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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – April 16, 2009


Mother Sekhmet Telecall
April 16, 2009
Transcribed by Jules Twinde and Annie Beam

MS: Greetings!  Greetings to the most radiant One in the Office of the Christ and only in the Office of the Christ.  We invoke the loving energy of St. Germain and the Violet Flame.

Greetings, wonderous beings of light, of peace and joy.  The energies are indeed increasing by the second of what already we ould say, you are stepping into this dimension already, yet it seems that nothing has changed.

Everything is changing, very tumultuous around you in such a way that more light is  coming in around you than ever before and increasing in magnitude of the love quotient, getting very hot in the area in terms of life on this planet for all concerned.

Yet it is about the healing that is occurring on all levels and gonna have that come full circle here with what is occurring.  How do we move forward without the accountability, the reconciliation here among all peoples.

We have to say, maybe even the teabags [referring to the “tea parties” taking place around the country as part of a tax revolt] have a piece to say that tax ain’t so cool, yet we have to say what your crazy right thing doing trying to buy up the Commons [British House of Commons, perhaps?] and profitize it.  Commons is the commons; it [has to be] we the people.  We are the sovereigns; these guys are our servants, and they had better get it or they are out of here already.

We would just say there are many lines that have crossed on many levels, and it seems as though the Sirian Commander [Obama] is violating his oath of office? Maybe – don’t know.  We have to just say seemingly strange events are occurring, yet he has it well in hand.

It is not his job – World Court’s job.  Lady Master Nada stepping in here with what has to occur.  It is the whole planet’s issue.  We would say USA will put their two cents in after the rest of the planet weighs in.  We would say, maybe … dropping war crimes issues because maybe they get leaned on?

All of the events that are occurring, leading up to your freedom now, and we have to say all of what is occurring is the return of the Sun energy.  At this time, your planet is getting warm.  Spring – what is this word?  Returning of the light, the S-U-N / S-O-N and the energy of what is occurring, a full circle where it is the time for all of this to be reconciled.

Yet how this is done is up to love. It has to be that way on the higher frequencies.  Otherwise, it turns into something we have already done on this planet. We’re not going to do it again.  [Perhaps Lemuria or Atlantis?] This is why there is a change of venue, if you will.

We just have to say the Great White Brotherhoods / Sisterhoods are already arriving, if not already fully here.  This is why Lord Maitreya has a say-so in this World Court, as well as Lord Kuthumi, Lady Master Nada, Magdalene all have a role to play in the big story here.

We have to say all of what is occurring, very sticky issues called war crimes. Torture is a war crime in any universe.  This is out of its time/space continuum.  What is occurring is the full circle of how accountability has to happen.  He [Obama] will do the right thing. It has already been seen, laid out, yet we would say that what we heard today from the Poppy Lady [an Afghani lady master], along with what we understand, a little leaning has been going on amongst the elders of the Dragon clan, towards these ones.

It seems as though he is leaning in their direction.  Don’t underestimate him.  This is what we know; it may seem one way but it is another.  It is about coming back to peace.  That is the order of the day and all of what is occurring in spite of the fact that it may seem like it is not.

You are spiraling upwards with Gaia in such a way that the energies have to come full circle.  It’s inevitable and happening now, even though it may look a bit different.  You have to understand it is about healing all the issues that are coming up.

Spending more time in nature, now getting warm areas of the planet, focusing on that energy will heal the issues that are coming up on all levels.  The fear-based cause is back.  There is nothing to fear.  They have nothing except the enchantment of that word-magic.  That word-magic falling on very few ears now.  They hold nothing except empty hands.

Game over.

We pass the talking stick.

Tara:  Mother, we were told by Dr. John Coleman that there was no word for racism until the Committee of 300 stuck it in the dictionary.

Mother Sekhmet: Nothing for race in your DNA.

Tara:  That’s right.  So this whole racism thing is combining now to show us.  It actually causes pressure on the frontal lobe of the brain.

Mother Sekhmet: We have to cut to the chase and just say, get over it.  The black guy won; it is okay, and he is doing the job.  What if it was a green guy or a blue guy?  We’re going to call it like it is.  In our realm, it doesn’t matter who or what the color is or who is speaking.  It is about what’s in the heart.

