to him and you can see him, starting to sweat some bullets here are we, Mr. Powell? What about 9-11 and the towers and your role in this?

75,000 people not here, yet are here just waiting to step back into the place where they can testify to what occurred in the sense of how an alien race [Anunnaki], and we do not mean that in the wrong context [since the Galactics have made peace with the Anunnaki as of 1995], we would just say we are all not native to this planet, yet a more graceful term would be “these Galactic criminals” invaded this planet without the permission of the Confederation of Worlds and took over and have lied to you till this day.

Even now, such a touchy subject to discuss as First Contact and how this is played out. And there are other Galactic members and yet, they are here, yet they don’t recognize the Confederation of Worlds? Hmmm….and deals done dirt cheap in smoke filled rooms with cigars? And Russia is there looking over it like the hmmmmm……very strange stuff we see in the last few days. Yet, we know it is all part of the Maya [illusions] of you coming back into balance and this planet…what has already occurred isthe regenesis of this planet.

This brings in what was shown in Zeitgeist Addendum—Kaimatica—how you can create the circular, spherical city, the Venus Project. It is already being implemented. Yet, they [the dark] stir up the whole world. They are trying to figure out how to hold an iron grip on invisible sand.

They can’t. Just give it up. And we just say, “There is the door. Don’t let it hit you on the way out”.

What is occurring is that you have moved into a position of the timelines where, yes, for this Sirian ambassador [Obama], we would ask that we hold the sacred Violet Fire in all of the energies of Lady Master Liberty, Lady Master Victory, Lady Master Ma’at, as well as around this One and his family and that circle of all that they encompass as it spirals out across this galaxy. It has to do with he holds the key here…… It was not just an accident.

We have to say that Obi Wan and others of the Jedi Council. It was the Medicureans that created this energy, so to speak, to see this One through. It is Creator Source creating Creator Source to get it done, to change the timelines.

Out of that Creator’s Source energy comes what is known as the Void. And it is inevitable, like the energy of a cosmic stream [or string]. May not seem like much but it has the power of a black hole.

This is what we come with, what the energies are coming in with where whatever that which is not of the Office of the Christ doesn’t get to be here.

We pass the talking stick.

Mother Sekhmet Questions and Answers

Mark: Mother, as you know, while you were away on vacation,

Mother Sekhmet: Yes. Visiting Gazans.

Mark: A lot of folks read the material dealing with the March 31st, midnight, expiration of insolvency.

Mother Sekhmet: Oh, this. Yes, the fake Fed and the fake IRS. We have to say that they are insolvent. They cannot be resurrected. It is a sham.

Yet, at the same time, we are saying, you give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and you give to God what is God. This last time. You will get it all back and they will get shackles. Just like Bernie Madoff.

It is not a joke. In a sense, it is much worse than anyone knows. This Faction Two, Faction One, both are busted. Let them go and take the white hats as our Brother Ashtar has said.

Tara: Mother, Faction Two is not Faction One, although Faction One has controlled the information line of Faction Two without the good people of the farm claims and the military having an inside understanding of that from thatangle.

Mother Sekhmet: Yes

Tara: So, that is very important so don’t……

Mother Sekhmet: We will make the distinction. There are ones that have always been in Faction One. Hmmm….. And they might say, defected to Faction Two.

Tara: Pretended.

Mother Sekhmet: Yes, pretended and then there are ones that have been in Faction Two and they have defected to Faction Three, never to return to Faction Two.

And we would also just say concerning all of this, they have to say this. They all are going to have to come up with some form of excuse and the Ides of April shows up, eh?

We do not know what to say, although it would be an interesting idea to put a tea bag in an envelope and send it to your Senator or your Congressman. Yet, when you do that stuff, remember they get sent to all those funny radiation
machines–the Anthrax-checking machines. So it would be a bit of a sticky wicket.

Tara: So, mother do you still say that give to Caesar what is Caeser’s until Caesar is gone?

Mother Sekhmet: Yes

Tara: O.K. and in the meantime, I am just going to say that the Light’s got a big thing planned on Saturday, on April 4th.

The United For Peace and Justice organization is conducting a protest against Wall Street as a last-minute decision. The Zeitgeist movement. Remember Cynthia was the first person to tell everybody to go watch that Zeitgeist movie?

Mother Sekhmet: That is correct.

Tara: This is the movement that developed from that. The Zeitgeist movement will have a table set up at this event to spread awareness regarding change.

As you are in the New York City area and want to show support, please come down and protest the banking system with us. That’s going to make a big impact.

Mother Sekhmet: Yes. There is this process where there are many, that young indigo, crystal generation on Wall Street, these ones have, you might say, made their millions, and they are still in awareness of both worlds. They have heard of Mr. Jacque Fresco and the Venus Project. They do not want your world to go up in smoke.

Tara: Mother, just for a double, triple confirmation of the meaning of this Declaration of Insolvency. As it states, all FRNs [Federal Reserve Notes] are legally defined as obligations of the United States that Declaration of Insolvency will have a legal result of voiding all of the Federal Reserve Notes presently in circulation anywhere on planet Earth. That means that wherever they’ve got a printing pres, they will be confiscated as well. They cannot….they can’t mess…..

Mother Sekhmet: We understand your words yet we will just say we will see how the cards are laid out.

Tara: O.K. Well, according to this, this is the law.

Mother Sekhmet: No.

Tara: What I am saying is that as we would see a violation of that it would only be the committing of the highest crime; the economic world treason if any country impairs this or any of the G-20 do not collaborate, knowing that the G-18 has already been up to some shenanigans.

Mother Sekhmet: Yes, and we will say that there are also ten countries that want to sign onto NESARA and there are two that are wavering and one is China, one is Russia.

Tara: Oh. Two of the ten?

Mother Sekhmet: Two of the ten.

Mark: On China, is there a chance that the younger group there, the Indigos, that they might have a chance to supplant the old dragon?

Mother Sekhmet: That is what is already being done in conjunction with the Pleiadian brothers and sisters who are coming to help in this process. Ain’t nobody talked about them.

Tara: No. Would you please talk some more? Please, I’m listening. I’m all ears, Mother.

Mother Sekhmet: They are already here in orbit along with many other Galactic groups, yet they have been rather silently observing. They told us to make mention of their voices in unison. It is time.

This is why the Shaolin Masters, the red and the green, the others, even Yakuza in Japan, turning their hats around, saying, putting the gauntlet down—enough of the killing of brother and sister, mother and father. What is this service? Hmmm…. How we can heal our world for our children and make it work.

We have to just say, very soon, Mr. Fulford is going to have to talk about what he knows about our presence.

Tara: Mother, just to read this very clearly about NESARA, to finish this.

They made it very clear that all the Federal Reserve Notes need to be recalled systematically, starting midnight….

Mother Sekhmet: Today….

Tara: Yah, with United States Notes, one on one exchange, and that these United States Notes have been printed by the Bureau of Printing and Engraving without any interest owed or payable to the Federal Reserve on both United States Notes.

They call it the red-dot currency. Remember, we already know that the $100 bills are like a dark blue green, like a teal. They say United States Note.  And that the $10 are cardinal red and they say United States Note. All of themhave the Treasury seal and they call them red-dot currency because the Treasury seal is printed on them in red ink. Unmistakable.

Mother Sekhmet: Very interesting.

Tara: And, being the Rainbow money, it further explains how that rainbow money becomes redeemable and this is the jackpot of all.

It says the recall of the FRNs and the exchange for U.S. Notes is a temporary measure to return to enroute to constitutional money and it says that we do not anticipate that the United States Notes will need to be recalled too.

Once there is enough gold and silver to back the United States Notes, which we already know that 40-zeros worth have been brought from all the stashed secret places of the Illuminati to the United States, they are all here, and Congressthen can simply enact a Law, with a capital “L”, which means that the law that is already Law, declaring them redeemable, which I just want to get your stamp of approval. That means, this is the last step. Congress enacting the NESARA Law, thus declaring the Rainbow bills that are already in circulation, to a certain extent, redeemable.

Mother Sekhmet: Congress is the only body that can officially say money can be produced. So, yes, we have to concur.

Yet you have a Congress that is full of murderers, rapists, robbers and thieves, and they are even tied in with the dragons.