Now is the time for peace.  Get this one, which is why he is here and has nothing else to talk about, except now is the time for peace.  It is what your planet has asked for.  He will ascend.

You?  Hmm.  It’s like Klaatu said, “you got your chance.  Do it. Do it now”.  We are here at half-way.  At the same time, we have to say that there are ones amongst the mix –  it is up to them whether they get it or not, whether they are here.  We are just laying it out, all cards on the table.  Get this one.  It has never been about anything but hearing the issues.  We are all one.

We pass the talking stick.

Marietta Robert:  Ok.  Let me begin here with some of the questions that we have.  This one is from Bill.

His questions to Mother:  When a human or a cloned human is replaced with a solid hologram, is the personality of the solid hologram altered?  So is altering the solid hologram personality not allowed due to the free will issues?

MS: We would say that with the holograms oftentimes a personality gets transferred over.  Sometimes issues come up between the form and the personality and things go awry.  You see unusual behavior such as in Hank Paulson.  Hmmm.

Marietta Robert:  The second question or part of this then is:   Mother have all the clones now been replaced with solid holograms?

MS: We would say most all, not all.

Tara:  Who’s missing Mother?

MS: Hmmm.   Who’s missing.

Tara:  In other words, who’s not a hologram yet?

MS: Some of the elder, generational seats of these cabals/13 families.

Marietta Robert:  You’re talking about the 40 foot lizards?

MS: Yes.

Tara:  That leaned on Barack Obama right now.

MS: Yes.

Tara:  And what did the lady from the land of the poppies say about it though in addition to telling you that?

MS: That he will come out of the … hmmm  … in a sense he will do a turnabout in the sense that may seem like he is following orders yet turns it over to Lady Master Nada who is the special prosecutor for World Court.  Have to do the job.

Tara:  And she’s in charge of all the other special-prosecutor sealed indictments because she’s the one that ordered them sealed, right?

MS: Yes

Tara:  So Barack Obama is not supposed to do anything about anything that has to do with her jurisdiction.  And that is the primary reason that he placed an immunity for the government not to be sued because Lady Master Nada takes over then and says this is part of what has not been done before Barack Obama got into office.

MS: Have to go back to the other one.

Tara:  It has to go back to the other, the Bush administration, and both terms and only the World Court can handle that.  Of course we can see that it looks pretty strong even though they are getting leaned on in Spain that they may handle it as well or it may end up getting turned over to Lady Master Nada there too, right?

MS: Correct.

Tara:  Because these guys are blocking everywhere.

MS: There are enough countries that will not stand idly by now. Sweden is one of them moving forward with war crime issues.

Tara:  You know it’ll all end up in Lady Master Nada’s lap though is what you’re saying.

MS: Yes.

Tara:  It’s rapidly moving in that direction at this point.

MS: It is.

Tara:  And I think it was good that Jonathan Turly on Rachel tonight said that it is absolutely wrong for them not to be charged and that Barack is wrong for that yet they can’t quite say why he is doing it so putting two things together is really good at this time because, one Barack makes the turn around and passing the talking stick to Lady Master Nada.

Jonathan Turly will have prepared as much as possible the people by saying why he’s doing this, you know, now is because you can’t leave it undone.  There we go.

Marietta Robert:  OK.  This next question comes from John in London.  He says: “I have two questions for you and I would highly appreciate it if you will kindly tell me something about first those concentration camps that have been built and equipped all over the US [also called FEMA Camps].  What is the real story behind them and what are they there for?”

MS: They were just there.  Many of the abandoned, or, hmmm … they are former military bases that stopped getting funded – shut down.  Yet other private groups, maybe private contractors/corporations with lobbyists’ money turned them into private prison camps.

Yet and still, as NESARA gets announced, all of this changes and we have to say even though it may seem that these things are in operation, understand Ashtar and the rest of us are here.  And we have said no nukes, no dates.  And yet  peace comes.