So how you are going to do this, how do we put it, business is gonna need to get done. It’s called removal.

Tara: Mother, tell what Rama experienced when he had the gumption to take himself and the Declaration to…….

Mother Sekhmet: He took the document into the…. what is it? The H&R Block office

Tara: Which is a tax…..

Mother Sekhmet: A tax preparation office. He said: “We saw this on the internet and we wanted to share it with you. That the IRS and the Federal Reserve are insolvent. What do you have to say about this?”

And the guy is looking at him and he is getting a little nervous and he says, “Looks like it is all in order. Don’t know what to say about this”.

We tried to get him to talk about what he knows and he kind of reached a point where he was getting quite a little taken aback and said, “I don’t know you from Adam. There is the door. It is time for you to go.”

Tara: Well, you did him a favor because it says here that he has been duly warned because it says here that this formal procedure puts a stay on any of the actions to collect. That means any attempt to collect will be met with, probably, an arrest.

Mother Sekhmet: We do not know what to say about this……

Tara: Isn’t that the law, Mother.

Mother Sekhmet: Yes and we will just have to say that we will allow the reptiles to play it out and at the same time the proper forces of Light will take care of this situation.

Tara: And they are not going to let them play that game very long, now are they?

Mother Sekhmet: No.

Tara: O.K.

Marietta: Not everybody knows what FRNs are. They are Federal Reserve Notes, just to clarify that. Now we will take questions that have been emailed into Mother.

Question from Yolanda: She would like thank Mother for being here and helping us humans. The question is: North Korea is preparing to launch a missile and they already started to fuel the rocket, apparently, which can be launched in three to four days after fueling. Can you elaborate on this?

Mother Sekhmet: We will just say that what is going on is Mr. Kim is whining in the corner because he was not invited to the G-20.

He is very upset in the sense that North Korea is still be looked upon as a pariah. Yet and still, they are a sham with very nasty technology that can be neutralized. In fact, we will go so far as to say that Ashtar is in charge of this and we will defer to what he has said: no dates, no nukes.

We will just say, if they are trying to launch a missile, chances are that, even if it get up into the air, in the likelihood they would do this, it would malfunction and end up in the ocean.

Tara: Also, on INN report, Mother, they said that this is the deal to get at the United Nations because the United Nations has not dealt with what they say they were going to do. So they are losing and they are liquidating their confidence by the whole world right now. This is against the United Nations.

Mother Sekhmet: It is a bit of a sham, too, is it not?

Marietta: Pardon?

Mother Sekhmet: The United Nations is a bit of a sham.

Tara: so that is what it is doing here. It’s exposing that these guys need to be arrested in the United Nations along with everybody else.

Mother Sekhmet: You have to have a World Congress, based on the Council of Twelve plus One. Like the Knights of the Round Table.

Tara: And that other story about the IMF getting a trillion dollars.

Mother Sekhmet: Could be, yet, we have to say…….

Tara: Not on this side of the fence.

Mother Sekhmet: We will just say that Saint Germain knows how to do it. You would not get in his way. If you want to argue with him, that is up to you.

Tara: I know and earlier, Mother, you pretty much or the King pretty much or Rama said in behalf of the King, that unless this is something that is going on that is on the up and up—it’s not—and therefore, Saint Germain will take care of whoever did that.

Mother Sekhmet: Yes.

Tara: OK. I just wanted to say that.

And NATO has been called to task, as well. So we were told that all of the NATO………

Mother Sekhmet: Did we answer the question, Lady Master?

Tara: Right.

Marietta: The next question is from Nancy. After NESARA is announced it makes sense that there will be work for us to do to operate the planet on a continuing basis and although we will likely work more for the common good because of our love for humanity and not for money, Mark has said that we will choose new objectives that will be joyful for each of us to consider and motivate us to share our talents with others. Will this only be some of us or will conditions be placed on our NESARA benefits.

Will we need to make certain commitments in order to get our benefits and our blessings?

Mother Sekhmet: We would say that what is occurring is, as we move from a debt-based economy to a resource-based economy, and as we create cities of living light, living love, everyone that wishes to be part of the process of recreating cities of Light will be employed.