Marietta Robert:  OK.  Second question is:  “We understood the rainbow bills will be introduced to the US people and markets very shortly but what will happen to other currencies such as the British Pound , the Euro, China’s Reminbi Yuan and so on?  How long after official announcement of NESARA in the US will people of those countries taste the sweetness of it?”

MS: We will just say ten to fifteen months after NESARA is announced, there will be all of the folks getting what they need.  Yet there will be a universal currency as things shift into a reality in which we are a global community.

And this is not about Ameros or a new world order.  It’s about universal currency that is used throughout all –  hmmm – all realms within the Confederation of Worlds such as something called latinum.  Now just using a for instance, not saying this is cast in stone, we’re saying that the Lavender Lad along with many others who have orchestrated this that have already discussed the issues with this one [Obama].

Tara:  Isn’t it true Mother that because all of the people in all the rest of the world will be getting their gold certificates from the “Rainbow Bills” here with those 40 zeros?  That’s what it means to go to the universal currency.  Aren’t “Rainbow Bills” going to be a universal currency?

MS: It is and yet there will be the equivalent in other countries of what that represents.

Tara:  Because it’s got the gold backing and it’s paying out to every other country whether they choose then to use their own currency with their own cultures – you know connection to their history, about the old stuff, but they will all be equal then to the , there won’t be any of this currency is worth more.  Everything universally whether they have their own currency or we have ours will still be worth $50.00/troy ounce in gold. . .


Marietta Robert:  and $10.00/troy ounce in silver and $100.00/troy ounce in platinum.


Tara:  Is that a good way to put it?  Ok, thank you, Mother.

Marietta Robert:  The next question is about the intense energy and I know that last night I felt like I was plugged into a light socket all night it was just like a [humming sound] and I got no sleep.  I have a couple other people that are having the same question here.  Can you expound on that and tell us a little bit about what’s going on with the influx and intense energies that many people are feeling?

MS: Sandman having a vacation, eh?  And you burning the midnight oil.  Commander [Huber] over here burning the midnight oil until 4am

Tara:  And Tara who’s here too when I passed out before him

MS: Mmmm.  Have to just say what is occurring is the energies are moving at light speed.  It is – how do you question how to get off a moving train?


MS: You don’t.

[More laughter]

You shut up and you wait `til you get there.  Don’t do anything otherwise

Tara:  Don’t wait; do what you know to do.  You make yourself ready for when you’re there all the way.

MS: And then you get to the end of the line and you get off on the station platform, the Lavender Lad will be there.


That is what this is about.  You’re sifting this reality to one of magic and wonderment.  And it is about how ye are gods/goddesses.

No accidents.  All this talk of the man [Jesus/Sananda] and his beloved Magdelene. And what is occurring here?  You are in school and it is 24/7.  Sometimes in the night work you may have to just say “Guys, give me a break!  The body needs to rest.”  And then you will rest.

Yet sometimes how you do it is, you say “Aw, come, you can plug me into auto pilot.”  And the brain is plugged into the mainframe of these amino-acid computers while the body rests.  It can be done.  Gotta just figure out how to ask for what you want.

It is creatable within the confines of the matrix of what we have within 5th dimensional reality.  It is more of an uplifting matrix than what you’ve got here, to say the least.

It is not caught in the idea of enslavement. Enlightenment. And we will just say maybe not using the idea of matrix.  Only concept is that you are in a realm in which you have the creativity of the god/goddess to create the facilities of how to turn this Adam Cadmon into a Jonathan Livingston Seagull [inaudible].  That is living light, living song.

As you are awake to all that you are, all that you be, the magic happens.  And as you are in this state where sometimes you are awake and you can’t sleep yet you are aware of the energy, call in the spirit doctors and ask them to take you to a facility in which we would call Halls of Amente where you have this giant library on the etheric and there are folks there that can help with the process of helping get the body rested and the mind get rejuvenated.

Mark:  Mother, we had talked about the Gulf of Aden and the star gate there.  We have heard there is going to be a new star gate open up in the Miami circle area in the month of May.  Can you tell us anything more about that – one way or the other?