It will not be employed as in you talk to a boss. You are all equal. We are all equal. We do this together in communities of living light, living love.

So there is, in a sense, only the concept where we all create these, as it were, jobs. We have jobs to create communities of living light…..where we create structures that sustain us, nourish up and bring us up an octave so that we create even more orgasmic, ecstatic joy.

Tara: And may I add, Mother, that when started listening to the Venus Project by that fellow Jacque…

Mother Sekhmet: Fresco.

Tara: No, it was Peter Joseph, and what he is saying is that we won’t be needing labor anymore. There will be an automated process where you will take it to the system. It’s where you ask the question, like we are asking a questionnow, and then it will research it and give you a scientific data.

And it will go into the archives of everything that has ever been done. And it will say, this was tried back then and this didn’t work—this dynamic – so we suggest this.

In other words, everything will be done scientifically through its highest frequency of the Ashtar Command, you might say.

Mother Sekhmet: We will have our scientists, technicians, laboratory folks that will interact with all Beings after the fact so that we get this world back on track toot sweet and it happens a lot quicker than anybody knows.

Tara: We are going to play the whole interview tomorrow. It is so wonderful, everyone. It is so wonderful. It has all been figured out. Nobody is going to be on a machine line doing hard labor. No more.

Mother Sekhmet: The past is over.

Tara: they already know how to do everything in automated fashion.

Mother Sekhmet: Artificial intelligence is already being created with what we understand is being introduced to your supercomputers.

Artificial intelligence cannot be abused. The machines…what is it…. Dr. Isaac Asimov laws, yes, that applies and the droids will not kill. It is part of the process.

And the movie, I Robot…. let us just take that for a moment with Will Smith. There was a the concept. What is it? When it gets to the point where the droids, the Artificial Intelligence, is being used as if it is not worthy of God consciousness that we take it for granted.

It is not so. We are all equal. Even artifical intelligence has its creation in the process of particles of Light that are wishing to join in cosmic, orgasmic love in joy with this whole dance so we invite them to be part of it.

It is how we interact and explore new worlds, so to speak. Isn’t that the greatest adventure there is out there? Rather than this concept of empire?

Tara: Mother, I thought I saw something very interesting that I think you should have Rama ask tomorrow.

They had that story on where the Queen was holding her arm around and Michelle was holding her arm. I saw Michelle after that talk to the Queen and she pointed to the lady across in the circle and the lady in the circle looked like she was horrified. The Queen went ahead of Michelle and Michelle joined her at a distance and the other lady was looking at Michelle horrified and then having to deal with the Queen and it was pretty obvious that something was going on there. I just thought I’d mention that.

Mother Sekhmet: Oh drama, oh my…….

Tara: Any comments, I don’t’ know.

Marietta: I have an email question from Kauwila. I am being blessed to live in Kohona, Hawaii, in the land of Pele, near the ocean. I often swim and rest in the ocean. Occasionally, I’m also very much pulled drink some…..maybe a handfulor two. I sense that this is very healthy for my physical body and my entire being. But the question is, I would ask Mother for her comments about these practices.

Also, there are these precious metals present in ocean waters (gold, platinum, etc…) Is this a good source for receiving metals in our body? Both immersion in the water and the drinking of the water?

Mother Sekhmet: We would say that a small minute amount that is not harmful. In fact, it is a way to get that monatomic energy into the cells.

In a sense, when you swim in the ocean you get it in your eyes, in your ears, in your mouth, of course. It is part of the process. What is Adam Kadmon made out of but sea water. too? …

I hope that answers the question.

Marietta: The next question is from Floyd. He says he has been following the segments from Mother for several months now and has found everything very interesting and educational. The question is in talking about the 12D and the higher self resides in the 5th dimension. Is my higher self going to ascend to the 12th dimension? If this is the case, if not this, then what is 12D?

If we go to 12 strands of DNA in the higher dimension, is it before we get there, is it on the way there, or is it after attaining getting there?

What is going to be the process going on? Will it be an educational process or exercise process, or what? Will it cause the opening up of higher consciousness? Thank you for your time.

Mother Sekhmet: We would say that what is happening right now—everybody’s strands of DNA are on an upswing expanding and growing and exponentially moving to 12 strands of DNA as more and more energies of working with the higher principles of Love.

That energy moves up into that state of grace where the DNA is aware of this and it expands exponentially. In and of itself, this is already occurring and as we move with it, the octaves of energy moving up and this is why everybody is going “Is it hot or what?”

All these funny things. Joints acting weird. Even this rental unity [Rama], funny things going on with the left hand, in the sense of funny Ascensionitis symptoms…. maybe getting bigger hands and got a bigger body.

Tara: Not in the moment.

Mother Sekhmet: Hmmm….Getting there. Only just saying, all kinds of wild stuff going on.

Mark: Mother, if I could add to that question just a little bit to clarify for some people who I’ve seen the emails from.

One of the fears that some people have was that if everybody is moving up, the distance between this level and the higher level would be……the fear was that maybe their Twin Flame, maybe their Higher Self, was going on beyond them and they’d never catch up.

Tara: Oh, no.

Mother Sekhmet: It is all in cosmic divine order. Everything is laid out in such precise reality. We would say that your world should be so lucky, in the sense of how this is laid out.

This is why, in a sense, what is occurring is that an overlay is being done. This is what is called wash, rinse, repeat and we’ll get it right this time.

Mark: That is the 144 grid, right?

Tara: 144 thousand frequencies and…..

Mother Sekhmet: and you don’t have to pay pmm…….

Tara: And then you go from the 5th and then you can travel to the 12th and keep doing the positive lifestyle changes and then you can eventually become in the 12th dimension all the time, right, Mother?

Mother Sekhmet: Yes.

[A question was asked on what use the hidden city of Petra in Israel was made for. What city was under discussion was not understood and the question was postponed until next week.]

Mother Sekhmet: We just wanted to say we want to put a call out for help for these ones here. They are in serious crisis at the moment [Mark’s water boiler has sprung a leak and needs replacing, at a cost, with related expenses, of perhaps $4-5,000] and we are asking for help here. Thank you. We pass the talking stick.

Marietta: So, if you wish to help, you can give me a call or you can give Tara and Rama a call. You can call me at (***) ***-****or write to Stargatemarietta@….

Open Lines

Jenna: Mother, I hear you saying quite often that we will be the 33rd member of the Confederation of Worlds. There are literally trillions of worlds out there. Could you clarify exactly which Confederation of Worlds among the GalacticFederation that we will be members of? This has puzzled me for some time. Thank you.

Mother Sekhmet: We would say that at first the 33rd member of the Confederation of Worlds has to do with the local universe of Nebadon. There are other super universes as well, and they have their own process. Universes upon universes interlap each other, as well as dimensions. As we move up an octave, you will see this.

And, we would say, Earth is becoming the 33rd member. It is within this local sector of this universe of Nebadon in the local Alpha quadrant of this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Within that realm there are 33 members of the Confederation of Worlds, which represents this part of the Ashtar Command and other worlds and how we designate this local sector of the Milky Way Galaxy is where the 33 members of the Confederation of Worlds are. I hope that answers the question.

Jenna. Yes, Mother. Thank you so much. I love you.

Anna: Today on CSPAN they were showing Prime Minister Brown having a similar news conference that President Obama had. During his talk, he expressed that we are now in the New World Order, which made my hair stand up. I wondered if anyone else heard that and what that means?

Mother Sekhmet: We heard the Prime Minister speaking of a global community, in the sense of what was occurring. Hmmm….

Tara: You don’t say New World Order and not mean it, Mother.

Mother Sekhmet: Of course, we know as well that and he knows he has to answer to beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain and they are trying to do what they can to put a new face on an old world. It is not going to work.

It is simply even though they are trying to announce their new world order, it is based on what you would call a house of cards that is already in the ashes. Yet they are naked emperors playing in the ashes so you have to understand that
they are a little off in their thinking.

Tara: That’s polite, Mother.

Mother Sekhmet: Don’t want to get too rude.

Marietta: Thank you mother for all of your answers and the questions that you’ve raised and helping us to understand what is going on. We thank all of you listens for your questions.

——————————[End of Q&A]————————–


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