MS: We will say that it is connected with the Coral Castle

Mark:  Ah hah

MS: The energies of what the Coral Castle and the energies of what Mr. Coral Castle [??] set up in terms of the vortex there.

Mark:  19.5 degrees.

MS: Yeeessss.  19.5 and all of these things have to do with the return of Atlantis already, right now.

Mark:  Thank you, Mother.  There is one other question that I think I know the answer to but I would rather that you field this one.  That has to do with a report from a so-called FBI agent on the subject of transporting at high-income rates packages under refrigeration to Bank of America that supposedly contained avian bird flu over the past month.

MS: We have to just say there is nothing of this nature going on the realm in which we exist and in the realm in which you exist as well.  It has to do with the stories that are going on that are based on empty air `cuz nothing gets paid out `til NESARA gets announced.  End of discussion.

Mark:  Thank you, Mother.  I was pretty sure of the answer but I just wanted to clarify for the people out there that have been passing this all over the internet.

MS: Of course.  Bird flu is one of the scary storues.  And let’s get rid of the group who likes that.  OK, we pass the talking stick.

Marietta Robert:  Ok.  Then I am going to change it to “Q & A”.  And I want to remind everyone that in order to be able to be heard, we’ll ask for the Talking Stick and when you are finished with your question you say, I pass the Talking Stick.  We’ll listen to Mother’s answer.  Then the next person do not speak until then so that we don’t have people talking on top of one another.  I am going to change the mode now.

Kauwila:  Mother, the question I have is, first of all, the newest star gates that apparently will be opening up, one in Miami, one thing is that’s not, I don’t believe that Miami is 19.5 but are all these going to be opening up in that same latitude?  Thank you, I pass the talking stick.

MS: There are many that are opening up in many different areas to facilitate the frequency increases and how we raise everybody’s level of energy including the “dark hats” who are unwilling to take them off.

Big Will:  Today in Texas, the north Dallas area, we had a very unusual phenomenon happen late this afternoon.  We had what was called a prism all across north Dallas.  The prism had like a rainbow quality but it wasn’t a rainbow and I am wondering is that a sign for us to get ready?  I pass the talking stick.

MS: Are you speaking about a sundog kind of image?

Big Will:  Yes

MS: We have to say that at certain times the energies can create that with the sylph and the jinn and the other elements like earth, air, fire, water, ether.  At the same time, our lovely friends from the Nebraska navy [i.e., black ops] can create some funny atmospheric conditions – [Mark Huber: Chemtrails]  and they have created those kinds of emissions in the sense of creating Sundogs.

And we don’t want to get your hopes up yet we would just say that you would see an energy of what you described; you feel it in the heart and you will know it.

Tara:  Also, Rama and I have seen this.  A star ship will show up real close to the aura of the sun and you’ll get that rainbow, sundog right off the ship.  Sanat Kumara says “I come as a rainbow”.  So anytime you see a rainbow for whatever reason, it is reflecting it, it is Sanat Kumara coming in close.

Questioner:  I did hear you say something earlier regarding the Halls of Amente.  To be very honest, my only reference to that have been these incredible books called The Voyagers: The Secrets of Amente.  I was curious if you could expand on that?

MS: We would say there is an understanding here of us on the being, some of the information of the Tora Bora place is correct but has been compromised by our lovely “men in black”.  And we will go no further except to say that the energy of the black sun will never reside within this realm of the universe.

The energy of what is occurring moving up an octave to All That Is, Helium Vesta.  We would just say that there is much that can be understood that is pertinent yet more technical manuals of how to operate Adam Cadmon than something to follow as a light path.   Hmmmm.

Marietta Robert:  Thank you, Mother for all of your wisdom and your sharing.  Do you have anything in summary that you would like to say before we have Kathy do the close?

MS: We will just say that what is occurring right now, be of good cheer.  And understand we are in the greatest of moments.  We’re witnessing the arrival of such magnitudes of love on this planet right now.  We are part of that. How we hear it for the rest of humanity.  We would just say it is imperative the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few right now.  And what is occurring is on a grand scale.  All of heaven is here to see to it that it gets done.  Now is the time for peace.

We pass the talking stick.


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